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Ego vs spiritual approach

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I have realized that any fear related thoughts are ego based and human beings are brought up in a way that if we do not take life seriously we will be stuck behind in the race. My question is if every moment we do/say whatever we feel like doing/saying, just following our first intuition without having any doubt about it going wrong is this a spiritual approach to a situation? ~Sheen, India

ANSWER: What you are justifying in the action of society is the belief system that ego judgment is necessary to be a part of society. Planet Earth is a duality, so there is an equal amount of positive and negative energy drifting around.

Society is controlled by the ego mind, which takes every action of man and rates, grades, and judges it against some imaginary standard. If you meet the mark of the judge, then you are accepted as a contributing member of society; otherwise you are selfish, uneducated, and uncaring as far as they are concerned because you do not conform to their thinking.

Souls come to the duality so that they may work through the life lessons they chose to experience. These tests come in the form of a negative problem, and the solution is to understand the negativity and choose to take the positive course, which takes you out of the negativity.

When complying with the desires of societal ego control, one must be predictable and “follow the party line” in all actions undertaken. If people think for themselves, such as by following their intuition, they are no longer predictable and therefore a threat to the control of the ego.

The awareness of your essence as a soul, and the completion of your life lessons, comes with a shifting from being one of the flock of lemmings following the demands of others to doing only what feels right to you. In order to enter into unconditional love, the spiritual path, one must be concerned only with what is resonating within one’s own body. You no longer worry about what others will think.

One is only able to completely utilize their intuition and totally follow their feelings when they have finished all their lessons. Until then, they need the negativity and judgment in order to go through their process of learning.

Chakras and communication

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I’d like to know how I can open my Chakras again, since they have been closed when I was very little because they were extremely open (I lived in the spiritual and physical dimensions at the same time, without knowing the difference). I miss that connection and the angels I saw and I feel that once I get to open them completely again I’ll have more ways to connect with the universe. I feel connected already but I think there’s more to explore, and I don’t really know how I can do that. ~Brenda, Brazil

ANSWER: Your chakras are not closed or you would not be able to feel or communicate with the other dimensions at all. What you have done is de-sensitize your human feelings from bringing the other realms into focus. When you were flipping from physical to nonphysical awareness, you focused on what you wanted to have the most contact with and disregarded the rest of the input.

All that is needed to regain this sensitivity is to have the intention to do so and to practice. You must believe it is possible and know you have the ability. Then concentrate on the nonphysical aspects of your world and bring them into a sharpness so that you can identify the beings with which you seek a connection.

You are concentrating on a belief that you need your physical body in order to make this connection. You would find it easier to allow your soul to leave your body during a meditation, sleep, or conscious astral projection. This is what you did when you were little. The possibilities are unlimited, so don’t let your thinking process restrict your potential.

Be sure that any time you reach out to make contact, you have protected yourself from the negative forces who are ready, willing, and able to mess with you if you haven’t set boundaries. Simply ask your guides, or the archangels, to cover you in unconditional love (white light) and prevent any negative entities from entering into your space and interfering with your travels.

If you wish to explore further out, look into out-of-body experiences, going to the gathering places of bodiless souls, and visiting other planets where souls have additional lives besides those on Earth. There are many groups who explore in this fashion. The Monroe Institute has experimented with these procedures for decades and even has some CD programs that assist in reaching heightened states of awareness.


Categorizing feelings

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters how can I tell the difference between intuition, fear and projection of my own shadows? ~Madalena, Brazil

ANSWER: In basic format, your intuition comes from your nonphysical higher self, which is using things it has learned during many lifetimes. Fear is an emotion that can be experienced only within the physical duality of the Earth plane in the combination of negative and positive energy. It is the way you are alerted to a lesson you have chosen to experience. Projections can come from any place with which your creative mind interacts.

Intuition appears in many different ways to humans. It can be a vague feeling, or even thinking that they should do something, or that something is right or wrong for them. This may appear because they have experienced a variation of the same circumstances now before them, or it could come out of the blue, like a déjà vu sensation. It will be almost impossible to put a finger on the origin, but the direction seems quite intense. When you question the source and over-analyze where it came from, you miss the opportunity to take advantage of this great font of knowledge. If you feel it, and it feels good, follow it.

Fear is the signpost that a life lesson appears in front of you. This gives you the chance to examine why it is there and how you can learn from delving into its cause. Take the negativity in which it appears and turn toward the positive opposite solution. When you question your higher self about the fear being there, it can show you where it came from.

Anything can be projected into your awareness that the soul has experienced in one form or another. It may occur from situations in past lives or your current life, something you observed, something you read, or even a film you saw at the movie theater. These events will have a very third-dimensional, ego-based judgment to them.

Take all these various actions as ways to understand your life’s journey. Use them to increase your awareness of your physical and spiritual growth.