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Things we choose

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I raised my sister in the 80s because my parents were emotionally abusive and neglectful. I was 12 when she was born. We were VERY close – I learned unconditional love from/for her. Our relationship is now damaged from my leaving for college at 17 and spoiling her out of guilt afterwards. She suffered emotionally and physically after I left. She is OK now and has a good life after much therapy. My therapist & friends say I needed to live my life and let my parents do their job. I KNEW they would not, but was too weak to resist pressure to go to college and stay in that backwards small town to protect her. I feel very guilty having left my helpless little sister to them. I do not know if my choice just caused her pain and me karmic debt, or helped both of us to grow. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER:  Every soul chooses its parents and the circumstances surrounding its birth and what it will immediately be able to learn from its home environment. Both you and your sister knew the inability your parents would possess for normal parenting and wished to see how you would be able to deal with that.

Many of your lessons included situations about controlling what was happening. Control is really an illusion since it always involves more than one person and each soul has to be working toward the same goal for it to be successful. In your mind, everything that you did was for the best even when it prevented your sister from having to face and deal with the problems created by your parents.

All you accomplished was to delay the time when she was required to deal with them. You did provide sterling examples for her, by watching you, for manners in which to cope with their actions. She observed how she needed the degree of confidence you displayed in your decisions. You never succumbed to their uncomfortable and harmful interactions.

Most young girls have dolls with which they practice and envision how to take care of a youngster; you had your sister. During this time, you also discovered that this journey you were on was all about you and that to move forward you had to prepare yourself. The first step was getting an education. The choice of staying near to your sister was your intent to support her.

Do not feel guilty; she chose her parents just as you did. She would not be the strong, confident young lady she is today if not for all the experiences she went through. Each soul draws into their world the things they want to experience. You  both drew to yourself lessons that you desired and completed. Congratulations

Boring life, what now?

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I would like to know if I have any assignments in this world. I never did anything exceptional, I have an empty life, meaningless, without joy, work only. I have never had a relationship, no love. I study too much, trying to understand where I left my life, because I did not see that I would have had a family. I always thought that no one would like me, because even my mother did not want me, I never knew my father. Maybe that has influenced, but I do not know if that’s right. I do volunteer work, but even that does not bring me more fulfillment. I feel too sad. Is there anything I can do to feel better about myself? ~Luciana, Brasil

ANSWER: One of your desired life lessons during this incarnation was to understand who you are as a soul and be able to create a meaningful life. Every person creates their own reality. If you don’t believe that something exists, it doesn’t. If you don’t think you can be loved, you will block any love that is sent to you from others. If you think it is raining even if the sun is shining, then for you it is a miserable, rainy day.

Since you lack self-confidence, feel you do not desire to be loved, and have not been loved up until now, you are incapable of opening yourself to love. Additionally, you feel sorry for yourself so you will not allow yourself to be happy even if things go right for you. Here’s a flash for you: You are capable of turning your life into a wonderful experience if you desire. Do you?

Even during your volunteer work, you are just going through the motions without engaging your emotions with what you are doing. Since society looks favorably on volunteering you tried it, seeking to get the appreciation of society. Things don’t work that way. The act of helping others is really for the purpose of helping yourself understand the situations others are going through so that you won’t have to experience them yourself. It is not for receiving gratification from those served. Do it because you love doing it, not for any other reason.

Put together a list of things you believe will make you happy. Form them into affirmations, stating that they already exist as you picture them. Repeat them to yourself every day as if they already exist. Before long you will see that they begin to become the experience that comes to you – your new reality.

Looking back

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters having been in my emotionally abusive marriage for 12 years, your previous guidance suggested that my husband was confused with his own life and that I should run not walk away if he could not commit and honor me. Being afraid to leave through low esteem and children I continued to put up with an unhealthy relationship, wanting to leave but always having an excuse. He chose to leave before Christmas and I hit rock bottom. Have I failed in a lesson to gain courage and strength and to love myself enough to leave him when I knew I should have? ~Debbie, United Kingdom

ANSWER: This is an example of what we have said many times: the universe brings to you what you need to experience. Out of fear you did not take yourself out of an untenable situation, which would have helped you grow faster, so the action was taken out of your hands by your husband leaving you. The rock bottom you hit is called the dark night of the soul, where everything you believed in is yanked away and you have to start all over again.

You may see this as a failure, but it is really just an alternative way of accomplishing what needed to be done. When you chose to deal with your lessons of self-worth and self-confidence, instead of self-love, they kept you firmly planted in the marriage. Your higher self and the universe saw you needed a push to get moving and accept the reality of your husband’s betrayal, so they “encouraged” him to move on.

Once you are at the bottom you have nowhere to go but up. You can create the type of world you desire. And don’t think it has to be alone because it does not have to be. What you do need to decide is whether you need additional time dealing with the type of abuse your husband gave you, or whether you understand you do not have anything else to learn from it and that it is time to move on.

There are no right or wrong answers to the way a soul learns their lessons. It can be by their action or through the circumstances that throw them into a chaos they have to survive. Don’t let your mind, prompted by society’s view, convince you that you immediately have to jump back into a relationship. From now on, do only what “feels” right to you.