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Adopted step-child

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Q: Masters, my step-daughter, whom I adopted at age two when I married her father, was never very close to me. Her mother didn’t want to have anything to do with her, but for years my daughter hoped that her birth mother would come back into her life. I always encouraged her if that was her desire. I treated her exactly like her half brother and sister but she still held herself aloof from me and thought I treated her siblings differently. A recent reconciliation attempt with her birth mother was a total disaster. For the first time, at the age of 25, she is cuddling up to me on the couch and seeking comfort. Why did we both have to wait so long for this connection? Is it going to last?

A: You have each experienced the traumas of a lifetime in a few short years. Not only will this closeness last but it will expand.

Your step-daughter has self-worth issues, with a strong sense of abandonment powering them. Not only was she seeking to have her birth mother return, but    also she was afraid that if she developed a strong attachment to you, you, too, would leave her. When her birth mother still showed no interest in her during her recent contact, she realized that she had been the one who caused her perception of different treatment to develop. She was preventing a feeling of closeness with you and her siblings, making it impossible to console her.

She has learned these lessons of abandonment now and will not have to repeat them. The abandonment had nothing to do with who she was, as she had feared. She is ready to move on, to expand her sense of self not only within your nuclear family, but also within the family she is establishing.

Your lesson as well was to get a sense of who you were within a family because of your dysfunctional birth family. In experiencing the problems with your step-daughter you were able to see some additional problems that families can have, identify them, resolve them, and then let go of their energy.

When souls cling to a lesson or difficulty, they identify with it as their human identity. Something they feel defines who they are. It is very difficult to release the hold that comes with the lesson until you acknowledge that it no longer serves any purpose in your current life. When it is released, you start a new chapter of life wiser and with a clean slate to begin yet another adventure.

Teeming with life

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Dear fellow souls, our channel, Toni, has just spent a week on the ocean, cruising. We thought that it would be fun to let her feel some of the energies that were all around but virtually invisible to the human eye. While she was listening to us and recording these, our words, we let her have a sense of the beings beneath the ship as it passed over them.

She had already seen and experienced the humpback and killer whales and the sea lions. She had seen the dolphins playing along the bow wake of the ship, but she had not seen the endless magnitude of other life that proliferates just out of sight.

Swarms of tiny creatures in thick clouds provide sustenance for the giants of the sea. Some of these are so tiny that even with an examination by the human eye of water containing them, they would still not be detected. The energy of these minute creatures is like a soothing wave undulating while constantly expanding and contracting.

We let her feel the larger fish that swim mostly in schools searching for food— endlessly moving and wary lest they become food for larger fish or human beings. She described the feeling of the crustaceans as “crawling and exploring, picking up objects to detect whether they could provide nourishment.”

We asked her for an impression of what she had just experienced and were told the ocean appears like a metropolis with each type of life having a purpose and its own community. The “eat and be eaten” scenario was reminiscent of early human existence on planet Earth. But there was also a difference: There appeared to be no hurry, to be no sense of time at all except for hunger and sleep. A perfect example of living in the now! No anticipation or pressure.

This can be the life of the soul upon your entire planet. By living in the now, you are able to view all that is. When you concentrate on only one aspect of life, the world passes you by and you miss the richness of others’ journeys. Living in the now opens expansive vistas for observation. Open your soul to the energies around you and you too can have a tour of the oceans and the planet.

Love, light, and laughter to you.

The Masters of the Spirit World    

Past, present, or future?

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Q: Masters, I have been on an increasingly intense emotional rollercoaster and I am not happy unless I am practically running. I find myself always in a hurry. The major highway near my home is under construction and I feel like I need to push the cars ahead of me out of the way because they aren’t going fast enough. Even when I work around the house I am in such a hurry that I seem to get things in a mess rather than straightening them up. The other day, while not paying attention, I put bleach in the washing machine instead of liquid detergent! Why is this happening to me? What can I do?

A: You are living in a time warp of expectations. You are always ready for the next thing on your list to occur before you complete your present task. Stop and smell the roses, or at least the coffee before it gets cold.

When you spend all of your time concentrating on something out of sight you miss what is around you. The label that said bleach was lost in a fury of haste. The result was repeating the wash, plus ruining your best jeans. If you had been present in the moment, totally aware of your immediate environment, you would have picked up the correct bottle and done the wash only once.

When you devote your thinking to replaying yesterday’s argument with the boss, or plotting how you are going to get back at him when you arrive at the office, your attention is not on the present and you are missing the activity around you. It is impossible to redo the past or to pre-program the future, so why not spend your time in the present?

When your consciousness is off in the past or the future, you have tunnel vision straight ahead of you. When you are aware of the present, you are able to see all your available choices for each situation.

Live in the present; impatience disappears and the world will seem larger—you are finally looking at all of it!