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When you see the pattern change it

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters while my mother was alive, I judged her mercilessly, lacked compassion, and was relentlessly unkind toward her. 25 years later, I am now the age she was when she died, and have lived through many of the same experiences as she, which I judged her, and myself, so harshly for. My kids now judge me the same way I judged her. Karma? Since her death, I have focused on thriving, finding peace, working toward unconditional love. However, I still feel terrible how I treated this beautiful soul who was my mother in this life. Was this learning our soul agreement with each other?   ~Mary Anne, Australia

ANSWER: Not karma but following the example shown to you. When you grow up with someone treating you in a particular way, you think that is the “normal” way to behave. You took your mother’s mannerisms and duplicated them so that you were each merciless, relentlessly unkind, and without any compassion. Unconsciously, it was this same pattern with which you raised your kids – so they are now perpetuating the training.

We always advise souls that their life lessons appear to them as fears and doubts. You have come to recognize the disastrous consequences of the behavior you believed was normal. This awareness allows you to change the way you think and act.

You have changed your behavior since your realization, but you have not been aware enough to pass on your learning to your children. Sit down with them and discuss why you treated them the way you did – that that was all you knew to do at the time and have now learned there is another way to interact with people.

Inform them about the destructiveness of negativity and that unconditional love heals all discord. Help them put aside negativity and strive to build a layer of positive energy, peace, and love around them.

As you have come to accept, all souls are beautiful; all souls are the same. You, your mother, and your children have all chosen to experience the same type of lessons and knew that together it would be easy to set up the circumstances needed. Part of the lesson is that, with realization, a second lesson pops up, and that is guilt.

To alleviate guilt, all you have to do is accept that you were all in this together by your own choices. All have entered into the cycle, and understanding is the resolution. Your mother is cheering you on to see if, now that you have learned, you may also be able to bring the kids into the fold.

Been there, done that, what’s next?

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I don’t know what has happened to me. I used to be a happy, optimistic person, with a huge life energy. Now, most of the time, I am a desperate, depressed and tired young woman. I feel I have already experienced everything possible in life, and that I have been so blessed to experience a pure heavenly happiness that now is my turn to suffer. Most times I feel I would like to end my life, because it makes no sense to me and I don’t want to grow old. It is so exhausting that one day I see some hope in the life while other days I would just like to give up and go back Home. ~Reetta, Finland

ANSWER: Every soul creates its own reality. Your creation, until recently, was a happy, optimistic, beautiful life. Then you decided that it was too difficult to push aside the negativity that rules society and allowed yourself to become depressed and desperate for someone or something to come rescue you while you adopted the “there is nothing here for me” attitude.

You came to Earth with a whole list of things you wanted to do, and you haven’t even completed half your choices. How can you say that you have experienced everything that is possible in life? Have you visited everywhere that interests you? Have you watched a sunset from the middle of the ocean? Have you spent time with each of the species of animals who inhabit the planet? Have you held someone’s hand while they transitioned? Have you found a passion that makes each day magnificent and draws you through life?

What has happened is that things were so easy for so long, and now that you have to put a little effort into achieving something new, you have decided you want to quit. It is your choice what comes next because each soul has complete freedom of choice. You never envisioned yourself as a quitter, but of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t become one.

You have stopped loving yourself. as well. All the time that went as you desired allowed you to love and accept and move forward with your life. Now that energy has shifted, and it appears to be too much trouble; you hate yourself where previously you loved all that you had chosen for this life.

There is no “turn to suffer” – or, for that matter, to be rewarded. The same situation looks different to someone not involved in it, and each person decides their point of view. Is rain something to complain about, or something to rejoice in? Time to evaluate your perspective.

Losing a child

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, my daughter died last year. A medium told me that I lost a child in a previous life as well. Why did I choose to come back to this life only to lose a child yet again? Wasn’t once enough? Did I not learn enough about grief, loss and pain the first time? Was this a contract made between my daughter and I before birth? If so, for what purpose? ~Luci, Australia

ANSWER: When you choose a life lesson there are many aspects relating to it. When you lost the child in your former life you shut yourself down completely, not working with the grief, abandonment, guilt, and self-pity. Shortly after the event you decided to join her at Home through suicide. Once there, you realized you had missed the opportunity to learn about those characteristics as you had wanted, and you chose to try to do it again – hence your current life.

You and your daughter did agree that she would be the soul to assist you in a second attempt to understand these horrific emotions. She had wanted to come for a shortened life and this fit perfectly into her plans. A soul’s agreements are generally centered around setting up a stage to be able to face what they wish to experience.

An example of once not being enough can be seen in women who marry an abuser. They finally realize they don’t have to put up with the abuse and divorce him. The only thing they know is that type of relationship, because they don’t look into any other, and end up marrying an abuser a second time. They may even repeat this a third or fourth time because they are convinced this is what marriage is all about.

When a soul is working on lessons chosen for a particular lifetime, if they don’t give themselves time to dig into the facts and try to understand their options, they will put themselves right back into the same set of facts so they might complete the chosen learning process.

Analyze the feelings that have arisen in your life. Understand that both of you are eternal souls and will always meet on the spiritual plane. Allow yourself to feel the grief, sense of abandonment, and guilt. Connect it to other factors in this and past lives so that you might fully understand how you can shape the experience to gain wisdom about this human existence.

And don’t forget to talk to your daughter, either directly or through your guides. She will be waiting for you when you have finished this life.