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Do souls have multiple origins?

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters my question is about where our souls are coming from. I have heard about star people and souls that are original Mother Earth’s children and angel people. Is that truth that our origin is different? How does it affect our lives? Do star people for example get more help from their own? ~Helena, Finland

ANSWER: All souls originate from the same place: Source energy. Once they have separated from Source, they may then choose a myriad of interesting things to study and experience. Some choose to go off to non-duality planets, such as a star, to explore the reason each was created. Others want only to explore the Earth and see how they fare within the duality that exists only there. And a few decide to remain forever, or at least for a goodly time, at Home, where they act as guides for those on a journey.

Once a soul has had an experience with another soul, they have a shared memory and an idea of the energy signature of the other. This allows them to always recall and know the other in any further situations. They may also plan to assist each other in subsequent ventures. This foreknowledge does not create a bond stronger than any other agreement, but just one that some find more comfortable than others. For this reason a bonding, or fraternity, exists that the soul may find repeating in their lifetimes.

Sometimes a lifetime on a star or a planet may be so strong in the soul’s list of things they desire to learn that they rely on that identity even after entering a lifetime in Earth’s realm. They refer to themselves as being a Star child. That does not mean their origin is from that place, just the immediate identity they choose. A person born in Africa who has moved to Japan may refer to themselves as Japanese after the move, and may retain that sense of identity even if they relocate to a third country. An angel is a guide who has mostly remained at Home but has finally decided to come to Earth.

Help is available for everyone at any time – but you need to ask for it. Nonphysical guides cannot interfere with what you are doing, but they can provide any advice they are asked to give. The openness with which this advice is received often indicates how much you think you are being helped

Divination devices

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I like to use the pendulum to get answers on things going on in my life. Can you tell me if this practice is accurate or is the pendulum just reading my desires? ~Vikki, USA

ANSWER: A pendulum is a divination tool that can be used to contact other energies in the universe, be it your guides, discarnates, deceased relatives and friends, or your higher self. Before you begin, you should present your intention that any contact be for your highest and greatest good. It is then important that you clear your mind of your own expectations so that you do not influence the information coming forth. This separation may be easier for you on some days than other days, depending on your emotional state. When you have severe doubts, put it away and try again later.

For self-information many people use pendulums, dowsing rods, tarot or other sets of cards, I Ching coins, runes, muscle testing, or astrology. The same restrictions as mentioned above apply to the interpretation of all these tools. The accuracy depends on various things. If you are seeking an answer to a question that involves not only you but other people as well, it can only tell you what the intentions of those other people are at the time you ask. If they change their mind, the answer would also change.

Similarly, if you change what you had intended on doing based upon an answer you receive while using divination, then it would become inaccurate for the question asked since the basis of the query has changed.

One important additional action you should take is being aware of the effect any indication or answer has on your inner essence or energy. You are a piece of Source energy and vibrate or resonate with every other energy with which you come in contact. If your higher self or soul is providing the answers, you should sense a resonance or accord in your human shell. If the answer is not coming from an entity looking out for your highest and greatest good, you will feel an abrasiveness or harshness generated with the response.

Is god nothingness?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, god is nothingness / zeroness, what I have understood of this statement is god is not anything else besides just an awareness /pure awareness -that’s why god is content and just exploring through us what he is not, please guide me of my understanding of god and my path towards him. Am I reaching near to him? ~Sheen, India

ANSWER: This is a situation where human terminology creates more difficulties than it explains. “God” needs to be defined by the place it has in the reality you have created for this lifetime. Does it refer to a religious figure that comports with the rules and regulations of an established doctrine? Is it a term referring to the energy that is the supreme force in the universe? Is it the term used to explain the source or origin of everything that exists in your awareness? Or is it a concept you do not understand and cannot define?

In the physical world where the bodies of your souls are having their learning process, any of the definitions from above would result in the human considering “god” to be nothingness since it has no physical form. It does not follow that “god’s” contentment flows from its lack of a physical form in the nonphysical world. The realm in which it resides is unconditional love, void of any negativity and containing no conflict.

All experiences are recorded in the awareness of each soul, when in its nonphysical form. The library is the energetic akashic record of that soul’s many chosen experiences. These collections of completed tasks are available to “god” to see and learn what the opposite of its nonphysical perfection is.

Like all souls, “god”/Creator/Source has no body, no sexual functioning, and no superiority over all the pieces that it broke off from itself. Each soul is a piece of this origin, so, as a soul, you are a piece of this “god” you seek. To touch that which you desire, all you have to do is connect to the unconditionally loving essence inside of you and shed all negativity and ego judgment.