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Really seeing your life

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I feel like I’m stuck. A few years ago, I went through crisis and started to heal myself after that. I’ve learned that my own energy defines my experiments. Now I feel like that after many years work nothing has changed. It feels like that no matter how much I change; my life won’t change. And I really don’t know any more what to do. ~Virpi, Finland

ANSWER: Your life has changed. You have accomplished much, but as you have done so, your perspective has also changed, and you therefore perceive a new starting point. When at a new beginning, what is ahead looks daunting and impossible. It is like when you went from primary school to middle school and then on to university or professional school. Each seemed as if you knew nothing and were never going to get anywhere. You sensed that all the prior work accomplished nothing, but in reality, all that work made it possible for you to be able to move on.

You have been completing your life lessons, and that has allowed you to understand about energy and how each soul creates their own realities. Being in the midst of the changes, you don’t see them. You have manifested the changes, as you are aware, but since you don’t know what you can do with them, they appear to be insignificant.

You are at a turning point, or crossroads, where it is time to find something about which you can be passionate. A passion will pull you through each day and make you want to get up and continue with life. You had not planned anything specific before coming so the choice is open.

You have awakened to your essence and the purpose for which souls come to the duality, and you are now in a position to assist others in achieving this awareness. You are very creative, although you have not used this for anything, and it is something that could bring you together with others and allow you to share your remarkable wisdom with them.

Step out of the pattern that has felt so comfortable, albeit inhibiting, and experiment with brightness and light in the world. Find hobbies that please you and bring you joy. Get out of that rut and see the world anew.


Understanding connections

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters almost every friendship I have had, I have had to let go of and end for one reason or another. I have been taken for granted, or treated negatively, or had not been valued as much as I valued them. Why? ~M, USA

ANSWER: You are placing your trust in the ego judgment values of society and not examining the spiritual reasons for why your life is playing out as it is. All the “difficulties” you perceive as resulting from the actions of others are actually the result of life lessons you chose to appear in your life.

Your biggest, most powerful lesson deals with depending on expectations you have created concerning the behavior of others. It is impossible to get another to act exactly as you wish if they do not want to do so. You look only at your opinion of a situation and never how it might appear to another.

Lessons of betrayal, abandonment, dealing with lies, and not being able to evaluate the intentions of other people are all lessons you are living. You have not learned enough about any of these to be finished with its repeated appearance in your life. You take everything personally, even when the other person does not intend or direct that it apply to you.

Because you are constantly judging the actions of others according to the way you expect that they should treat you, when they don’t do exactly as you expect, you are further hurt and pull away. If you were to go back to the numerous betrayals you have suffered and take the place of the other party, you would see that they were being true to themselves and not your expectations.

You have created a victim role for yourself. Even the judgment of “value” you are so concerned about is meaningless when both sides are considered. Your actions have forced people to move away because they do not want to behave as you demand.

Start looking at situations with an open mind. Don’t pre-judge what another’s reaction to your encounter with them should look like. And be honest with yourself. Don’t do something because you think it is what the other person wants you to do. If you follow these suggestions, you will find that people will stop running away from your intensity.

Making troubles go away

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters being a Soul living in a human body can be very hard at times. We all try our very best to live a life the best we can for our Soul and our body to stay as positive and healthy as we can! But we all know very well it is not always possible. Living as a human can be challenging every day. Our minds try to stay positive but sometimes we need help to get through some hard times. Masters is there a way we can help and teach our mind to just forget about some worries and troubles we go or went through, to make our life a little easier to live with? I try to self-heal my body and my Soul but some people might not know what to do! ~Sylrose, UK

It is kind of you to worry about helping others deal with their lessons, but a soul’s journey is a solitary undertaking. It is also impossible to get another to do anything unless they are willing to make changes that you can see from the outside but they can’t from the inside. Not only do some people not know how to resolve their tests, they may not even identify them as such because they can’t see past the ego judgment of society. Those who rely upon the instructions and opinions of others instead of their feelings about things will remain the same.

Unless a soul having a human experience recognizes that they are on a journey and that happiness does not, and cannot, exist in negativity, they cannot redirect their life to rid themselves of the fears and doubts that outline lessons. To understand that learning is all about making choices, one must want to amend their behavior to address it.

A way to change your environment is to first accept that it can be changed. You are not stuck in some deep, dark, bottomless pit. Every time you find yourself in negative energy, ask yourself: what is it attached to? Follow it back to its source and then probe the source until you see why it is there. You can then decide if you wish it to remain or if there is no longer any need for it.

A big part of finding happiness and a peaceful life is to love yourself. Loving yourself is based in acceptance. Accept that you are a magnificent soul who chose to be where you are, faced with what you are facing, and that you need to spend the time to understand and learn from the negativity before you send it packing.