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Living with expectations

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I rejected my daughter on the day she was born because of how she looked. I felt nothing towards her during the first weeks, and I always wondered why did I like my nephew better than my own daughter. She’s now almost 2 months and every day I love her more, she’s my bundle of joy and I appreciate the fact that she “chose” me as her mother. The problem is that I feel that she does not love me as much as I love her and I FEEL THAT SHE IS NOT HAPPY WITH ME. I’m sorry if she felt rejected by her own mother. Do babies feel the energy around them, did she feel the REJECTION when she was born does she know that I love her a lot now and I’m sorry for what happened in the past!? ~Miamite, France

ANSWER: You need to get out of your own head and stop creating situations that make up fears and anxieties for you. Not everyone bonds immediately with their child, particularly when they have a preconceived notion of how that child is going to look. In your case, your slightly older nephew had developed his baby “cuteness” and you expected your daughter to be even more beautiful and cute when she came into the world because she was yours. She had a hard delivery and her features did not take on the “cuteness” for several weeks.

You are very hung-up on appearances and don’t open to the energetic sensations that accompany all people, such as love. The act of taking care of her, which has exhausted you at times, has allowed you to stop thinking about your disappointments and just feel her love. She does love you and is aware that your earlier reaction was part of a life lesson on judgment that you had to work out.

She loves you tremendously, but what you have sensed is her frustration that you don’t allow your feelings to overrule the conclusions you create with your mind. You are being totally controlled by third-dimensional ego judgment. You reach out to see what you think others are going to say about a situation rather than evaluating the situation yourself.

Your daughter is an advanced soul who has been to Earth many times and recognizes your behavior for what it is, even though you do not. She has come to help you learn to accept things as they are and not try to make them into something else. She will constantly fight against your unreasonable expectations and push you into delving into them because they are all part of life lessons.

Your life will be extremely smooth if you get rid of judgment, open to the feeling of love, and stop trying to micro-manage every aspect of life. Put your thinking on hold and activate your sense of feeling. Let your unconscious wisdom come through and help you enjoy this experience.

Stuck, what next?

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my mother is an intractable person. She thinks she’s superior and Jesus Christ is herself. Call everyone dumb and low level. They all ran away from her. I live in her house, so she is my responsibility. I do not have someone to ask for help. She is violent and hurts me with words and gestures. What do I have to learn from her? How can I get out of this situation? Is she mentally crazy? When can I have my own home? I’m desperate, I cannot stand this situation anymore. I cannot stay in a positive state to create a prosperous life for me. ~Luh, Brasil

ANSWER: First off, no one is anyone else’s responsibility. You are only responsible for yourself. Your lesson here is to understand that words and gestures alone can harm you only if you allow them to do so. Ignore that which does not resonate and feel applicable to you. Your mother is an extremely unhappy person and fears everything. Her idea is that if she can get others around her to be miserable, she will feel better by comparison – the old “misery loves company.”

There is nothing you can do to make her change her behavior unless, or until, she decides she wants and is ready to change. She is not certifiably crazy at this time but has personality defects that make her unfit to survive in normal society without assistance. Look around to social agencies for help in dealing with her.

All of this is coming to you because it is time for you to make some decisions about your future. A soul creates its own reality and brings to itself what it needs to experience and what will show it when it is time to move on. You have become complacent with the ability to live with your mother and have not found any other means of living. It is time to evaluate what talents you have that will allow you to get your own place and take care of all of your own needs – because you are responsible for yourself.

You are in a psychologically abusive situation and it will only get worse. You may stay if you desire, but you will not learn anything new about yourself or grow in understanding of this life. Seek out groups for abused children and they will point you in helpful directions. You are not alone in this scenario; it is all too common, but everyone feels like the only one suffering under the yoke of unreasonable parents.

Can’t see the forest for the trees

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I would like to know why my sister and I have had difficulties getting along since we were little, she was always very aggressive with me. I am currently having to live with her again and in a short time she is already disgusted with me. The reason was my boyfriend, who dirty the house and did not clean. My family does not like him, he really has serious family problems because he has been sexually abused and takes medication to treat anxiety. Does it really upset my progress? ~Carla, Argentina

ANSWER: Hello, is anyone home in your head? Put yourself in your sister’s position. She is being kind and generous to take in her down-in-the-dumps sister. Said sister then drags along an uncaring boyfriend – not a husband – who is a slob and uses his history as an excuse for being inconsiderate and disruptive. What would you think? How happy would you be with these events?

You live in a dream world where you think everything is about you, and you have no concept of the needs and desires of others. You have always been bailed out of difficult situations by family and friends and think your behavior is okay. It is time to take responsibility for your actions, including the decision to inflict your boyfriend on your family. The reason you dragged him along is because he makes you feel important and depends on you. You two are co-dependent.

Your difficulty with your sister comes from your attitude. She is very realistic and sees things as they are. You have always lived in a fantasy where you are the princess and think others must heed your needs and take care of you. It is time to open your eyes and grow up.

From a spiritual perspective, nothing is right or wrong, so you may continue on as you have always done or you can become aware of the world around you and engage in living. The choice is yours. But it is time to stop blaming everyone else but yourself for the way you are treated.