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Why can’t I be happy?

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters why do I never feel happy /complete with things in my life such as work, love life? It’s like I don’t know how to be happy. I also rarely connect with other people so sometimes I feel sad about it. What could be the reason behind this? ~Lisandra, United Kingdom

ANSWER: Various life lessons that you chose before coming to Earth are helping you create your illusion of life. Each soul establishes its own reality by deciding what traits and beliefs it wishes to use to shape and interpret that reality. You look at your world through the tinted glasses of your chosen belief systems.

Everyone decides how they want to interpret their surroundings. If it is raining, you can be sad that it is not sunny and bright, or you can rejoice that there will be moisture to make plants grow and clear pollutants from the air. The choice is yours. The perspective is of your making. You do this with everything in your life.

Whether your choices shift to the negative or positive depends on your ability to love yourself. Loving oneself is as simple as accepting that the life you have chosen is for learning more about yourself and gaining knowledge to make your life more bountiful. If you can understand that every action presents potential wisdom, you can congratulate yourself on a job well done. Rejoice in your success even if it is not what is happening with those around you.

It is when you question everything and see all as negative that happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of accomplishment cannot exist. Whenever you accept that you are unhappy or lonely, that is exactly what you experience. If you accept that you can be happy, that is the first step to seeing your life as happy.

Right now, you fear that people will criticize or not like you, so you shy away from contact with them. Know that you are a wonderful person with whom others would love to spend time, and you will draw people to you. Create the world you desire. If things look negative, shoo them away and bring in positive loving energy.



Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I feel myself in a continuous search loop to change my reality through learning – as I have learned to be the way masters do. How can I change it if I feel my empath mind and body lead me to fragility in this process? Is there a purpose for my soul to be hacking myself and sinking deeper in a void that, taking into account many physical circumstances around me, I pretty much cannot surmount it? ~João, Portugal

ANSWER: A soul creates its own reality and also draws to itself those circumstances it wishes to experience. It is possible to stay in one place and never learn or grow, but that is against all the plans a soul has before coming to Earth. You wished to discover a spiritual approach to understanding and accomplished this through searching for those paths that resonated with you and explained life lessons for you.

Your inner self knows that only through working on the signs that your life lessons provide – fears and doubts – are you able to progress. These appear to you as a conflict between stability and empathy or your inner essence and sensitivities. But for you, these are tools that will take you through your tests and result in education and wisdom.

You are being too critical with all the fantastic success you are actually making. Step back for a minute and see how much you have absorbed and now understand. It has not been comfortable, but then hard work never seems to be.

Voids can be good places because they allow you to observe what is around you without interfering with the view. Voids are nonjudging, sterile places where new ideas, directions, and belief systems can develop and thrive. Embrace the opportunity.

Dispassionately feel what is happening, and don’t make any rash judgments about it. Go with the flow of your life and the universe, visualizing the place you wish to be. Have patience with yourself and the old paradigm in which you have existed for so long. Change is on the way.

Visualizing and aphantasia

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I have a problem visualizing, have for many years. Now I finally stumbled on the term aphantasia today and was wondering why would I incarnate with this problem especially if I feel my purpose is to help humanity and now I have no direct link to my spirit team of teachers and guides (like so many do). Also, I see what looks like heat rising from the surface around me and then know someone is here from spirit. Is my life lesson to get over been frustration? ~Lesle, South Africa

ANSWER: Aphantasia, or the inability to form mental pictures, does not prevent one from connecting to their guides. What if you had chosen to be born blind and have no reference as to what a cat or a chair looks like? Would that prevent you from knowing what they are? Absolutely not. You rely on your other senses.

You can use your ability to feel energy or see the appearance in another form such as your heat rising. What is preventing you from going forward is your expectation that visualization is a necessary element of communication – and it is not. Open your other senses and begin a dialogue with your guides; you don’t need to know what they look like – their essence is nothing but energy anyway.

Your way of “visualizing” is by “knowing.” It is more specific because it is something apparent to your entire physical and nonphysical being. A mental picture is just that – a picture created in the brain. A knowing is a comprehensive sensation announcing the physical presence of another and not just your idea of what they would look like if you could see them.

You assume that most people can visualize clear mental images, and this is not true. As a matter of fact, most people never even get around to trying. As to the term being used, aphantasia, it can be a part of your life choices or occurring because of a traumatic injury or neurological malfunction.

To establish contact, allow yourself to go into your knowing. How large is the feeling? Where are they located in relationship to your body? What sensations are they giving off? Confidence? Merriment? Caution? A sense of approval? Work on perfecting the classifying of what you sense – this is a very strong way of communication.

If you need something more, try auto writing or typing. Sit in front of a computer keyboard and ask a question. Let your fingers work the keys and see what happens. More information on this physical trait can be re-read in our teaching of July 9, 2017.