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Evaluating life’s journey

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I am a part-time regression therapist and I also work as a social worker in the mental health field with children – love both! I am looking for guidance around how to grow my regression practice but I also feel drawn to get the connected spiritual message out more. Any guidance around where to direct my energy? Greatly appreciated! ~Jenean, Australia

ANSWER: You are thinking that there should be more to your life then you are experiencing. Your work in both fields is tremendously beneficial to those you serve. We cannot tell you what is right or wrong because that interferes with your freedom of choice but we would encourage you to find a way to continue to pursue both of these beautifully fulfilling talents.

Regressions are becoming more popular as the media is recognizing the validity behind the concept of reincarnation. Word of mouth is the fastest and best way to become known. Short demonstrations at hypnosis events, spiritual fairs, and even at libraries and community centers go a long way to spread awareness, interest, and a demand to partake.

Within your mental health work there are ways to bring in the hypnosis to lessen otherwise untraceable problems plaguing your clients. Discussions and workshops for your associates will introduce them to all the benefits available. If you take a few of these steps you will find you have created a demand for your expertise.

Understand also that there may be some people who seek your services that will resist your efforts regardless of what they tell you. That is their problem alone and there is not anything you can do about it. Don’t be vested in the outcome of your work. Your intuition will assist you in finding the direction necessary for the progress of your clients.

The universe, your guides, and the guides of perspective clients will enable people to learn of your services. When you are ready, place a virtual signpost out into the universe that the “office is open and ready” and your phone will start to ring.

Letting lessons control you

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters about 5 years back in a relationship I had got physically abusive after months of escalating verbal abuse. It went both ways, she would goad me and I did my fair share too, but one night, alcohol fueled, I lost it, smashed the bedroom up and walked out. I woke up the next day horrified and rushed back around to try and fix things as much as I could, I convinced her not to tell the police and she didn’t, but the relationship broke down and we parted ways. I went through years of anguish over what I had done. I’ve suffered massively with depression and anxiety after this event and can only think this was brought on by the stress. I’ve since realized that both our souls must’ve had a contract to have this lesson together, however are my mental health issues permanent and still the lesson? ~Jon, UK

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: You chose many lessons for this lifetime, and included therein was addiction to drink, anger, control, and self-punishment. You need to examine the ability to release self-loathing and allow forgiveness to permit self-love to return. You are causing all the restrictions you see as mental health issues by choice.

You have control over your reactions to events in the present, but you continue to chastise yourself for the one incident that highlighted all your learning processes. One activity does not sentence a person to a life of constant upheaval unless they keep reminding themselves of what they believe they consciously chose.

Both of you needed to be more aware of the impact that your words and actions have upon others – it was a lesson for you both. Going back over what happened, can you see that it was not an intentional act on your part? The stress, the escalation, the drinking, the unhappiness you would not allow yourself to realize – all those led to the explosion that you used to escape the inevitable physical harm directed against her.

Nothing of a permanent nature took place except setting your unyielding mind on a course of self-condemnation. You have the power to begin anew. It was only a lesson, not an indelible tattoo branding you a dangerous uncontrollable menace. Let the guilt go!

Part of the depression is the result of releasing the concern and love you had for your partner and letting that space fill up with loathing for yourself. Chase out the despair and fill the empty places with unconditional love for yourself and this difficult life you chose. It took a lot of courage to face your past. Rewrite your future with the understanding that you are love. Feel that beauty and accept that it belongs to you – but you have to let it in!

Being controlled by another

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I know that when my daughter feels sad, unhappy or irritated, it’s up to me if I let her drag me down with her or not. However, I feel I can resist her emotional impact only if I become distant or sort of indifferent to her. If I do so, it seems to me that I love her less and this feels wrong. How is it possible to protect oneself from being dragged down by another person and still love him/her the same? ~Lina, Lithuania

ANSWER: It is always up to the individual soul to respond to the energy being directed at them by someone else. It revolves around lessons for one, or both, of the parties. If you are the one being dragged down, it can happen only if you allow it to occur. The process is that you feel responsible for, or identify with, some or all of what the person is saying. You are in fact acknowledging in your mind that they know more about what you need, or how you are going to react, than you do.

The “emotional impact” you mention is caused by your accepting blame for some of the actions of your daughter. Becoming distant is one way to deal with her, but you are cutting off any chance to talk and work with her concerning the reason she is acting the way she is. These are choices she is making, not automatic chemical or psychologically controlled behavior.

She is also enjoying how upset you become with yourself during these times. When you don’t engage in her drama, you are actually helping her, because she can control her emotions but is having too much fun seeing you miserable and guilt ridden. However, you sometimes over-react afterward and allow her to dictate her desires because you believe your tiny action of disengagement means you love her less.

Ask yourself if you would allow her to harm herself. Demand that she examine the result her actions are having upon others. Why are you treating her manipulation as different from a child’s unruly behavior? She is sucking all your positive energy so she doesn’t have to work to get her own by releasing the negativity in which she dwells.

Refusing to allow her to affect you is not withholding love or loving her less than you do at other times. You could also try surrounding yourself with unconditional love for her whenever she starts her manipulations so that you give her love, which she doesn’t have to try to wrest away from you. She will easily tire of her games if she no longer upsets you.