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Confused with status

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I need to know why I feel so different from everyone in this world. I understand from a deep level about this world’s origin and the purpose we are here, but as far as getting to know my real self, my soul, I feel like I have a block. It’s like I’m not supposed to have memories from past lives, or psychic abilities, or even transcendent experiences. Yet I have an urge to know, to experience, which I don’t know where it’s coming from. I want to know who I really am, and no psychic or channel has been able to see through me. I have transcended suffering and frustration, I understand to a deep, intuitive level, yet the experiences I want to have are simply not occurring. I feel like I’m not supposed to be here, not because I hate earth, but because I feel like I don’t belong. ~Sil, Argentina

ANSWER: First off, how do you know you feel so different from everyone else in the world? How many other bodies have you inhabited? If you are relying on what you have heard others say, how do you know they have the same frame of reference you possess? No soul comes into a human body knowing who they are, having memories of past lives, with the ability to use any psychic powers they may have previously developed, or the knowledge of why they chose that life. Those are all blocked by amnesia.

Your urge to know and experience comes from inside and your desire to open all the locked doors, but this can only happen if you work at it without looking for an easy way out. Just wanting something to happen will not make it happen without your doing the work to create the opportunity.

You need to examine your feelings about your current state, like not belonging here and being continually blocked from reaching understanding. These are attached to life lessons of not being good enough, not having faith in yourself, and taking back your power to make decisions, which you have ceded to others.

Examine your status as a piece of Source energy. Understand the powers and abilities you possess with which you can bring to yourself the things you want to experience. Know that you can create what you need if you have the faith in yourself that it is available to you. Stop making excuses, as you have here, and get to work. The sooner you do, the faster you will reverse your results.

Relationships here and Home

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters it’s weird because I can see myself happily with the same gender? (in a crush or romantic way) but it’s sad that it might not come true. Additionally, how do crushes and romantic things and any other even non-romantic relationships work in the spirit world? Will those feelings be like on earth or different? ~S, USA

ANSWER: When the soul having a human existence goes Home to the “spirit” world, it returns to its energetic form. Souls do not have a physical body. They do not have a gender. They do not have nerve endings to feel. Most of their contacts are achieved through a “knowing” where the thoughts and ideas of other souls are just within their grasp.

That does not mean that they cannot project a physical countenance to another, but that is too much trouble most of the time because it ties them down to one place, while otherwise, souls are able to transport and be in more than one location at a time. This is hard to imagine for those who currently recollect only the existence they now live, in a defined body with a defined sex.

One of the reasons a soul incarnates is to have a physical body with all its built-in sensing devices, nerves, emotions, responses to feelings, and chemical substances. At Home they exist in beautiful, unconditional love and need nothing more. They come into humanity to understand the freedom of choice to choose positive over negative types of energies.

Relationships are a big segment of the life lessons available to the human soul. The dealings with family, teachers, authorities, and sexual partners are all areas of study. At Home, without the physical sensing devices, knowledge and understanding is all that is of concern.

The first part of your query shows some of the aspects a soul may choose to explore while within the physical shell. On a spiritual level, nothing is right or wrong, nor is it encouraged or condemned.

Who does what in a shared lifetime?

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters can multiple souls play out any lifetime at any time, even the one I’m living now? If multiple souls have played out my current lifetime or my past life as a queen, then how can these lifetimes possibly be special to me, if we all make the same choices as though we have no free will? What is the point in striving for goals if this is true, were all my efforts and ideas unoriginal? I want my past life as a queen to feel special to me, have that bond with her, but I feel it lacks individuality and ownership of that life and choices my soul made, unless that’s the way it is meant to be… Please give me clarity and peace of mind on this matter! ~Macey, US

ANSWER: Energy is everything and everything is energy. There is no physical substance unless a soul creates it with their acceptance of a reality and then implements that reality into a physical illusion. The same energetic theme, a lifetime as you call it, would be different if it is created by a different soul or even the same soul at two different times.

There is no linear time anywhere but on planet Earth, which is also the only existence of a duality. The awareness of a particular set of facts to a soul depends upon their intention to concentrate on that particular place and circumstance. They then create it to their specifications.

When an event, such as your queenship, is shared with others during the same Earth time frame, the duration and direction is the result of the combined decisions made by each and every participant through freedom of choice. Unless you choose it as part of your reality, another soul could not play the same role that you do when you do.

If several souls choose to share the same energetic event, but not at the same linear Earth time, the individual circumstances would vary depending on the choices of the main character as well as the accompanying humans. Each would be special to the one creating that reality. In another staging of the set, by another soul, there would be no overlapping of the entire sequence because of each choosing their own direction.

There is no predestination. Only general goals or directions are decided by the soul before they enter their physical form. If you are living a pattern that someone else has also experienced, it would still be different because you are the one making the choices that shape your event.

Think of a well-known and -loved play. Every time the lead actress is changed, the tenor of the play is changed. The vocal inflections, facial expressions, and dancing are unique to that star, even though the lines may be the same. Your life is your life and not a carbon copy of any other.