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Dreams and dreaming

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters what are dreams? Do we go into a different plane when we’re dreaming? What is the difference between dream yoga and lucid dreaming? Is our subconscious mind awake? There’re many reasons why I want to know because I’ve noticed that in my dreams I’m able to do all kinds of things that I don’t know if it’s normal. Plus, I’m able to remember dreams from years ago. For example, one of my dream I had awhile back I was able to tell someone about a funny incident that happened to me in real life because in my dream that person and I were reunited. I also was able to tell her that I dreamt about her often in this dream. I’m really interested in wanting to know if there’s more to dreams and is there some type of connection to the person who’s dreaming and the dreams in any way? ~Xiong, South Korea and US

ANSWER: A human is a soul having a physical experience. Some aspects of the soul never completely come into the enclosure of the body. While a physical body requires rest, relaxation, and regeneration to maintain health, the soul never sleeps or rests.

Once the physical body falls into a “sleep” state, the soul goes traveling. What the soul becomes aware of during its journey, if it is recalled once the person awakens, is called a dream. Some people are unaware of what they did during their nightly travels, while others recall everything.

If a person is reliving an incident that has actually happened to them in wakeful living, they will replay exactly what they did or even what they wish they had done. They may feel compelled to share something in which they think others would be interested.

A soul may wish to go back to another existence they had and either relive the events or reunite with souls who shared that life. Some go a place where they can study about their powers and abilities so they may enact them in their waking state.

Lucid dreaming is being able to transport oneself to a particular location you wish to visit, or an event you want to enjoy.  Dream yoga is a term some use to describe a nighttime endeavor to learn more about one’s spiritual journey and how their chosen life lessons are progressing.

You can ask your unconscious to do certain things while you sleep, and ask it to allow you to remember what you have done, and where you have gone, when you awaken.

Souls returning to same family

Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

Question: Masters my mother died at age 88 and is now my grand-daughter as told to me at age 2 and thereafter that she is my mother. My father who died at age 97 has incarnated as my great-nephew. I believe this because my father died on March 7th and my great-nephew was conceived the very next day. When my great nephew at six months was first brought into the presence of my grand-daughter he squealed and wiggled with joy at seeing her. She likewise showed affection and kissed him. My question is why do you think my father did not spend more time with Source and friends who remained at Home? Also do you think this situation confirms that souls in the physical state that are not contaminated by culture do in fact recognize each other when brought into each other’s presence? Also consider Luke 1:41-42 in support of my belief. ~Serita, United States

ANSWER: It is extremely rare for souls to come back into the same linear family after spending a lifetime with those circumstances. A soul comes to Earth to learn lessons, and once they are learned, if successful, they will move on to another set. The environment helps to set up the staging for life’s lessons, and repeating the same staging creates almost the same, if not entirely the same, situation. Redoing something you have done before does not help with understanding your essence and does not produce wisdom.

While you think that these are the same souls that were your mother and father, they are not in fact your biological parents. The familiarity and energetic signatures are close to those of your parents because these souls came from the same soul groups as your parents and know them quite well. They both agreed to enter into your family because they had learned so much about it that they knew they could experience what they desired.

Your father his been in the process of going through a “de-briefing,” an examination of his life and what he learned from it and what he would like to continue to delve into. He is still presently in spirit form as he has not returned to Earth but is keeping a close watch over the family. That is also why you can feel both of your parents, because they have taken over as guides for the young ones.

Luke 1:41-42 was originally taught for the purpose of authenticating that the fetus inside Mary was the son of god. The souls inside the two children recognized the energy of each other, having prior knowledge of their souls’ feel. When children first come into the world, they do not have complete amnesia and remember a lot of being together in spirit.

Do souls have multiple origins?

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters my question is about where our souls are coming from. I have heard about star people and souls that are original Mother Earth’s children and angel people. Is that truth that our origin is different? How does it affect our lives? Do star people for example get more help from their own? ~Helena, Finland

ANSWER: All souls originate from the same place: Source energy. Once they have separated from Source, they may then choose a myriad of interesting things to study and experience. Some choose to go off to non-duality planets, such as a star, to explore the reason each was created. Others want only to explore the Earth and see how they fare within the duality that exists only there. And a few decide to remain forever, or at least for a goodly time, at Home, where they act as guides for those on a journey.

Once a soul has had an experience with another soul, they have a shared memory and an idea of the energy signature of the other. This allows them to always recall and know the other in any further situations. They may also plan to assist each other in subsequent ventures. This foreknowledge does not create a bond stronger than any other agreement, but just one that some find more comfortable than others. For this reason a bonding, or fraternity, exists that the soul may find repeating in their lifetimes.

Sometimes a lifetime on a star or a planet may be so strong in the soul’s list of things they desire to learn that they rely on that identity even after entering a lifetime in Earth’s realm. They refer to themselves as being a Star child. That does not mean their origin is from that place, just the immediate identity they choose. A person born in Africa who has moved to Japan may refer to themselves as Japanese after the move, and may retain that sense of identity even if they relocate to a third country. An angel is a guide who has mostly remained at Home but has finally decided to come to Earth.

Help is available for everyone at any time – but you need to ask for it. Nonphysical guides cannot interfere with what you are doing, but they can provide any advice they are asked to give. The openness with which this advice is received often indicates how much you think you are being helped