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Who is teaching God?

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters who is teaching God everything that he knows? I feel that he is still learning on how to improve the human race day by day, for so many centuries. ~Musat, Romania

ANSWER: Your question implies that your accepted belief system consists of a single supreme being that has the appearance of a human being and is responsible for everything that happens on Earth. Our universe is, and was created by, a powerful energy that exists in unconditional love, is amorphous, and allows all its particles to manifest for themselves.

In the beginning, Source knew only perfection and wondered what it was not. So, Source created a laboratory that we know as Earth. It broke off pieces of itself to enter into this duality, which contained both the positive perfection it had always known and the opposite of this unconditional love, which was negativity. He created the place but did not set up the experiments in this laboratory – that was the purview of the souls choosing to partake.

Source allows each piece of itself, each soul, to exercise their freedom of choice to decide what they want to study. Source benefits from everything it observes its particles engaging in – that is how wisdom not previously possessed is gathered. You might say that every soul is “teaching” Source what perfection is not by the lessons they learn in their dealings with negativity.

Source makes all this information available to everyone so that, if they choose to return to Earth, they can see what others have done and decide whether they want to try a variation on those activities. Any “improvements” – which is a judgment and only exists within the duality – are the result of the choices exercised by souls.

A lesson in balancing

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I have a friend who I have recently reconnected with after some advice from an Akashic records reading. He convinced himself years ago that I’d betrayed him, this does not correspond to my memory of the time but to this day he keeps coming back to this seemingly invented betrayal. I can’t keep entertaining his belief that I owe him something – however I do wish him to be well. Could you please state what I might benefit from my continued association with him? If any. Perhaps why the records reading advised such a reconnection? And if you are able to elaborate on the origin of this “betrayal” and why he needs to keep reminding me of it. ~Steven, UK

ANSWER: Your friend has never had confidence in his “readings” of situations, so he has developed an imagination that always makes him the hero and makes any other participants lacking in grace, sincerity, truthfulness, and sharing. Whenever a situation arises where he has misread or mishandled an event, where he should accept his faults and apologize, he instead shifts all the blame to the other party and demands validation of his own actions. As we have said many times, each soul creates their own reality, and his does not conform to anyone else’s.

One of your life lessons was to accept that all people are different and may not agree with you. The lesson, therefore, involves how you handle such situations and what you can learn from them. In a situation such as this, you can confront him, as you have done several times with your truth; you can argue and fail to see that he is steadfast in his recollection; and you can walk away, which you did.

Another way of handling the matter is to say to him that your point of view does not jibe with his, but that you honor his right to his own view and that it is time to drop the discussions and move on to other things. Arguing with him over the matter serves no one. Back away and refuse to fight.

Dealing with the control dramas that come about during disagreements of this type is why you were directed back into this scenario. Without reaching a comfort level in dealing with disputes, you are missing a sensitization to the feelings of others. You don’t have to love the humans you are spending time with, but you need to honor their souls for the choices they have made.

The “betrayal” had more to do with your not wholeheartedly agreeing with your friend’s conclusions than any specific activity in which you engaged. Don’t spend any of your time worrying about it. The version he holds dear to him has changed over the years to match the insecurities of the moment. When you learn to not let his singlemindedness affect you any longer, you are ready to move on if you choose.

Creating realities

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I am a journalist and been having monophobia (fear of being alone) for years. If I don’t feel well, I panic and have different reactions, such as tingling, shortness of breath, pressure on the face, numbness etc. I don’t fear people or animals, I’m afraid to be alone without someone to turn to in a time of need, especially at night. Because of this, I lose a lot. I want to travel but I only do that if I have company. I do not have friends to go with. I stayed in a bad marriage for years because of this fear. It disturbs me a lot and prevents me from doing what I like. I feel trapped and dependent. I’m not young anymore and time is passing by, but I cannot react. I’ve done analysis, past life therapy, but I still feel insecure and scared. ~Beti, USA

ANSWER: No one is ever truly alone in this world. You are surrounded by your guides and all the other souls in the nonphysical universe who wish you success on your journey. You cannot “feel” them because you have convinced yourself that if you can’t see something, it does not exist. The reality you have created for yourself requires a constant companion to authenticate what you are doing.

You have never reached a point of having confidence in yourself, learned what loving yourself feels like, or developed a sense of right and wrong in decision making. In other words, you take no responsibility for your life unless, or until, it is validated by others.

The way you treated your married life is a perfect example. Even though the feedback you got from your husband was demeaning and abusive, it was a type of validation that you were unable to take care of yourself and therefore had to remain in that untenable situation.

To change your life, you must believe that you can. Accept first that your soul is a piece of Source energy and, therefore, you have the powers and abilities of Source. That means you can create, manifest, and connect with all other souls in the universe. Next, you must believe that this is true and that you possess these abilities. Mull that over for a while until you start to know this is true and that it is now up to you how you use these powers.

You “know” you have the ability, so what’s next? You start to use the powers. Start simple with feeling your guides and nonphysical friends around you, cheering you on. Then bring to yourself an opportunity you have always desired through the use of your intention. Once it is here, use it, live it, love it, become it.