Reaching toward complete connection

March 13th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters what is happening inside of me? It seems that my mind has been dissolving in this awareness and emptiness. Sometimes, I feel myself in complete emptiness and being one with everything, but other times I can feel my mind fighting to hold me back… I’ve resonated a lot with the words from Mooji and some of his “teachings” and some of it I knew before listening to them because I’ve been sharing with people around me words that came from within and it seemed kind of what he says. Am I really in the space of emptiness and pure love that he “teaches”? How or what can I do to surrender to my true self and be free forever
from my mind? ~Santana, Canada

ANSWER: Every soul incarnates into a human body in order to first complete various life lessons they chose to learn more about, and to understand how the training teaches them about who they truly are as a piece of Source energy. The ultimate journey is to integrate their powers and abilities into the human existence and experience perfection with the physical senses only possible as a human.

Mooji (Anthony Paul Moo-Young, also known as the artist Tony Moo) has discovered living in unconditional loving energy without the influence and divergence of ego judgment. The reason that you resonate with his teachings, and recognize them from your own unconscious knowledge, validates for you that you have visited, and sometimes live in, the unconditional love of Source. Mooji calls this experience “pure love” because it is, and “the space of emptiness” because it contains no judgment or negativity, just positive love.

In the teachings we have brought forth while answering questions online, and also while having Toni and Peter write our books, we have referred to this place as the fifth dimension – the site void of anything but perfection, which is normally populated by souls in nonphysical states planning their next journeys. However, it is also available to those in physical bodies who work to raise themselves out of the duality of Earth and join with the purity of Source.

For a human, the mind is usually king. It is what gives identity to the person within society, but it is based on clarifying where the person is situated using judgment, rating, and grading of each of their beliefs and actions. To reach a permanent state within this environment on Earth, you must exist solely in unconditional loving energy. Anything that holds you in the ego judgment, because of its negativity, prevents you from this enlightenment.

Turn away from all negativity; live in the moment, shedding the past and forgetting the future. Reach out to your guides and soul mates who are at Home and join them in their positivity.

From self-employed to employee

March 13th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I am working for a boss rather than in private practice for the first time in years. I feel anxious that I am being asked to do too much, that I am being ‘put down’ and that there is a lot of resentment in the workplace. How do I differentiate between what of this is my own old patterns manifesting and what is the boss’s? Can I make this employment relationship a happy and respectful one? ~Catherine, Australia

ANSWER: You are your own worst enemy. You have so many expectations of how the business should be run, based on the way you have run your own in the past, that you think you know what is best for your boss and what the other employees should do and how they should treat you. When someone is responsible for the work ethic of a team of employees, they expect the same type of effort by all the employees.

Based on the performance of past workers, your boss knows what each should be capable of. You used to spend more time with clients than this business allots to each. This makes you think that the boss is making unreasonable demands when that is not the case. The other employees think you are snooty and don’t want to see as many people as they do. They equate your behavior with a standoffish superiority.

When someone is paying you to work for them, you have to follow their rules and regulations or it will never be comfortable for either one of you. To “fit in” and feel a part of the organization, you must learn what is expected. If you do not like their way of doing business, look elsewhere.

Watch the way the other employees handle their clients and see if you want to adapt to the same structure. The other workers have never run their own business and do not understand that there are many ways to deal with clients. The choice is yours if you want to comply with the expectations of the boss or not.

When is enough, enough?

March 13th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, apologies for the personal question but have I fulfilled my objectives? So many souls have chosen difficult lives. I’ve had an easy time and usually able to turn problems into opportunities. I’m not rich but as an ex-scientist I haven’t lacked money and have been quite lucky with a supportive partner. I was told by a channeled entity, (Bartholomew), 30 years ago that my role was to be involved in groups and help other people achieve their goals. I have been instrumental in setting up several charities, companies and groups promoting vegetarianism, environmentalism and spiritual advancement. I have avoided leadership roles preferring to support others. I’m 68 now and semi-retired so I have time to give talks and write about reincarnation. I have never had direct contact with my guides but believe I receive support during sleep. How do I know if I have done enough? ~Arthur, UK

ANSWER: Before a soul incarnates, they decide what they want to accomplish during their life. Not all lives are “difficult” ones where you have to battle to understand your own objectives. Some lessons, such as yours, are completing the desires you saw for gaining wisdom from working things out on Earth. With this you have been more than successful.

Each project you have engaged in required creating a relationship with others to provide a beneficial result for society. You did not decide you had to accomplish something that would affect 10, 1,000 or 1,000,000 people. You were more interested in creating a base for others to learn that they have the power to manifest what is needed to complete their life lessons. Doesn’t that sound like exactly what Bartholomew said so long ago?

What you do in the future is up to you. There are no requirements to fulfill, books to complete, or people to influence. You have total freedom of choice to do whatever resonates with you.

You have been communicating with your guides in an unconscious fashion – both while asleep and when engaged in deep thought about your projects. A guide will never tell you what to do but will assist by placing ideas in your mind to consider. They have also provided the necessary circumstances for you to complete your desired ventures; this assistance is part of your manifesting abilities.

Stop placing so much stress on yourself; just go with the flow of the universe around you. And if you desire a more substantial contact with your guides, practice meditation with the sole purpose of communication. Just think of a question before beginning the session and then listen for the answer.