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Are all souls equally talented?

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, are all Souls equally talented? Here on Earth some have very high levels of IQ, some are prodigies and are talented in various fields like music, art, dance etc. Are these talents accumulated & improved upon through life times or is it that any soul can become what (for example: born with high IQ) it wishes in an incarnation? ~Deepthi, India

ANSWER: All souls have the same essence: they are pieces broken off from Source energy with all the same potential powers and abilities of Source. Humans, on the other hand, are limited by the duality in which they have chosen to exist and the circumstances from which they have chosen to learn during their lifetime.

A soul enters a body having already decided whether to revisit a talent possessed in a prior life or series of lives. The soul may wish to try out something new. Most of the time, talents developed previously are left in their deep unconscious to be brought out only after the soul has completed their new lessons – if they manage to do so.

Being a prodigy can bring unique personality challenges. The person may have difficulty communicating with others of their age because they have nothing in common with them. They may also have underdeveloped social skills and lack confidence in anything other than their “specialty.” Their lessons include understanding why they are different and how to relate to life in general.

Being extremely intelligent or dull also presents challenges in dealing with everyday events and the actions of others. Do you want everyone to like you? Or do you choose to be faithful to yourself? Are you hurt by the jealousy or taunts of classmates? Or have you learned that being yourself doesn’t need input from others?

You have provided your own answer. Any soul can become whatever they wish to be, both from the choices made before incarnating and from the work they do once on Earth. This all gives them the chosen experiences that made them decide to come in the first place.

Twin flames and soul mates

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters what is the relationship between Twin Flames and Soulmates? Are Twin Flames of our Soulmates from their own group reincarnating together, as we do not usually incarnate with our Twin Flames? Do we hang out with both Soulmates and Twin Flames in Spirit world? What is the difference in these relationships when we are in Spirit Form? Do I have a Twin Flame incarnated on Earth now by chance? ~Irina, USA

ANSWER: A twin flame is the last piece of Source that broke off at the same time as you; it is like a Siamese twin separated, whose composition is the same energetic vibration. You feel totally complete and are satisfied with being with them without taking the time to do anything else or learn anything new. It is for this reason that twin flames rarely are incarnated at the same time.

Earth is the only place to experience the opposite of perfection (which a twin flame connection is) and is used to gain wisdom about who and what you are. On the extremely rare occasions that twin flames are incarnated together, all they can do is spend time together to the exclusion of all else. If either had married before meeting, they would leave their spouse and children just to be in the presence of their twin.

“Soulmates” is the term used to designate the 144 other souls who were closest to you during individualization. The 71 before and after you, you and your twin. All of them have energy very similar to your own, and you feel their resonance when they come near you – that is if you open yourself up to the sensation.

Since you have been familiar with these souls the longest, it is practical to ask them to join you in your trip to Earth and to be a part of any contracts you want to be sure will take place. This is not a requirement, and you can approach any other soul who seems to have an interest in being on Earth at the same time you do.

The intensity of the twin flame is not as demanding in spirit form since you both are in the presence of unconditional love and receive same from everyone. You also do not have a body with nerve endings, emotions, and tactile responses. You have no sex and no need to be attached to only one other soul.

Who spends time with whom is a matter of freedom of choice when at Home. Remember, you can be in several places at once in your amorphous, energetic form. Few souls choose to maintain a set form when at Home because it is very limiting.

You and your twin flame had specific things you wanted to accomplish, so you chose to take turns incarnating. It is your time currently.

Visualizing and aphantasia

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I have a problem visualizing, have for many years. Now I finally stumbled on the term aphantasia today and was wondering why would I incarnate with this problem especially if I feel my purpose is to help humanity and now I have no direct link to my spirit team of teachers and guides (like so many do). Also, I see what looks like heat rising from the surface around me and then know someone is here from spirit. Is my life lesson to get over been frustration? ~Lesle, South Africa

ANSWER: Aphantasia, or the inability to form mental pictures, does not prevent one from connecting to their guides. What if you had chosen to be born blind and have no reference as to what a cat or a chair looks like? Would that prevent you from knowing what they are? Absolutely not. You rely on your other senses.

You can use your ability to feel energy or see the appearance in another form such as your heat rising. What is preventing you from going forward is your expectation that visualization is a necessary element of communication – and it is not. Open your other senses and begin a dialogue with your guides; you don’t need to know what they look like – their essence is nothing but energy anyway.

Your way of “visualizing” is by “knowing.” It is more specific because it is something apparent to your entire physical and nonphysical being. A mental picture is just that – a picture created in the brain. A knowing is a comprehensive sensation announcing the physical presence of another and not just your idea of what they would look like if you could see them.

You assume that most people can visualize clear mental images, and this is not true. As a matter of fact, most people never even get around to trying. As to the term being used, aphantasia, it can be a part of your life choices or occurring because of a traumatic injury or neurological malfunction.

To establish contact, allow yourself to go into your knowing. How large is the feeling? Where are they located in relationship to your body? What sensations are they giving off? Confidence? Merriment? Caution? A sense of approval? Work on perfecting the classifying of what you sense – this is a very strong way of communication.

If you need something more, try auto writing or typing. Sit in front of a computer keyboard and ask a question. Let your fingers work the keys and see what happens. More information on this physical trait can be re-read in our teaching of July 9, 2017.