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Source and the Earth

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, can you please explain further the relationship between Source and the earth. Was earth deliberately created for the negative VS positive experience and did source control evolution? Could Source control factors on earth such as weather and climate and intercede if humans were about to annihilate all life forms including themselves? Or is Source’s intention to observe and assist only when asked? ~Jane, United Kingdom

ANSWER: Source is and has always been. It existed in unconditionally loving solitude and magnificence. During a time of self-awareness and evaluation, it began to wonder what was the opposite of its own being. So, Source broke off pieces of itself to explore what it was not: what is the opposite of perfection?

To examine and learn all about its nature, it had to establish a location that would lock out the unconditional positive love energy and have an equal supply of negative hateful energy. Hence, Earth was created to be that place, an equal division of positivity and negativity. No other such place was ever created. Source stepped back at that point and let his souls use their freedom of choice to interact with both the positive and negative.

Think of Earth as a social science experiment. If Source intervened in any way after setting it in motion, the results would be tainted, thereby invalidating the data. Yes, Source could dictate evolution, weather, and natural disasters, but then the souls would not learn by being responsible for their actions.

Even when asked, Source does not interfere. That is not to say that humans have no assistance from Home, but it comes in the form of advice from their guides, who will never tell a person exactly what to do because that would negate their freedom of choice.

Source has learned much about the nature of perfection by observing what is not perfect, about love by what is not love, and about making choices from those who have refused and seek constant advice from others, allowing them to make their decisions.

What most souls fail to accept or, possibly, even to have an awareness of, is the fact that they are pieces of Source with the same powers and abilities. That means that they can create, manifest, and direct the powers of nature and influence mankind if they use the control lying within themselves.

Intention is the trigger to using one’s abilities. Belief is the driving force. And love helps to find the balance so that all might have the experience that brought them to the planet. And remember, a soul comes to Earth to deal with non-perfection.

Self-programming and deprogramming

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, can you explain how our self-awareness/ego has self-programmed our memory files? I understand that our bodies have their own consciousness awareness and act as an automaton in response to our input storing and repeating back our emotionally charged thought patterns. So, do we literally program our own mind? The question then becomes, how do we deprogram our memory files and how does the interaction between Soul, ego and body conscious work? ~David, Australia

ANSWER: First some definitions. Your unconscious has two aspects. The first is the part of the human mind that has recorded the behaviors, patterns, and desires of the conscious mind plus any activity arising from the present life. The second is the part of the spiritual knowledge and wisdom kept as part of your Akashic record or the memory of everything your soul has ever been engaged in during any existence in which it has chosen to gather experience.

Self-awareness is a term generally used to refer to the extent to which the human being has become alerted to the abilities and powers available to it through its soul’s essence. Ego is the conscious human mind acting within the societal judgmental manner in the duality where everything is not simply observed but rather graded, rated, and judged.

When you say self-programmed, you are merely referring to the ability of a person, or soul for that matter, to remember, consciously or unconsciously, everything that it has seen or done both in this lifetime and previously. What is getting confused here is the fact that a soul having a human experience must choose that in which it wishes to engage. It may completely cut off past events to have a fresh playing field.

You do not usually sit down, as at a keyboard, and decide how to program your memories – they just exist from your actions. The soul has infinite power, so if it wishes to erase something from contact with the human consciousness, it only has to put that intent forward.

The soul is nonphysical and eternal. The ego is connected to and controlling of the physical body the soul has entered. The spiritual consciousness has all memories but may choose to block the majority so as not to influence the current life cycle. The body’s consciousness or memory is as good as the recall the person has decided to develop.

If a soul in a human form wishes to deprogram a behavior such as smoking, drinking, or over-eating, it has to put forth the effort to create new patterns. This has nothing to do with its spiritual aspect unless they are dealing with a lesson worked on in another life that was not completed and they have now chosen to revisit it.

Been there, done that, what’s next?

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I don’t know what has happened to me. I used to be a happy, optimistic person, with a huge life energy. Now, most of the time, I am a desperate, depressed and tired young woman. I feel I have already experienced everything possible in life, and that I have been so blessed to experience a pure heavenly happiness that now is my turn to suffer. Most times I feel I would like to end my life, because it makes no sense to me and I don’t want to grow old. It is so exhausting that one day I see some hope in the life while other days I would just like to give up and go back Home. ~Reetta, Finland

ANSWER: Every soul creates its own reality. Your creation, until recently, was a happy, optimistic, beautiful life. Then you decided that it was too difficult to push aside the negativity that rules society and allowed yourself to become depressed and desperate for someone or something to come rescue you while you adopted the “there is nothing here for me” attitude.

You came to Earth with a whole list of things you wanted to do, and you haven’t even completed half your choices. How can you say that you have experienced everything that is possible in life? Have you visited everywhere that interests you? Have you watched a sunset from the middle of the ocean? Have you spent time with each of the species of animals who inhabit the planet? Have you held someone’s hand while they transitioned? Have you found a passion that makes each day magnificent and draws you through life?

What has happened is that things were so easy for so long, and now that you have to put a little effort into achieving something new, you have decided you want to quit. It is your choice what comes next because each soul has complete freedom of choice. You never envisioned yourself as a quitter, but of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t become one.

You have stopped loving yourself. as well. All the time that went as you desired allowed you to love and accept and move forward with your life. Now that energy has shifted, and it appears to be too much trouble; you hate yourself where previously you loved all that you had chosen for this life.

There is no “turn to suffer” – or, for that matter, to be rewarded. The same situation looks different to someone not involved in it, and each person decides their point of view. Is rain something to complain about, or something to rejoice in? Time to evaluate your perspective.