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Is there punishment for suicide?

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

QUSTION: Masters what would happen in the afterlife to someone who died by suicide? Is there a punishment for the soul? Does a soul prior to being reborn also choose and decide how their body will die? ~Natasha, Singapore

ANSWER: The only place where there is judgment is within the duality of planet Earth. Judgment is needed for negativity. Negativity is required for the concept of punishment to exist. So, once the soul leaves the body and returns to its essence of unconditional love, it is impossible for judgment and punishment to occur.

Given all the above, a soul who has terminated a human life by suicide returns to an environment where that action is never judged, condemned, or subject to punishment. The soul evaluates what they learned from the lifetime, including all the factors contributing to the decision to end that human life.

Suicide may have been a chosen lesson for themselves or an agreement with the ones they left behind. It may also have resulted from a sense of overwhelm, a feeling that they could not tolerate one more moment on Earth. Or it may have been the result of something such as addiction, so that even though they died by their own hand, it was still somewhat of an accident.

Terminating a life experience can also be a form of running away from their chosen tasks because they are perceived as being too difficult and the soul no longer wants to work to understand why they were chosen. Once they return to the Other Side, an evaluation of what happened helps them decide what they might wish to try to complete in a subsequent life.

Souls choose many things about their upcoming lives, possibly even how they wish to return Home. But remember, each soul has total freedom of choice and can change their mind mid-action. Sometimes this results in their having a near-death experience that changes the direction they were going.

Is there a hierarchy

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, can you explain the system of hierarchy at home, please? Do older souls with more experience and knowledge…such as the Ascended Masters… hold higher authority? Do the colors of the orbs of energy change with experience? Who organizes things? ~Jane, UK

ANSWER: Since a soul having a human experience is brought up and lives in an ego based, judgmental society where everything and everyone is rated, graded, and judged, you expect that to be the situation everywhere. In order to have judgments, you have to be in an arena where there is negativity, an inferior or superior aspect to every possibility. The only place this exists is on planet Earth. Therefore, there are no judgments, grading, or rating – hence, no hierarchy – anywhere but on Earth.

All souls are the same; none is any better than, more important than, or in charge of making decisions for, any other. The title “Ascended Master” implies only that the soul has achieved mastery of everything possible about a particular human characteristic.

For instance, they might have mastered all experiences concerning the element of control. That just means that they have been controlled and, additionally, in control during many lifetimes, exploring all aspects of control so that they can teach the subject to other inquiring souls who wish to decide if such a life would benefit their enlightenment process.

A soul makes its own decisions – it is never told by anyone what it must, or even should, do. It is only in taking responsibility for using their freedom of choice that wisdom is gained. While each soul has a group of twelve advisors to assist them in planning their journeys to Earth, even they don’t hold any authority over the soul.

The orbs of energy that may be seen by humans are just a visual means of communication. The colors are completely arbitrary and chosen by the soul as an expression of who they are. Further, communication in the nonphysical world, where the soul does not have a voice box, is by means of vibrations, sound, and color.

Organization is a group affair. If they want to have a mass experience to see how something is going to affect the world, they get together and all incarnate at the same time, forming a sufficient number to have an impact. This is what has happened in the case of all major disasters, wars, or movements.

When is enough, enough?

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, apologies for the personal question but have I fulfilled my objectives? So many souls have chosen difficult lives. I’ve had an easy time and usually able to turn problems into opportunities. I’m not rich but as an ex-scientist I haven’t lacked money and have been quite lucky with a supportive partner. I was told by a channeled entity, (Bartholomew), 30 years ago that my role was to be involved in groups and help other people achieve their goals. I have been instrumental in setting up several charities, companies and groups promoting vegetarianism, environmentalism and spiritual advancement. I have avoided leadership roles preferring to support others. I’m 68 now and semi-retired so I have time to give talks and write about reincarnation. I have never had direct contact with my guides but believe I receive support during sleep. How do I know if I have done enough? ~Arthur, UK

ANSWER: Before a soul incarnates, they decide what they want to accomplish during their life. Not all lives are “difficult” ones where you have to battle to understand your own objectives. Some lessons, such as yours, are completing the desires you saw for gaining wisdom from working things out on Earth. With this you have been more than successful.

Each project you have engaged in required creating a relationship with others to provide a beneficial result for society. You did not decide you had to accomplish something that would affect 10, 1,000 or 1,000,000 people. You were more interested in creating a base for others to learn that they have the power to manifest what is needed to complete their life lessons. Doesn’t that sound like exactly what Bartholomew said so long ago?

What you do in the future is up to you. There are no requirements to fulfill, books to complete, or people to influence. You have total freedom of choice to do whatever resonates with you.

You have been communicating with your guides in an unconscious fashion – both while asleep and when engaged in deep thought about your projects. A guide will never tell you what to do but will assist by placing ideas in your mind to consider. They have also provided the necessary circumstances for you to complete your desired ventures; this assistance is part of your manifesting abilities.

Stop placing so much stress on yourself; just go with the flow of the universe around you. And if you desire a more substantial contact with your guides, practice meditation with the sole purpose of communication. Just think of a question before beginning the session and then listen for the answer.