Souls returning to same family

Question: Masters my mother died at age 88 and is now my grand-daughter as told to me at age 2 and thereafter that she is my mother. My father who died at age 97 has incarnated as my great-nephew. I believe this because my father died on March 7th and my great-nephew was conceived the very next day. When my great nephew at six months was first brought into the presence of my grand-daughter he squealed and wiggled with joy at seeing her. She likewise showed affection and kissed him. My question is why do you think my father did not spend more time with Source and friends who remained at Home? Also do you think this situation confirms that souls in the physical state that are not contaminated by culture do in fact recognize each other when brought into each other’s presence? Also consider Luke 1:41-42 in support of my belief. ~Serita, United States

ANSWER: It is extremely rare for souls to come back into the same linear family after spending a lifetime with those circumstances. A soul comes to Earth to learn lessons, and once they are learned, if successful, they will move on to another set. The environment helps to set up the staging for life’s lessons, and repeating the same staging creates almost the same, if not entirely the same, situation. Redoing something you have done before does not help with understanding your essence and does not produce wisdom.

While you think that these are the same souls that were your mother and father, they are not in fact your biological parents. The familiarity and energetic signatures are close to those of your parents because these souls came from the same soul groups as your parents and know them quite well. They both agreed to enter into your family because they had learned so much about it that they knew they could experience what they desired.

Your father his been in the process of going through a “de-briefing,” an examination of his life and what he learned from it and what he would like to continue to delve into. He is still presently in spirit form as he has not returned to Earth but is keeping a close watch over the family. That is also why you can feel both of your parents, because they have taken over as guides for the young ones.

Luke 1:41-42 was originally taught for the purpose of authenticating that the fetus inside Mary was the son of god. The souls inside the two children recognized the energy of each other, having prior knowledge of their souls’ feel. When children first come into the world, they do not have complete amnesia and remember a lot of being together in spirit.