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In Memoriam

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the peaceful transition of our beloved Peter Watson Jenkins. His soul left his failing physical body on November 15, 2017, and returned to the unconditional love of Source energy. However, we know it is still hanging around to advise and comfort those of us who miss his physical presence.

We are planning a celebration of Peter’s life in the Chicago area sometime in February or March 2018 and will post details when we have them. Meanwhile, we will be setting up a page on on which anyone may share how Peter impacted them through his writings, his ministry, his hypnotherapy, and his self-help recordings. These messages will be made available to those attending the celebration.

Peter, we will miss your physical presence,

Toni and Sonia

Sound waves and vibrations

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I went to a gong sound session and had aura photos taken before and after. The sounds of gongs are supposed to calm, to harmonize and to heal, but after the session the state of my aura got worse. What’s the explanation for this? ~Lina, Lithuania

ANSWER: Interpreting auras can be done in many ways. A person’s aura can vary depending on their emotional state, as well as by the energies swirling around them. You can vary your aura from minute to minute by changing the predominant thoughts you hold in your head. Watch a person and ask them to hold loving, happy thoughts in their head. Then tell them to change and think about the scariest, most unhappy time in their life. Within seconds you can observe their aura change color.

The vibrations of a gong may calm, harmonize, and heal a soul, but they also may begin a process of clearing out negative memories and energies that were being held in the body and needed to be dealt with in order to orchestrate the healing. Some frequencies have the effect of freeing hidden or buried events you need to work on for them to no longer impact your life.

Your state of mind and expectation for the session also influence the outcome. If you are concentrating on achieving a meditative state, you can block anything else from occurring. If you see the session as a means of harmonizing and clearing the body, anything may occur.

Harmonizing, in this sense, may mean matching your internal vibration to that of the music, or it may mean balancing your whole body into a single tone, such as that of one or another of your chakras. If the sound is accomplishing some kind of balancing within your physical body, it may be disrupting the equilibrium of your spiritual body for the moment, which will be visible in the aura.

Don’t be too concerned about the color of your aura at any one time unless it stays in a perpetually black state where it is joining with other negative entities in the vicinity. Warm up your aura with unconditional love frequently so that becomes the default setting for you.

Curiosity as a teacher

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, my son is 9 years and recently he has become very much interested in watching crime detective web series. I believe that whatever we put our focus into that thing becomes part of our consciousness. My query is should I allow him to continue watching such serials or not? When I ask him “what do you understand” he replies he is understanding how people catch criminals strategically. ~Rima, India

ANSWER: Your son has a very quick, inquiring mind. He likes to be challenged and to figure out answers to problems. Don’t worry, he is not studying how to be a master criminal. These types of programs are the closest he can come to seeing a positive benefit to applying oneself to detection and problem solving.

His need to understand the reasoning behind someone’s actions and the excitement of following clues and catching a criminal is very motivating for him. He is interested in both the scientific and the psychological aspects of these detections – the physical and mental processes.

His curiosity would also be sated if you were to direct him toward other types of strategic games. The problem is that most of those types of games involve warfare. However, there are some that concentrate on step-by-step solving of puzzles, and these would satisfy him.

He is also good with his hands in building things. Find an area he likes such as ships, planes, space stations, buildings, or dioramas and get him involved in figuring those out. This will be more satisfying than the TV because he will then have a visual, completed project.

It is important to keep your son stimulated because if things are too easy he becomes bored. Let him help direct you to interesting things for him. Don’t worry about things being “age appropriate” because he is extremely mature for his age. He is following the path of many inventors, detectives, and scientists – always looking for the answers to their queries. Look for things that seem just a little bit too difficult for him – that is the challenge he craves.