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Suicide pact

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters what happens when two people decide to commit suicide together? Do each continue to pass to his/her respective realm where the individual’s frequency matches? Do the souls undergo their transition together since the underlying reason would be to remain united in the afterlife? There is limited literature available in this area as such. ~Anonymous, New Zealand

ANSWER: There is limited literature because few have ever talked to souls after they have undergone such a transition. When souls decide to disengage from their human shell and go back to their essential energetic form, they return to their point of origin, or the unconditional love of Source energy, though they do have the option, after jumping out of their bodies, to remain in the duality of the planet until they allow themselves to return Home.

All souls are from the same Source, vibration, realm, whatever you wish to call it. Two souls from Earth could choose to immediately go to Source or to stay somewhere in between to try to accomplish something they were unable to do in their human existence. They may maintain memories of why they are there or not. Without a body, they would not have their emotions, sensations, or the ability to touch anything physical.

Once out of their human container, the life they lived on Earth means nothing to them but lessons experienced and possibly learned. Lovers, family, friends, and enemies are all looked at the same – just other souls who have also spent time seeing if they can learn about their powers and abilities while in human form. A pact made on Earth is a physical thing and not binding on the soul.

If the souls chose to leave to redo what they felt they were unable to do in that lifetime, they would probably return and start all over again. However, it would be rare for them to do it with each other because the union may have been what caused them not to succeed with their lessons.

Earthly doubts and fears point to the lessons you desired to learn. If you find them overwhelming, it is time to tear into them and find out what is at the bottom of the problem. Each soul is on a singular journey that only that soul, without any connection with another, can decipher.

But, in the spiritual sense, there is no right or wrong way to handle a human existence. Before doing anything else, get out of your head, disregard the thoughts of others, and see how your intended actions “feel” to you.

PLR, Past Life Regressions

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I have been a fan of your site and page for a while, reading your guidance to different people. I noticed that you rarely talk about past lives, and tell many people that their past lives are not important. You told me the same thing. I am past life regression therapist, and saw many past lives in practice sessions and trades with fellow practitioners…I wonder – if my past lives do not affect my current life – why I was shown all these past lives in hypnosis? Why I was interested in past lives and believed in reincarnation since I was a kid? What can a person gain from past life regression if “past lives do not matter”? ~Irina, United States

ANSWER: Souls are immortal. They never die and have many experiences where they enter a body in order to learn lessons within the duality of Earth. The wisdom that they glean from a lifetime is packed away until they have some reason or use for bringing it back to the consciousness while in a body. Most lives have no connection to the others but are for studying various aspects of being human.

Sometimes, when a soul has not learned everything they wished to in a previous life, they bring back similar situations in a subsequent life; then the past life is vital to progressing in the current life. An example would be souls working on all aspects of self-worth who didn’t understand how to value themselves in a past life and are now feeling the same worthlessness in this life.

Examining what they experienced in the previous life will help them understand and work with the issues in the current life. Being able to re-experience a difficult situation and watching what you did from the outside, where you cannot miss things that were not within your awareness the first time, helps to give direction and healing. This is one of the biggest reasons for past-life regressions.

Another use for previously gained knowledge is if one mastered a physical trait and could now use that information to move forward. Bringing the information “back” can be done easily with past-life regression hypnosis or very deep meditation. Going back through lifetimes can be very stimulating and encouraging, allowing one to get the most out of a life.

Having access to previous lives is generally never taken into consideration when a soul is planning for a new incarnation. There are too many variables that can cause the person never to come into the knowledge concerning past-life regressions. Depending on their familial environment, some factors may prevent access to the practice of past-life regression, particularly where something prohibits the belief in reincarnation.

Soul travels

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I’m a 15-year-old boy who has always been very connected to the spiritual world, masters and dimensions. I’ve always had a scary but good experience every time I could connect to and see other dimensions and other beings that are not from here. Although I like all the experience I had, I want to know more. I would like to know how I can activate the ajna chakra (the third eye). I would like to learn more about spiritual and dimensional trips and would like to experience them while having control of everything I’m doing. ~Arthur, Brazil

ANSWER: What you seek is a combination of out-of-body experiences, remote viewing, and astral projection. These are topics that have been studied by mystics for centuries. The modern-day information mostly surrounds materials by Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, and Joseph McMoneagle. Monroe even founded a school to learn and practice such experiences. It is The Monroe Institute in Virginia in the US. McMoneagle and Buhlman give classes there.

Opening the third eye, while expanding one’s vision into any vibrational area, is not a necessary prerequisite to participating in any of the above techniques. If you practice one or more of them, you will find, as you gather control over where you are going and what you are doing, that your third eye will naturally become engaged.

The difficulty with the control aspect of life is making a distinction between ego-judgmental control and manifesting the result you want without judging what you have accomplished. All of these techniques take practice and develop slowly as you become comfortable with them. Not getting discouraged is very important. Also important is not having too stringent a set of expectations for what you can do in the beginning.

Pick a practice, learn everything that you can about it. Start doing exercises so that you are comfortable and have some control over your destination. Continue and expand your universe further and further from your comfort zone. Along the way, as you venture further and further, you will meet your spirit guides and those souls who remain in unconditional love. You will be able to talk to them and share their experiences.