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Innate abilities

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, could you explain to me a little more about my sensibility? When I am concentrating on helping others, it is easy for me to see, know and to see the paths that can help others. Am I a wayshower? This voice in my head when I ask something they are my mentors? Did I accept to come with these abilities to help others here on Earth? Can I use this as a work? ~Fran, Canada

ANSWER: All souls are pieces of Source energy and have the same powers and abilities. Most either do not accept that they have these powers, don’t know they do, or think it is too much trouble to develop them within their current lifetime. Before planning each incarnation, a soul will decide just how much of their innate abilities they wish to use in the upcoming life. You have spent many different lives using the same powers and others that you recognize at this time.

Way showers are souls who demonstrate a particular pattern of behavior or beliefs so that others might see and experiment with the same abilities. That does not describe you. You are just using your powers, not trying to teach others how to use the same faculties.

What you are doing is tapping into the energies around you and others and identifying the characteristics that are present, thereby being able to help others to understand what they can do with the potential. You help to steer some to learn, and others to understand, what energy patterns they have drawn to themselves.

This is something you chose as an extension of the other lessons you have worked on in this life. You are hearing your Higher Self, that section of your soul which resides in the unconscious part of your mind. Your guides are also contributing some useful information with which to direct your interaction with others.

What you do with this ever-developing ability, which is becoming more and more apparent, is up to you. It is possible to provide assistance to others using this ability alone, or you can do some other type of counseling and incorporate these factors. They also work very well as an addition to any type of alternative healing, body work, or spiritual teaching. The possibilities are unlimited and as abundant as you wish to explore.

Balancing body and soul

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters. I would like to know how to awaken my soul, my cosmic consciousness, because I feel a great wall between my present life, with all the responsibilities, commitments and my true spiritual reality, my true freedom. Sometimes I get confused, divided and feel that there is no definitive way that can completely change my life since from my point of view about everything, even my senses and perceptions about the spiritual world. My relationships with people are usually good, although with my girlfriend is hard, by her way to be, no talking, always hiding your feelings, fighting when she wants to do it. With everything that I exposed, what would be the right to do? What way to follow, concealing that realities? ~Costasant, Brazil

ANSWER: You are a spiritual soul, a nonjudgmental, unconditionally loving essence, who chose to come into the third-dimensional duality where everything is rated, graded, and judged, completely controlled by an ego mind. To unite with your spiritual self, you have to give up the ego and embrace the love. Forego judgment, flee the negative energies, and become a witness for the lessons of others.

Your girlfriend is an example of someone totally involved in existing within her ego. She is constantly fighting all the negative energies around her. She fashions her behavior on the society around her that embraces judgmental negativity. Her vibration (enlightenment) has not even begun, and in her presence, you feel a pulling down into the turmoil of the negative physical world.

It may be difficult to shed all semblances of ego when you are in the human world, but it is a choice that can be made. Since unity with your spiritual self will never be attained in the presence of negativity, upon which the ego thrives, it is imperative to take all negative energies around you, identify them, and seek the positive, loving alternative.

The wall you feel is the negative energy that bars you from positivity. Freeing yourself from third-dimensional negativity allows you to float into the positive cosmic consciousness, joining in the unconditional love. That is the pathway you seek. The choice is yours. It requires work because you first have to recognize the beliefs you have been living by that embrace negative ideals, and then turn toward only positive thoughts and actions.

Being bad is okay, so why be good?

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters if our world is a stage where we can play a good or evil person, be a victim or perpetrator etc. then is there a point to being good, kind, and loving if others can do evil acts and it’s ok, no judgement. I strive to grow more loving, kind, and compassionate believing it’s for my soul’s growth but if it does not matter what’s the point. How do we progress if evil is not wrong and if I am cruel it’s fine. I get we need to experience opposite emotions such as good or evil, pain and suffering, or its opposite, freedom or incarceration, – different scenarios and emotions to understand both sides and to appreciate bliss, but in all this how do we progress if we have no boundaries? If love is as ok as hate, cruelty as acceptable as kindness. I don’t get that. How this fits with a soul’s growth. ~Sue, South Africa

ANSWER: Every soul who is choosing to have a human experience creates their own reality. You had previously chosen the tasks you wished to explore by way of lessons, including family members, locale, and societal influences. Learning is accomplished by dealing with life situations, using your freedom of choice to select either experiencing the negativity-imbued circumstances only present on planet Earth, or creating a world of unconditionally loving positive influences that mimic the realm of Source – and of your soul when not in physical form.

The purpose for souls’ coming into a body is to see if they can remember who they are as souls. They try to bring their essence of unconditional love into their human existence. You are trying to do this. The only way souls can completely reach this state while still in a physical shape is to divest themselves of all vestiges of ego judgment. By focusing on what others do, you are continuing to judge their journey and giving it a degree of importance in your human learning and experience.

Each soul’s journey is an individual experience, and the only things you should concern yourself with are your own path and decisions. In former lives you have chosen the negative (evil) process, but this time you choose to bring out your inner essence of unconditional love – the positive direction or concentration.

You never have to like what other people sharing the planet with you are undertaking, but your spiritual growth must include accepting that they have the right to live as they have chosen. You have freedom of choice to blend the life you desired – a positive physical one – with ego-influenced judgment, but you must be aware that this hinders you from reaching unconditional love. The choice and direction in this lifetime are yours.