Mind and soul

QUESTION: Masters what is the Mind? Does it remain with the soul energy even after leaving the Body? ~Oinam, India

ANSWER: The mind is a part of the physical body. It is where all the information from the consciousness of the soul is recorded – everything experienced, heard, read, and seen by the person. The mind is accessed readily by the thinking process of the individual. It is where you go for answers when you ask yourself what you think about something.

The same information is also part of the akashic records, the permanent history recording of the soul’s journey. These records contain everything from every one of the soul’s various incarnations. Not all of this material is generally accessible to the current persona, just that which is from the current lifetime. However, part of the information may be revealed during deep meditation or hypnotic past-life regressions.

Once the soul has left the physical body, it may easily enter its permanent record  and know all the facts contained therein. Its journey history is also available to all other souls to learn the various types of lessons the soul had experienced.

There is nothing a soul partakes in that is ever forgotten. The physical mind may not remember certain things, or may hide from them because they cause painful emotions, but they are always there in the soul’s records.