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Do souls have personalities?

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

QUESTION:  Masters! Hope you are doing well 🙂 I would like to ask questions about soul personalities. Do souls have personality? If they do, is the personality the same as when the soul is in human body? For example, if I am a dreamy and a sentimental person, does it mean my soul has these traits? ~Sara, Macao

ANSWER: Souls are not persons; they have no physical attributes, a single sex, nationality, or anything that can be rated, ranked, or graded, because they exist only in positive, unconditional love devoid of any negative characteristics. They are energy without feelings. They just “are.”

Think of your soul as a versatile actress. Who she is when not working has no clear influence on the person she portrays in a movie or play. In one show she might be an abused woman, in another a wonder woman super hero, a bumbling idiot in another, or president of the United Nations with superior intellect. So, too, does the soul’s personality reflect the situation chosen for the learning process.

If you choose a lesson in self-confidence, you would have to start out with no faith in yourself and a fear of other people and what they think about you. If you are a sadist, you would enjoy the torments of other people. If you are a healer, you would empathize and comfort others.

Who you are today is just a role with the “personality” that assists you to complete this journey. What you take Home with you after this incarnation is just the recording of this role. Your soul is not affected by it or by the way you felt performing it (what we call the personality). Your overriding essence is simple, unconditional love.

Why does a soul have to learn lessons?

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Question: Masters why is it that the source has split and created souls? And why is it that a soul has to learn lessons? Could the creation have not been done or souls created perfectly? ~Paul, Australia

ANSWER: Souls are perfect when they are just souls and not souls who have chosen to have a human experience. Source is perfection personified, and it decided it wished to understand what it was like not to be perfect, or what, in general, is the opposite of perfection. If it were not for this exploration of non-perfection, Source would have had no reason to split itself off into “explorers” who could “test the waters” of imperfection.

No soul is required to do anything. Everything is done by choice. Most souls desire to participate in the discovery of the potentials of non-perfectionism because this gives a greater understanding of what “perfect” means. They can accomplish this only by allowing themselves to submit to situations constructed in negativity, which is the opposite of their true essence.

To learn about something, one must explore all its aspects. When a soul embarks on the journey, they decide they will learn about a particular trait, be it something they do or something that is done to them. These have become known as life lessons. Perfection would be a balanced situation, while the opposite is chaos – in which the human works to understand how to turn it into balance again.

Each lesson is carefully chosen by the soul before incarnating on Earth. The soul has chosen all the elements that will allow it to create the situation it desires. The new human jumps into the unbalanced life, such as an addictive family, and struggles to understand how not to be drawn into the pattern. When they remove themselves from the temptations and go in another direction, they have completed the lesson.

Souls do have the opportunity to remain at Home in their perfection and not come into the influence of planet Earth and its negativity. The choice is always theirs.

On the way but not connecting

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters from a young age I’ve been on a “spiritual” path, through yoga and meditation and looking into the philosophy of these things, metaphysics, etc. However, I feel false, disconnected, and don’t know how to move forward in a way that feels authentic and can actually connect me to source. I’m “recovering” from alcohol and have 10 days sober, one reason being the feeling I’ve lost my authentic self somehow. I feel like I’m in ego and judgment of self most of the time. How can I move past this in my current phase, or embrace and learn from this experience? ~C., United States

ANSWER: What do you consider your authentic self? Everyone creates their own reality and that includes a definition of who they feel they are or who they want to be. They then use their freedom of choice to bring all the required pieces into existence.

There is an authentic person within the third-dimensional society where the ego rules through judgment and condemnation. Then there is an authentic person, spiritual if you want to call it that, who has removed themselves from negative energy and positioned themselves firmly in unconditional love and evaluates rather than judges the actions of all those with whom they come into contact.

Your direction is based on your choices. Do you relapse and let the world dictate to you, or do you examine each choice and go toward the unconditional love of Source energy? It is all up to you.

Meditation will help you see the possibilities. Ask for assistance from your guides and the Masters. Embrace the knowledge of your physical body, which you can glean through yoga, so that you sense the purity from love versus the conflict generated by ego.

Be yourself; don’t let other people or substances tell you what you need or feel. You have ventured onto the path to your essence and Source – you just have to keep going.