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What are Masters?

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, what are Masters? ~Raul, USA

ANSWER: It all began with Source, an omnipotent energy who was perfect in every way. Source began to wonder what it was not. What is the opposite of its perfection? It decided to find out. It did not wish to compromise its entire being, so it split off pieces of itself to act as experimenters. These pieces we call souls. They are Source, so they have all the powers and abilities that define Source.

Source created a place where his soul pieces could experience both their positive energy and its negative opposite. At first it was just to see how negativity “felt” – the events were short-lived and centered around one test. Want to feel hate? Bam! Sense it and then return Home. They even were aware of what it was they were going to deal with.

Next came questions: What if you weren’t aware of the negative energy? Could you figure it out and choose to remove yourself from it and return to the unconditional love of your essence? And what if it was more complex – say, all about various types of control instead of just parent and child? So it developed with more and more iterations of gaining knowledge, then understanding, and finally wisdom.

Some souls chose to investigate many different characteristics for general knowledge. A few wanted an in-depth experience, so they returned repeatedly, varying the aspects of their chosen lesson until they had “mastered” every possible feature of one characteristic, such as betrayal.

Upon achieving complete wisdom concerning a facet of negativity, these Masters became advisors for all the other souls who wished to have a taste of their specialty. A soul going to Earth will inquire of a Master what it needs to set up in order to learn this or that about, say, abuse.

A soul, who has had thousands of incarnations may be a Master in more than one field; it just depends on their interest and how much work they want to do. Those souls are still merely a piece of Source and are no more important or revered than any other.

Are messages from beyond real?

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters is it possible for other people (mediums, self-declared clairvoyants) to bring true messages to people from their deceased loved ones or is it only wishful thinking and longing? Some say that when a soul has left for the light, it wishes not to have contact to this realm. ~Kanerva, Finland

ANSWER: Souls are able to communicate through the “veil” from the nonphysical state to the physical state. Because they have differing degrees of energy, their ability to get their message across is based on their experience with doing so. That is the reason that some communications have a high degree of clarity and others come with a “fuzziness” like static on a radio.

The effectiveness of the radio receiver, in this case a human who has psychic abilities, also varies based on a few factors. The first – and generally the biggest hurdle – is interference from the degree of ego the medium inserts into the reading. The only way to achieve clear, unimpeded reception is to have a completely clear mind with absolutely no negativity or personal interest in what is being received. The person must not try to interpret what is coming through but must deliver it exactly as it is given to them.

The second is the level to which the medium has risen in their spiritual growth. A person who is still living in a state of continual judgment has difficulty reaching into the unconditional loving energy of Home. The less their negativity and the more their embracing of unconditional love, the stronger is their connection and the purer their “hearing” from the Other Side.

An important third factor involves the protections that the medium employs to prevent Earth-bound discarnates from masquerading as loved ones. Under the right conditions, true messages are not wishful thinking.

What a soul desires once they have left the duality of Earth is not to return unless and until they make the decision to do so, but that does not mean they wish to sever all contact with the humans they left behind. As long as they can reside in the unconditional love and not have to deal with any negativity, they have no problem delivering their thoughts back to Earth.

If the person was close to you, or even someone you never met in body who reaches out to you, rely upon your sensitivity to the energy coming through. Does it resonate with you? Does it convey love and nothing else? How does it make you feel?

Hating your choices

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

QUESTION: Masters is it possible for me to enter into the 4th dimension/ change into a heart-based consciousness/ reach enlightenment… (I don’t know the best term, but I think you get the idea) all while keeping my goals of revenge against my soul? I know it’s contradictory to speak about heart and revenge in the same line, but I have no other choice. To you it may be a wonderful experience to come to earth to suffer again and again and again, and later go to another planet with even more pain and difficulties to suffer even more, and keep this cycle infinitely, but I don’t want this anymore, really. Is that why we exist? What do I gain from all that? Would I be superior to those who fail to endure it? Sorry, but I’m not interested. ~E., Brazil

ANSWER: The third dimension is a duality of half negative and half positive energy. The spiritual aspect of the fourth dimension is reached by removing oneself as much as possible from negativity and focusing on unconditional love. The fifth dimension, union with Source energy, is where one is completely devoid of negativity and exists in unconditionally loving, positive energy.

Without a soul you could not have a human experience, because the soul is what animates the physical body. The human consciousness has little, if any, concept of the soul that is in control. It is only when in its essential form, an amorphous energy cloud of unconditionally loving energy, that the soul “knows” itself.

You are embroiled in the third-dimensional ego judgment where you are rating, grading, and judging everything, even those things about which you really have no idea. You have decided that this life and every other life your soul has chosen are all negative and painful. Well, let us tell you that you have had many lives where you have chosen enjoyable, satisfying, and pleasurable existences; you just don’t remember them while in your human body.

You have bought into all those societal and organized religious ego judgments where the poor little human is suffering because the big bad soul wanted to punish it by having it come into a negative world. You are here only because you chose to be. You chose the lessons you are going through, and you can either learn them and move on or finish this life in the same negative state you are in right now.

Enlightenment is “getting” the whole reason a soul chooses to go through Earth “hell.” It is forcing away the negativity, the hate, the need for revenge and, instead, choosing to accept that which is and letting yourself return to the unconditional love that is devoid of any negativity. Only then will you be able to achieve a heart-based consciousness.

But, in the end, the choice is yours.