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Caught in a make-believe reality

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters some years ago I met a man who I later, deeply in my heart, recognized as my very important soulmate. I went home and cried for joy even though I was married to another man and I didn’t even really know this new man. There are a lot of similarities in our lives but also something very opposite. I still feel the connection to him, but this man has told me that he’s not interested in me. When there is love and peace in my heart, I feel deeply that he’s my twin flame. I have never suffered such mental pain before than being without him. I can’t stop thinking about him and that makes me unable to forget him and move on. I don’t know what to do. Who is this man and what he is teaching me? ~In Pain, Finland

ANSWER: Ever have the experience of seeing an actor in an emotionally moving situation and becoming fascinated and physically responsive to their existence? This is the same roller coaster you find yourself on with this man. Ever have a visceral reaction to a steamy book you are reading or a movie you are watching? This is a similar reaction.

You have engraved in your mind what you desire with your whole heart because of the way this contact has stimulated your body. This is not a real response to the action of this individual but a desire to satisfy the cravings you momentarily had with this person inspiring your imagination.

This occurrence happened at a time when you wanted so much more from your marriage and were not getting satisfaction. You stepped into your “perfect” imagination and are now stuck in its throes. This man became symbolic to you of what you had to have. Of course, he is not interested in what is in your dreams alone.

A twin flame would have the same reaction to you that you have to them. Since he finds you somewhat of a stalker, you can rest assure he is not your twin. He came into your life so that you would examine exactly what your dreams are demanding in a relationship.

Step back and see what it is in him that you desire in a mate. Take this particular man out of the equation and create, with your needed requirements for happiness, just what you wish to bring into your life. Look only at characteristics, do not try to identify a person behind them – that is where your fixation takes over and prevents looking forward.


Following your passion

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters this question randomly popped up in my mind (might be helpful to someone else) people often say “one should follow their passion /do what they love” but if that were the case…There wouldn’t be anyone to clean streets or deliver food or odd jobs which necessarily aren’t ‘passion/talent’. I personally don’t think that only one job or skill can make you happy. What’s your take on it? ~S, India

ANSWER: The phrase “following one’s passion” has several implications. It refers to the elementary concept that a soul has total freedom of choice and that learning about yourself can only occur if you are in touch with your inner self or driving force. It looks toward souls’ ability to manifest that which they desire to experience. It encourages one to take responsibility for their decisions and to understand that as time changes, so will your need for diversity.

As a soul goes through their chosen life lessons, they may reach a point where the lessons no longer drive their life, and they are free to create a world of their liking. Now, this may be one of rest and relaxation, or it may be fulfillment of things always hoped for, or it may be to exercise the wisdom gathered through their lessons. They might have a strong need to help the less fortunate, or perhaps their ability to make art speaks to and is pleasing to others, and they wish to share.

Those whose passion is for a pursuit that will not financially support their human existence will have to occupy a portion of their time with one that will feed and clothe them. These people generally choose something that does not involve too much thought since that part of themselves will be taken up with planning the next passionate endeavor. They might find the perfect answer in washing dishes, cleaning streets, bussing tables, picking up garbage – none of which requires deep thinking.

You will find that making the connection to a passion enhances your life by being a force that “pulls” you through the rest of your time. It is all consuming and satisfying. But it, too, like all other phases of your existence, should be constantly evaluated to see if there is something that has a more dynamic effect upon your physicalness. Don’t be afraid to change or to try something new.

Every soul makes their own choices

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I ask for your insight into my children, age 24 and 27. A trusted psychic told me when they were little that their minds would be taken over by a terrorist, their father, and he would turn them against me. This has proven true. My friend also said that eventually, once they reached the age of 25, they would begin to question what their father has done to them. So far this has not proven to be true as far as I know. I have tried to behave always with dignity and restraint, despite their appalling behavior, and also to be compassionate as they don’t even know what has been done to them and I do. Can you shed some insight into the agreement we all must have with each other? How can I deal with this situation most effectively for my own well-being and sanity moving forward? ~Mary Anne, Australia

ANSWER: Since every soul has total freedom of choice to change their mind at any time, what a psychic or channeler can see, and relate to you, applies only to the direction in which all choices are leading at the time of the reading. Many factors have come in to influence the journeys of your children. They have not matured – that is, assumed responsibility for their own decisions – to the point of appreciating their situation. You must give them a little more time to decide to accept what they are seeing and feeling concerning their father or to continue to ignore it.

Your lesson in this lifetime is to be an observer – a witness – to the expedition that is your children’s lives. You already see that you have no way to control what goes on in their lives, and that the way you feel about this is totally up to you and dictates your mood.

Each soul creates their own reality by the choices they make. You can choose to be unhappy and miserable because things in your children’s lives aren’t going the way that you wish, or you can honor the fact that these are the lessons they chose before coming into this life.

What is important is that you not let their journey interfere with your own. Work through the lessons revealed by your fears and doubts. Release ego judgment and enter into unconditional love. This is what your trip here is all about.

You wanted to deal with lack of control, self-image and self-worth issues, and not letting the actions of others affect your emotional well-being. You have done very well with these. Your agreements with the family involved being the parent who was different from the pattern they chose to learn, and being there when the time was right for counseling them through their realizations.