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Who should I listen to?

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, my world is going upside down at the moment. Should I listen to my inner self and do what many think is wrong? Or should I do what is appropriate? My inner voice is blocked by something or someone. Why is it this way? Have I made up my mind correctly—even if I will hurt many people whom I care about? I´m lost! ~Niina, Finland

ANSWER: The question to ask yourself is whom do you want to be responsible for your life and the way you live it? If the answer is anybody but you, and that “they” know what is right for you better than you could possibly know, then you will listen to all those “other” people. If you are concerned with living your own life, following your own life lessons, then only your inner self can provide the answers for you.

Your inner voice may seem difficult to hear because you have your ears trained on all the people around you, and it is almost impossible to filter out their voices to be able to hear your own. You were raised to listen to parents, teachers, and authority figures; then you began soliciting help from friends, resulting in a pattern of living your life by committee. To advance along your path you must step up and assume total responsibility for your decisions.

It is a fact of the universe that people can be hurt only if they allow themselves to be hurt. Your friends will only be hurt if they have expectations based upon what they want you to do. That’s their problem, not yours. You are not responsible for their unreasonable desires. Your life is your responsibility; their disappointments are theirs alone.

Your friends are going to react, whatever you do. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with your decision, based upon your internal senses only. If anyone complains about your choices, explain that is exactly what they are—your choices, and you have done what you feel is best for you. No one can argue with your feelings because they cannot get inside your body and feel what you feel.

Should we just sit back?

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, if I have understood your teachings right, and the Earth is specifically created as a realm in which to experience the negative, is there any use for human beings to try to improve conditions here, by dedicating their life, for instance, to removing the suffering of others, since this would appear to be going against the very reason for their and the Earth’s existence in the first place, and would negate their purpose for being here? ~David, UK

ANSWER: There are all different kinds of lessons that a soul may choose to experience on Earth. Yes, Earth is the only planet that has a dual energy setup, with both negative and positive conditions. Our lessons appear as negative energies and it is for the soul to determine how to deal with those situations and make them into positive experiences to learn about themselves and their issues—if they can.

Taking your question, it would seem, for example, to imply that even a soul who chooses to be a doctor is interfering with the patient’s life lessons. But life is much more complicated than that. The doctor cannot go out and drag in patients off the street and force them to receive medical treatment. All healing has to do not only with the actions of the healer, but with the intentions of the patient as well. If people do not want to be healed they will find a way to remain out of balance or at dis-ease with their body. Part of their lesson may be to acknowledge that they need the help of another. So, if people realize why they are suffering from a condition, they can go and seek out a healer who can assist in remedying the state.

In another example, good Samaritans might go to countries and help bring clean water to the people. After they leave, the inhabitants must maintain the water system; their lesson may be to take care of themselves.

Only in a situation where people are trying to force their beliefs and lifestyle on others can there be a case of interference. But don’t forget freedom of choice—the recipients can always ignore the offered help. In a case where souls may be diverted away from their lesson by the assistance of others, they will have the ability to try again to learn the lesson in that same lifetime or another.

Death, Hell, and God

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, many spiritual people talk about the place we go when we die as a sort of spiritual “refuel and refresh” stop before moving on to our next lives. I’d like to ask if in fact there is a hell and, most importantly, whether a single, omnipotent “God” entity exists. ~Zoe, Malaysia

ANSWER: Your questions show a state of confusion as the first two are contradictory. By religious definition hell is definitely not a place for rest and relaxation. But is there a place called hell? No. Is the description of hell synonymous with a condition wherein a soul feels tormented and inconsolable? Absolutely! And where such a place exists is none other than the planet under your feet.

Earth is a place of duality, where everything has a polar opposite. For every fantastically marvelous feeling there is an equally strong negative feeling of devastation and suffering. Once the soul leaves its body here (or, in other words, dies), it leaves this negative space and enters a place of unconditional love where no negativity exists. A soul may experience what has been referred to as hell while living on Earth, but once it leaves Earth it has a place (that some call “heaven”)  where judgment does not exist and where everything is unconditional love.

The term “God” has become associated with the image of a man dressed all in white with long hair and a beard who is the arbiter of judgment for all souls. Judgment can only exist in a place where there is right and wrong or positive and negative. Since those conditions only exist on planet Earth, a god could only exist there.

Is there a single divine entity? No. Is there a force in the universe that is omnipotent? Yes. This is the universal energy that encompasses all that is. You and all individual souls broke off from this energy, remain a part of it, commune with it, and re-unite with it when desired. This can occur at any time the soul is not contained in a body shell.