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Living with your choices

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, my current life is one I can’t stand going on and continuing with because of social anxiety. I can’t get a new job with ease, I can’t stop constantly worrying about what comes next or if my brother is going to kill himself with the constant drug taking. Is there any easier way to cope to make life easier to live or am I here to learn how to deal with anxiety and patience? ~Roger, United States

ANSWER: As you have pointed out, one of the lessons you chose is learning to deal with anxiety. When the source of that anxiety is other people, or society in general, it comes from your view of yourself and your desire to please and have everyone love you. A major component in your life is your need to be in control. It may seem as if you have no control, but your desire to always know what is coming next and what other people are doing is an aspect of needing control.

Learning patience will help with your difficulties, but lightening up on yourself will assist even more. You are not responsible for what other people, your brother included, have chosen for their life’s journey. You cannot influence the actions of others because they all have freedom of choice to make their own decisions. Worrying means you have established specific expectations over an outcome. That is wanting to control those activities, and you simply cannot.

You have absolutely no love for yourself and the difficult journey you have chosen. Step back and examine what you have placed in front of you. Congratulate yourself for your courage of choice. Accept that what is here exists because you chose it. What a soul chooses is what they know they can handle.

Take each day at a time. Don’t look at the entire world at once. Just deal with what presents right in front of you. Take apart the situation and work with each little part at a time. When it comes to work, what do you feel comfortable doing? Develop confidence in the areas that appeal to you, and then reach out to the universe to let you see where you fit.

Strong emotions from the past

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I keep having awful visions that seem to be set during a war. I have tried to do a past life hypnosis for myself but the emotions I feel are very strong, so I’ve had to stop them. Sometimes I don’t see anything, just feel anxiety and sorrow. I’m not sure what country it was in and what war it exactly was. Are the visions and feelings I’ve had real? How can I face these emotions? ~J.R., Finland

ANSWER: You have spent a number of different lives exploring the ramifications of being in the military and going to war in particular. These had various issues attached to them: betrayal, cowardice, self-confidence, and guilt, just to mention a few.

It is no wonder that self-hypnosis doesn’t allow you to step back far enough to deal with the strong emotions. An easier way to resolve and release each issue is to follow an emotion back to its origin. When something in daily life triggers a feeling, ask your higher self to take you to the cause. This should be a single incident that you can then understand, learn from, and let go. This will work well when you don’t see anything and are only feeling the emotion.

If the emotions become too intense to work with, use the technique of stepping away and going into observation mode. If you are a witness seeing things from the outside, you are not so affected. You can then examine and work with the situation to understand and dispel it.

Have patience with yourself and these events. They are hanging around because they were too overwhelming for you when they occurred the first time. You have much more information now about how life lessons work. This takes the fear out of facing them. It does not, however, reduce the intensity that you will feel.

The effects of life lessons

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters our lovely daughter has ADHD and she has problems especially with mathematics. Other kids don’t play much with her because she is just little different from other girls in her age. My husband and I try to help her and hope she can make the school well. She is so sweet, kind and very sensitive and it hurts her not to have friends. How can we help her better? Why does she have this problem? ~Paula, Switzerland

ANSWER: She chose to see what it would be like to experience this condition. It has to do partly with her self-confidence and self-worth issues chosen as life lessons. It is important that her teachers are aware of the difficulties you have seen. They should be able to help integrate her into the class and cause more interaction between your daughter and the other students.

Your daughter is extremely sensitive, caring, and loving. Help her find some things outside of schoolwork that intrigue and stimulate her. This will provide her with a specialty that varies from those of her classmates and something they will want to have her share with them. Look into different types of artistic endeavors – she is very clever in that regard.

Be careful not to interfere too much with her progress because she can become dependent on your intervention and then will not reach out to accept responsibility for her life. All children go through periods of being uncomfortable outside the sheltering home life. Let her figure out how to communicate better with her peers.

Her study difficulties can be addressed with tutoring. She looks at things in a way that others don’t, and right now it is causing a problem in solving her lessons. One-on-one time with a teacher will bring to light the perception she demonstrates. This is a solvable situation.

Continue to love her and provide the support you have. She has some difficult times before her, but all is not impossible to overcome.