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Apples and oranges

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Question: Masters why do you say that the duality – positivity and negativity – of the Earth will never end? If the goal is to perpetuate the negativity here, why do you parade through the sky of the Earth, in forms of lights, and why are you planning with world leaders the disclosure of the existence of benevolent extraterrestrial beings? Is not this a plan to end the Earth’s negativity? ~Daniel, Brazil

ANSWER: The Earth was established as a platform for souls to learn about negativity and the exercise of their freedom of choice. There is absolutely no plan to change that function, ever. Negativity exists only on your planet, and there is no intention to create another Earthlike planet.

We do not interfere with souls having a human experience, therefore your belief that we are doing anything within the confines of the Earth’s reaches is false. We are not conspiring with world leaders or evil cabals with secret information. We do not parade through the visible spectrum of humans with any intention in mind, or for that matter, at all.

Some souls who have spent time on Earth, and chose not to return to be with us here, have intentions of their own to interact with humans. You may be perceiving their energy trails.

There are also some souls who are having lifetimes in other than a human body who have reached out to the Earth to exchange ideas. They are not us. They come from places where negativity does not exist, and it may come as a shock to them when they first encounter negativity.

You are trying to equate apples and oranges, as they say, intermixing the physical world with the nonphysical world. One is a duality and the other consists only of unconditional love. The Earth is the physical, with whatever beliefs a person wants to accept as part of their reality, and the other consists of souls who cannot interfere with what is going on in the physical.

Souls who choose to be evil

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Souls who choose to be evil      ENL    36/1

QUESTION: Masters, can you explain about evil dictators like Hitler and Stalin. Are they essentially souls that became corrupted by greed and power and tapped into the negativity of the planet? If so what happened to them on return to spirit, where they destroyed or rehabilitated.  Alternatively, are such evil dictators deliberately created by a higher soul incarnating with the intention of becoming a dictator because of the potential for all affected souls to have a learning experience through suffering and in some cases exceptional bravery. ~David, UK

ANSWER: A soul who is considering a trip to Earth meets with some or all of their council of twelve advisors to discuss the possibilities for learning experiences during the upcoming human life. In the case of life lessons, most of the time they are put together by and for the individual soul. Occasionally there are group lessons where potentially a massive number of other souls decide the opportunities provided are exactly what they seek to experience.

In the case of the lifetimes of these two souls, they were the linchpin of group interactions. Many people wished to see how they would endure or handle social situations and oppressive living. Each chose to be on Earth at the time of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mussolini, and many others.

When these lives are being planned, it is all accomplished within the realm of unconditional love. They do not sense any negativity until they enter the duality with the intention to exist in its most intense form. The essence of the soul remains one of unconditional love; the human shell it inhabits is the truly ugly, negative being.

There is no need for rehabilitation since the essence always remains the same. Further, souls cannot be destroyed. Life on Earth is like a play for the soul. They are the actor or actress who is the same before and after a performance but becomes the evil villain to complete the task of the play while in costume.

In the case of all the participants in these mass demonstrations, everyone has decided on their own to participate. There is no “game master” assigning positions or strategies. Each soul has chosen their position and the parts of the potential lessons to which they wish to be subjected.

[Ed. note:  Readers might be interested in the 2008 book Talking with Leaders of the Past, by Peter Watson Jenkins and Toni Ann Winninger, in which the soul of Adolf Hitler is interviewed twice: first as its infamous Earthly persona, and then as its loving soul essence. The book is available through Amazon.]

Dealing with lessons of others

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I have several difficult people in my family, mostly my mother and my sister. Both are very negative towards me, and my mother in particular is unkind, hurtful and selfish. I don’t understand what they are here to teach me, or how best to respond to them. I am so tired of being a victim, struggling to cope with the emotional impact of their lack of sensitivity or empathy. I feel very alone in the world I also have a severely depressed son who cannot find his way. I don’t know how best to support him or what to do for his benefit. The whole situation with family members is totally draining my energy and at times I wish to be out of this life. I wish to understand what the meaning of all this is. ~Rebecca, UK

ANSWER: You have two things influencing these family matters. First are the lessons each member of your family chose for this lifetime, and then the lessons you chose for yourself. They wanted to be in control over those around them and to be able to do whatever they wanted without interference. You wanted to see how long it would take you to realize your victim role and then how long to change your attitude toward it.

Your sister is merely following the example of your mother in how to deal with you. Your mother is very fearful about her lack of confidence and power, so she treats everyone as if she were the leader of the world and they should kowtow to her. Your reaction is one of choice. You may let the actions impact you, or you can step back and see them for what they are – the rantings of an unhappy person.

What someone says or does can affect you only if you allow it to. What you see happening in the world is a good example. The diseases, misfortune, nastiness, and worries of strangers will have no influence upon you unless you internalize them and accept that they should relate to you as well. Otherwise they have no more force against you than reading an article in a magazine or watching a movie.

You can reach this same distance with your family if you accept that they don’t have an effect on your life unless you allow their difficulties to enter into your life. Your son’s depression is a lesson that he has chosen. All you can do is be available to listen to him when he needs support. Let him know that the choices are his – and that he does have a choice to accept his condition in several different ways.

It is time to create the reality you desire. You will still be in the world with your family, but you can choose to move away from their negativity and enter a bubble of unconditional love. Your soul has an essence of love; go inside and spend time there until you convert your whole life into happiness.