Suicide and society

QUESTION: Masters I want to know your teachings about suicide. I am a health professional and our background support the life defense paradigm. So, we work to prevent and intervene in situations of ideation, attempted suicide and consummate suicide, being considered a public health problem. What teachings can clarify about free will and the health intervention? ~Duda, Brazil

ANSWER: Every soul has the freedom of choice to determine what they wish to learn when they have incarnated on Earth. One valid lesson is suicide. They may have agreed with some other souls to be the subject so that all can experience the trauma. Or they may be overwhelmed from trying to do more than they are capable of completing in one lifetime, and they want to exit this existence and come back later with fewer challenges.

Some souls even choose it as a lesson to deal with the societal feelings about suicide – the very things with which you deal in your work. Society doesn’t want to lose any of its potential citizens, so it seeks, through therapists, to discourage suicide by counseling those who are considering it as an alternative to remaining.

In the case of those souls who have chosen to work with suicide as a life lesson, you are assisting them with their understanding about it. Regardless of your therapies, they still have the freedom to listen and comprehend your position or to deny that they wish to change their opinions and future actions.

To truly learn a lesson, a soul has to explore all aspects of it and the implications of the various choices connected to it. You are providing them a list of choices in dealing with their lesson – options they may never have considered. You really don’t have a choice to exercise if you are unaware of what the options are.

Of course, these are not issues dealt with in a professional school, unless it has a spiritual basis. Continue doing your job as it has been taught to you, understanding that it is still up to each soul to make their own choices once they know what they are, and what you do cannot influence them unless they allow it to do so.