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Which way is the right way?

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I have been following the signs the universe is giving me like a treasure hunt. It seems like miracles are generally overlooked. They are taking me somewhere good I know it but the gifts they are bringing contradict where I’m going. I would love more than anything to continue this journey but is it worth giving up what I’ve worked my whole life to gain? ~Keegan, US

ANSWER: The universe brings to a soul the things that it wished to experience. But the soul has total freedom of choice whether to accept them or not. You can change your direction during an incarnation at any time, at will.

The limiting factor in humanity is the ego mind and its adhered-to expectations. When you decide that you will accept one and only one possible direction, which is perfectly within your life plan, you disregard the assistance offered by your higher self and your guides. This is at your discretion.

On a spiritual journey, nothing is right or wrong. You may start and stop any activity and follow your intuition or your decided direction and still be learning about the journey of a soul.

You must ask yourself why you are here and what benefits you gain by the actions you take. When you depart this life, can you take with you any of the money or prestige you have worked so hard to gain? How do you “feel” about the miracles and the gifts? Do they fulfill you in a way that nothing else can? Have you learned all there is to gain from where you are now, and would you only be repeating the same lessons over and over?

You know that the choice is always yours and that you are a soul having a human experience to learn who you truly are. It is up to you to decide the method you follow. Pick and choose, go back and forth, until something just “clicks” and defines this life for you. Let your feelings, not your brain, be your map.

Exposing the lessons

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I’ve learned that my negative energy drives my experiences and have been working on shifting it and trying to grasp what it means to be a piece of Source energy by connecting with a wise guide. Feeling stuck recently doing this work, after making positive changes, I discovered GUILT, related to unwittingly hurting innocents (I even have dreams and past life memories of hurting children because of shame/ guilt/ pride.) In this life, I was given too much responsibility for siblings, and feel I abandoned them. My inability to give them what I promised but could not deliver damaged our relationships and maybe even their lives. I’m afraid I’m doing the same to my son, who is often oppositional. Failure and guilt hold me back from expanding my sense of self and pursuing studies and work I want to do, and I can’t see how to learn from them. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Positive energy drives things as well. Negative energy is the one that drives society and you are very conscious of things around you, so you have focused on the negative. It is also the way lessons are learned – to choose positive over negative.

You are pinpointing several of your life lessons. They basically deal with your self-concept of responsibility, with guilt being the result of perceived failure in both how you feel about what you perceive you had agreed to do and what you were able to accomplish due to human restrictions.

First remember that all souls are where they incarnated for the experiences that particular environment is able to provide. Each soul is on their own path and is not dependent upon any other – even those sharing the same experiences. So, your siblings chose to be here to experience what they have chosen as lessons. You were placed in the situation of responsibility because you chose to work through the emotions you are now dealing with. No one would have been presented with these factors except through choice.

The guilt you are now feeling arises from a misguided belief that you had a responsibility to them, which is not correct. You created an obligation because of a need to make their life better than yours. That was not why you came; it was to see what you could do with your lot in life. You have done this type of lesson in the past and have never accepted that your life is for yourself and not others.

The way your siblings and son feel about you is a reflection of how you think about yourself. They are all looking at things from their selfish perspective, which is one of their lessons, and seeing it mirrored in you because you blame yourself for their not being able to complete their chosen lessons. Each soul has only itself to bring into awareness. When you accept yourself by understanding why you came, you will be able to move forward.

Life on planets with no duality

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I have difficulty understanding what is the life like on other planets if Earth is the only place where polarity exists. What other types of experiences are available in places with no polarity? Is there a planet where only “negativity” exists, or only “positivity”? This matter really confuses me, but I think it’s fascinating. ~Lidia, Brazil

ANSWER: The first thing that will help you understand is that the human body is unique to planet Earth. It was constructed to assist the soul with the lessons possible for a machine that exists in a duality and is affected by chemical hormones, emotional distress, and involuntary physical responses to stimuli. These all provide for the choice of going with what is of a negative nature or what is positive, which is the definition of learning life lessons.

On some other environs, the soul never takes a solid form but participates in some activity that is done with thought projection or energetic coupling. Theosophical and philosophical discussions and debates cover many more topics than any human has ever become aware, and there are locations dedicated to each topic. There is no such thing as a life span on many worlds – no need for birth, youth, adulthood, and death. Just come in wherever you want with the knowledge you already possess, and take it where you want.

There are water worlds where the inhabitants resemble Earth’s fish and souls study family units and various ways of teaching and evolving. Crystalline planets have many types. Some souls wish to see how artistically they can create with a crystalline structure. Some play with resonances through many different forms of rock. It is said to be amusing to blend together different types of crystals to construct new hybrids that react differently to the same stimuli.

There are observation points where souls not quite ready to incarnate can watch and see if there is some lesson they desire to experience. It is also possible for them to isolate a series of humans and compare their reactions to the same circumstances.

Communication is an immensely popular study: trying to develop methods of thought conveyance with sounds, energy, colors, constructions, and many other possible tools. It has schools in a physical world, a crystalline world, a water world, a wholly energetic world, and an alternate-reality world.

We have covered only a small number of the combinations that interest souls, but we hope it has given you a way to step out of your “Earth” thinking and imagine the variables possible.