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Internet dating disaster

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, a couple of months ago I met a man on the Internet and we exchanged e-mails every day until I finally met him a couple of weeks ago. We discussed many interesting spiritual topics, but he is married, so I was very clear on my boundaries. He informed me he has been told from clairvoyants that he has been a Red Indian chief, and he receives messages from his two children from that life. They have told him that I was with him in that life, but it doesn’t feel right to me for some reason. I also don’t feel I want to stay in contact with him anymore. Why this sudden distance? Did we have a contract that has now been fulfilled in any way? ~Lisbeth, Norway

ANSWER: This man is very lonely, manipulative, and controlling. He has many women he communicates with online. He finds it a game to find a way to place a “hook” into women so they will do his bidding. He knew you were very spiritual from your exchanges. Knowing you believed in reincarnation he was trying to use that as a way of holding on to you and getting you to do his bidding.

His “children” would have soon told him about your unrequited love for him in that life that is affecting relationships in this lifetime. He would then have suggested a way to clear this negativity by demonstrating your love for him in this lifetime. He would have presented the whole affair as a service he was providing for your betterment and something to which he, himself, was indifferent.

The reason it doesn’t feel right to you is that the whole thing is a fabrication. He is trying to see how many conquests he can achieve. He uses his marriage as an excuse to never have to make any commitments or let you into his personal life.

The distance you sense is one created by realizing that he is a liar and can no longer be trusted. You have freedom of choice to maintain the contact with him if you choose, but you will learn no more from a continued connection. This was not a contract between you, just part of a lesson you sought in trust—both being able to trust others and trusting your own powers of intuition.

Opening a dialogue

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, about 4 yrs ago I entered an Air Force base graveyard to take digital photos. Spirits and cloudlike masses appeared on the photos. While I was there, something moved through me and into my camera, raising the hairs on my body. The camera was destroyed because it would photograph these images even during the daylight. After this experience, I started seeing colored orbs with rings inside them, also faces, people, babies in bonnets, and soldiers in uniform. That eventually stopped. Then I started to hear voices in my left ear, then right. Some of the voices were kind, said they were there to help me. Other voices said they were demonic. All nonsense. I stopped dialoguing with them. I now just totally refuse to tune into the voices, but at times they come to chatter at me. Why has this happened to me? Did I open a doorway? What is the process of bathing in white gold light? ~Janice, USA

ANSWER: It is possible to open a dialogue with souls that are stuck between the physical dimension and the comfort of Home where all souls reside. When you entered the graveyard you did so with a curiosity about what you could discover. You asked the universe, “What’s here?” and it showed you. You extended an invitation to the souls to make them self visible to you. This is a doorway between the dimensions.

We disagree that it is all nonsense; these souls are trying to get answers for their current state of affairs. Some are unaware that they have passed away and need to be helped to understand that they can go home. Those that have followed you are the ones that were bored hanging around the graves and used you to see something new. Some of these souls are just confused and mean no harm, and some are negative forces that wish to control and create fear.

The orbs are something different. They are the form that souls who are already at Home use to be seen on Earth. They have a very positive and loving energy. Some of them are trying to help the lost souls get Home. You have no obligation to have anything to do with these souls unless you desire.

You may start by telling them that they are uninvited from interacting with you. If you wish to help any of the souls you may direct them to find the light and follow it back Home. The negative souls just want energy from you and it would take some work to get them to move on.

White gold light, is the light of Home. You  may envision it as surrounding yourself and those around you. Negativity cannot pass through a strong shell of this light. You may also ask your personal guides to assist these lost souls on their voyage Home.

The answer is love

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve always loved helping others, but people have been unappreciative and ungrateful, which is affecting my love for helping others. All I ever wanted was to help others in need, because I’ve experienced that sense of helplessness when no one was there for me when I needed care and concern. In this world where power and wealth make it go round, it is difficult to experience what love of the purest form is like. I love my parents and I’m sure they love me the same way as well. But this world would be perfect for me if there were only my parents and I.  I pray for insanity sometimes, but I do not seek for sympathy from others. Insanity may be a form of liberation for me, for the only reason why I’m living on in this ugly world of lies is the existence of my parents—nothing more and nothing less. If that is the case, are my parents the sole purpose of my existence? ~Cherylyn, Singapore

ANSWER: You are not here for the sole purpose of your parents but out of your own desire to learn lessons. Your primary issue at this time is self-love. You are sensitive to the fact you feel no love— by your own admission you are not even sure your parents love you. Souls can feel and give love only to the extent that they understand love, which depends on being able to love themselves.

You seek love from others by doing things for them, but the love they return to you is not something you can understand at this time. You fight the sense of power and wealth, which to you is happiness, because you possess no power or happiness. Your answer to the lack of feelings available to you is to run away.

You have envisioned two means of hiding: you and your parents, who you think love you, could be the only people on the planet, or you could become insane and not responsible for your actions, which you equate with freedom. You may find liberation in allowing yourself to truly understand what love is. You first must deal with the fact you do not feel worthy or capable of love.

Why? Do you not know that you are a magnificent being that possesses a soul broken off from the Source of the universe which exists in unconditional love? Your very essence is unconditional love—but you must permit yourself the luxury of feeling that love completely. Go inside where your core essence resides and feel that love. Intensify the feeling and allow it to come out and touch your physical being. Now you are ready to love and be loved.