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Sleep paralysis

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Question: Masters please explain what sleep paralysis is all about and why some people have them and some people don’t? I started to experience them first time when my spiritual path opened for me. There has been a quite long break for now, but all of the sudden this phenomenon started again. And why there is this presence of a supernatural malevolent being? What does it mean? ~Salla, Finland

ANSWER: Sleep paralysis is a condition in which one gradually becomes aware consciously of their location but cannot move their body or use their voice. It generally occurs while returning to awareness from a sleeping or deeply relaxed state. There are many causes for this, both physically and spiritually.

Physically it can occur because of substances consumed by the person before retiring, such as alcohol or drugs. Sleeping pills are a huge factor. A person who does not have a regular schedule for sleeping, resulting in sleep deprivation, will also find this occurring. Sometimes the position of the body during sleep contributes.

Mental and emotional conditions have a large impact. If one is depressed, sad, anxious, uncertain, or fearful, sleep paralysis can be seen as a way to flee from having to deal with the world. Illnesses, particularly those involving the breathing process, contribute. Genetics and PTSD can also influence.

On the spiritual level, a person who is actively communing with their guides during their sleep cycle finds it difficult, on occasion, to return to the present life because they are in the middle of something in another realm. The physical body needs rest and relaxation time daily, but the soul never sleeps and goes wandering while the body rests.

Out-of-body experiences, astral projection, and sometimes even remote viewing can cause a person to sense that the body is separate from the “mind.” Once a person becomes aware of this phenomenon, they recognize it more frequently though it may have been happening for some time. When the period between awareness and movement of the body is short, some people don’t think anything is preventing them from moving and don’t imagine paralysis is present.

If a soul has been off visiting with other souls, the sensation of another being present is palpable. In wandering the nonphysical world, one encounters malevolent as well as benevolent beings. A spiritually aware soul senses the energy of those nearby and can detect both positive and negative vibrations. No discarnates have attacked or attached themselves to you.

Twin flames and soul mates

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters what is the relationship between Twin Flames and Soulmates? Are Twin Flames of our Soulmates from their own group reincarnating together, as we do not usually incarnate with our Twin Flames? Do we hang out with both Soulmates and Twin Flames in Spirit world? What is the difference in these relationships when we are in Spirit Form? Do I have a Twin Flame incarnated on Earth now by chance? ~Irina, USA

ANSWER: A twin flame is the last piece of Source that broke off at the same time as you; it is like a Siamese twin separated, whose composition is the same energetic vibration. You feel totally complete and are satisfied with being with them without taking the time to do anything else or learn anything new. It is for this reason that twin flames rarely are incarnated at the same time.

Earth is the only place to experience the opposite of perfection (which a twin flame connection is) and is used to gain wisdom about who and what you are. On the extremely rare occasions that twin flames are incarnated together, all they can do is spend time together to the exclusion of all else. If either had married before meeting, they would leave their spouse and children just to be in the presence of their twin.

“Soulmates” is the term used to designate the 144 other souls who were closest to you during individualization. The 71 before and after you, you and your twin. All of them have energy very similar to your own, and you feel their resonance when they come near you – that is if you open yourself up to the sensation.

Since you have been familiar with these souls the longest, it is practical to ask them to join you in your trip to Earth and to be a part of any contracts you want to be sure will take place. This is not a requirement, and you can approach any other soul who seems to have an interest in being on Earth at the same time you do.

The intensity of the twin flame is not as demanding in spirit form since you both are in the presence of unconditional love and receive same from everyone. You also do not have a body with nerve endings, emotions, and tactile responses. You have no sex and no need to be attached to only one other soul.

Who spends time with whom is a matter of freedom of choice when at Home. Remember, you can be in several places at once in your amorphous, energetic form. Few souls choose to maintain a set form when at Home because it is very limiting.

You and your twin flame had specific things you wanted to accomplish, so you chose to take turns incarnating. It is your time currently.

The beliefs of others

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, In the book The Disappearance of the Universe, based on A Course in Miracles, Jesus would say that God never created this universe but we did through our mind/ego by way of separation from God. The ego (demiurge) keeps the perpetuation of the universe going. The world is just an illusion, a “bad dream”, and the only way out of this “joyless place” is through forgiveness. It is pure non-dualistic teaching, only God is, and the Higher Self is our allied for returning Home. In other teachings, life is an evolutionary process, a “journey” where we have chosen to play roles of victims and persecutors. We suffered and committed atrocities for the sake of experimenting negativity. I ask myself what could be this Self who planned for us so much suffering and distress life after life, friend or foe? ~Mario, Canada

ANSWER: The perspective of every soul having a human experience is determined by their freedom of choice in deciding the belief systems by which they live their daily lives. All the world is an illusion put together by each soul to complete the lessons they choose to work on while in body.

Accepting, believing in, and living any particular religious belief or practice is within the discretion of the individual. Each author of a philosophy is expressing the beliefs in which they personally choose to exist and what has worked for them in the illusion they have constructed.

There are many, likeminded and conflicting, thoughts about human existences. You have to see which of the established theories resonates with you or if it is time to construct your own to suit your illusion. It is possible to flip back and forth between the possibilities until you feel comfortable.

Your final question is the result of an overload of other people’s beliefs concerning origin, with its cause and effect on planet Earth. The reason behind why you find yourself in your position is not as important as what you are doing right in that place. Knowing how something came about is gratifying but does not help with the nitty-gritty of working through daily life.

Some deep meditation joining with your Higher Self will provide some of the answers you seek. We can tell you the progression of the universe, but it may not resonate with your illusion at this time. Just live in the moment and go with the flow, and what you chose to experience will be brought to you.