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The role of soul mates

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, me and my ex broke up 2 years ago. I was told by a psychic that he was going to leave me, but she also told me that we were soulmates and that he was going to come back. I’m now with someone else whom I love dearly, I feel spiritually connected, we have a beautiful baby girl and I don’t intend to leave him ever. My ex won’t leave me alone, he keeps texting from time to time asking to get back together. I feel apathetic towards him, and completely in love with my husband. How does faith works? What if the psychic is right? I love my husband, and I feel way more connected to him, than I ever felt to my ex. What role do they play in my life? ~Miamite, France

ANSWER: Soul mate is the term that signifies the souls who were broken off from Source at or near the time that you were. Your soul group includes the 72 or so immediately before you and the 72 or so immediately after you. As you can surmise from this total of 144, the mere fact that they are soul mates is not determinative of their significance within a particular life. Yes, you do recognize the energy pattern of these individuals and may have planned to spend your life with them – or maybe just to meet them and then move on.

Frequently a soul mate has agreed to help you with a lesson you wished to learn, such as sharing a romantic love with them. Learning about discernment, regarding your own feelings, and the aspects of someone trying to control you also may be factors.

From this soul mate, you have understood that his path in this life is not something you wish to share. Your husband has taught you how a true communicative sharing relationship brightens and enhances this physical existence.

You have no obligation to your ex. He did not understand the dysfunctional match you endured. He only feels your happiness at this time and wants to become a part of it. Block his phone from contacting yours.

A psychic completely connected to spirit can tell you only what each person’s plans  are at the time of the reading. When you got the reading, you were beginning to respect and honor yourself and knew you had to flee the marriage, so your psychic  saw you leaving. She read the character of your ex and saw that he was manipulative and selfish and would want you back if you ended up balanced without him.

Faith is what you have in yourself when you rely on your intuition and feelings. You know what is right for you because the energy resonates within. The psychic was correct, but she said only that he would come back, not that he would be successful with his desire. Release your anxiety and enjoy your beautiful family.



Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters what really is the elevation of the kundalini? Sometimes when I’m meditating I feel pleasure, and my root chakra opens up like a flower, is such a bliss. What is the symbol of the serpent in this act? The elevation and the fall of the energy? How can we use this energy for better living? ~Madalena, Brazil

ANSWER: Kundalini is the term used to discuss the essential energy of the soul when it is released within the physical human body. Many people who do not understand their status as souls having a human experience are totally unaware of the possibilities of sensing and using their potential soul essence to understand, enjoy, and connect on a physical basis with their nonphysical self.

Since the acknowledgment of the Kundalini involves a merging of the nonphysical with the physical, generally you must use the Earth energy, entering through the root chakra, to give it a physical force within the body. That is why it is said to “arise” from the root and wend its way up through the rest of the body. The Indian philosophy speaks of this as the opening of a lotus flower and the energy climbing up – like the uncoiling of a snake – through the body’s central pranic tube and into the rest of the physical sphere.

This influx of extremely strong energy will impact all the body’s systems, creating sensations of everything from pain, through bliss, into massive stimulation of a person’s feelings and emotions. The basic benefit of this charge is the ability to connect on an intimate basis with all your bodily functions.

The energy allows one to reach outside the bodily shell and connect with the unconscious aspects of oneself and the universe. If the person is not conflicted with residual negativity from their life lessons, they will be dealing with unconditional love and the ego will disappear. In this state, it is possible to remember the powers and abilities that are a part of Source energy, from which all souls derived.

This then allows the soul to emerge and the human body to be all-powerful, all-knowing, all-creative, and all-loving. If the human side starts to emerge again, powered by an ego judgment, the kundalini energy will be in conflict with it, resulting in confusion, discord, and depression.

Animals as soul mates

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, is it possible that animals can be our soul mates/ in our soul groups? I feel a deep soul connection to my boyfriend’s family dog. I feel such a deep love for her that I feel a deeper sense of love for all animals. Is it possible she is one of my soul mates? ~Skyler, USA

ANSWER: Only a very small number of souls choose to inhabit animal bodies –  somewhere around one to two percent of all living people. Souls who choose an animal experience generally do so to have the opportunity to understand the peculiar characteristics that define that animal.

An example is a soul who chooses to be an eagle. They get the chance to feel the freedom of soaring high over the land. Their eyesight is incredible. They experience being a predator, observing, catching, and living off of tiny animals. A life as a cheetah is about adapting for survival – being able to run for distances at terrific speeds, the excitement of a chase, the moment of the kill.

Domestic animals such as dogs, cats, horses, etc. are chosen for their intimate contact with souls having human experiences. Frequently the animal soul has made some type of agreement with the human soul to be there to let them feel unconditional love as only an animal can bestow. Sometimes the pet is a guide in disguise to always be present and give encouragement to the human.

Animals may also want to see if they can fend for themselves in a human world, to get a different perspective on what responsibility for one’s actions looks like. During their lifetime, which is considerably shorter than a human’s, a pet goes through phases of learning, being controlled, experiencing manipulation, and being in a perfect position to be present as a witness for their owner’s life lessons.

Your boyfriend’s dog does have a soul within. You are not from the same soul group, but you did share a life with this soul where you were the best of friends and always had each other’s back. You talked about meeting in this time so that you would be drawn to the unique energy of animals and learn to interpret their personalities and needs. You read both regular animals – those merely animated by a spark of unconditional love energy – and those few who are souls.