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Life lessons and living in ego duality

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters after several years living abroad, I am back in my hometown for a visit. Today, for the second time in less than ten days, someone tried to alter the facts to an issue in which I was involved. I know there are two sides to every story, but I would love to understand how people can be so removed from what actually happened (in this case, there was video evidence). How can people have such different perceptions of the same facts? Why is this presenting itself to me? I feel hurt and disappointed about being misled and misinterpreted! ~Juliana, Switzerland

ANSWER: For life lessons this time around, you chose to study various ways to accept yourself, honor your decisions, develop faith in yourself, and not have concern for what other people think of you. This current situation is presenting you with the whole gambit of conditions that will assist you in this study. Human life takes place in the duality of the Earth world where the ego rules, and judgment is the way society determines “worth” and “success.”

Within this existence, each soul creates its own reality using beliefs that they accept as their truth. What is one person’s truth, based upon the beliefs by which they control their life, may be totally foreign to anyone else. If part of one’s belief system is that something can or cannot have occurred, then they are literally bound by that determination, unless or until they make the decision to change their set beliefs.

The people around you who are “remembering” things in a way other than they happened are being controlled by their own beliefs and also acceding to the beliefs that society has accepted as truth. When people want to be a part of something, they give up their own ideals and merge into the group to be counted as one of “them.”

One of your lessons, as mentioned above, is to not let the opinions of other people impact you when you believe that you are right and they are wrong. To stick with your knowledge and not be bothered by others is to honor your spiritual journey. You can be hurt by another only if you allow yourself to be. Don’t waste your time on disappointment because they don’t meet your expectations; just go with the flow of the universe and live your own life.



Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters two weeks ago I was run over by a cyclist, landed on my side, and fortunately I wasn’t hurt. But then my seasonal allergies got worse, and one night I woke up in fear, had a little stabbing pain in my chest… as if I couldn’t breathe. I checked the symptoms and it seemed a panic attack, which I have never experienced before. Went to the doc, told me my bronchi were a bit closed. Also had trouble sleeping, and night sweats. I’ve been taking natural remedies (ginger, eucalyptus, etc) with good results. But yesterday I had like a weird episode of generalized anxiety in my body, coming from the center of my chest, on and off for 2 hours, as if I was on the edge of panic. Hope it doesn’t repeat. What are your comments /suggestions? ~Rosario, Perú

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: You are suffering the aftermaths of the shock to your system occurring during your run-in with the cyclist. It has triggered “possibilities” that your unconscious self has taken very seriously, creating this panic of “what could have been” to impact your bodily systems.

The seasonal allergies intensity arose from the body being shaken up and not controlling invaders as well as usual. Your mind is in constant running mode in the background and you are not even aware of it. When the tension builds unconsciously, it finally tips the scale so that the body reacts. You are sensing this in the area of your chest where your breathing and heart rate are being affected as your body clenches up. This produces what society calls panic attack syndrome.

Until you consciously investigate the causes, this will continue to occur. An easy way to deal with this would be to work with a hypnotherapist who could take you back to the triggering incident and let you examine how your mind reacted to the possible consequences. You could then work with the fact that none of these consequences actually happened, so you are holding yourself in a perpetual state of anticipation. If you retain this expectation long enough, it will cause some of the negative activities to play out for you.

You could also start delving into this energy through deep meditation or consciously priming yourself to bring it up during your dream state. As you start to fall asleep, or when entering into a meditation, ask yourself to show you why you are having these physical symptoms and what you can do to lessen them. Above all else, when you start to feel tense take a moment, do deep breathing, and counsel yourself to relax.

Can’t we be successful in all things at once?

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I came from a financially struggling family, however I got good education and prospered, going abroad and having good jobs and a relatively prosperous financial and professional life. Years ago, my girlfriend and I discovered we were having a baby. I returned to Brazil, married her and have a happy family life, but my professional life went down and down I did not manage to reestablish myself here. Why this is happening? What do I have to learn with that and when this will be finished? Can we have happiness in all sectors of life simultaneously or we have always some challenge in one field? I had a stable financial and professional life, but an unstable family life. Now it is the other way around. Can’t we have it all? ~João, Brazil

ANSWER: Each soul determines what lessons it wishes to learn in each lifetime. You chose to experience discernment, having faith in yourself, taking responsibility for your choices, and not being afraid to change direction when it is necessary to accomplish what you wish.

Whenever you make a major directional change, you are starting all over again. Returning to Brazil to take care of your responsibilities for your family, you chose to start all over again in your professional life since, after marrying your wife, you did not return to where you had found financial success.

This all happened so that you would examine your choices and see if there was some way, out of the belief system under which you grew up, that would benefit you better. You had learned how to break out of the financial struggle that was the pattern of your family when you removed yourself from their influence. Back in Brazil, you took up where you were in your youth.

It is not imperative that you leave Brazil, but you must rid yourself of the beliefs that have gotten you back where you started. You create your own reality, so manufacture a life where you are successful. There is no spiritual restriction that says you are limited in your successes in one life.

Every time you make a decision, question why you are making it. If it doesn’t seem to resonate with you, then you are choosing based on old patterns and beliefs rather than because it will accomplish what you want. Always ask: Why am I doing this? Why am I staying with this job? Why are we living where we are? What are the possible choices for me that will increase my finances? You can have it all if it resonates with your life.