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Curiosity as a teacher

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, my son is 9 years and recently he has become very much interested in watching crime detective web series. I believe that whatever we put our focus into that thing becomes part of our consciousness. My query is should I allow him to continue watching such serials or not? When I ask him “what do you understand” he replies he is understanding how people catch criminals strategically. ~Rima, India

ANSWER: Your son has a very quick, inquiring mind. He likes to be challenged and to figure out answers to problems. Don’t worry, he is not studying how to be a master criminal. These types of programs are the closest he can come to seeing a positive benefit to applying oneself to detection and problem solving.

His need to understand the reasoning behind someone’s actions and the excitement of following clues and catching a criminal is very motivating for him. He is interested in both the scientific and the psychological aspects of these detections – the physical and mental processes.

His curiosity would also be sated if you were to direct him toward other types of strategic games. The problem is that most of those types of games involve warfare. However, there are some that concentrate on step-by-step solving of puzzles, and these would satisfy him.

He is also good with his hands in building things. Find an area he likes such as ships, planes, space stations, buildings, or dioramas and get him involved in figuring those out. This will be more satisfying than the TV because he will then have a visual, completed project.

It is important to keep your son stimulated because if things are too easy he becomes bored. Let him help direct you to interesting things for him. Don’t worry about things being “age appropriate” because he is extremely mature for his age. He is following the path of many inventors, detectives, and scientists – always looking for the answers to their queries. Look for things that seem just a little bit too difficult for him – that is the challenge he craves.

No one has any “duty” during their lifetime

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I am 60 years old and have worked for a long time with a group responsible for healing ceremonies of the Planet with the masters of the White Brotherhood. I am also dedicating myself to holistic training courses and in the health area (acupuncture, floral, etc.) I intend to work with these energies. Am I on the right path to fulfill my duty to serve in this life? Why even working with the spiritual in me and on the planet have not yet been able to free myself from the feelings of fears and insecurities, uncertainties and losses? I have already done many healing treatments but no results. Do you have any explanation in my past lives for these fears today? ~Helena, Brazil

ANSWER: No souls who commit to human life on planet Earth have any obligations to anyone other than themselves. Service is an idea put together by society, organizations, and organized religions so that things they feel they should take care of for their members will partially be done by participants.

Your purpose, your path, is to discover who you are as a soul and what abilities you have to fulfill your life lessons and enjoy this incarnation – nothing else. That does not mean that you cannot incorporate service to others along the way. This is made more difficult, however, if you have not finished the lessons chosen before coming.

Those fears, doubts, and insecurities you continue to experience are an indication that you have not completed the life lessons desired. Take the time to examine each fear as it surfaces and ask: Why is it there? What does it originate from? Why do I feel the way I do about it? If you ask the question, the answer can be found in the unconscious aspect of your soul or Higher Self.

Once you acknowledge these tasks, you can begin to work on understanding them and releasing the hold they have on you. You can’t just heal these irritations unless you remove the cause. Patience is necessary to unravel the causes. Once you acknowledge a problem, thank it for its service to you and send it on its way as you fill its void with unconditional love.

Some of these things have continued over from past lives, but many are new lessons you sought to understand from the human perspective available only when you are on Earth. Once you have dealt with more of these fears, then engage in whatever service may appeal to you. You will then be ready to accomplish all you desire.

Possibilities for a soul

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters it is said that a soul can be in more than one place at a time… So, is it possible for one soul to be incarnate in two bodies at the same time? Also… time, ‘at home’ is not linear as it is on earth, so is it possible for a soul to travel back in time to live a human life in the past? ~Jane, United Kingdom

ANSWER: A soul, in its energy essence, has the ability to be in more than one place at a time. Bodies are used for the purpose of learning life lessons on planet Earth and take most of the soul, and almost all of the awareness, to fulfill that task. When engaged in a teaching/learning process, the soul can only do one “in-body” at a time. It is impossible to be in total awareness and incarnate in more than one body at a time.

Those who have experienced past-life regressions, where they project themselves back into a prior incarnation, get the idea that they are living both at the same time, but the actual learning process is occurring in only one at a time. The visitation is to a re-creation of the studying done in another time and place.

When it comes to the choice a soul makes as to incarnate-type experiences, they may do so in any Earth time phase of their choosing. History buffs in the twenty-first century may get intrigued by life in the seventeenth century and decide their next life should be there – that is, if they remember it and it still seems important when they are making choices for a new life. One may also choose a situation in the “future” time of where they are currently existing.

Souls are omnipotent when it comes to choices and settings. Each has a council of twelve other souls who help them set up the parameters of the future learning scene. Again, no one makes the choices for the soul, but plenty of advice is available for the asking.