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Getting pushed aside

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, my best friend of 25 years has been undermining my relationships with all my friends because of a manuscript I recently completed based on some historical research which she had done. It was supposed to be a joint effort but she never had time. I finished it after four years without her help. She said she wanted to edit and change it to her liking. I didn’t think her suggestions were appropriate. She then took my 20 songs and had people record them, telling them I couldn’t write music so they would have to work to make them better. She seemed resentful when I told her I didn’t approve. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to lose all my friends. My husband says to let it go. I don’t know how to do that. Loyalty has always been very important to me. This kind of trust and eventual betrayal has been a repeating pattern in my life. It is always so very painful to wake up and realize that it has happened once again. I don’t know how I keep creating this. ~Jamie, USA

ANSWER: This so-called friend of yours is a bully and control freak. She wants to be acknowledged as an expert and fantastic person. She frequently rides on the successes of others and takes all the credit. Her way of doing things is to discredit and intimidate those whose work she claims.

This is just another chapter of your life lessons about loving yourself and accepting your magnificence. You are always ready to believe what others say and what they want you to do, thinking they have your interests at heart. Because you want others to accept you as an honest and caring person, you blindly take all people as you want them to be without questioning their motives. This leaves you open to being played and manipulated as they desire.

You have come a long way, but you are still not confident in your own abilities and look to others for a sense of self. You can be betrayed only when you set yourself up for the betrayal. After all this time you should be aware of the symptoms when the action begins. You deny what you are feeling when the manipulation starts and then are “shocked” when the action is completed.

You need to begin to live in the moment and question the motives of others. One of your lessons is called discernment. It is to feel exactly what is behind the actions of others. It is sensing what your part is in a situation and making decisions based on what you desire, not what others want.

Letting go is acknowledging what has happened and making the decision not to allow it again. Assign no blame; just be grateful you recognized the pattern so it can’t happen again.

The Oneness and God

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Question: Masters, I am grateful to live my life, be able to open my consciousness, and talk to my guide. I have experienced what I will define as oneness. Since then, I am questioning the teachings of men. If we are one, how come we have been taught for centuries the idea/principle (in most religions) to seek and worship a God as being a greater and “separate” entity/energy? How could this be, since we are part of the oneness? And when did we (as human race) lose this connection? ~Conception, Canada

ANSWER: All souls having a physical experience create for themselves the reality they wish to experience. They are instructed from an early age and indoctrinated into the beliefs of their parents and society. They may accept the whole package as it stands, or they may try out the “feel” of each part and discard what doesn’t resonate with them. Those who have no confidence in themselves like to be told what to do and are glad to have everything laid out for them.

Historically, when man was illiterate and needed to be controlled, a series of rules and regulations based on reward and punishment were established to keep all in line. The common man was told about a supreme power, outside himself, who was the final judge of all of life. He would reward the good with a heaven and punish the evil with a hell. If those people had been told they were in charge of their own destiny because they were all alike, part of the One, there would have been chaos.

Most souls when in human form don’t want to be responsible for themselves but want someone to tell them what to do. Believing in a separate entity that needs to be worshiped allows people to blame someone else when life doesn’t work out the way they want.

When souls start to remember who they are and the powers they possess, they see they are the Oneness, the power. To accept the Oneness is frightening for many because it comes with the ultimate responsibility for everything. Only an advanced soul who has been to Earth many times is ready to take that leap of faith while in human form.

Question everything to see if it “feels” right to you. If it does, make it a part of your reality. If it doesn’t resonate, then file it away as part of the physical world you don’t need in this lifetime.

Separating from fear

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I separated from the father of my children 8 months ago. I separated because of psychological and other abuse. My children and I have received no support from the social services as it was supposed, as their father is a lawyer and manages to cheat everyone. I try to keep myself in balance but I can get really scared for this psychopath as he keeps his aggression towards me. My energetic healer keeps telling me that I’m going to win. But still, as the children are just 1 and 5 years old, I can get scared that they become hurt because of their father’s selfishness and passion for revenge. How shall I deal with it? How can I protect my children? How can I drop this fear for my ex? How can I protect from the psychic attacks I know I keep getting from him? ~Tuva, Sweden

ANSWER: You need to remove yourself from fear. He still controls you while you are afraid of him. Your healer is correct. When you let go of the fear, he has lost and all will fall into place.

You choose what energies you have around you at all times. If you elect to have negativity, such as fear, you will be subjected to negative thoughts. If, instead, you choose to have positive thoughts around you of the love of your children and friends, you will find a shift into the positive energies of happiness and freedom.

The negative thoughts that he can implant in you, because of his position and contacts, only empower him to increase the control he already has. Letting go and seeing yourself in charge of your life breaks the power he can exert upon you. When he sees that you no longer think he is in control, he will lose interest and want to settle this whole situation to finish it and get it out of his way.

He is a bully, and because of his position most people allow him to continue. You do not have to permit his behavior. If you don’t acknowledge it or fight back, he will find you to be boring and give up trying to intimidate you. Go into a peaceful energy and wait a little while until he moves on to something else.