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Reaching toward complete connection

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters what is happening inside of me? It seems that my mind has been dissolving in this awareness and emptiness. Sometimes, I feel myself in complete emptiness and being one with everything, but other times I can feel my mind fighting to hold me back… I’ve resonated a lot with the words from Mooji and some of his “teachings” and some of it I knew before listening to them because I’ve been sharing with people around me words that came from within and it seemed kind of what he says. Am I really in the space of emptiness and pure love that he “teaches”? How or what can I do to surrender to my true self and be free forever
from my mind? ~Santana, Canada

ANSWER: Every soul incarnates into a human body in order to first complete various life lessons they chose to learn more about, and to understand how the training teaches them about who they truly are as a piece of Source energy. The ultimate journey is to integrate their powers and abilities into the human existence and experience perfection with the physical senses only possible as a human.

Mooji (Anthony Paul Moo-Young, also known as the artist Tony Moo) has discovered living in unconditional loving energy without the influence and divergence of ego judgment. The reason that you resonate with his teachings, and recognize them from your own unconscious knowledge, validates for you that you have visited, and sometimes live in, the unconditional love of Source. Mooji calls this experience “pure love” because it is, and “the space of emptiness” because it contains no judgment or negativity, just positive love.

In the teachings we have brought forth while answering questions online, and also while having Toni and Peter write our books, we have referred to this place as the fifth dimension – the site void of anything but perfection, which is normally populated by souls in nonphysical states planning their next journeys. However, it is also available to those in physical bodies who work to raise themselves out of the duality of Earth and join with the purity of Source.

For a human, the mind is usually king. It is what gives identity to the person within society, but it is based on clarifying where the person is situated using judgment, rating, and grading of each of their beliefs and actions. To reach a permanent state within this environment on Earth, you must exist solely in unconditional loving energy. Anything that holds you in the ego judgment, because of its negativity, prevents you from this enlightenment.

Turn away from all negativity; live in the moment, shedding the past and forgetting the future. Reach out to your guides and soul mates who are at Home and join them in their positivity.

The past is not the present

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, many therapists tell me that I need to forget the past to be happy in love, but I honestly do not know what the past speaks of. I’ve done countless therapies to get rid of this past but, by the way, without success. There is nothing and no one I miss, I do not see that I have unresolved loves. I always do exercises of self-love and feel that I am evolving because I feel loved by myself, I like everything in me. I would just like to meet someone compatible with my lifestyle. Please, what is the past that I must set free? ~Ella, Brasil

ANSWER: The secret past of which they speak is what has created your interpretation of your identity at this time. This is mainly composed of expectations to which you cling because you have determined that these are the ultimate characteristics you feel you will accept in a mate.

To resolve your issues, you must examine this person who has garnered your love. Is it someone you aspire to be? Or is it just an acceptance of the person your soul inhabits? A part of that person right now is judgmental and demanding. They are firm in their belief that everything they believe in is the only thing that will be acceptable and that there is no room for compromise or sharing.

These strong feelings come from the past, the near and the far. They are ideals contributed by this life from your observations, and by past lives from unfinished lessons. They don’t all deal with romance and love but rather control, betrayal, and unfulfilled desires.

The solution to your future is living every minute in the present, with absolutely no preconceived opinions about men who enter your world. You can’t know whether a pair of shoes will be comfortable until you try them on, so don’t pre-judge compatibility until you spend time with someone. And then be open and don’t limit their connectivity by your judgment of what you think they are going to say or do. Give everyone a clean slate to fill in on their own.

Implications of duality

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, can you clarify duality. If something good and positive is happening in one part of the world then something negative and bad must happen elsewhere to retain a balance! Is there a way to rise above this duality through meditation, how can one do good in the world knowing that something bad will happen elsewhere? May I also ask why are so many souls incarnating at this time, nearly 7 billion? Are they mostly young souls? What is the big attraction for them, is the world approaching a crucial point, will human kind be moving into a new higher dimension away from duality. Surely source must have had enough experience of duality by now and be looking for a change? ~David, UK

ANSWER: Earth was established so that souls could experience the opposite of the perfection (shown by unconditional love) which is its essence. The planet is an equal division of positive and negative energies. If one soul moves toward its unconditional love by shedding negative ideas and actions it shifts the negative debris outward to some soul seeking to have use of that energy for its lessons. Someone does not just get the shifting negativity by default – it is an essential part of their life experience and needed to fulfill their desires.

Getting out of the degree of negativity into which you brought yourself can be done through meditation or a conscious practice of recognizing and choosing to avoid negativity. What is necessary is exiting the ego judgment of society and approaching the unconditional love of the Universe. Individually this is possible through the use of meditation, or even conscious intention.

Your question concerning “doing good” means that you are staying within the judgement and deciding or judging what in your determination is better for someone else regardless of what their choices are. They may choose to spend time in negativity in order to learn about abuse, control, anger, hatred, or a myriad of other lessons. It is not for one soul to make decisions for another. Good and bad are judgments. A soul comes down for its own learning process not to spend time working on what it thinks another soul needs to do. Just take care of your own growth.

The number of souls currently on Earth is the number which can be accommodated by the circumstances afforded for learning. A few are new souls but the majority are older souls “perfecting” their knowledge in a particular lesson toward mastering it. The consciousness of the planet is changing based on the wisdom gathered by the souls inhabiting it. It will always remain a duality for experimentation of souls.

Source has more pans in the fire then just the duality of Earth. It observes the existences of souls on other planets and engaged in other pursuits. Earth is still the only place a soul can grow in understanding of the powers and abilities available to it from Source’s energy. If you had one more thing you wished to truly understand would you like it if the person in front of you, on the way to incarnation was declared to be the last and you weren’t going to be able to follow your desires?