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Looking back

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters having been in my emotionally abusive marriage for 12 years, your previous guidance suggested that my husband was confused with his own life and that I should run not walk away if he could not commit and honor me. Being afraid to leave through low esteem and children I continued to put up with an unhealthy relationship, wanting to leave but always having an excuse. He chose to leave before Christmas and I hit rock bottom. Have I failed in a lesson to gain courage and strength and to love myself enough to leave him when I knew I should have? ~Debbie, United Kingdom

ANSWER: This is an example of what we have said many times: the universe brings to you what you need to experience. Out of fear you did not take yourself out of an untenable situation, which would have helped you grow faster, so the action was taken out of your hands by your husband leaving you. The rock bottom you hit is called the dark night of the soul, where everything you believed in is yanked away and you have to start all over again.

You may see this as a failure, but it is really just an alternative way of accomplishing what needed to be done. When you chose to deal with your lessons of self-worth and self-confidence, instead of self-love, they kept you firmly planted in the marriage. Your higher self and the universe saw you needed a push to get moving and accept the reality of your husband’s betrayal, so they “encouraged” him to move on.

Once you are at the bottom you have nowhere to go but up. You can create the type of world you desire. And don’t think it has to be alone because it does not have to be. What you do need to decide is whether you need additional time dealing with the type of abuse your husband gave you, or whether you understand you do not have anything else to learn from it and that it is time to move on.

There are no right or wrong answers to the way a soul learns their lessons. It can be by their action or through the circumstances that throw them into a chaos they have to survive. Don’t let your mind, prompted by society’s view, convince you that you immediately have to jump back into a relationship. From now on, do only what “feels” right to you.

Don’t like my life plan

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I was told by my angel guide that I was going to have a baby girl by this year. I’m homeless living, in my sister’s house with no money, and a baby soon to be born. The father is in the same situation. I’m tired of seeing him humiliating himself for a place to sleep. it kills me inside it hurts me a lot. We are just trying to be a normal couple and planning to raise our child together but seems like everything is going wrong for some reason. If I planned all of this before I come into my earth body, I don’t want to continue. ~Miamite, France

ANSWER: You and your boyfriend have made a lot of decisions that were only about you and what you wanted, heedless of what you needed to do to fit into society and be able to get a job and take care of yourself. The initial aspects of your adult life were a continuation of your sense of being privileged and needing others to take care of and provide for you.

You are now in a “poor me” phase where you are blaming everyone but yourselves and anticipating that it is someone else’s responsibility to step in and bail you out. Your sister is playing that role right now for the safety of your baby. Wake up and see your surroundings. There are many agencies who will assist you if you ask, but you have to be willing to commit and work to change your status.

The father of your child is not humiliating himself. He is being realistic and practical, knowing that society will not take care of you just because you want it to. He realizes that, since he did not prepare himself for gainful employment before this, he has to settle for the more undesirable positions in order to provide some support for his family.

You both need to wake up to your situation and work to create a life for yourselves and your family – and it will take work. You can no longer blame others for your situation. It is time to take responsibility for your actions, which have brought you to where you are.

And, yes, you did choose to find yourself in this state. You wanted to see if you were able to recognize the cause of your problems and to get yourself out of them. If you analyze where you are, you will see how to change and be comfortable in this life.

Choosing torture as a lesson

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I recently read about the torture and murder of a Japanese girl named Junko Furuta in 1989. It is horrifying to think that someone could endure so much suffering. I would like to know more about the desired spiritual lessons of the people that were involved. Why would Junko choose to endure such a difficult death and what did she learn from it? How did she manage to keep it together for so long? You have mentioned in previous posts that when we label someone as evil, it isn’t always the case. People are just souls experiencing different scenarios. What did Junko’s assailants want to learn from this lifetime and why did they choose to do so in such a manner? ~David, Australia

ANSWER: It is humanly difficult to imagine why your soul, or any soul for that matter, would ever choose the lessons this young lady did. Her soul had been involved in prior experiences with torture and man’s inhumanity to man in general. She wished to find out the extent to which a human body could exist without losing their mind. Past participations included the Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition, genocides in a number of African nations, slavery, and the Salem witch trials.

An additional incentive for this lifetime stemmed from a desire to have the citizenry examine and decide to revamp the Japanese judicial system. She wished to generate a social outrage to shake up the nation and even the world. So much goes on in the world where groups, and even entire societies, prey on individuals or whole subsets of people that she wanted to throw a spotlight on atrocities. This is an easy task with the influence of today’s social media – nothing seems to occur in a vacuum any longer.

Evil, despicable, psychotic, inhumane, sick, insane, and so on are terms attached to the men who perpetrated this event. But they, too, were carrying out the events they wished to experience during their tenure on Earth. These concepts or definitions concerning their actions are all judgments that third-dimensional ego minds require to separate their own actions from such atrocities.

To delineate what each man desired would not help anyone understand what happened. It is often the case that someone not engaged in the actual event cannot conceive the reason for its occurrence. Even when having the idea behind the action explained, the reasoning cannot be grasped or understood. Just appreciate that every soul is in charge of their own chosen lessons.