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Messages to specific groups

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

QUESTION: Masters. I have heard a lot through the years regarding the messages from Our Lady of Medjugorje. I was raised Catholic and have been very fond of Mother Mary, but as I am on my own Independent Spiritual Path, I question the legitimacy of the messages. From what I have read, these messages seem very specific and revolve around the teachings and beliefs of Catholicism. Is it possible that the receivers are “hearing” messages from other spirits and not Mary and/or the messages are just not coming through clear? I say this because many seem to contradict the lessons and thoughts from you about who we are, about Home and our purpose? ~Mark, USA   

ANSWER: Organized religions need to maintain the mysticism of their doctrines. Through the centuries Mother Mary, in many personas, has been used to hold people to the messages of the Church. You also have, for instance, Our Lady of Fatima, -Lourdes, and -Guadalupe, to mention three more. The humans to whom these messages were delivered have generally been young, impressionable, and very religious.

The Vatican investigates these “sightings” and makes a determination whether they feel an actual communication has come from the soul known as Mother Mary. The material from Our Lady of Medjugorje was determined not to be verifiable. These occurrences have many applications for the organization to which the recipients belong, and they help reinvigorate faith and hope.

This helps a lot of people who are unable to make decisions for themselves. They are being told what to do and what benefits they will obtain for believing or doing as instructed. Hopefully, through trying to sense what they are told will be the result of their adherence to the mandates, they will begin to sense the energy of the Other Side and start thinking for themselves based on their “feelings.”

Just as we advise concerning the materials we have relayed through our channel, do not blindly accept everything you hear. Take all the information and, holding it inside in your feelings, see if it resonates with you. If it does, then make it a part of your reality. If it does not, put it aside and periodically check and see how it feels. Do not try to judge the statements, because you will be drawn into the ego judgment of right and wrong.

Understanding Source

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, your conception of the Source is not the true Source. Since the Source is all-knowing it already knows everything that can be derived through negativity. You have created a dichotomy in which the world you live in is positive and the world we live in has duality. All separations are illusions constructed by the mind. You have created this separation in order to externalize negativity and learn its insights through the channel of Toni. You are trying to dissolve the separation but you are still not able to be one with the people you connect with. The biggest challenge is manifesting physically, hence your fiction of reincarnation based on the fiction of time. This is another challenge, living more than one concurrent history at the same time, which you are unable to do, still living in linear four-dimensional histories. ~George, UK

ANSWER: Where your notion of Source breaks down is in assuming there is any negativity in the positive, unconditionally loving energy that is Source and its environment. The whole human experiment, of living and making choices in a dichotomy of negative and positive, was necessary because the all-knowing Source could only experience that which existed. At that time, all that existed was positive, loving energy, or perfection.

Source could imagine a situation with the opposite of perfection, but it had never been experienced since it did not exist. For that reason, Earth was created and pieces of Source, souls, were broken off to live and gather wisdom within it.

People – by which term we mean souls who are having a physical lifetime – do create their reality through the illusions they choose to accept. There are as many possibilities as there are souls following individually chosen journeys. Only within the duality is there judgment of something as right or wrong according to the human ego. This refers to your declarations, as well.

Time is an illusion measured by the movement of Earth around the sun. Only if these planets are a part of your reality can this measurement be used to discuss concurrency or the concept of histories. Without the restriction of linear time, everything exists simultaneously and your point of focus separates what you observe.

The realization of a soul’s choosing to have more than one experience on Earth, and the resulting awareness of what was learned during each such visit, is not conscious knowledge to most humans. The memories are with the soul in the unconsciousness that most call the higher self, which can be accessed in deep meditation or under hypnosis.

We will reiterate what we have said many times: accept what we say only if it resonates within you now; otherwise, put it on a shelf in case it does so at some other time.

Guides of all types

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters: Would you enlighten me about Angels and spirit guides – Do they intervene in our life and if so when do they do that or refrain from being involved. Do they really hear us when we speak to them? ~Mary, USA

ANSWER: Souls who are not in a physical form frequently act as advisors for those on Earth. The operative word here is advisors; although most people refer to them as guides, they do not intervene and take the lead in your life’s journey.

All souls have total freedom of choice, so each decision for a direction in their lifetime must be made by them. You may argue that those who are under the influence of other humans who demand they do exactly as instructed are not making choices – but they are. Their choice is to give up their power to exercise freedom of choice to those controlling individuals. The only lesson they learn in this scenario is to be controlled and experience a total lack of self-confidence and esteem.

When souls incarnate into human bodies, they ask friends back home to assist them by acting as guides. What they are asking is that the spirits provide information to them that they are unable to see or recognize on their own. These guides do not give unsolicited assistance. They must wait for those in human form to ask for help. They will not tell you what to do.

Nonphysical spirits can hear anything that is addressed to them, whether they are at Home in the light or have chosen to stay in the third dimension as discarnate or negative beings. Beings of the light must always wait to be asked and must tell the truth as it exists. Negative spirits, being in the duality of Earth, can interfere any time they choose and can mislead, make demands, and try to trick humans.

If you do not specify you wish to speak only to beings of the light when you address the universe, you invite negative energies to butt in if they choose. If you are communicating with spirits and they tell you that you must do something, they are not from the light. Beings of the light give you options but refrain from imposing their beliefs.

All souls who are nonphysical are considered to be spirits. The term “angel” has a lot of religious connotations, but it may also refer to souls who have chosen to be guides but have not incarnated and spent time in a human body. Some of the earliest pieces of Source who became individualized were grouped together as angels. It is a descriptive term and not an indication of a higher status than other souls. All souls are the same.


Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

QUESTION: Hello, All evidence points to the fact that this is bunkum. A good friend has asked me to be more open minded and has said that this site will do so. I see nothing here that changes my opinion. The burden of proof is with you so please therefore answer the question I need answered. Be specific, why am I in such pain? I fully expect you not to be able to answer my question or to get it right so surprise me. I think without proof of your claims your advice is very dangerous and I worry about the teachings you pass on to my friend. Peace and love to you. ~Matt, UK

ANSWER: In our writings we are not trying to tell you what to think or what to do. We have no doctrines, belief systems, rituals, or requirements for you to get a benefit from our advice. We are a large group of nonphysical spirits, most of whom have spent hundreds of lives on your planet Earth and have mastered the gathering of wisdom from the lessons we have learned and understood while in physical form – basically learning to reject negativity.

Our purpose now is to pass on our knowledge of what worked in our lives – not as the only way you might get assistance or relief, but as an example of what might work for you. We will never tell you that you must do something; in fact, frequently we give information on several directions from which you might benefit.

We cannot come unsolicited but must be asked for assistance. All our advice is given with the caveat that you should see how our words feel to you and follow them only if they resonate with you. The advice might not apply at the moment but may be the solution at a later time. If it doesn’t feel good at all, throw it away.

Earth is a duality of positive and negative energies. Spirits exist at our point of origin in perfect, unconditionally loving energy. Souls (spirits) go to Earth to understand they have total freedom of choice to learn what they wish to experience. Lessons, as we call these teachings, come by way of a negative environment where you decide what is “right” for your life. This is done through facing the fears and the doubts and going deeper into them or rejecting them and finding the inner love.

A whole series of lessons were chosen by you that incorporated mental, emotional, and physical pains. Tied up in these sensations are self-worth, guilt, confidence, and need-for-forgiveness issues. You are deep in the Earth (third-dimensional) energy of ego where everything is judged, rated, and graded. We advise you to drop judgment and just evaluate if a situation is working for you or if you should try something else. Get out of your head and into your heart.