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Lacking desire for intimacy

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I rarely have desire for intimacy. I don’t believe this is normal specially when I am with someone that I love. What is the cause for this and what can I do to change this? Is it just an issue of mine or of my partner’s as well? ~Marika, UK

ANSWER: There is no such thing as “normal” applying to all souls having human experiences. You are caught up in what you think, by the example of what you see happening in society around you, is necessary for loving relationships. That completely depends upon the partners.

There are situations where intense love relationships exist without sexual intimacy. In cases where circumstances prevent contact – such as in paralysis, possible contagion, emotional fragility, and physical distance – the partners may provide solace to each other through communication alone. Some also abstain through vows of celibacy but still pair up for companionship.

You deeply desire and have a need for love, for being the object of the care of another, but while you can tolerate touching and holding, giving yourself over to the ministrations of another freaks you out. This stems from incidents in your earlier life where you were used by another against your will, and now you have an intense need for being in control over your body, which you do not feel is possible during sex.

You can examine your feelings and see if it is possible to restore a sense of confidence in another’s control for short periods of time. During a flashback of fear, go into the event and try to return to the cause. Once you have arrived, look at the incident through your adult eyes and see that it has nothing to do with your current status. You will then be able to release your blockage. This may or may not open you to desiring to engage in intimacy, but it will give you another perspective on your actions.

Any time you have a relationship, what happens within it is the choice of both parties. You have your hang-ups regarding sex, and your partner has to decide whether that is or is not a vital aspect of why he loves you. Being “in love” means accepting your partner and all that represents who they are. Intimacy is not an integral part of love.

Getting another to understand you

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I have recently moved away to another country after years of trying to settle in an extremely unhappy relationship. However, I have also made the choice to leave my children with their father while I set myself up. I have consciously tried to be in contact with my children’s essence during this process and I have always received love and positive motivation from them on that level regarding my decision. But as children they obviously feel strong emotions. My elder daughter has said that mum does not love her enough to stay and my younger one wishes to live with me. Could you help me get some insight on a human emotional level about how are they dealing with this? And guide me on how to communicate with them at this point to help them navigate this situation. ~Dolly, India

ANSWER: Each one of you involved in this situation had chosen to be presented with these facts. Of course, with amnesia, no one is consciously aware of that. Your daughters wanted to work on lessons of abandonment, guilt (feeling it’s partially their fault you have left), sadness, and helplessness.

Your lessons include self-love, self-confidence, and honoring your own journey. Even though you bore the children, your lessons are still yours and can only be dealt with by you. You do not have a spiritual obligation toward them. Most feel there is a society responsibility.

Right now, they are very confused and believe you do not love them or you wouldn’t have left them. You did not spend enough time explaining to them what you were going to do and why you felt you had to leave.

Talking to your daughters’ essences, or higher selves, will give you an idea only of what the soul understands – it does not give you the emotions of the human. Only direct conversations with each girl will give them an idea of what you are doing. You need to treat each one individually, not both as a set.

You will not be able to get a good read on how they are reacting to this change in their life until you speak face to face with them. It could be done over Skype or FaceTime.

Fear of old age

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters why do I have such fear of old age? (no fear of death, just old age, illness, being dependent) What kind of lessons we can learn in old age, and what kind of pleasures can we find? Natural death versus euthanasia – spiritual pros and cons, what is better for future lives? ~Irina, USA

ANSWER: Your first issue is dependency. You have prided yourself on becoming an independent woman and fear the dependency of childhood – mostly because of the lack of control it brings. The things you fear don’t have to be a stage in aging if you are conscious of maintaining your body.

With age should come the culmination of all your life lessons so that you transition from working hard to make the choices that take you out of ego judgment and transport you into unconditionally loving evaluation. Every lesson understood gives you the wisdom to apply the same principles of knowledge to all other facets of your life. This can enhance every aspect of living.

Removed from judgment, replete with wisdom, you can expand into the nirvana of Source-type energy. No more negativity, just the blissful enjoyment of human possibilities only available to the soul when contained in a human body complete with nervous system.

The soul is in total control of the human body it inhabits. It, and it alone, decides when to leave the physical realm and return to the spiritual. There is no restriction on how the soul accomplishes this transition. It can let the body waste away or fail from deterioration or disease, it can choose euthanasia or suicide, or it can just mindfully have the physical systems cease to function.

There are no pros and cons among the choices because, in the spiritual realm, there is no judgment. What happened in one life has absolutely no effect or impact on subsequent lives unless the soul makes that choice. Everything is based on exercising one’s freedom of choice.