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What does judgment mean?

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters what could be characterized as judgment? For example? Does the child come home with attitudes the mother doesn’t like, if she complains, isn’t she judging his behavior? Wouldn’t you have to let it do what they want? An example of judgment? Does a person begin to comment on other people’s attitudes towards you? What to do? How to answer? ~Beto, BRAZIL

ANSWER: Judgment is the tool the human ego uses to decide where it rates in the scheme of the societal hierarchy. Is the person better than, richer than, smarter than, or more important than someone else? When looking at the activity of another, does their behavior match what your opinion of the right type of action should be, or do you believe they should do things only the way you decide is correct?

Judgment is a type of control over another, and since you are not within their body, not living their life lessons, it is really not for you to say what they should do. There are circumstances – for instance, needing to show an uninformed person what is acceptable in society – in which judging someone’s current behavior in order to teach them is a necessity. Judgment is taking place; however, it is not to control but rather to inform, and the one being corrected has the freedom of choice to accept the criticism or ignore it.

In the dual negative/positive environment of Earth, judgment rules. Only if you are concerned with developing your spiritual values does judgment become the enemy. You then recognize that each and every other soul is having their own journey of learning, and trying to tell them what to do interferes with that process.

Many people dealing with lessons about control are the worst criticizers on the planet. They continually tell everyone what to do and use judgment to show that the criticized person is doing something wrong. Judgment also has a negative energy impact on others. But this is neither right nor wrong in a spiritual perspective because learning is accomplished through using your freedom of choice to direct your own path.

Don’t worry about others judging you. Take a look at what they are saying and see if it has any instructional value; if it does, then pay attention to it. If what is being said makes no sense to you, then choose to ignore it and move on.

When it comes to your own actions, judging doesn’t help you learn a thing because you are restricting the possibilities. Instead of judging something, just ask yourself what you can learn from the situation. Evaluate the teaching involved and make future choices based on the knowledge you gain from the material that resonates with you.

Are there soul groups?

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters do we really have soul groups? There is a teacher that explains that we are like in each other’s “orbits” and that we are meant to meet lifetime after lifetime. I found these so nice because in some way I’m scared of losing my loved ones. Is this correct? Can you tell me something about this? ~Mavi, Argentina

ANSWER: Every soul was broken off from Source energy. The very last separation of each is energy almost identical to their own. This soul is called your twin flame, and together, the only thing that matters to each of you is sharing your energy with the other. That is why it is very unusual for twin flames to be incarnate at the same time.

Think of an assembly line of souls being individualized. The energy of the souls immediately around you is easily recognized by you because it mimics the feelings that you have. If any of the souls made during the same period are near you on Earth, you sense the sameness of your energy. You will think that you know them but understand that you have never met on Earth before. These are your soul mates.

The intensity of that sense of “sameness” extends to the 72 souls who arrived before you and the 72 souls who came after, a total of 144 souls. That is what is referred to as your soul group. No two soul groups are identical because the soul who comes before you has their group of 72 end one soul before you. The closer the soul is to you in conception, the stronger is your ability to identify them.

You come to Earth, into the negative positive duality, in order to learn lessons. Each trip that you make is determined by you alone and involves only things you have decided to explore. For this reason, it is rare to have too many “friends” or soul mates accompany you because they would detract from your learning process. You do meet them again when you return Home.

Your physical relatives are rarely members of your soul group unless you have decided to assist each other in learning a particular lesson. You never ever lose those souls with whom you have shared anything, either on Earth, or at Home. This journey is a solo affair and is supposed to be for you to exercise your freedom of choice to decide what happens. The maturation process is your accepting full responsibility for your decisions and learning the things you came to experience.

Is there a valley of suicides?

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters one medium told me that my friend, who committed suicide last year, is suffering greatly in the “valley of suicides”, because he has transgressed divine laws. She directed me to pray for suffering souls, of Kardecism. I did not like the prayer. I believe in free will and unconditional love outside the earth. Is my friend
really still suffering? Should I pray for him yet? Please, tell me how he is. ~Isadora, Brazil

ANSWER: Your friend had a good laugh over the words of the medium and your battle between what you were told and what you believe in your heart from your awakening state. What the medium told you sounds a little like the religious concept of purgatory or something that would be said of a karmic consequence in response to negative activities. These things exist in your world only if you believe they are present.

To whom do you pray if you create your own reality and negativity only exists on Earth? Who can change what you have manifested? All decisions are individually determined. No one can change your choices unless you agree. There is no supreme or higher being creating your world and changing it as they wish.

There is no valley of suicides because neither your friend nor anyone else has transgressed divine laws. The laws are that every soul is broken off from Source and therefore is in its image and likeness composed of unconditional love. Each soul, while experiencing negativity in the only place they can, which is Earth, has total freedom of choice to decide what they wish to learn.

Outside of the plane of Earth there is nothing but unconditional loving energy. Once your friend left his corporeal body, he went into that love and found not a scintilla of negativity around with which he had to deal. He is back spending time with other souls of his acquaintance and watching what is going on in the wake of his leaving.

He wants you to know that he left as he did because he had made an agreement with a number of people, including you, to go so that you would have to deal with his method of death. He had never planned on being around much longer than he was. He had accomplished what he set out to learn, and sticking around was becoming boring. He will be back before long because there are new things he wants to explore.