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Planning for the next life

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, when does a soul choose whether it wants to be reborn or not? Can I start planning my next life from now on or do I need to wait until I reach the spirit world? How do I know if what my soul decides for my next life is in line with my desire during this life time? And how can I wish to be taken and then reborn at the same time with my beloved cat, as I love her so and I want our soul to be together for every journey? ~Asa, Southeast Asia

ANSWER: The planning for an incarnation on Earth is accomplished while in spirit form at Home with the advice of your council of twelve advisors. All details of what you seek to experience, and the means necessary to set it all up, are discussed. You may find when you return Home that you have learned more about an Earth lesson than you thought and don’t want to spend additional time repeating it.

There is nothing that says you can’t start your planning now, but it may be like the child who sees themselves as a fireman, lawyer, doctor, or dancer as a career in their future. You may find those professions don’t draw you to them when you are mature. Or you may find you don’t have the physical or mental capacity to be successful in one or more of them. So, it can be a lot of time wasted with no substantial benefit.

You came to Earth to learn lessons and to understand who you are as a soul and what powers and abilities that gives you. You must be present in the moment to learn and take full advantage of the situations you have drawn to yourself. If you are day dreaming about an imagined future, which may never come, you are wasting time and missing what will help you in this life.

Your cat is one of the 1 to 2 per cent of animals with a soul. The two of you have been together before and switch roles in each life. You have been the animal and it your human, you have both been animals, and you have both been human – both friends and enemies. Each incarnation brings different plans for learning something new without needlessly repeating the same events. It is also up to that soul if they wish to be with you again.

Do souls have personalities?

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

QUESTION:  Masters! Hope you are doing well 🙂 I would like to ask questions about soul personalities. Do souls have personality? If they do, is the personality the same as when the soul is in human body? For example, if I am a dreamy and a sentimental person, does it mean my soul has these traits? ~Sara, Macao

ANSWER: Souls are not persons; they have no physical attributes, a single sex, nationality, or anything that can be rated, ranked, or graded, because they exist only in positive, unconditional love devoid of any negative characteristics. They are energy without feelings. They just “are.”

Think of your soul as a versatile actress. Who she is when not working has no clear influence on the person she portrays in a movie or play. In one show she might be an abused woman, in another a wonder woman super hero, a bumbling idiot in another, or president of the United Nations with superior intellect. So, too, does the soul’s personality reflect the situation chosen for the learning process.

If you choose a lesson in self-confidence, you would have to start out with no faith in yourself and a fear of other people and what they think about you. If you are a sadist, you would enjoy the torments of other people. If you are a healer, you would empathize and comfort others.

Who you are today is just a role with the “personality” that assists you to complete this journey. What you take Home with you after this incarnation is just the recording of this role. Your soul is not affected by it or by the way you felt performing it (what we call the personality). Your overriding essence is simple, unconditional love.

Tempering father’s behavior

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, much gratitude for all you are doing. I have always gotten on well with my family whom I love, but in the past, I haven’t always made my feelings and opinions clear. This is particularly the case with my father, who can be very generous, but also very selfish and controlling when he is feeling sorry for himself. I’m sure this could be levelled at all of us. But I’m concerned I (and possibly also my mother) am “enabling” him by not challenging this behavior enough. We have recently had new additions to the family and I’m concerned how his more negative traits will impact on them. If you are able I’d be grateful for any insights you have on this situation and what suggestions you might have for the future. ~Steven, UK

ANSWER: Your position regarding your father has been to deal with him without allowing him to interfere with your lessons. He has permitted you to see the different types of people who inhabit the planet and how relationships take place. Any time you share an action with another, there are overt and covert activities that affect each in various ways depending on their position in their journey.

You recognize that your father has beliefs that cause him to act at times in an extreme manner. You have learned not to take this personally and it hasn’t bothered you recently. You are correct that both you and your mother have allowed the behavior to exceed what is acceptable in normal society.

You have no obligations to insinuate yourself into his actions unless you desire. He is unaware of the effect that his opinions have on others. You have three possible actions. You can do nothing since it is his trip and he will change only if he wishes. You can tell him your observations about his boorish behavior and see if he recognizes and accepts the need for change. Or you can inform the new family members of his “peculiar” reactions in some situations, with the caveat that “it’s just him; don’t take it personally.”

If the new members are of tender age, they were aware of the potential of dealing with a situation such as this before they came, and it could be one of their chosen lessons. In any case, surround his soul with as much unconditional love as you can throw at him with the intention that he will learn his lessons.

He rather likes tension and negativity because he absorbs all the negative energy that is created by the distress of those he impacts. Comment to him on how being negative prevents happiness and fulfillment from coming through. Remind him of the cheerful energy found around a happy, giving person.

In the end, any change is his choice alone.