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Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters what is the root cause of schizophrenia? As a psychotherapist and spiritual aspirant, how best can I facilitate healing for people suffering from this? ~Aditi, United States

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: There are many physical/mental disorders or symptoms that are classified as Schizophrenia by the medical community. Some doctors say there is one set of conditions, others differentiate between five sets of symptoms and still others have a huge list of minor divisions. Statistics say between one and two percent of the population are diagnosed as Schizophrenic.

The basic characteristics are actions that are not shared by the majority of society. One of the major symptoms is hearing voices or having hallucinations. While most have not been diagnosed as Schizophrenic this general trait would also apply to psychics, channelers and those individuals who have reached into nonphysical dimensions via the use of drugs or deep meditation.

From a spiritual viewpoint we would say that all mental illness arises from souls’ human journeys to learn lessons about the essence of their soul. Some have chosen Schizophrenic characteristics as a life lesson to see if they can deal with the disruption in their life and if they can make choices to alleviate the negativity associated with it.

Those who have chosen a chemical addiction that produces their symptoms, wish to work through an understanding of the choices they have made. Some come into a familial situation whose genes and environment lead them to the hallucinations. All such events allow these folks to establish a communication with spirits that are not visible to the therapist, and to all of them, this communication is real.

Talking to a client to determine how the voices began will usually give you an idea what lesson the person is working on. Helping with this experience will diminish the terror and give them direction. Hypnosis brings all into perspective.

The Bible and the Qur’an

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters please tell me is the bible a true book from God (Jehovah) and is it a perfect book without mistakes in relation to Christianity?  Is the Qur’an also a true book from Allah in relations to Islam? ~James, Ghana

ANSWER: Organized religions memorialize their doctrines and beliefs first in oral form and then in written books. The Bible has had many iterations throughout the centuries. It has had sections removed – such as those dealing with reincarnation, the importance of women, and homosexuality – and material added to ensure compliance with hierarchal demands.

Various Bibles exist today, each adopted by a Christian denomination based upon its suitability to the principles the sect desires to impose on their congregation.  Additionally, there is the Hebrew Bible, which is essentially only the Old Testament. All theologians and historians agree that the Bible was written by a series of writers. None of the authors existed until billions of Earth years after the planet came into existence, so their renditions of creation and the lives of various prophets and leaders came from stories they heard, their imaginations, or, sometimes, from conversations with nonphysicals.

There is much proof within the documents that sections exist to create a mindset in agreement with the direction of the organization’s leadership. A lot of the proclamations deal with issues prevalent in ancient times in long-deceased cultures. The over-riding theme of the Bible is cultural control of one racial segment by another. Historical archeology has proven that many reported travels by masses of people did not occur – and could not have occurred. Many of the stories told in the Bible can be found to replicate the beliefs of Eastern religions, Druid cults, and magick doctrines. They are not unique to Christian or Jewish texts.

The Qur’an was reportedly given to Mohammad over a 23 year period toward the end of his life by Archangel Gabriel. Mohammad could neither read nor write, so if he received the text he had to have related it to someone else to copy it down. There have been many different versions of the document located, and several of them contradict sections within others. Some of the scribes were not very well thought of for their accuracy.

To answer your question, we will merely say that all persons living a life on Earth are pieces of the Source referred to by many as God, or Jehovah or Allah. Therefore, anything which is written in the Bible or the Qur’an can be said to have come from at least a piece of Source.

Both of these documents, as well as the Jewish Torah, are revered by their respective religions. The amount of credence given to each varies according to the accepted beliefs of each group within the religion. As we say about all information delivered from, or allegedly arising from, the Source, see how it “feels” to you – does it resonate within you? If it does, then accept the parts of it which explain and assist you on your journey.

Rhesus negative blood

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters Scientists can’t explain the human Rhesus negative blood – where it came from and when. Some articles say it’s extraterrestrial in heritage some say that it’s a normal mutation like the color of our eyes for example. What is it? ~Mari, Finland

ANSWER: There are a lot of things scientists can’t explain, such as why people have different eye colors, or how skin colorations came into existence. There are many variables in the phenomenon that is humanity.

The Rhesus factor, which is a protein in the blood, is either present (Rh-positive) or not (Rh-negative). It is really not as simple as that, however, as many sub-factors go into the determinations. For instance, a negative may not be vacant of all Rhesus factor but contain an almost insignificant amount of one of the sub- particles.

The importance of the factor comes into play either when a blood transfusion is undertaken between two individuals or in the event of a pregnancy where one parent is predominately considered negative and the other is positive, and the fetus has an opposing factor to that of the mother who is carrying it.

When conflicting blood cells come into contact, they create substances that attack the contrasting factor. During a transfusion this can result in fever, hives, or anaphylaxis. In the case of a fetus it can result in stillbirth, damage to internal organs, or a blood disorder in the baby necessitating a complete blood replacement transfusion.

The presence of these proteins in one’s blood is mostly genetic as it runs within racial categories, being very prevalent in those from the Mediterranean, parts of Europe, and the area around Egypt. Those from Southern Africa and Central and South America have very little incidence.

Your readings have given you two pathways, and we say it is a bit of both. As humans have evolved, intermarried, traveled around the globe, and been affected by environmental factors, their bodies have adapted and changed to match the place they live and their bodily needs.

There were some places on the planet that were visited and populated by beings from other planets. Some of their DNA was mingled with that of humans and then passed on to progeny. One of the largest population areas was in extremely ancient Egypt, before modern archeologists even report people existing, during the building of the Sphinx and some pyramids.

All of this is just by way of historical reference as it doesn’t solve the problems created by this protein. Physicians have figured out ways to deal with it and may even devise a method of removing it from a person in the future.