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How was man created?

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I am happy to inform you that I have found so many answers to so many questions. What I want to know is about the creation of man, was it done by the source or by evolution? ~Mohan, India

ANSWER: Since every soul creates its own reality, there is no simple answer to your question. How one fashions their world has to do with the belief systems they accept as relating to their existence. This, in turn, has to do with where they are in their awakening process.

Do they still comply with society’s ego judgement concerning everything they see and react with? Or, have they progressed far enough that they put aside negative energy and merely evaluate what they see to determine if it is something from which they can learn?

Souls are pieces of the Source energy from which they were broken off, and therefore they have the same powers and abilities as Source. Thus, every soul on the planet is Source. Accepting this draws you to a simple conclusion: when a human creates their reality, it is Source energy that empowers that illusion.

One may do this directly, starting from nothing and creating to order, or by deciding to allow the current players on Earth to develop the planet as they need for their own growth and learning as they evolve. Both scenarios have existed on Earth.

If you examine various locations on the planet you will see that the different stages of living have to do with the thinking and creative powers of the inhabitants. Some societies are very technologically sophisticated, and others live without electricity and running water. Each situation allows those experiencing it to learn exactly the lessons they chose before coming.

Loving Earth

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I’ve noticed the change in people’s attitude for the better towards others and nature. Still I worry about our dear Mother Earth and everything happening to the beautiful nature. What should we do? How to hurry the change? How to get people love our Mother? ~Meri, Finland

ANSWER: Everything that happens occurs for a reason. Souls who are having human experiences create the reality in which they function. Just as the rainfall you are enjoying may not be falling on a neighboring area, the energy you are engaged in may not be shared with your friends and neighbors.

The first explanation of these differences pops up with the status of the person in society. Are they of the ego judgment variety or the spiritual evaluation set? Because the soul can only learn about itself in a duality, negativity becomes the dominant or default characteristic unless or until that soul makes the choice to figure out the problem and move to the positive solution.

People bring to themselves what they need to experience, and as their awareness grows, so does the degree of positive energy in which they find themselves. You are drawing to you, and being drawn to, others of the same stage of enlightenment, so the world around you reflects your intentions and desires even if they are localized.

You still do not have the ability to change the activity of others unless they make the choice to so change. All you as an individual can do is monitor and control your own thoughts and energy. Send love to the Earth to help her balance the negativity that abounds. She will never be free of negativity because she would then not be able to function as a training ground for souls.

The change of which you speak is the awakening of your own journey. This understanding of who you are and why you came to Earth is your sole purpose in being here. Love yourself as much as you love Mother Earth and you will progress rapidly toward your goals.

What was I thinking?

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters why did I choose my parents and my brother and sister as my family? I find it extremely difficult to get along with them due to different values. They have created a very toxic environment for me. I am thinking of minimizing contact with my parents, but I feel that it is very unfilial of me to do so because my parents try their best to raise me despite being given bad advice. But if I don’t minimize contact, I am exposing my child to a toxic environment. ~Tired of Fighting, Singapore

ANSWER: You wanted to see if you could examine the possibilities available to you and decide for yourself how you wished to live your life. Before you became aware of enlightenment – going from ego judgment into unconditionally loving energy – you were more in line with your family. When you started accepting the feelings you were getting from the way people reacted to you and made demands of you, it was time to make choices.

Until you started realizing you had choices, possibilities you didn’t even previously know existed, you had no choice but to do what you were directed to do by others. Choices are now available that would either comply with or be diametrically opposed to your family’s beliefs.

You have freedom to choose either, neither, or a different direction entirely. One of your chosen lessons was to see if you could develop self-love and self-confidence in your own path. By following others for whatever reason, familial or societal, you are giving up your power and identity to them. A soul’s journey is a solo affair. You cannot live anyone else’s life or make worthwhile decisions for them. You do not grow unless you assume responsibility for your actions.

To progress, you must make each decision because it feels right to you, not because you believe someone else wishes it. Your parents did what they thought was the right thing to do since they followed the beliefs of the society around them. They feel strongly that everything must be rated, graded, and judged to establish its worth in the world.

From the spiritual perspective, you owe them nothing. You can still love the fact that they are being faithful to their beliefs, even though you feel they are not the right principles for you to follow. Be yourself. Do what you feel is the correct thing for your daughter’s future. You have no obligation to any other.