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Spirit contact at will

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, my Mum passed about 15 months ago. She had dementia and although I tried to be a good daughter, often I was intolerant and selfish. She was the most forgiving, loving person I’ve ever met, and I’ve been hoping for a sign or a message from her, to no avail. I don’t mean to be facetious, but would it hurt for me to see her or speak to her or feel her presence? My sister said she saw her dead cat so why can’t I see my mum? Would it be so awful for me to be reassured that she’s okay and forgives me? I can’t be the only person who feels like this. Can you say something about why contact is so difficult please? ~Karen, UK

ANSWER: First off, your Mum is great, having a good time with old friends. During the last period of her life she was not always, as you were aware, totally conscious within her body. That was all part of a life lesson for those around her. You learned quite a bit about yourself during that time – what you could tolerate and where your patience ended.

On a spiritual level nothing is right or wrong; all things are learning experiences.  You understand that your behavior at that time was not something of which you are proud. But it was created by the frustration of not having your loving Mum there to communicate with. Her soul observed but the body was unable to interact. She took no offense at anything that occurred during that time.

Now when it comes to spirit contact, you have to examine your expectations. They are keeping you from hearing/feeling your Mum. She has spent a lot of time near you, but you are looking for specific signs and she is unable to fulfill your desires. When a soul first returns Home, they sever all contact with the Earth plane and therefore enter into an amorphous, energetic state where they do not have a human-like body, so they have no voice box with which to speak.

That does not mean that they do not communicate; it is just more mentally than spoken. Instead of words you will receive “feelings.” They will be reminiscent of your Mum’s presence but not her voice. Remember the times she held you when you were upset? That is the sensation you will first perceive.

It is easiest to establish this connection as you are just falling asleep or as you awaken in the morning. Start the flow by greeting your Mum as if she were in the room with you – because she is. “Hi Mum, having a nice day?” “I remember the strength to face the day that you always gave me.” Don’t anticipate a specific response from her. Just be open to any sensations that roll over your body. Feel her arm wrap around you. That will be her.

If you have patience, avoid feeling frustrated, and continue doing these exercises, you will establish contact.


Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I would appreciate your enlightenment about this: Why my higher self has been insisting me to start to share my wisdom? Did I think to do something specific before incarnated or any contract to channeling the guides from source dimension? Could you please clarify this or help me to understand how can I find a way to work with this? If it’s a lesson how can I overcome this, which lesson is this? What is preventing me to do this that I feel so strong in my heart, is it a belief? Please enlighten me. ~Fes, Canada

ANSWER: You are a creature of your beliefs. You have lived in a family and society where only things that are physical and scientifically proven had value. You have become enlightened about the fact that a human is much more than just its physical body and has a nonphysical aspect that has always existed and always will. As you have awakened to your higher self, you hear it clearly but do not believe all that it says to you.

A higher self is the nonphysical part of one’s soul that is not always in the awareness of the human consciousness. Some souls never hear it in their human form. It works in an advisory capacity once a connection is made. It has all the information your soul had before the amnesia of incarnation set in. It then works as a memory device, repeating to you what you had deemed important to remember during a particular phase of the human existence.

At the stage of your training where you reside, you had considered being a spokesperson for the spirits on the Other Side of the veil. Your higher self is giving you a wake-up call that, if you still choose to do that, it is time to begin. Having freedom of choice, you can do whatever you desire and tell your higher self to be quiet already. The only lesson involved here is the one concerning freedom to do as you wish.

Your difficulty in facilitating the messages from the Other Side is twofold. First, you don’t think you are worthy enough to carry messages from the realm of Source energy. Second, your beliefs tell you that this act is a physical impossibility for you.

Get over yourself. You would not be in this position if you were not advanced enough to have considered this a worthwhile situation before coming. To understand your ability to do this, you merely have to remember that you are a piece of Source, with all the powers and abilities that entails.

What you do is still up to you. Start with talking to your guides in meditation, asking for them to assist you in whatever direction you decide to go. Take baby steps, and only as far as you want to go.

What is the Higher Self?

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters what is Higher Self? Which dimension is it on? Is it possible for 3D human to embody it? What is the difference and relationship of Higher Self and Oversoul? How does communication and advice from your Higher Self differ from Spirit Guides? ~Irina, USA

ANSWER: There are many human definitions for the term “higher self.” To us, it signifies the awakened portion of your soul that is not continuously within the consciousness of your soul’s human experience. “Oversoul” has been characterized as the totality of the soul in whatever state, in whatever dimension, however accessed by the consciousness of the human or the awareness of the nonphysical.

In point of fact, both terms mean that part of Source which was broken off and individualized.

As you can see from the definitions, the higher self is rarely, if ever, present in the physical third dimension. Since the oversoul is everything, a portion of it is wherever a piece of your soul exists in any dimension, physical or nonphysical.

When you are consciously accessing information from your soul, in whatever form, you are consulting yourself in another state of being. It is as though you have taken copious notes about a particular incident and are reviewing those long-forgotten facts.  You are the one who created or gathered the information in the first place. You have the ability to replay some events and to see what the results of your decisions were then and if they are applicable in this situation.

Spirit guides are different souls who have never been a part of you. They are like friends, instructors, and helpmates who are there to offer assistance. They will never tell you what to do because that would interfere with your freedom of choice, but they will help you see the choices you have.