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Addiction as a lesson

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I’ve been a very long-time addict. Now I’m addicted to food. It makes me feel sick. How can I overcome this addictive destructive power? My life is constantly changing. But this addiction seems to be very deep. How would I live without this? ~I., Finland

ANSWER: Your question of how you could possibility live without your addiction shows that you see it as part of your identity and therefore would not be yourself without it. That is sabotaging any effort you might put forward to destroy it and do away with that dependence. You are saying “I wish to have an addiction because it is my way of life.”

Each soul creates their own reality by developing beliefs as to what they accept as existing for them in their worlds. You are accepting that what you eat has nothing to do with what you choose but is something that controls your every move without conscious choice by you.

Since the food does not magically appear in your house and must be paid for if consumed outside the house, then you do have control over what you do. You have convinced yourself that you have no say. This is a belief that you have allowed to exist within your psyche and have never questioned. With all beliefs, you control which ones you accept and which ones you reject. You have succeeded in changing other addictive behavior, so start working on this one.

One of your life lessons has been exploring responsibility. You do everything you can to avoid taking responsibility for your actions, convincing yourself that they are just part of who you are and you can do nothing about them. Giving in to urges to eat is giving up all your power to the idea that you are addicted.

Before you take any action, such as reaching into that chip bag, remove the temptation by not purchasing it in the first place. When at a party, be totally aware of your actions. Don’t let your hands wander around the food without your permission. If you start going toward the food, ask yourself if you are hungry or just wanting something to do. Keep your hands occupied by carrying something in them so it is inconvenient to pick up food and feed yourself.

Create the beliefs you want – not just those you are used to having. Always be aware of what you have unconsciously become accustomed to doing. Live in the moment and do nothing you do not consciously choose to do.

Creating beliefs for others

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters through my work I believe that I have witnessed how parents feelings and beliefs can be taken on by a baby inutero or through childhood and onwards (some people refer to as thought forms). I work in different ways to help others release energy/beliefs that aren’t belonging to them and work through negative beliefs about their self. However, I am struggling with this issue personally at the moment in relation to my son. Whilst I know that this is likely one of his chosen life lessons and understand that in many ways, I feel distressed from a human level. I am confused around my role and how to help him with this. I worry about him going through this and about his future and feel guilty about my part in this, life lesson or not. I would really appreciate your help. ~Jenean, Australia

ANSWER: You are talking about the belief systems that each person chooses and uses to manage their lives. They are the rules and regulations upon which human behavior is determined. Children learn these first from their parents, and yes, even while in their mother’s womb they are sensitive to the patterns of the mother’s belief system. Then come all the other rules they are exposed to from teachers, society, and organizations.

What most souls having a human experience must first learn is that they have the freedom of choice to change these beliefs as they see fit. The majority of people  think their system is just the way it all works and the way they have
to do things. They need to know that each rule can be deleted and replaced with something that resonates with them instead of making them feel controlled.

A soul chooses their parents and living situation before they come, anticipating that it will provide the staging for the lessons they seek to explore. Since all lessons are presented in negativity – for the soul to figure that out and also how to turn them positive – you cannot prevent your son from being exposed.

The main lesson you can assist him with is the understanding that he has that freedom to make choices. Unless he stands alone and examines all the possibilities presented to him, he will never be able to take responsibility for his actions. Without being responsible for his decisions, he cannot learn and grow in understanding of his place as a soul.

You have fulfilled your part of bringing him into this world and getting him started in life. Now trust in him and his ability to create the reality he needs to complete the reasons he came to learn.

Finding self

Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I was raised in an old way, with many criticisms and castrations and could not be who I was, I had to retreat to try to get in the molds expected first by my parents and then by society. I have always tried to defer these ways, I have always sought my life mission, I have taken numerous courses, read and still read a lot about self-development but I feel lost from myself. I am a good wife, a good mother but I don’t know who I really am. What are my skills and talents? How do you get close to me and help make the world a better place to live? ~Aline, Brazil

ANSWER: You are still being hindered by the belief systems that have haunted you all your life. Trying to fit into all those molds demanded by others made you create beliefs within yourself of what they wanted and what you felt you had to achieve. Until and unless you release those beliefs, you will never find out who you really are.

Your conclusions about being a good wife and mother are part of those beliefs – and a fine place to start examining your world. Judging anything, including your definition for yourself, is part of the ego society, which prizes judging every aspect of behavior.

Step back from your life and see if what you are doing resonates within your soul or is just what others say you should be or do. If it feels like something you would choose yourself, then it is a choice you have made. If it seems okay, but you might have done it differently, then try that different approach. Never do something just because someone else says it is what you should do.

You are a soul who has chosen to have a human experience so that you might explore the possibilities of choosing one form of action over another. Your origin is Source energy, from whom you were broken off. You therefore have all the powers and abilities of Source if you accept that you do.

Once you acknowledge that you are all-powerful, magnificent, and creative, you can start working with these characteristics and discovering who you are.