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The third eye

Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I have just developed an interest in spirituality and divination. When I went to a shop that sold incense and crystals etcetera, the shopkeeper started to tell me about the third eye and how it has three curtains, and even about people who could see gory images and decided to close that curtain. Masters, could you please tell me more about the third eye and the 3 curtains? ~Ang, Singapore

ANSWER: There are a lot of definitions and concepts concerning the “third eye.” It has many Eastern religious connotations, e.g., the Indian ajna (or aina) or the major energy center brow chakra, and Taoism where it is seen to facilitate the correct vibration for advanced meditation. In some Western philosophies it refers to an awakening or enlightenment into the nature of the soul and its journey.

There are some scientists who equate it with the pineal gland, about which relatively little is known. In psychic circles it represents the base of communications between the physical and nonphysical worlds. It is frequently called the “mind’s eye,” “inner eye,” or “psychic eye” associated with clairvoyance, precognition, out-of-body travel, and intuition.

It is invisible in the physical plane, being energetic and part of the many layers of the soul that surround the human body. During a soul’s journey into humanhood, the person may deal only with the visible body aspects, or they may venture into the energetic essence of the inner soul. It is during such trips that the person may engage that area of their existence which you have called the third eye.

Since each soul creates the physical reality they wish to use in their learning experiences, they use beliefs that accomplish that feat. What you have been told about three curtains is a belief system employed by the speaker to explain the manifestations observed during their journey. It will occur to you only if you accept that concept as a belief with which you identify and resonate.

As with all beliefs that control your thought process and activity, you should accept this one as being useful to your life only if it feels right to you. Try it out; if it does not continue to feel good, reject it and move on to something that does resonate with you. But if someone else’s belief works for you, then go for it. Just know it is part of the reality that they have created.

Uncomfortable house

Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I have lived in this house for many years. There has always been a sense of not belonging here for me, and a lot of negative energy. My partner does not feel this and is so attached to this house, he cannot even think of leaving although he knows I am unhappy here. Can you please tell me where the negativity in this house arises from? And why is staying here more important to my partner than my happiness? Shall I stay, or shall I go and live somewhere else where I will be alone? ~Anita, Greece

ANSWER: Your house does harbor a ton of negative energy, which arises from past residents both within the house and on the land. You are extremely sensitive to negativity, since you are upon your spiritual journey and moving away from ego judgment into unconditional love, so it feels horrible to you. Your partner feels comfortable with negativity since he engages in so much during his workday.

Negativity can give a person a sense of belonging from which they derive power. Your partner craves a sense of belonging and control. You do not tolerate being controlled, nor do you take kindly to his divisive attempts at engaging you in his games.

He does love you and respect the way you live your life, so he quietly gets his own satisfaction out of choosing the negativity in the house over his love for you. It provides a comfort for him that goes beyond the physical contact that you provide, going into his very soul.

As with everything else, each of you has freedom of choice. You must decide whether to continue to give in to his demand to stay, or to honor yourself and your needs and remove yourself from the situation. In the spiritual realm nothing is right or wrong; it is just a lesson to see how you choose to handle it.

While there is love in your relationship, it is not a sharing match. You compromise but get nothing in return. He is dependent upon your being there and taking care of him but is selfish in dealing with your wishes. If you move, you do not have to be alone – there are many other people in the world seeking a caring, sharing partner.

Souls returning to same family

Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

Question: Masters my mother died at age 88 and is now my grand-daughter as told to me at age 2 and thereafter that she is my mother. My father who died at age 97 has incarnated as my great-nephew. I believe this because my father died on March 7th and my great-nephew was conceived the very next day. When my great nephew at six months was first brought into the presence of my grand-daughter he squealed and wiggled with joy at seeing her. She likewise showed affection and kissed him. My question is why do you think my father did not spend more time with Source and friends who remained at Home? Also do you think this situation confirms that souls in the physical state that are not contaminated by culture do in fact recognize each other when brought into each other’s presence? Also consider Luke 1:41-42 in support of my belief. ~Serita, United States

ANSWER: It is extremely rare for souls to come back into the same linear family after spending a lifetime with those circumstances. A soul comes to Earth to learn lessons, and once they are learned, if successful, they will move on to another set. The environment helps to set up the staging for life’s lessons, and repeating the same staging creates almost the same, if not entirely the same, situation. Redoing something you have done before does not help with understanding your essence and does not produce wisdom.

While you think that these are the same souls that were your mother and father, they are not in fact your biological parents. The familiarity and energetic signatures are close to those of your parents because these souls came from the same soul groups as your parents and know them quite well. They both agreed to enter into your family because they had learned so much about it that they knew they could experience what they desired.

Your father his been in the process of going through a “de-briefing,” an examination of his life and what he learned from it and what he would like to continue to delve into. He is still presently in spirit form as he has not returned to Earth but is keeping a close watch over the family. That is also why you can feel both of your parents, because they have taken over as guides for the young ones.

Luke 1:41-42 was originally taught for the purpose of authenticating that the fetus inside Mary was the son of god. The souls inside the two children recognized the energy of each other, having prior knowledge of their souls’ feel. When children first come into the world, they do not have complete amnesia and remember a lot of being together in spirit.