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Is it time to leave my marriage?

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, please help me understand the relationship I have with my husband. Everything is fine seen from the exterior. We have many things in common and share an international lifestyle envied by many. During more than 20 years of quarreling, the marriage has not been emotionally happy. When I tried to get help from several therapists for us, my husband disregarded my efforts. When I finally felt ready to leave him, now he has become very gentle and is trying to do everything in order to make me happy, but I feel our relationship has changed and I should go my way—separate from him. I find I am unable or afraid to do it and to tell him. What is this all about? What is the inner agreement of our souls and what is my soul’s higher purpose in this?                       ~Kaisa, Finland

ANSWER: Your two souls set up a series of trials for each other. You wanted to experience coming to realization about freedom of choice when confronted with self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, control, and responsibility issues. You have been confronting these tests but not accepting the outcome.

The excitement of your life drew you into accepting whatever your husband decided was going to be—hence no responsibility for you. Now you are considering taking that power back and making your own decisions. The fear you feel is tied up with the self issues. You don’t believe you can live alone. You don’t think you have what it takes to manage your life without him. And who would be there to love and provide for you?

Your husband senses you are getting stronger and close to realizing you are capable of existing without him, so he has decided to invest some of himself to keep you around. He is becoming what you thought he was when you married him: sweet, gentle, and obliging. You have been a possession of his throughout your time together and he does not want to admit he could not keep you.

Your fear to tell him what you feel is part of an old belief system which says the man is always in control and right about everything: you must be an obedient little wife. You have given him your power to make decisions about your life for so long that you are hesitant to take over. You must accept that you know more about what will make you happy than he does. Admit to yourself you are as powerful as he is, as all souls are alike.

The secret ingredient to a fulfilling life on Earth is tapping in to self-love. All souls originate from an unconditionally loving Source, and their essence is unconditional love. Few ever bring that love into a physical life. Do that and you can do anything.

Abraham versus The Spirit Masters

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, can you please explain the relationship between yourselves and the teachers called Abraham, currently channeled through Esther Hicks? Your messages seem to be different. They say we create our reality on Earth by our thoughts as we live each day. They say we came for the purpose of joy, freedom, and growth, while you seem to say that as humans we have no control over what happens to us here on Earth but are put into situations pre-organized by our soul and have no control over what we need to learn to deal with. So can we create our reality on Earth? If I want to be wealthy, but my soul has decided I will be poor, is there no point in trying to feel for abundance? What are the similarities between the two groups of teachers? ~Tanudja, Australia

ANSWER: Abraham is a group of souls just as we are. Some members of Abraham are also members of Masters of the Spirit World (The Spirit Masters). If you take all of the messages from both groups as a whole, you will see they are not different but approach life lessons from different perspectives.

Abraham deals with day-to-day activities. The group emphasizes that all souls can create their own reality and that your essence, which is unconditional love, allows you to choose joy, freedom, and growth—if you make those the beliefs by which you live your daily life. This message is about positive reinforcement (such as affirmations) to rid your self of negativity and allow the possibility for a happy life. In the same way that you need junior and high school to prepare yourself for entering the working world, you need to do this first before you can move on with life.

We specialize in going deeper into the behind-the-scenes spiritual growth program each soul comes to Earth to complete. This would be college or post-graduate information and theory that only those spending time on enlightenment need understand.

We inform our readers of the Journey of the Soul and the steps each soul goes through before and on Earth. Our biggest message is that, regardless what souls planned to experience in this lifetime, they have complete freedom of choice what to do and how to complete their tasks.

If you want to be wealthy in a lifetime where you wished to learn about poverty, you must first understand what the lack of money means to you (your life lesson) before you can move on to handling money as wealth. In this case, the search for abundance is the lesson you are studying. It is only when you believe you should do without money, and forget Abraham’s teaching about manifestation, that you cannot shed the mantle of poverty.  

Psychic clarity

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I love and care for someone very much. At present we are not communicating at all. I have had incredible visions of love and a life together. At various times my psychic, metaphysical, or spiritual voices have indicated that we will be together and at other times not. I know I am on an incredible journey of self-discovery and, possibly, mastery. I need to know the importance of her in my life. Also, what are the blockages to my consistent and accurate psychic sensitivity and healing channel abilities? Where am I in knowing, understanding, and accepting my life’s purpose and direction? What am I to do? As I am seeking my spiritual center I know there are layers to these questions. ~Barry, US

ANSWER: First premise of the soul’s journey: You are always where you are supposed to be when you are there. As you go through the human process, it is directed by the choices you make at the moment, not something you determined before coming to Earth.

You are a “wannabe”—not an unusual thing for a human. You see or read about something and you want to be that person or be able to do that thing. You have therefore developed a belief system of already being in tune with nature and the universe and therefore always right. The problem is that you know this is not true because you are having trouble getting your imagination and dreams to match what is happening to you and around you.

Strong beliefs can feel absolutely right to you. You have created a fantasy world about this person and she hardly knows you exist. Spending time thinking about her has equated to reality in you but is nothing more than a fantasy world, like celebrity worship.

The blockages you are experiencing have to do with the fact that you never completely shut down your thinking mind when you are trying to connect with the non-physical energies. Your mind makes its own interpretation of what is happening instead of letting the spirits and your higher self give you a picture of the action. Dreaming by itself will not make something happen.

This person is in your life for you to realize what you are creating is imagination, when you think you are manifesting. Intention is the key to producing something with which you can physically interact. Spend time on meditating until you reach the silence where there is no interference. Then let your higher self inform you what you had planned for this lifetime.