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Many Layers, Many Lives

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, during a regression, my soul was talking in the third person. It said that it was not in symbiosis with my body, because the body Nicole had made a bad decision about an operation that she was not supposed to have. Allegedly my soul had told me not to do it through my inner voice, but I did not listen. That my soul has a secret that it did not want to tell. It was reluctant to come in symbiosis with the body. Can you explain please? ~Nicole, Canada

ANSWER: When you reach the point of talking to the essence of your soul, there is absolutely no amount of judgment or negativity present. The soul is just unconditional love. Under hypnosis you may reach your unconscious self, sometimes referred to as your higher self. There are layers of higher selves, depending upon whether all the lessons of the lifetime have been dealt with and there is no longer a connection to the physical third dimension.

The unconscious aspect of your human self contains all the parts of which you are conscious, as well as those that have broken off and are within your day-to-day hidden unconscious awareness. Various experiences during a lifetime may create trauma. If you cannot deal with these traumas on a conscious level, the memories are relegated to the unconscious. If they are horrendous enough—for example, involved with guilt, betrayal, or abuse—a section of your soul or the person you know may become dissociated from the conscious. This can result in split personality, a hidden inner child that never develops with the adult self, or a compartment that remains closed until opened, as in hypnosis.

These parts of yourself may have a very skewed version of fact. They may claim that your conscious self—the part you identify with as Nicole—has done something wrong for whatever reason. What you need to do is reunite the parts of your soul that have fragmented. Procedures such as those known as parts therapy, joining the inner child, or restructuring can bring the divided aspects of your self back together again. You are not in symbiosis because you are not in a unified piece.

Separating Life Lessons

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, even though my wife and I have made progress during our karmic journey together, the basic issues like having a lack of respect and misunderstanding of the other’s feelings are still present. How could I promote our relationship? There is very little real conversation between us and I feel stuck and sad! I am handicapped and I`ve met a couple of great, caring personalities as my therapists in the past yearsespecially the latest. She seems to test my ability to control my emotions for what? Could you draw me the bigger picture here, please? ~Jari, Finland

ANSWER: Everything that happens between you and your wife has to do with life lessons you agreed to help each other understand. She has a totally different interpretation of your interaction from yours. She finds you at times very demanding and has moved on to different interests that you cannot share with her. She does not understand your sense of confinement and dependence, and you do not see her need for freedom and independence. The current lack of communication will never allow you two to see things through the other’s eyes.

The therapists have come into your life to enable you to see your life and reactions from outside a romantic or spousal relationship. In an employer-employee relationship they can tell you exactly what they see and feel without hurting your marriage. These are often things your wife does not wish to say for fear of hurting you.

A soul calls to itself what it needs to experience. Your emotions were getting out of control in your frustration and sadness. You were seeing things only from your own needs and not from the needs of your wife. You chose the body and afflictions that you have in order to study the torments your daily life presents. This helps you to find out how you feel about these options and how you feel about others’ reactions to you.

As with all souls having an Earthly experience, your purpose is to find out your essence. This you do by examining your reactions to life and delving into your fears and doubts. The situation you have asked for is a very difficult and trying one, but understanding it will be all the more rewarding.

What is my direction?

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I am a 50-year-old housewife that had a spiritual awakening about 4 years ago.  I’ve been doing a lot of heavy-duty researching the knowledge and wisdom of the Great ones. Can you please give me a direction to go in? What do you see me doing with my life? Please, I need to know what my calling is. There must be something for me.  ~Tammy, US

ANSWER: What has all your research revealed? Some of the “Great Ones” you have studied were laying down principles and rules for a time of less sophistication and knowledge. Many lessons had to be taught in parables and examples since the population was not educated. That sounds good today but does little to help you find your way.

Those who speak of the true nature of the soul and its oneness with creator, and tell you to go within to find and feel this truth, are all you need to complete everything in this life. To study the history of the human battling to find itself, or the gradation of the levels of development and awareness by which some judge, is to give yourself over to the ego’s need to know.

Needing to know anything is saying you can’t feel what resonates within you so you need your brain to tell you if you are accomplishing anything by the standards of others. The only thing that is important in this physical realm is the connection with the non-physical aspects of yourself. This connection lets you sense the unconditional love that is the entirety of your soul.

Go within. Release any negativity you find. Examine the human reason behind your fears and your doubts, because they are the lessons you chose to learn. Then be completely still, shut off your thinking mind, and bask in the unconditional love of the universe.