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Too much alike to ignore

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my mother always had emotional problems, frequently she says things to make people uncomfortable, she always blames everybody and says she is a victim of every situation. She had problem with every person of the family and now she is getting old, me and my sister don’t feel comfortable in taking care of her. I don’t even feel love about her, I don’t hate her, but I don’t want her making my life a turbulence because of her psychic outbreaks. She affects me because I believe that I’ve got her energetic identity since my childhood so this is a thing which I have to deal for the rest of my life. Please help me to understand this situation. ~Cr, Brazil

ANSWER: Your mother is a very fearful, unhappy person who has always liked to be the center of attention. She does not take any responsibility for what she says or does and tries to get people into conflict with each other. Your mother has been a manipulative person your entire life and has created a belief in you that you cannot do anything but comply with her quirks in the manner she has trained you.

Her effect on you has nothing to do with your energetic identity but with the fact that she has programmed you to act the way she does. You do not see any alternatives so you go along like a meek pet and respond to her threats and actions as she has ordained. You do have freedom of choice, but it does not become active until you realize what your choices are.

No one can affect the life of another person unless that person allows them to cause a disruption. If you tolerate your mother’s rantings without engaging in the fray, she will get tired when no one responds or plays along. Accept that she has always been this way, and her aging infuriates her because she feels she has lost control. While you are aware of her antics, you don’t quake and stand in fear and awe anymore, and she is seeking to get you to react.

Laugh at her as you would any misguided, misbehaving child. Tell her you are not going to be a part of her guilt trips because they do not involve you. Inform her that you will no longer tolerate her outbursts and that she will not be welcome in your presence if she persists with them. Talk with her about other places she might have to stay if she continues to be irresponsible.

Responsibility or false belief?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters – can you explain why people choose to have disabilities? I take care of a mentally disabled relative that no one else will step in and support. Though I am a giving, loving person, I am wondering if what I am doing is not healthy for me or this relative. Is she better off in a community where she is cared for physically in terms of shelter, food, etc. and social outlets that serve her needs. I am so burnt out being the martyr that I wonder if old beliefs of loyalty to family are harming my truest path. Help me, please, with insight. Is she better off in a protected facility? ~Lia, USA

ANSWER: All souls plan for the major lessons in their lives before entering into a body. Your relative, in agreement with other people she would have contact with including you, chose to be dependent on the assistance of others. She is trapped in an encasement that is malfunctioning. She sacrificed herself for the learning of others. Her unconscious soul is gathering all types of learning from observing how others react to her condition.

From your perspective, you are testing your belief system, which demands you take care of family members regardless of the expense to you in physical exhaustion. This is an ego-based, third-dimensional, societal requirement, instituted so that society does not have to assume the responsibility of taking care of these people. For you, the individual, it becomes a choice of honoring yourself and understanding that you are not the best person for this job.

Your relative would be better served in an environment where she can get stimulation from a group of people instead of just from you. You would benefit by getting your life back so that you may move on to other experiences. This is not selfish of you. This is being realistic about your limitations and acknowledging the expertise of others.

When you began this journey, you thought it would be temporary and that others would be there to help. You liked the thought of how you would be perceived as being a martyr without any understanding of the cost to you. As time passed, you saw this as something for which you are ill prepared; you question its efficacy but don’t know how to back out gracefully without the criticism you fear may come.

You are the only person for whom you should have concern. Let others say what they wish – they have not been in your shoes, nor have they even offered any assistance. Your relative needs to be in a place where her condition is understood and worked with constantly. Your next step is figuring out what you want to do to occupy all the time you spent with her.

Love for stepdaughter

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I am a 42 year old man and my question is about my stepdaughter. I know her since 2 years old. When she was a child, I felt certain repulsion for her, for no apparent reason. When she became an adult, I began to feel strong attraction to her and I am now in love with her. I suspect she does not feel anything for me. Other times, I think she hides a reciprocal feeling. I know we cannot be together. We made love once. She asked me to stop this error and since then I’m trying to forget her. What kind of lesson would be behind it all? I feel confused and disoriented. I hope to receive some guidance to get me out of this problem. ~João, Brazil

ANSWER: You are battling your conscience, which is the result of belief-system rules created by society. This whole lesson concerns understanding discernment. Discernment is learning about judgment, taste, discretion, and sensitivity. You are very sensitive to energy and respond to it.

In the beginning, the feelings you had for your stepdaughter were the result of a negative residual energy she was carrying. As she aged and began making her own decisions, she shed that energy and became mostly positive. She is a beautiful soul with whom you have shared a number of different lifetimes. This familiarity is what draws you to her. It is easy and it is comfortable.

Your entire existence is currently being controlled by your sexual desires. You have become fixated on your stepdaughter and have done nothing to direct your energies in any other way. From a spiritual perspective nothing is right or wrong, but you are living in a third-dimensional, ego-based, judgment society that directs you to comply with their idea of propriety.

It is impossible to control others unless they consent to being controlled. Your stepdaughter feels the weight of society’s dictates and wants to be left alone by you so that she does not have to make the decision to ignore her feelings. Honor her life’s path. Let her find her own way through this life.

Explore your feelings for her mother and other suitable prospects. Understand that you are creating an impossible situation for her if you continue with your feelings for her. The decision is totally yours, but the impact can be devastating for your stepdaughter.