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Deafness as a lesson

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I have a 25-year-old daughter who is going deaf. She has a very gifted 8-year-old daughter who sees spirits and is sensitive to all forms of energy. I believe my daughter also has this gift. Is there a karma lesson or past-life reason for her going deaf? Is there a way she can help herself? ~Maricella, USA

ANSWER: Your granddaughter is an indigo child who still has many connections with the non-physical world. She communicates on a regular basis with friends and advisors on the other side. A lot of this takes place during her sleep time, a practice referred to as “going to night school”. She has only partial remembrance when she awakes. She can increase the percentage she recalls by having the intention to do so as she drops off to sleep.

Your daughter is also an indigo, but she has chosen to repress much of what she senses. One of the aspects of her hearing has to do with the amount of things that she is suppressing and with which she is refusing to interact. This is a lesson she has carried over from a past life into this life. It has to do with dealing with control issues and being in control. She never had a life where it was expressed as  a hearing problem; that is unique to this life.

Karma, which implies punishment, is another thing altogether. It does not really exist unless individuals believe they are subject to it. You carry things from life to life only if you have not come to know the reason you chose to have them in your life during the earlier experiences.

There are a number of things that will assist your daughter in identifying the issues in her life that she chose to undertake: past-life regression, life-between-life work, energy clearing, soul retrieval—any practice that will cause her to delve deeply into her unconscious will unearth the things needed to be completed so that she does not have to do them again.

Why suicide?

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, my sister committed suicide on 10th February 2007 by jumping from a tall block near where she lived. She was a double master’s degree holder in social work and psychology and someone most unlikely to have decided on suicide. She gave no signs that she was even contemplating suicide. I can’t get over it as I was very close to her and she was such a beautiful person who had always been very calm and cool. She was born on 23rd August 1963. Can you help me to find some answers?   ~Alli, Singapore

ANSWER: Your sister had completed the lessons that she came to Earth to learn. She had, however, made a series of contracts with other souls before she incarnated that would allow her actions to have a pivotal impact upon those around her—you included. Some of these contracts included her transitioning back Home in the fashion you observed.

It was intended that in the suicide, and all the inferences that society draws from that act, many lessons would arise for those who remained. People began to question themselves about any part they might have had in her decision. It brought up issues of doubt, guilt, betrayal, abandonment, and many others within a score of friends and family members.

All these things helped those who remain to seek guidance within themselves. Incarnation is about learning everything you can concerning your true essence. This can only be done by delving within and connecting with your feelings. Society has taught that such an activity is selfish. The soul journey demands it for enlightenment. Your sister helped many to remember their journey.

A packed house

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, our daughter and her husband and child have moved in with us. We live in the country and have a very peaceful and wonderful life. Our son-in-law stays in a tent in the yard and rarely comes into the house. He is rude and very critical while being passive-aggressive. Sometimes he tries to be friendly but we know that it is uncomfortable for him and also for us. He doesn’t want to talk about it and seems to think that we are to blame. He does not help with the work or help our daughter with child care.  He just spends the day reading and playing video games in his tent. I am assuming that he is depressed. I have a very ominous feeling about this man. He lost a very good job and has a lot of child support to pay. His mother recently died of suicide. We are not sure that we are handling this the right way. We have just been focusing on our daughter and her child and trying not to take sides, even though they have been arguing a lot. I can’t imagine how this will be when winter comes and he has to move into the house. I too am depressed because I am angry and afraid for our future.   ~Jamie, USA

ANSWER: Your son-in-law is not depressed at this time but rather lazy and manipulative. He is quite anti-social unless the topic is him and how others can do his bidding. He has never really grown up and is playing the part of the spoiled rotten brat. It served him well to lose his job because now he can be provided for without having to do anything himself. He refuses to take responsibility for anything that he does, or did, such as father his various children.

He chooses not to interact with you, and stays clear, because he knows you will be able to figure out his game. You are also a parental figure which he loathes. He is afraid that you will disapprove of him just like his mother. Her death has provided a freedom for him and he is on vacation from everything she wanted him to become. He has closed himself in his room with all his favorite toys and says: “I’m not gonna do nothing!”

He abhors control of any kind and refuses to take instructions. His life right now is one of parasitically sponging off you and your daughter. Counseling might help him to understand why he feels the way he does about responsibilities but don’t hold your breath until he goes somewhere.

Just continue to support your daughter and grandchild and let him find his own way. Do not allow him to disrupt the house any further. Your daughter could benefit from talking to someone about the way she is being used so she may better understand.