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The nature of Source

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, Source, which is energy, split itself, and that is understood. But how did energy convert to matter to become the physical entities in the universe? Secondly, does Source have a preferred manifestation and abode? ~Mumena, Zambia

ANSWER: When Source split itself into pieces in order to experience what it was not, it needed a form that could interact with negativity. To be able to experience things, so that their attention was drawn to a particular test, the pieces needed sensing devices. These turned into physical bodies and nerve endings with emotional fluctuations due to hormones and other impulses reacting with and within the body.

Source energy is all knowing, and creative. It chose a form that would allow for all the stimulation necessary to have the desired experiences. It is with intention that the present form, after a series of other forms were improved for greater sensations and interaction, came into being. These shells are just coverings for the soul, which has no physical form. With no solid mass, it cannot feel broken bones or a broken heart. With the covering, it is impacted with all the Earthly negativity so it may make decisions and learn.

The soul itself has no contained form. The whole physical world is a thought intention of souls. It is an illusion created to provide the experiences desired. How much each soul interacts with the illusions of the other souls in its vicinity depends upon what each wishes to pull into its own illusion.

Source has neither preferred manifestation nor abode. It is everywhere in everything. It is the energy of the universe. It can go where it wants to be and be seen by others as it wishes to materialize if the recipient is in a physical form.

Is my daughter a reincarnated relative?

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, sometimes I think my 6-yr-old daughter is either reincarnated as a passed family member or maybe one of them is working through her sometimes. She randomly will tell me how proud she is of me for absolutely no reason. Is she, if so then who? Why did she choose me? I have been told that I have been Joan of Arc & Queen Elizabeth or Queen Victoria, is this true? (I cannot remember the Queen’s name now). A few people, unknown to one another, over the years have called me Rachel/Rachelle, Why is this? What am I supposed to be doing right now in life? How can I become more grounded? What do you see? ~Roxanne, US

ANSWER:  Your daughter is very psychic. She is in contact with a number of spirit friends, some of whom are your familial deceased relatives and friends. You and she are also from the same soul group although you have not chosen to be incarnated at the same time previously. She is so glad to be with you in this life that she can’t help but comment from time to time. You have always had one of you on the other side acting as a guide; this time you are both here.

You have had a very large number of previous lives. You have been famous people—some for their entire life and some for just a stage of their life that you were really interested in experiencing. You have not had a particular trend of things that you wished to do, so you have tried a little of this and that.

The name calling is just a slip of the tongue or a case in which you reminded the person of someone of that name. It is very common, particularly at the first introduction, that someone can get the first letter of your name right, but not having heard the whole name, will add a familiar name instead. You have never been known by Rachel/Rachelle in a past life.

As with all souls, you are exactly where you intended to be so that you might experience what you desired. You are in the process of learning and making decisions, what we call using your freedom of choice. This is the way you gather wisdom of life.

You become more grounded by always living in the moment. Be aware of where you are and what you are doing. Don’t spend time replaying the past or minutely planning the future. Go with the flow of the energy around you, observing what is happening and interacting with it to get the experiences.

Music at Home

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, is the music “at Home” [created] by the same rules as on planet Earth? Or perhaps create an unlimited number of musical instruments and sounds, the power of thought? I play sometimes in my mind musically and creatively. Can you tell me what kind of tasks I work past the stars, if it is allowed? ~Juha, Finland

ANSWER: Music is the wave forms of vibration of the energy in the universe. If you have audio sensors, you hear it as with a functioning human body. If you are without audio sensors, you may feel the vibrations as they vibrate the air and energy around you, perhaps even stimulating the nerve endings in your body. If music is played to something like plant life, it senses the variations in the air and will be drawn to or repelled by the effect.

Any instrument, whether what is called classical musical or a technical apparatus that reproduces vibrations, provides what is called music. Vocal cords, because they can vibrate and modulate the air flow, produce music. The wind blowing through nature produces music tones. The movement of masses of water over obstacles, or against a shoreline, produces music. Human thoughts provide musical scores. But music, as you refer to it, needs a body.

Vibrational energy that is perceived by a soul, a non-physical entity, is a form of communication and is produced merely with the soul’s intention—no instruments required. There are planets, which are not dualities, where souls go to spend an existence experimenting with vibrational energy or music for pleasure and communication. If they are using what you know as instruments, they produce a body for their use. If it is music produced through intention, then they choose to remain in their amorphous, energetic soul state. The choices are endless.

Concentrate on this lifetime, life lessons, and physical body. You will know all when you are at Home and access your akashic records, which record everything you have done.