The Masters of the Spirit World are a group of senior spirit guides who live at Home in what is called the “fifth dimension.” With their incredible understanding of what is going on in the lives of ordinary people on planet Earth, they have arranged with us to answer questions sent in by people like you. Every week the Messages Page displays three or so of these questions with their comprehensive answers. While many questions submitted are of a personal nature, the Masters prefer to choose those raising issues of general interest dealing with life lessons, healing, enlightenment, natural and metaphysical phenomena, and reincarnation. You may also like to read our extensive archive of past messages, all channeled by Toni Ann Winninger, whom the Masters selected over a decade ago to do this work for them. Please subscribe to our free weekly newsletter which tells about the weekly messages.



This is the only place for you to ask the Masters a question. Please restrict long questions to 150 words and short questions to 50 words. We work in English because our human team does not understand any other language. The Masters choose the questions to be answered; they do not choose to answer all the questions they receive.

So you can read the longer questions and answers by clicking the Messages page, and shorter ones on Facebook. Please subscribe to the newsletter: it will tell you what is new and keep you informed of other aspects of our work for the Masters of the Spirit World to increase our knowledge of the reincarnation process.



You are invited to help us translate The Masters’ Reincarnation Handbook so people all over the world may read it for free. This is our guides’ special statement about the journey of the soul. You may download a copy for yourself today by going to our bookstore. Please help us to do this important work with your gift.




We have a fans page on Facebook dedicated, as we are, to increasing the world’s knowledge of the reincarnation process. Short answers to “Ask The Masters” questions will on the WALL. Come visit and join in one of our discussions.


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We have a selection of books written by and inspired by the Masters. In addition to the free booklet section, there are fascinating books of interviews with the souls of famous people, and books explaining the Masters’ teaching about our life and theirs—with some contributions from famous people listed in the introduction to each book. We sell ebooks on this site. If you are interested in having a paperback version, there is a link with Amazon. All our books are available at bookstores through the Ingram catalog.



We have gathered together FAQs that arrive in our inbox. A quick look through them will save you the time of sending in a similar question. We also explain how this connection with the Masters took place and what we are doing to help them get their message across the world.



More about the Masters and their human helpers, together with a special message for people who are skeptical about the Masters.