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Reality check

Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I know you can’t tell me what to do but I really need advice. My marriage has not been good for a long time. We bumble along going through the motions but recently I have become aware that my husband really seems to be a compulsive liar. He actually lies like a child would. I feel like I’ve been played from the beginning. Our 30th anniversary is soon, and I just feel depressed about it. I have lost all my Joie de Vivre and l will admit to being scared to leave as I’m in such a rut. I acknowledge my own part in our current circumstances, but I honestly feel that he never really felt love for me nor I, him as we were so young and naive. ~Caroline, Ireland

ANSWER: You both started out creating a fantasy world to your liking. You each convinced yourself that what you had was exactly what you thought life should be like. When your husband told you something, you heard only what you wanted to hear, never questioning what was actually being said. Living in your own world you couldn’t be affected by his.

Your lives have been on parallel paths during your marriage but not on the same roadway, which has allowed you to exist as a couple and seem to be compatible to others. Don’t fault yourself for this predicament because it is the way a vast majority of relationships play out. Most individuals just never become aware of the gap between their vision and their partner’s.

Communication is the great awareness tool, but few people impartially examine what is being said. It is hard to justify the reality you have created for yourself if you must also see what those around you perceive as the shared truth of the situation. Complicating talking to one another are the emotions you bring to the mix.

At a young age, infatuation overcomes a meeting of the minds and appears to be true love. You both loved each other to the extent your lack of experience provided. In point of fact, if you look back, you will see you really didn’t have that much in common. You had no foundation upon which to build a lasting relationship, and ignoring what you sensed about your husband is the only thing that has kept you together this long. 

It is now time to honor yourself. What is it that would satisfy you on a daily basis? How can you find out what your truth is, and how can you live it? You will remain in your rut only if you choose to do so. You have used your creativity all these years; now use it to create a life of your own, whether you remain in the marriage or not. Forget the past – it will be an anchor preventing you from moving forward.

Do we program our thoughts?

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters so you said that everything on earth happens as the soul wishes to experience it, does that also mean the questions and thoughts in the mind that I go through? Is this the same for anyone else that can relate? ~Sophia, USA

ANSWER: Souls come into the duality of the planet in order to have a physical body with which to help them find out what powers and abilities are intrinsic to their essence from being a piece of Source energy. They had decided before coming to Earth what particular lessons they desired to work on while here. Those tasks were not elaborated specifically but were general in nature.

For instance, if one wished to study addiction, they could have set themselves up in a family where the parents were addicts and the temptation of following their example was prominent. How is this a lesson, you might ask? Well, the soul has total freedom to choose what actions they are going to take in life. Are they going to follow society and use ego judgment to determine their place? Or are they going to turn inward, using their energy to evaluate the alternatives to decide what they may learn from and what is destructive?

Having decided what lessons to work on, a soul will always be in the right position to have the choice of direction. Thoughts are completely human. In this instance, they come from what the person believes is true from the input presented by those around them. If they don’t want to make decisions themselves, they will follow the thought patterns of society, in this case other addicts, and never follow a non-addictive route, therefore not learning their lesson.

The only way to work through lessons is to set aside the group mentality and go inside to the inner wisdom. Feeling, not thinking, is the only way to move forward spiritually. Since most humans work through their actions in their heads, it is important that they are relying on the feelings coming from within and not just the opinions of others. Thoughts are not pre-determined. This is the laboratory classroom space for working out the answers.

Life lessons and karma

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I would like for better understanding what’s the difference between karma and life lessons that you always said? ~Thaís, Brazil

ANSWER: Life lessons are the reason that souls become human to live in a duality where they can learn through the choices they make. It is not possible to fully appreciate the powers and abilities that Source has given to souls (the pieces of itself that it broke off) while the souls are existing in the unconditionally loving energy of Home. That can only be done when souls are presented with the positive and negative sides of any human characteristic.

Life lessons are chosen before the soul enters into the human body. They are not specific – that is, not exactly as the testing will appear. This is partially the choice of the person and how they are leading their life during this time of study. Whether the lesson is accomplished depends on the individual, and what happens after that is also up to them.

If a lesson is not completely comprehended, the soul can choose to try it again in that lifetime or in another lifetime, or just move on to something else. There is no obligation to carry an incomplete lesson on through that life or into another. Nothing but the memory of what was chosen, and the results attained, affects the soul because no negativity exists outside of Earth.

Karma is a belief that the person will be made to pay for something they have done. This is the punishment aspect of society’s ego judgment. Since judgment requires negativity, it can exist only within the duality of Earth. It does not travel back to Source, nor does it hang on to the soul and require retribution.

The action of “karma” is frequently blamed for bad, or negative, choices made by people. It has also become an excuse for lazy people who do not work hard to understand their chosen tasks. It is not an actual energy, just a belief based upon a thought provided by others in society. In spirituality karma does not exist.