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Questions, questions, questions

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I want to know if there are other beings in our universe besides humans and if so will we meet and do they know about us? If I don’t go to church will I be punished? Is there really a hell? Are sins really forgiven? And why is destiny non-existent? Does prayer really work? And what is the purpose of dreams? ~Curious Soul, USA

ANSWER: A soul may choose to take a human life or the life of some other being. Earth is the only place where there is a dichotomy of energy—positive and negative. It is the only place a soul may choose to experience negativity so in order to learn the essence of the powers it possesses. Other souls, in other forms, often come to watch the “show.” They may make themselves known to humans, or they may stay just a little out of synchronization with the planet so they are invisible to humans. Most humans do not see them even when they are in synch; they don’t believe aliens exist so they don’t acknowledge them.

Who would punish you if you didn’t go to a church? Churches are religious organizations run by humans with sets of directives of their choice. Negativity only exists on planet Earth so no one outside the physical realm imposes any penalty (a negative element) on souls once they leave the human body. There is no punishment once you return to Home to your nonphysical essence.

Same thing with Hell. It does exist on planet Earth, but nowhere else. The nonphysical world, Home, Source energy, whatever you choose to call not being in a body, is composed of unconditional love and nothing else: no negativity, no jealousy, no judgment, no retribution, nothing at all negative.

The derivation of the word sin is really ignorance. Your thoughts about sin come from the religious organizations and are a means of controlling your thinking. “Sins” may have to be paid for while you are on Earth, such as being in prison for a crime against society, but when you leave, you are once more in unconditional love where there is no negativity. Even criminals are forgiven when they have served their time.

The soul has total freedom of choice so you may choose from moment to moment the experiences you desire. Nothing is absolute. Each soul is broken off from Source and therefore has the abilities of Source to create whatever it desires. If you pray to a being outside yourself to intervene in your life, it does not happen. If you encourage yourself with affirmations to use your innate abilities, it is fruitful so long as you have no doubts.

Dreams have a multitude of purposes—too many to cover in this one answer.

Scripture and the present

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, all the wars on this our beloved mother Earth have been to establish false kingdoms on this planet. Christ said my kingdom is not of this world. A city without any walls. A kingdom of Grace. Why is it most people blindly give away their power to the authorities that govern us. The authorities dwell above us, so it is they who will rule over us. Our savior said, “it is you who will rule over them, but only when you rid yourself of gods and take on the protection of the light and enter the bridal chamber. We have the divine spark of creation within us. My question is what happens next? ~Paul, Scotland

ANSWER: What happens next is more of the same. Souls come to the duality of Earth in order to face negativity and exercise their freedom of choice while learning the lessons they chose. The first step is for them is to recognize that they have the ability to make their own choices and do not have to do things the way they have always been done in this society.

It is the belief system of society that tells you to obey the authorities. Many see acquiescence as a way not to have to make their own decisions or take responsibility for their actions. This simply continues their youth, when parents told them what to do. They were not threatened when they gave power to their parents, so why not keep going?

War is a way in which large numbers of people can have the same type of experience in being controlled and being in control. Most of the conflicts on the planet at this time have to do with ideologies; a great deal of them are religious. The quotes you included in your question are all from Christian beliefs, which are in the minority on the planet in this century. Countries and religions fight for their faith. They are following the path they chose for this lifetime.

Souls are broken off from Source, so your essence is divine. To capture that essence and use your powers, you have to exercise your freedom of choice, take back all your power, and raise yourself out of judgment and reliance upon your ego. That way, you will follow the mandates of your quotes, leave the negativity of the third-dimensional Earth energy, and enter into the light of all positive energy surrounded by unconditional love. You can be there, and the world can still go on its merry way fighting its battles. The choice is yours!

Egotism and judgment

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, in a recent reading I was told that my constant ‘comparisons and jealousies’ are preventing me from being in a higher state of consciousness. I feel ‘stuck’ by this state of being and am unable to come out of this. When and where and how did I become that jealous person and most importantly how do I transform myself so that I can move on? Please help as this is tormenting me! ~Mona, UK

ANSWER: The default energy for humans on your third-dimensional planet, which is defined as half negative and half positive, is to use judgment to determine how well you are doing relative to the rest of the population. The basis of ego is “I am better than you.” And if, heaven forbid, you find yourself lacking when measured up against others, then you become jealous of their position. You were raised in this environment.

This is the standard behavior on your planet. Higher consciousness requires rising above this positive / negative balancing act, choosing to relinquish the negative and exist only in the positive. If you are only being positive, you do not see the negative and therefore cannot judge that you are better or worse than someone else. You are in unconditional self-love and therefore love where you are and the process of getting there and have no desire to be anyone else—therefore no jealousy.

You are stuck because you don’t believe you have the freedom to choose to change your habits. To become judgment free—that is, seeking to live your life without judging yourself or others—you must remove negativity from your life. When there is only positive energy near you, your life becomes a choice of engaging in an activity or leaving it to others.

Anytime you find yourself making a judgment about the actions of another, stop and go into observation mode. Their behavior is neither right nor wrong; it is just part of their lessons. Evaluate if their situation is something you would like to learn from, or if it is not for you. You have just removed yourself from making a judgment.

Honor every soul’s right to have a series of lessons that vary from your own. Don’t think less of yourself because you didn’t choose the same path. Concentrate on living your life and learning from your experiences and let others do the same. You will find the comparisons and jealousies fade away and you will be able to love yourself more deeply.