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Consequences of choosing life period

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I am confused on the topic of souls choosing the time of incarnation on earth. You said souls can choose a time in history to experience. But I thought only one soul can be in a human at one time. And wouldn’t the souls free will and decisions change the future? ~Michael, Australia

ANSWER: With few exceptions, the rare attachments of one soul who has left its body and does not want to return Home to another’s body being the most common one, only one soul may inhabit the same body at one time. If you think only in a linear fashion going back in time to live a pre-determined existence would seem to be two souls within the same body. But what we are referring to is the ability to undergo the same experiences in a slightly different, or parallel, lifetime with the one you wish to recreate.

It is very much like a well-known play where the lead role is played by different people in different cities, but it looks identical to the audience. The performance of actor two does nothing to change the actions of actor number one. Time is not linear when going from soul to soul.

An individual soul will have memories of what it has done in another life – that is why your past life memories of uncompleted life lessons can affect a subsequent life. That energetic holdover affects only the individual and not anyone who is sharing either a prior or subsequent existence, so the activity of someone from your group does not change your actions unless you choose for them to affect you.

All souls still have freedom of choice regardless of whether the life is one chosen from the “catalog” of previously lived lives or something new they dreamed up themselves. Say you wanted to be the first man to step on the moon. Your performing that in an alternative dimension does not change Neil Armstrong’s legacy of being the first in this present timeline.

You are influenced only by the dimensional timeline you chose to enter. It is possible to replay an event several times to explore alternative outcomes without affecting anyone but the one you are presently running through.

In Memoriam

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the peaceful transition of our beloved Peter Watson Jenkins. His soul left his failing physical body on November 15, 2017, and returned to the unconditional love of Source energy. However, we know it is still hanging around to advise and comfort those of us who miss his physical presence.

We are planning a celebration of Peter’s life in the Chicago area sometime in February or March 2018 and will post details when we have them. Meanwhile, we will be setting up a page on on which anyone may share how Peter impacted them through his writings, his ministry, his hypnotherapy, and his self-help recordings. These messages will be made available to those attending the celebration.

Peter, we will miss your physical presence,

Toni and Sonia

Sound waves and vibrations

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I went to a gong sound session and had aura photos taken before and after. The sounds of gongs are supposed to calm, to harmonize and to heal, but after the session the state of my aura got worse. What’s the explanation for this? ~Lina, Lithuania

ANSWER: Interpreting auras can be done in many ways. A person’s aura can vary depending on their emotional state, as well as by the energies swirling around them. You can vary your aura from minute to minute by changing the predominant thoughts you hold in your head. Watch a person and ask them to hold loving, happy thoughts in their head. Then tell them to change and think about the scariest, most unhappy time in their life. Within seconds you can observe their aura change color.

The vibrations of a gong may calm, harmonize, and heal a soul, but they also may begin a process of clearing out negative memories and energies that were being held in the body and needed to be dealt with in order to orchestrate the healing. Some frequencies have the effect of freeing hidden or buried events you need to work on for them to no longer impact your life.

Your state of mind and expectation for the session also influence the outcome. If you are concentrating on achieving a meditative state, you can block anything else from occurring. If you see the session as a means of harmonizing and clearing the body, anything may occur.

Harmonizing, in this sense, may mean matching your internal vibration to that of the music, or it may mean balancing your whole body into a single tone, such as that of one or another of your chakras. If the sound is accomplishing some kind of balancing within your physical body, it may be disrupting the equilibrium of your spiritual body for the moment, which will be visible in the aura.

Don’t be too concerned about the color of your aura at any one time unless it stays in a perpetually black state where it is joining with other negative entities in the vicinity. Warm up your aura with unconditional love frequently so that becomes the default setting for you.