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Want to manifest everything I want

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, how can I manifest a more complex, convoluted, intricate outcome rather than a simple one? As in my case, I impact people with music and love over the internet. I wish I could impact more people in real life as well but in this case I need way more money than I really have, more magnetism, more people involved and a promising project in hands. In my private life, my mom prevents me from leaving my comfort zone and I’m too lazy and impatient to try anything major. I also live in a small city and I can’t even find a small group or a small office in order to begin my project. How can I visualize such a complicated outcome without getting lost in the process? ~Jorge, Brazil

ANSWER: The first step in progressing through any phase of development is learning to be realistic. It is great to lie in bed and dream of having everything exactly the way you desire it to be – but that doesn’t happen without a ton of work.

You have already admitted that you are lazy, so how can you even think that you could accomplish something before you are willing to invest all your time and energy into making it happen? It all starts and ends with your efforts.

When you are in school enrolling in a course in a subject that interests you, it doesn’t automatically make you an expert in the area. You have to spend time investigating the entire topic, learning what is necessary for success, and then continuing to study and work until it becomes second nature to you. You have done none of that.

You are just exiting the stage where everything was done for you as a child and you had no responsibility to fend for yourself. The idea that your mother is preventing you from leaving your comfort zone is ridiculous. Of course, she is doing what she thinks you need, and what she feels you are capable of handling on your own. But, buddy, every soul has freedom of choice to be where they want to be and to do what they want to do – they just have to act.

Imaging bigger dreams with more particulars isn’t sufficient to have it appear. It is continued work and faith in yourself that will get you to where you want to be. Manifestation is about using your intention and effort to complete the desired accomplishment. Manifestation does not jump from imaging to finished product in one felt swoop. Just as a building has to be erected in stages, so does an intricate life.

Creating a romantic fantasy

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters starting a new job I met Chris and I felt like my heart chakra is overfilling with minty coolness. I observed interest but no more. Our paths crossed occasionally, and I have noticed his gaze, but he was constantly avoiding staying in same room with me. When our eyes met it felt like there is a strong energy developing, I could hardly hook off it. I keep seeing this person in my dreams, they are becoming more romantic with time. I have been in a romantic relationship with someone else and I believe, I have let this go. I feel like he is one of my soulmates. I would like to know if this is past life connection or this is something else. Will I meet my life partner in this life after all romantic experiences I had and the way I am now? ~Maija UK

ANSWER: You have intimidated the poor man and he is frightened of your intent and what you might demand of him. His initial interest was just in learning who the new employee was – nothing more. He feels your intensity and he wants nothing to do with it; that is why he never stays in the same area with you.

In the meantime, you have built up a fantasy about your relationship. You are not soul mates and have never spent previous lives together. Sometimes someone just tickles your fancy so much you create a world that does not exist – this is what you have been doing.

He seems safe and wonderful to you because you have never spent any time together so you can’t see that he is not compatible with you. Your dreams are like the ones envisioned around a handsome famous person whom you feel you just have to make yours. Stop wasting time on a person who is not interested.

This is different from prior love experiences because it has been all one-sided. You are a slave to your imagined expectations of a partnership. It is time to take a good look at the way you have been behaving and understand that a relationship takes two actively participating individuals.

On the way but not connecting

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters from a young age I’ve been on a “spiritual” path, through yoga and meditation and looking into the philosophy of these things, metaphysics, etc. However, I feel false, disconnected, and don’t know how to move forward in a way that feels authentic and can actually connect me to source. I’m “recovering” from alcohol and have 10 days sober, one reason being the feeling I’ve lost my authentic self somehow. I feel like I’m in ego and judgment of self most of the time. How can I move past this in my current phase, or embrace and learn from this experience? ~C., United States

ANSWER: What do you consider your authentic self? Everyone creates their own reality and that includes a definition of who they feel they are or who they want to be. They then use their freedom of choice to bring all the required pieces into existence.

There is an authentic person within the third-dimensional society where the ego rules through judgment and condemnation. Then there is an authentic person, spiritual if you want to call it that, who has removed themselves from negative energy and positioned themselves firmly in unconditional love and evaluates rather than judges the actions of all those with whom they come into contact.

Your direction is based on your choices. Do you relapse and let the world dictate to you, or do you examine each choice and go toward the unconditional love of Source energy? It is all up to you.

Meditation will help you see the possibilities. Ask for assistance from your guides and the Masters. Embrace the knowledge of your physical body, which you can glean through yoga, so that you sense the purity from love versus the conflict generated by ego.

Be yourself; don’t let other people or substances tell you what you need or feel. You have ventured onto the path to your essence and Source – you just have to keep going.