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Mind and soul

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters what is the Mind? Does it remain with the soul energy even after leaving the Body? ~Oinam, India

ANSWER: The mind is a part of the physical body. It is where all the information from the consciousness of the soul is recorded – everything experienced, heard, read, and seen by the person. The mind is accessed readily by the thinking process of the individual. It is where you go for answers when you ask yourself what you think about something.

The same information is also part of the akashic records, the permanent history recording of the soul’s journey. These records contain everything from every one of the soul’s various incarnations. Not all of this material is generally accessible to the current persona, just that which is from the current lifetime. However, part of the information may be revealed during deep meditation or hypnotic past-life regressions.

Once the soul has left the physical body, it may easily enter its permanent record  and know all the facts contained therein. Its journey history is also available to all other souls to learn the various types of lessons the soul had experienced.

There is nothing a soul partakes in that is ever forgotten. The physical mind may not remember certain things, or may hide from them because they cause painful emotions, but they are always there in the soul’s records.

Viewing energy patterns

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters I have been developing the ability to form energy patterns. My favorite is a golden honeycomb pattern. I recently took a photo and I was surprised to see this golden energy floating everywhere in the photo. How amazing! I’d love to understand more about this phenomenon. I usually see it best when I’m calm and relaxed. ~AJ, USA

ANSWER: Color is all around you in the energy vibrations comprising the atmosphere. Think of the rainbows formed with the last of the moisture in the air as the sun comes back out after a storm, or the colors visible from imperfections in glass, or the patterns given off by crystals when light passes through them.

Many energy healers will tell you they can see various colors contained in their clients’ bodies indicating where disease or blockages exist. Each one of the seven major energy chakras in the body has its own color, which it gives off and to which it resonates. It is also possible to see the color of the energy that a healer uses or sends to a client.

Kirlian photography can capture the colors around a person, which will change based on the person’s feelings at the time the photo is taken. These auras can be seen by the human eye – try looking just slightly off focus at your subject. You can ask the person to feel anger, then love, and you will be able to see the colors change with the change in mood.

What you are doing is creating what many call energy balls. These are manifested by using your intention to manipulate the unconditional love or universal life force energy present around you.

The honeycomb pattern is sacred geometry, which is another means of communication. You can get a complete history of existence from the pattern called the flower of life. As you concentrate more on working with energy, you will see it more easily. Energy calls to energy, so when you use it for some purpose, more is drawn to the area.

Being calm and relaxed allows the vibrations to settle and form seeable masses. When you are active, it is like trying to look into the surface of water and having it disturbed, so nothing is clear.

Ascension Sept 27, 2015

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters can you comment on all the information relating to the ascension that should be happening around September 27, 2015. There are numerous channelings of angels and entities like yourselves revealing that Gaia, or Mother earth, will be moving to the 5th dimension and physical souls will be changing to light bodies. ~Kris, Canada

[Note: While this question was received prior to September 27, it did not come up in the queue until now.]

ANSWER: Each soul creates its own reality by deciding what doctrines will be included in the belief system by which it governs its own incarnated life. Within the metaphysical community there is no glossary of terms and no consensus on what a lot of concepts mean. If you visit various spiritual web sites, you will see the same phenomenon referred to with differing terminology and even conflicting conclusions. These same discrepancies exist in the teachings of organized religious doctrines.

We have always said to humans that materials from nonphysical beings come with different degrees of sophistication and wisdom. Because of this lack of conformity, do not accept anything – even from us – and place it into your belief system unless that information is run through your inner essence and you feel it resonate within you.

“Ascension” is one of the concepts that has conflicting descriptions and definitions among spiritual proponents. Other terms, frequently used in the definition of ascension, are “enlightenment” and/or “elevation of vibration.”

Everything and everyone on the Earth is energy. It has form (is seen and becomes physical) only when the consciousness of the individual gives it same. This is the way that all people create their reality. Reality has continuity only if people have a set of beliefs controlling wishes and desires. If they flail around and constantly change their beliefs based upon what others are saying, and the change doesn’t resonate with them, their world will fall apart.

For instance, your belief that your home’s cool weather is just right for you would be in conflict with that of those who can’t stand temperatures below 40 degrees F. You feel perfect where you are, but the others would run off to the tropics to comply with their belief of the reality that suits them.

You have freedom of choice, and don’t let anyone else tell you what you should believe or what is happening around you. Observe, feel, and evaluate if the concepts they propose feel  right or resonate with you. If they do, then accept them into your belief system, changing your reality until something else comes along.