Fear of old age

QUESTION: Masters why do I have such fear of old age? (no fear of death, just old age, illness, being dependent) What kind of lessons we can learn in old age, and what kind of pleasures can we find? Natural death versus euthanasia – spiritual pros and cons, what is better for future lives? ~Irina, USA

ANSWER: Your first issue is dependency. You have prided yourself on becoming an independent woman and fear the dependency of childhood – mostly because of the lack of control it brings. The things you fear don’t have to be a stage in aging if you are conscious of maintaining your body.

With age should come the culmination of all your life lessons so that you transition from working hard to make the choices that take you out of ego judgment and transport you into unconditionally loving evaluation. Every lesson understood gives you the wisdom to apply the same principles of knowledge to all other facets of your life. This can enhance every aspect of living.

Removed from judgment, replete with wisdom, you can expand into the nirvana of Source-type energy. No more negativity, just the blissful enjoyment of human possibilities only available to the soul when contained in a human body complete with nervous system.

The soul is in total control of the human body it inhabits. It, and it alone, decides when to leave the physical realm and return to the spiritual. There is no restriction on how the soul accomplishes this transition. It can let the body waste away or fail from deterioration or disease, it can choose euthanasia or suicide, or it can just mindfully have the physical systems cease to function.

There are no pros and cons among the choices because, in the spiritual realm, there is no judgment. What happened in one life has absolutely no effect or impact on subsequent lives unless the soul makes that choice. Everything is based on exercising one’s freedom of choice.