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Higher self – essence of soul

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

QUESTION: Masters My mother has full blown Alzheimer’s. Several mediums have brought my mother through, particularly a reading I had a few months ago. She had much to say. Whilst I understand that people who have dementia can spend time in spirit, I’m curious because obviously her physical body is still on the earth plane. So, does everyone have the ability to be in spirit this way and it is their mind / body that doesn’t enable them to or if they astral travel, they don’t remember it? What is it about Alzheimer’s people that allows their mind/soul to be in spirit – but people without the disease aren’t able to do this? ~Lynnie, U.K.

ANSWER: Humans are souls having a physical experience. Their souls are never completely contained within their physical shell; there is always a part that is connected to the rest of the souls in the universe, and aspects of themselves that are continuing other projects they have undertaken.

On a physical level, the human consciousness is what people believe is the sum total of the “person” they know as the one inhabiting a particular body. Consciously functioning humans restrict access to their soul to what can be reached through the normal channels of communication with the human body.

There is always an aspect – generally called the Higher Self – of the soul of which the conscious mind is mostly unaware. This area contains the recordings of everything in which that soul has ever engaged. Unless the human reaches into it in hypnosis or deep meditation, it is a shadow not recognized.

When the normal human consciousness is non-functional (coma) or disconnected (Alzheimer’s disease), the Higher Self is still reachable on the spiritual plane. The soul has to give permission for this to occur. One wishing to communicate asks the soul if it desires to use this channel as a means of letting those around know the status of the human body. Some deny access because of life lessons between them and the would-be communicator.

Every soul has the ability to travel throughout the universe at any time. Whether or not its consciousness accepts this as a possibility plays a large part in what is “remembered” when the conscious parts of the mind retake control. One may practice connecting with their Higher Self in meditation and hypnosis to establish a pattern of behavior.

Understanding the messages

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters: My guides tell me to lead, don’t follow. How do I do this? Who or what am I supposed to lead? And to where? I have a mate that sometimes follows me, abuses me, rebels and retaliates. I have no children, no friends. Each attempt I made to lead came to a dead-end. I have attempted or started spiritual groups, associations, classes, businesses, real estate, writing and more. Each time either no one shows interest or if they do, they stab me in the back, take over, or I get nothing out of it. I’m tired of repeat, repeat, repeat failure. Bankers are threatening foreclosure on my house. I need some direction. I cannot afford financially, mentally, emotionally or spiritually to pursue another series of failures. I don’t want to expend my energy only to have it again end in nothing or even worse. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: When your guides say to lead rather than to follow, they are talking about making up your own mind about things, which is exercising your freedom of choice. You will be taking charge of your life and, more importantly, taking responsibility for what you learn. Your journey is to complete the lessons you chose to learn while on Earth and to accept that you are a piece of Source energy, with all the powers and abilities included.

Your previous attempts at leading were always for the purpose of having others on the path with you at the same time. You left most of the decisions up to the group, so even though you started the group, you did not exercise your freedom of choice in a leadership role. This mostly occurred because the others did not agree with you on things and you sought to have a consensus.

You don’t like to deal with aggression, and therefore you are easily pushed around by your mate and others. That is following. Things such as being abused, betrayed, or stabbed in the back happen only when you allow them to. You lack any self-confidence and have gotten to the point of feeling like the victim.

If you accept that you have Source energy, you accept that you are as good as everyone else and can bring to you that which you desire. It is important that you free yourself from the negative failure spiral you have allowed to consume you. See yourself as magnificent, with the ability to succeed if you are making the choices for yourself. Do not allow anyone to tell you what to do or to interfere with your life.

Allow only positive, unconditionally loving energy to enter into your heart and mind. Lead that sensation into every aspect of your being. See only successful completion of all your tasks. Separate yourself from negativity and failure. Visualize where you want to go – you alone, not a group – and then go there. Don’t think, or care, about anyone but yourself until you are where you want to be.

Clarity re: spirit contact

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I have been recently going through spiritual enlightenment. I have the ability to do automatic writing by accessing my Akashic record. The problem is I sometimes get conflicting information from outside sources to the information my Guides give me. I’m a part of small group right now and frequently I will access my Akashic record after we meet and the information I’m given differs in small ways to their Guides’ information. I’m unsure who or what is accurate as I know we are all spirits having a human experience but I want/need to know if my channel is clear or is it being tainted by my conscious mind or ego or is their information tainted?! ~Stephanie, USA

ANSWER: Those who channel information from the nonphysical world must have it come through their physical body. The body is controlled by the mind, which is primed from birth to exist in ego-based judgment. Nothing is considered to be important unless it is judged, graded, or rated against the rest of the information available in society.

It is difficult to channel for oneself since the very fact that you “think” of the question to which you want an answer means that you access your thinking mind – the seat of ego. The form you use, automatic writing, is a little less influenced than having only verbal communication. Being able to totally clear your mind before you begin to take the dictation prevents a lot of interference.

People channel at the vibration they have reached through their spiritual enlightenment. A person who is close to ego-based energies has difficulty obtaining “clear” material. One who has removed most ego and negativity can obtain great clarity in positive, unconditionally loving energy.

When you receive information from a particular soul, and someone else uses the same source, the material will be closer to identical, except for the influence of vibrational filtering. Some people are capable of receiving messages only at a grammar school level, others at high school, and still others at college or graduate level. Don’t depend on seeing identical reports.

Some days you will find it easier to make contact and gather answers because of your mental or emotional state. What is important is having no expectations as to the result of your connection. Rely on how you “feel” about the outcome, not being concerned with how you “think” about it.