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Animals as soul mates

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, is it possible that animals can be our soul mates/ in our soul groups? I feel a deep soul connection to my boyfriend’s family dog. I feel such a deep love for her that I feel a deeper sense of love for all animals. Is it possible she is one of my soul mates? ~Skyler, USA

ANSWER: Only a very small number of souls choose to inhabit animal bodies –  somewhere around one to two percent of all living people. Souls who choose an animal experience generally do so to have the opportunity to understand the peculiar characteristics that define that animal.

An example is a soul who chooses to be an eagle. They get the chance to feel the freedom of soaring high over the land. Their eyesight is incredible. They experience being a predator, observing, catching, and living off of tiny animals. A life as a cheetah is about adapting for survival – being able to run for distances at terrific speeds, the excitement of a chase, the moment of the kill.

Domestic animals such as dogs, cats, horses, etc. are chosen for their intimate contact with souls having human experiences. Frequently the animal soul has made some type of agreement with the human soul to be there to let them feel unconditional love as only an animal can bestow. Sometimes the pet is a guide in disguise to always be present and give encouragement to the human.

Animals may also want to see if they can fend for themselves in a human world, to get a different perspective on what responsibility for one’s actions looks like. During their lifetime, which is considerably shorter than a human’s, a pet goes through phases of learning, being controlled, experiencing manipulation, and being in a perfect position to be present as a witness for their owner’s life lessons.

Your boyfriend’s dog does have a soul within. You are not from the same soul group, but you did share a life with this soul where you were the best of friends and always had each other’s back. You talked about meeting in this time so that you would be drawn to the unique energy of animals and learn to interpret their personalities and needs. You read both regular animals – those merely animated by a spark of unconditional love energy – and those few who are souls.


Where is my brother

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, my brother Charlie disappeared without a trace twenty-two years ago. What happened to him? Has Charlie returned Home? If so, when? I have always wondered if perhaps he entered a “witness protection program” and is still alive somewhere in the world. If this is true, is he well? I know there are certain legal rules for everyone’s protection in such cases, and I totally want to respect my brother’s privacy, but is there any way I can just get a simple message of love to him? Will he even be open to receiving an energetic thought of great love from me? Last night, I thought Charlie came to visit me in my semi-conscious dream state. Was this just wishful thinking on my part? I love and miss my brother Charlie greatly. ~Mary Anne, Australia

ANSWER: We are not in a position to be able to relate too much of what happened to Charlie in your physical world because of complications that are still ongoing. His soul has always been aware of your concern for him and is grateful. He knows that his life as your brother left a lot to be desired. For this, he can only say that you both were aware of the possibilities before you came to Earth.

Charlie’s soul was paying you a visit the other night. He has developed an ability to astral project and travel to the places he desires at will. He would like to see you in person, but it is not possible. Over the years, he has felt your love and it has buoyed him up through difficult times.

He asks you to travel with him some time. Relax as you fall asleep, and have the intention that, if he appears, you will go with him. Most of his time now is spent in a condition very near to unconditional love, so he feels your love and returns his to you. He will not always be aware of your immediate thoughts, but his higher self will know what you are thinking and sending his way.


What does it mean?

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I keep listening to many spiritual lectures and I have come across these terms repeatedly like 1- “Accepting what is” 2- “surrender” 3-“love & fear vibration” 4-“situations are shadows of our own belief system” My request is for you to please explain the above terms in the analogies or examples. ~Zeen, India

ANSWER: One of the unfortunate realities of the current understanding and teaching within spiritual lectures is the lack of a consensus of opinion as to the meaning of terminology and the methods needed to achieve a state of “spirituality.” Human beings exist within a duality of equal parts negative and positive energies. These conflicting energies allow each person to make choices as to how they are going to live their lives and what they are going to create as a reality.

“Accepting what is,” also sometimes referred to as “living in the now,” is a reference to acknowledging the things you draw to yourself so that you might learn from experiencing them. If you do not admit to yourself what you are dealing with, you cannot learn from it. And if you spend all of your time thinking about what has happened in the past, or what you think you will do in the future, you are not observant about what is facing you to work through.

Most of the time the word “surrender” is used, it refers to acknowledging what is happening whether or not you want to. It is human nature to deny something you don’t want to deal with or to ignore its existence. Surrendering to the reality of your situation allows you to work with it and learn from it.

“Love and fear vibration” refers to the only two true emotions that can be felt by the human body. Love is the epitome of positive energy, and all else is negative, appearing in various forms of fear. Working though to spiritual enlightenment, you seek to obtain a state of love. Watching and dealing with the fears in your life allows you to reach that positive energy.

“Situations are shadows of our own belief system” discusses the way one works through from negative ego judgment to positive unconditional loving. When a human enters into society, they are given beliefs as a way to fit in. These ideas form a system by which they determine how they will behave in society. These beliefs also reflect lessons chosen such as being unworthy, not good enough, or unable to be happy. The soul then draws to itself what it desires to experience, so the beliefs gather situations that will allow the person to face their lessons and decide what to do with them.

What is important in any teaching you undertake is that it resonates with you. When you attend a session that seems “wrong” to you, it is simply not the right place or time for you to deal with that teacher’s opinions. You may not be advanced enough, or you may have passed by that lesson without needing to complete it.