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Sexual prudes and living

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I wish to have sexual satisfaction in my life, but my wife is the biggest prude in the world. We can’t even talk about sex or flirt with each other she is so prudish. We stayed together because we both had low expectations. But now we have a beautiful daughter, and I don’t want her to not grow up with a family because I know how damaging that can be. What do I do about my sexual frustration? Married to a prude feels like spiritual death to me. ~JP, Canada

ANSWER: You chose to marry this woman so that the lesson of honoring yourself could be practiced. Your low expectations of life and marriage show your lack of confidence and self-worth. If you work on understanding and dealing with these lessons, you will see your life change completely. Your desire for sexual satisfaction will not be able to be obtained until your self-image is modified.

There is no way that you can change the way your wife approaches her life unless she chooses to change. You are to some degree as prudish as she is, except in your dreams, because you have participated in this sexual void for so many years. You claim it was because of low expectations, but it was really from fear. You are afraid of what others besides your wife will think of you and how they will respond to your sexual thoughts.

You overcame your tendencies, at least on one occasion, or you would not have your beautiful daughter. Staying in this tension-filled household with the desire to share your daughter’s life may not be the best way to raise her. Children are acutely aware of strain between their parents and react to it in many ways including acting out, depression, and mimicking the behavior of their parents. You will be showing her what a dysfunctional family is like – not a happy, contented one.

If you choose to remove yourself from this unhappy marriage, in search of a truly sexual sharing relationship, it will allow your daughter to see a functioning, happy couple at least during the time she spends with you. Stop making excuses for depriving yourself of a normal functional lifestyle and choose to live.

Visualize what type of a person you know you can be, and then bring a sexual partner into your life. If you convince yourself you have no choice but to remain with your wife, then you have no chance of creating any different energy around yourself, which includes a continuation of the sexual void you now know so well. The choice is yours.

Spirit contact demands attention

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

QUESTION: Masters: There is a feminine being called Kali or Kali Ma. She appears to occupy dimension(s) close to earth. She is honored as a Hindu goddess. Please tell me about her. I can’t seem to get rid of her. At this point, it’s like having a crazy houseguest who won’t leave. She alternately pretends to be: my guide, a genie, my mother, a ferocious giant devil, a trickster, a child. Is she a soul who is, has been or can be a human? Why does she relentlessly pursue me? How do I get rid of her? When I reflect, I realize she’s been hanging around me, my entire life. Why? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: You are being plagued by a discarnate, a soul who left its physical body but chose not to go into the unconditional love of the universe. She pursues you since childhood because at one time, when you were lonely, you expressed the desire to have someone to talk to and play with, which she took as an invitation to attach herself to you.

She/it is not your guide, a genie, your mother, a giant devil, or a child. It is a trickster who has spent enough time with you to understand all of your wants, dreams, and desires. It aspires to have the energy of Kali Ma, the Hindu goddess who was a fierce warrior and champion of many of the other gods. It desires power above all things. Kali means darkness, and this discarnate is definitely of negative energy and not positive light.

What it wants above all else is for you to grant it entry into your physical body so that it might control a human body again and interact with others. If this is ever allowed to happen, you will find it taking over your thought process, causing you to do things you never would have considered.

You can start the process of sending her away by being very clear that you want nothing further to do with her. Tell her to cease and desist any contact with you and to depart from your energy. Suggest she would be happier if she entered into the light where her family and friends are awaiting her. She probably does not want to do that without the opportunity of having a second human experience.

Burn sage and incense because they cause irritation to wandering spirits. You must tell her to leave, at least three times in a row, to indicate that you are serious in wanting her to move on. Specify that you are revoking any invitation she may think you have issued, clearly stating that nothing was intended to allow her entry.

Uncomfortable and afraid to live

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I’ve always been very shy since childhood, now I am a woman of 27 years, I have fear of people, fear of leaving home, I feel tense around people and in any environment outside the home, cannot make friends, and I am afraid to speak with people. This is hurting me a lot, I realized I never had interest to live, I feel lost. What should I do? And I’m in a marriage, since the beginning of dating always fight, we are very different, have the future with my husband ~Samira, Brasil

ANSWER: You will be stuck in this loveless, controlling marriage until you give yourself permission to leave. You have no self-confidence, self-worth, or self-love. You have always been everybody’s punching bag to let off frustration and steam. You are hiding from the world because you have never had a connection with a loving individual. From childhood, you always did what others told (ordered) you to do and never made any decisions for yourself.

To change your future, you must find out who you are and what you want. At a basic level, you are a soul who is having a human experience. You chose to come with all the “lacks” mentioned above and no memory of your innate powers and abilities. In order to move out into the world, you must overcome the fear.

Your fears arise from believing everything everyone has told you in the past: you are worthless, you are unable to do anything, no one likes you, and you will never amount to anything. If you truly believe these things define you, then you are lost. If you decide that even one of those things is not who you are, you can start on the path of changing your life.

As a soul, you have all the powers of Source from whom you originated. Source is all-powerful, all-magnificent, and all–creative. If you can feel your soul inside, the unconditional love of Source, you can use these powers yourself. Have faith that it is so. Make your first decision to change an aspect in your life, change it, and never look back.