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What does it mean?

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I keep listening to many spiritual lectures and I have come across these terms repeatedly like 1- “Accepting what is” 2- “surrender” 3-“love & fear vibration” 4-“situations are shadows of our own belief system” My request is for you to please explain the above terms in the analogies or examples. ~Zeen, India

ANSWER: One of the unfortunate realities of the current understanding and teaching within spiritual lectures is the lack of a consensus of opinion as to the meaning of terminology and the methods needed to achieve a state of “spirituality.” Human beings exist within a duality of equal parts negative and positive energies. These conflicting energies allow each person to make choices as to how they are going to live their lives and what they are going to create as a reality.

“Accepting what is,” also sometimes referred to as “living in the now,” is a reference to acknowledging the things you draw to yourself so that you might learn from experiencing them. If you do not admit to yourself what you are dealing with, you cannot learn from it. And if you spend all of your time thinking about what has happened in the past, or what you think you will do in the future, you are not observant about what is facing you to work through.

Most of the time the word “surrender” is used, it refers to acknowledging what is happening whether or not you want to. It is human nature to deny something you don’t want to deal with or to ignore its existence. Surrendering to the reality of your situation allows you to work with it and learn from it.

“Love and fear vibration” refers to the only two true emotions that can be felt by the human body. Love is the epitome of positive energy, and all else is negative, appearing in various forms of fear. Working though to spiritual enlightenment, you seek to obtain a state of love. Watching and dealing with the fears in your life allows you to reach that positive energy.

“Situations are shadows of our own belief system” discusses the way one works through from negative ego judgment to positive unconditional loving. When a human enters into society, they are given beliefs as a way to fit in. These ideas form a system by which they determine how they will behave in society. These beliefs also reflect lessons chosen such as being unworthy, not good enough, or unable to be happy. The soul then draws to itself what it desires to experience, so the beliefs gather situations that will allow the person to face their lessons and decide what to do with them.

What is important in any teaching you undertake is that it resonates with you. When you attend a session that seems “wrong” to you, it is simply not the right place or time for you to deal with that teacher’s opinions. You may not be advanced enough, or you may have passed by that lesson without needing to complete it.

Living during the time of Jesus

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I am fascinated by past lives we have lived and would love to have ‘readings’ about them. One such reading told of a life as John, the disciple of Jesus and suggested writings of the events of his life were inaccurate. As I know we are all technically ‘sons of God’ what was it about Jesus that made him so special? Was he a very enlightened man of his time? I have always felt myself to be spiritual. Does this stem from this time spent with Jesus? ~Jane, United Kingdom

ANSWER: It is nice to have “readings” about your past lives but much more beneficial to have, through hypnosis or deep meditation, the experiences of the energies themselves. Once you reconnect with the feelings of a particular time and place, it is like the memory of a beloved vacation in your current lifetime that you can visualize and relive.

Many souls have chosen to experience being in the presence of the soul known as Jesus because of the work he undertook in that lifetime. It was a period of humankind when people were just starting to recognize that they had the ability to make their own decisions. Freedom of choice was unknown up to that point. Society and the hierarchy told everyone what to think and what to do. All aspects of living were controlled and beliefs were dictated.

Jesus came to Earth to be a “way-shower” – one who, by his example, allowed everyone to see what was possible and how to accomplish it. He introduced the populace to the concept of thinking for themselves and relying upon inner feelings instead of societal dictates – not just judging but accepting everyone’s individuality and loving their choices. His examples later became an organized religious practice instead of a demonstration of a spiritual path.

Your spiritual knowledge comes from having observed, and lived in, the period when a spiritual, loving direction was first explored. If you have the opportunity, go back to that time and “feel” the connection to the unconditionally loving Source energy that is present.


Energy differentiation

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, Energy is variously described in terms of different sources: positive, negative, sexual, spiritual, kundalini, universal life force energy… Could you please explain the difference between these different types of energy? ~Lina, Lithuania

ANSWER: Energy is everything that exists in whatever state you can perceive –physical and nonphysical – and everything you are aware of is energy. The word “energy” is a generic and descriptive term for the driving forces behind the things that cause action in a human being but whose origin is basically nonphysical. The word also may be modified by an adjective depicting the position or location where it can be found.

Planet Earth is composed of two forms of energy, which are called positive and negative. It was created in this form so that souls would have a place to learn how to make choices concerning understanding their nature. All souls come from the presence of Source (Home), from whom they were broken off and whose existence is pure perfection. They enter into the duality to experience imperfection.

Home is composed of all positive energy and referred to as unconditionally loving universal life force energy. This is because it embodies perfection and is the origin of all things. When a practitioner assists a client to return to perfect balance within their physical body, they draw in this life force energy to reset everything within that person’s physical makeup.

Sexual energy is the physical response of one person to another. It includes their physical, mental, and emotional reactions to the thoughts of, contact with, and communication with a “lover.” It even impacts the endocrine glands producing hormones that “call” one person to another and initiate things such as a desire to procreate or a demand to release sexually caused tension within the body.

Kundalini energy is an awareness of the flow of massive amounts of life force energy through the center of the human body. This allows a person to be able to sense their essential connection to Source and transport their consciousness at will to the presence of Home. If one activates this stream before they are emotionally ready, it can cause physical symptoms often confused with mental diseases.

Spiritual energy is perfection. It is unconditional love. It is awareness of all that exists and who each of you are and everything you have ever done in any life or form.