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Fear of old age

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters why do I have such fear of old age? (no fear of death, just old age, illness, being dependent) What kind of lessons we can learn in old age, and what kind of pleasures can we find? Natural death versus euthanasia – spiritual pros and cons, what is better for future lives? ~Irina, USA

ANSWER: Your first issue is dependency. You have prided yourself on becoming an independent woman and fear the dependency of childhood – mostly because of the lack of control it brings. The things you fear don’t have to be a stage in aging if you are conscious of maintaining your body.

With age should come the culmination of all your life lessons so that you transition from working hard to make the choices that take you out of ego judgment and transport you into unconditionally loving evaluation. Every lesson understood gives you the wisdom to apply the same principles of knowledge to all other facets of your life. This can enhance every aspect of living.

Removed from judgment, replete with wisdom, you can expand into the nirvana of Source-type energy. No more negativity, just the blissful enjoyment of human possibilities only available to the soul when contained in a human body complete with nervous system.

The soul is in total control of the human body it inhabits. It, and it alone, decides when to leave the physical realm and return to the spiritual. There is no restriction on how the soul accomplishes this transition. It can let the body waste away or fail from deterioration or disease, it can choose euthanasia or suicide, or it can just mindfully have the physical systems cease to function.

There are no pros and cons among the choices because, in the spiritual realm, there is no judgment. What happened in one life has absolutely no effect or impact on subsequent lives unless the soul makes that choice. Everything is based on exercising one’s freedom of choice.

Who are the guides?

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, do my spirit guides actually care about me or do they feel it’s just their duty? I believe one of my spirit guides is a dear friend from my past life in England during the 19th century, but I don’t want to make assumptions too eagerly. I feel it strongly and by intuition and I believe it would help me to get over the past life properly if I talked to them. I doubt guides would mind even if I would mistake one of them as said friend, but I still feel too awkward to talk to them. Would they mind? ~J., Finland

ANSWER: The spiritual realm is an environment of unconditionally loving energy where every soul has total freedom of choice. Guides make commitments to be the astral aspect of a soul’s journey on Earth. They do it willingly and voluntarily and take promises very seriously. There is no such thing as the concept of “duty” between guide and soul. Each considers that you are a friend for one reason or another.

You are correct in your assumption that you shared a life in the 19th century with one of your guides. They are from your intimate soul group and you have been together more than just this single occurrence of which you are aware. It has been your practice to take turns, when you are not both incarnate, acting as a guide for the one who is incarnate.

All your guides would relish the opportunity to communicate with you. They look upon it as a joyful part of their mentoring of you. As you probably already know, a guide cannot tell you what to do, but their job is to advise and give you information to assist in your decision making.

An easy way to slide into a conversation is to go into a meditation or a sleep cycle with a specific question for your guides on your mind. Be sure to remind yourself that you want to remember what was said. Just as you are returning to full cognition, remember what was conveyed to you. This may not work the first time, but keep trying.

Another possible way to contact them is to have a hypnotist put you under and then ask them to introduce themselves and affirm the manner in which you can establish a continuous line of communication. It is easier if you set up a space where you feel comfortable and safe and into which only energies you specifically invite may enter. This can serve as the meeting place when you want to speak to them.

Recurring life lesson

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I am beginning to recognize that some of my daily and life choices are being guided by unconscious shame. I’m catching myself in moments when I back away from a central role in something I am doing things I would love to do. I have recollections of being shamed as a child by parents and teachers, and now as an adult shaming and hiding patterns are playing out. Masters, do you have guidance in freeing myself from these patterns of hiding out of shame? ~Cath, Australia

ANSWER: Shame, with a lack of self-confidence and self-love, has figured prominently throughout your life. These earlier life situations are repeating themselves because they have become “permanent” belief systems that you have allowed to remain. Whether or not you consciously recognize them, they are the rules and regulations by which you conduct your life and behavior. It is time to see them, erase them, and replace them.

As the body of a soul having a human experience starts its journey, it mimics the actions around it. If those activities are ways of behaving, honoring others, accepting concepts, the mind unconsciously catalogues them as needed beliefs to get along in society. The conscious thinking mind is totally unaware of the process.

All the statements directed toward the person are taken in. If they contain a sense of displeasure by others concerning your behavior, the mind unconsciously records the disdain of society and brands those actions as something to be avoided. If they seem to provide the opinions of others as an identity for you, you accept it as being truthful and who you are.

You have to figure out who you are. Who do you want to be? How do you desire to be seen by others? What is the feeling you have when you find yourself holding back? Start by examining the fears and doubts that spring up in daily situations. These are beacons being given out by your life lessons.

When you hear a voice from your past saying that you are not good enough for something, stop and ask why. Let the moment take you back to the actual incident and then look at it with your adult eyes, not the impressionable child eyes. See that the shame was foisted upon you by another and really had nothing to do with your actions. At that point, take and consciously erase the whole emotional impact of the event from your belief systems.

Replace the erased space with the sense that you can do anything you put your heart into. Accept that you are a piece of Source energy and have all the powers and abilities of Source. You are fantastic and capable of creating any type of reality you desire.