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What is love?

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, what is love? Is it a kind of energy or something that behaves in a similar way to energy? Can it be created? If so how does one make it? What are the practices that help one develop the ability to make it? How can one increase the quantity in which it is made? Alternatively, is it the union of previously separate things, becoming one, not in parts but as an undivided whole, annihilating the differences? ~George, UK

ANSWER: To start with, we have to clarify that it means different things to different peoples, races, nationalities, and religions. English generally just uses the one word “love,” while other languages may have as many as eight terms grouped together under your term for love. “Energy” has no agreed set meaning either.

In human form, the body perceives love emotionally and/or physically and/or mentally. It may encompass the person’s entire physiological system, as with romantic or erotic attraction. With familial or friendship associations, it is more mental going into emotional connections. When it comes to, say, a love of good food or possessions, it becomes physical as an attachment, attraction, pleasure, or satisfaction. It is a response to some form of stimulus.

In the spiritual state, love is the reflection of the perfection and magnificence of Source energy in an unconditional, continuously flowing, embryotic fluid wherein each soul gathers wisdom to approach total enlightenment and become one with Source.

There are no absolutes in the universe, so that “love” does not behave in any set pattern for all humans even when drawn to the same stimulus. Love grows as one becomes more invested in the subject of the magnetism.

With the soul’s powers and abilities as a piece of Source, one may create love through the various uses of conscious and unconscious intentions. Removing all obstacles to being in a form of love allows it to flourish. The first step, of course, is to entirely remove its antithesis: negativity.

An introduction is permitting self-love to rule your humankind. Acceptance is an early phase of appreciating all that you are doing as a soul with a journey. You draw to yourself that which you desired to experience for purposes of learning. Love yourself for all the effort you endure to satisfy your choices.

Don’t try to be too precise in a definition or description. Just as life varies for each of you, so will your definition of love.

What good is negativity?

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, why are some people born on a lower energy spectrum indicated by the desire to hurt others? Is it purely psychological or from patterns of many lifetimes? Also, I feel negative and mean sometimes. How can I get out of those patterns and shift into higher consciousness so eventually I can let go of anger, sadness, and fear? Do I need these emotions to expand or should I just let them go and focus on my soul essence when they come up? I’ve seen them as a teacher but don’t want to get stuck in the lesson. ~Sheya, United States

ANSWER: Souls come to Earth because it is the only place where there is negativity, the only location in which to feel hatred and to rejoice in harming another person. Before entering into the arena, the soul has first chosen those events centered in negativity they desire to experience. It generally has nothing to do with what they have gone through in past lives, nor is it a purely psychological exercise.

Every soul creates their own reality by deciding those things in which they wish to be engaged. Through freedom of choice, they may then learn the lessons involved by removing themselves from the negativity and choosing to be positive and loving.

When you find anger and sadness overtaking you, you can give in to it or choose to push it aside and think only of happiness and love. Just as when it is raining you can curse the weather or rejoice in how the air is cleansed and the flowers are allowed to grow, the choices are yours.

Fear is something different. Fear and doubts are the signposts that accompany the lessons you set up for your life. They tell you to look carefully and determine why those emotions are present and how you can exchange that sort of reaction for one of understanding. If you just push fear away, you are not handling the lesson and it will return until you give it attention.

Asking your unconscious, your higher self, to assist you in dealing with the fears will pinpoint for you the underlying cause. This cause is the lesson. You will not get stuck in the lesson if you face it and take it apart piece by piece until you understand why it is present.

Some souls choose to have a mostly negative life, but they shouldn’t affect you. Nothing can impact you unless you permit yourself to engage with it. You are here for your own learning and no one else’s. Let others deal with their negativity without judgment, and work on bringing yourself into unconditional love.

What energy, where?

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, thank you for your earlier response regarding my enquiry about our duality. It would seem to be the case that humans have visited other planets and other intelligences. When they do so, do they take the duality with them? Or does it temporarily leave them? And similarly, when aliens visit us do they become effected by our duality and start to act more like humans? ~Steven, UK

ANSWER:  A difficulty in understanding the possibilities for a soul’s experiences arises from thinking about humanhood as being the essence of who and what you are. The species homo sapiens is a uniform or designation that souls use only when they come to Earth to work on their chosen life lessons. During that time, they exist in the duality that necessitates the use of freedom of choice. When not being engaged in such endeavors, the soul is merely its unconditionally loving self in whatever form it chooses to inhabit.

You are not a human but an energetic soul. When visiting a location other than Earth, which is the only duality, you (as a soul) conform to the energetic level of that place. For instance, if you wished to visit a planet composed completely of water, you would inhabit the body of one of the life forms that flourish there. In some locales, you would not even assume a body covering because everything takes place energetically.

Many aliens who have occasion to visit Earth do so for the purpose of observation and not interaction. They may not even be capable of feeling the negative energy in which the humans are functioning because they do not have ego-based judgment at their core level. The existence of souls – when not incarnated as humans – is not to battle through life lessons but just to have a particular variety of experience.

If a soul, after being human, chooses another life form, it will not have a sense of duality while not on Earth. If an Earth person goes into space and spends time on another planet, they take their duality with them – unless they have become enlightened and shed all negativity, existing in unconditional love.

A soul makes its decisions about gaining knowledge by its own desires for understanding: Don’t know anything about that? Then let’s try it. Oh, how about that? I’m on it.

Humanhood is very restrictive because the duality has a stranglehold on the consciousness of the soul within. Consider all the possibilities that even tickle your imagination and you have still not begun to touch the limits of potential reality.