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Understanding the lesson of prosperity

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, what is necessary to attract the energy of prosperity in every way, mainly financially? I already feel prosperous and happy to get here! Bringing this awareness to me was liberating, I firmly believe that when we have all our basic needs met we can pursue other activities that will make us happy by exploring the things we love in a more joyful way and living only in the present moment. If I have complete freedom of choice to realize my plans I can choose to win the lottery I see one of these possibilities because it would be a resource to start and to be able to offer a service that my soul seeks, I am always open to new opportunities. Please clarify to me if I am blocking something, since I have been working to release many limiting beliefs in recent years for this my goal to manifest itself. ~Patricia, Brasil

ANSWER: You are blessed with a huge amount of prosperity – it just isn’t overdone in the financial aspects. In a duality and environment where souls go to experience all there is to see, not everyone can be wealthy and have everything they desire. Some have chosen other lessons to deal with, such as accomplishing their desires in work, family, and other areas of living.

Your spiritual growth has given you a sense of true prosperity, which is being able to create the world you desire. However, since you are still working on appreciating humanhood, you need to work with what you have and bring unconditional love into your being.

Life is restricted by the agreements and plans you made before you began it. That does not mean you can’t change some of those ideas, but you can only do that once you have fulfilled all your determined lessons. You are blocking the ability to totally change your plans by not understanding why you chose to have a limitation on your wealth. Not having “everything” has given you a sense of your own worth in securing your needs.

You are not lacking in anything you need, nor in anything you really desire – except unlimited finances. You are living a bit more in your expectations than in the present moment. The universe will help provide what you require to complete your work, but it will not give you all your possible imaginings. Your expectations could even reach to being queen of a country, being a fantastic opera singer, or possessing the ability to fly without a plane.

You don’t “need” any of those in this life you have chosen. Continue to create the things that increase your chances of accomplishing your life goals, but within the parameters of your current existence. Wealth is not totally out of the question, but right now it would be a hindrance to your continued growth.

Why constant retests?

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, suddenly after a spiritual phase why am I so restless and tempted to follow egoic reactions like frustration, anger etc.? Am I not supposed to be spiritual inclining after understanding the source and its purpose of creating us instead of declining in the spiritual ladder? ~Rimi, India

ANSWER: Retracing some of your prior lessons to make sure they have led to increased knowledge of life does not mean you have skidded down to your starting point again. If you block out the understanding you have obtained, then you may return to ignorance and the beginning of your journey. But if you enter into a “relapse” with the retained knowledge of how you got through it before, you have not declined but are being retested to make sure you really have learned and understood the lesson involved.

All human life is being conducted in a judgmental, egoic atmosphere, so that is the starting point for everything human. The basic negativities of hate, control, revenge, frustration, and anger are all around you. When you complete a lesson you have been working on, you free up space around you since you have chosen what path to follow and all the other possibilities you explored no longer need to be considered.

The completion of a lesson is a step toward the awareness of who you are as a soul and takes you away from negativity and toward an existence of unconditional loving energy. But, what it also does is allow you to be re-exposed to the basic energies surrounding you on the planet – those of the duality.

This is a test. Did you truly learn to move away from the negativity? If you did, all that is needed is to remove yourself once again. If you didn’t, you will have to work through those choices once more. This is not a decline because you still possess the knowledge you gained in the first encounter.

Does knowledge hinder lessons?

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, thank you for your messages. After reading your books (which are very good) I feel that there is a paradox of sorts in the knowing of our true origins as souls. We’re here in human form with amnesia to have lessons and experiences to learn about our imperfections. This amnesia is key to learning lessons fully. If we become enlightened to our true being, won’t this interfere with our experiences here and be counter-productive? ~Jonathan, UK

ANSWER: There are two ways to look at your dilemma. No matter how much you understand the abilities of your essential soul, that does not give you any inkling into the particular lessons you chose for the life you are currently living. Also, knowing that you are a piece of Source energy will allow you to approach the “mysteries of life” with a little less sense of overwhelm but won’t give you any clues as to why you are incarnate.

Until you uncover a lesson, the amnesia still rules. You are forced to follow the signposts of the doubts and fears announcing it to you. The help knowledge gives you is an affirmation that you do possess freedom of choice in being able to change your status and belief systems. Many people never understand that they have that power. And even some who are made aware of the fact disregard it and look to others to continue making choices for them, just as their parents and teachers always have.

With some souls, their choice of lessons includes becoming aware of their divine status and using some of those incredible abilities to shape their Earthly existence. That is the ultimate human mission. Mostly, one wants to merely understand what a trait such as betrayal feels like and how it can affect one’s entire life.

When a person seriously attacks their doubts and fears and reaches a realization of their chosen lessons, they still might flounder with accepting and working through and with a lesson until no aspect of it continues to interfere with their life. Knowing the process doesn’t speed it along, because you must attack the parts in a sequential manner.

It is rare for a soul to complete all their chosen lessons and become conversant with their essential powers and abilities in a lifetime. It is possible, though, for a soul to choose to come for the purpose of “knowing” their true self without also choosing lessons.

I hope this comforts you and allows you to see that, with or without knowledge, you aren’t cheating or getting cheated in life.