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Only duality?

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I have read several times that planet Earth is the only planet in the universe that has duality, I read even here in the answers you have given. But would not it be a waste of space and possibilities? A universe with so many galaxies, with so many planets, would Earth be the only one that allows an experience in duality? Or would it be the only planet in this galaxy? ~Sergio, BRASIL

ANSWER: Ask yourself first: What is the reason for there even being such a thing as a duality? The sole purpose is for a soul to work through the life lessons they have chosen to experience. It provides a type of school or experimental environment for one to constantly keep learning about themselves. Once you have gained all the wisdom that education allows, you are ready to go forth and put that information to use doing something else, like perfecting your understanding.

If you have gone beyond the selection of positive and negative choices, you no longer need to be subjected to the negativity and judgment of a society based on them. You can then enter into an arena where all you do is test the knowledge you have to enjoy the powers and abilities that being a piece of Source energy permits.

All is energy and energy is everything. Nothing is of a physical nature until a soul, having a physical existence, brings it into reality. Planets and galaxies, as your belief system has allowed into your reality, exist only to you and those who share the same beliefs. You believe in their existence because you have allowed yourself to see them.

There are other places than Earth where souls go for experiences, comparable to lifetimes on your planet, but they are not subjected to negativity and a need to make choices in order to exist there. Where do these places “physically” exist? They are wherever the participants wish them to be. They, too, are energetic and become solid only after a number of people create them in their belief systems, and then they come into those groups’ reality.

Video games

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, what is your opinion on video-games and how they affect souls? What ls good about them and not so much? Do you have video games at Home, if not then what do you do instead? Why are some video games gory violent and some souls enjoy playing them? And lastly, what are your thoughts about the game designer industry? ~Natalie, Denmark

ANSWER: Video games are an invention / entertainment tool of the physical world. They are interactive devices that allow participants to do something other than watch a movie or read a book. They require the gamer to make instantaneous decisions just as they do when they wander around in society, but they are in a make-believe environment and do not physically endanger the person.

For the soul, they are nothing more than another type of experience to learn something about being a human being. They are remembered by the soul, as is everything in which it engages while on Earth, but don’t have any more or less importance. The same thing can be said about all the movies, TV programs, books, and actual events to which the person also has exposure.

We do not have anything similar to video games at Home because we do not have physical bodies, and also we remember everything in which we have participated in all of our many lives. We are able to project our consciousness into any situation we wish, whether we have completed it ourselves or observed another’s participation.

In considering the genres of video games, they encompass the whole spectrum of human activities. They start with educational games for the schooling of the young, branch into mathematics and other areas of learning, strategical planning, physical coordination, and then merely entertainment.

The totally role-playing games come closest to replicating actual learning experiences. Various types appeal to individuals through the thrill they can provide. Timid people sometimes wish to see if they can participate in gory battles, those working on control issues may play domination games, and those who comply with all the rules and regulations of society may want to see what it feels like to break the law. A person can find these same releases and experiences watching various types of movies or reading thrillers or psychological horror, but they don’t get the same satisfaction of “testing” themselves in the situation.

A designer of games is an author or director providing a service that is “needed” by a segment of society. It is just another job. It takes a person who can project an entire scenario, like a well-read author. A soul having a human experience can choose that or any other employment as a way to learn about themselves and their abilities.

Why leave unconditional love?

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters working as much as I can and trying to be good. Husband also but our luck just doesn’t seem to help our finances. What do we change about ourselves? So tired that life just seems like a pointless exercise. If we chose to take birth to understand and reach unconditional love, why would we when we were already in unconditional love. We have been humiliated in front of mean cruel family also for finances. What’s the learning? I’m just learning shutting down and accepting getting hit as trying and working hasn’t helped. ~L., India

ANSWER: Choosing to reincarnate is not done for the purpose of finding unconditional love as you have stated. It is done because the soul wishes to understand what powers and abilities it possesses as a piece of Source energy. This can only be accomplished by testing oneself through making decisions concerning negative and positive choices – in other words, by going through a series of life lessons.

As you have imagined, one of the lessons chosen by you and your husband deals with prosperity. You also must learn about self-worth and self-love, accepting who you are and why no one is any more important than you, and no one knows more about your journey than you.

You are being subjected to the judgment of your family and it can be handled in many different ways. They think they know what is best for you or what they think you should be doing in this life. Their opinions can affect you only if you allow them to do so. If you believe that only they know what is right for you, then your life will continue as it has. But if you examine your life and see that you are making the decisions you are because it is what feels right to you, you are working on your lessons and can complete them and move on to understanding.

You have no spiritual obligation to any other soul sharing this time frame with you. You owe your relatives nothing. Work on the fears and doubts that pop up in your world and you will find the place where you can increase your prosperity.

To most of society prosperity is determined by financial status only. It is much more than that. It is also a sense of things learned, accomplishments completed, and understanding directions presented. Be content with yourself and share this with your husband as you reach toward creating that which you desire. Push any negative thinking aside because that will only hold your progress back.