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Can’t stop addiction

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I am a nurse from Finland and somewhat spiritual. I have a question about alcoholism / addictions. I started drinking at a very early age and my drinking became a true problem some years ago. I am only 27 but already spent half of my life suppressing my feelings through drinking / taking drugs. This year I finally got a grip and sought help and with support managed to stay sober for 4 months. Then I relapsed. Now I’ve once again spent 3 months drinking on and off trying to work as a nurse at the same time. It is quite demanding and exhausting and I feel like I’ve lost my self-dignity. What is it that this disease needs to teach me? Why do I hold on to it? A part of me (still after everything that I’ve lost) wants to keep drinking. Why? ~Anne, Finland

ANSWER: Most all life lessons have an underlying difficulty of having to learn to love yourself before you can work your way through the morass created by the individual problem. A loving attitude begins with an acceptance of the chosen life pattern. When you cannot accept your path, you find ways to avoid it or blunt the effect it has upon you through the use of depressants—your alcohol and drugs.

When you are unable to feel the things you do not like, they cease to trouble you. However, you miss whatever else might be occurring at the same time. Then you go through a period of guilt for not having an experience that you think you should have had, or for neglecting a responsibility to which you had committed. It is always easier to run away from unpleasantness than to stand, face it, and work through it.

You are going through a period of feeling sorry for yourself. Your desire to keep drinking is the easiest solution to dealing with your life. You are running away. It is only when you are sober that you rationalize what the running away is doing to you. Then you feel guilty, hate yourself, and have to drink to forget. It is a vicious cycle.

This will not change until you can find love for what you see as your imperfect self. You must see the essence inside, which is perfect and unconditionally loving. In your spiritual experiences you know that you are a piece of Source and therefore are magnificent, perfect, unconditionally loving, and able to create everything you need to get yourself through this lifetime. It is time you started to work with those qualities.

First it is necessary to rid yourself of self-doubt. Whenever a fear or doubt pops up, ask yourself what you are feeling. Then ask why you feel that way. Once you bring up from your past the cause of your distress, you will be able to get rid of it. You will then be able to bring only positive thoughts and feelings into your life. You will no longer have anything you have to hide or run away from. You will no longer need to self-medicate.

Cats and feelings

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, a few days ago, I put my cat to sleep. He was 16 years old, male, a devoted pet, loving and sweet. The last few years he was sickly and needed a lot of medication and attention from me. I feel my other cat, a Siamese girl, was hurt that she wasn’t the top cat. She never liked the other cat. She started pooping on the carpet, only using the litter box for urination. I don’t know if this behavior was in reaction to me, the smell from a sick animal, or something else. I have talked to her reassuringly, especially now that she is our only pet. I have also tried contacting my cat that passed away asking him for help with her behavior and to give me a sign that he hears me. Please advise me what to do with her from now on. ~Jeanne, USA

ANSWER: Your Siamese is a very strong-willed animal. She is still hurting from what she thought was a shunning by you. When you gave so much attention to your male, she felt you were expressing your preference for him. She was trying to get your attention with her misbehavior. It’s not that she didn’t like the other cat but that she was jealous. He also did not want to share you with her.

She will gradually come back to trusting you but is not ready at this time. Neither of these cats has a soul, but are both empowered by sparks of life energy. They respond to human interactions and the sensing of emotions. She feels you are mourning your male and she fears he will return and again push her out of your affection.

The energy of your male would not be able to help you with her. He is still around the house, which she can feel, and that complicates her trying to reunite with you. You need to restore yourself as the head cat in the house. You need to be very consistent with your treatment of her, and do not tolerate continued misbehavior. Remove from the house any toys of the male and bring in a new interactive toy for you and her.

Observing growth

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I seem to be moving into the Light. It’s been a long, bumpy and at times frightening journey, but I have come to recognize that all experience is learning, planned and thus good. I try to stay in the Now and only create the positive. I feel different—more peaceful, calm in a long process of guided healing and clearing. As my vibration rises am I getting to be more like my Soul Essence? I imagine my Soul to be the energetic sum total of all my existences, human and otherwise and to have an overview on all, with central core energy. My guidance seems to have been by intuition and synchronicity. It’s a tantalizing thought process and really entwined with the hope that I am indeed healing. ~Rex, England

ANSWER: Welcome to the soul’s human odyssey. Everything that you have experienced and are feeling is part of the process of enlightenment leading toward ascension. You are ridding yourself of the heavy, third-dimensional negativity and sensing the lightness of the presence of positive love energy. This can only be done when you are present in the “now” since it is only there that you can truly see everything available to assist your journey.

Your core essence is the unconditional love energy of Source of which we are all composed. This is not a physical material sensed with the physical senses, but a non-physical presence felt with the paranormal abilities the soul possesses. When you open to the flow of the universe, you tap into this river of energy you perceive with and as intuition and manifestation. A lot of what you are calling synchronicity is actually things you have manifested in order to have the experience. Great workkeep going.

What you are calling “healing” is actually two things. It is the balancing up of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of self. You are placing them in order so they may clarify your path for you. It is also the completion of lessons, both from this lifetime and previous, which enlarges your degree of awareness of the whole process, allowing awareness of yourself and your many abilities.

You will find it even easier to progress if you stop thinking and analyzing and just be.