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Judging lives for contentment

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, there is a saying… “ask for it and you will receive ” I have everything in my life what other people wish for but I feel these things don’t matter, I never wished for the things which I have in my life though I am deeply thankful for them. I just go with the flow but still see people working so hard to achieve the things which will never give them inner contentment. Can you please comment. ~Rima, India

ANSWER: Our first comment is why are you spending so much time concerned about other people when you haven’t completed all your life lessons? Everything you say deals with the human ego judgment in society and balancing negative against positive potentialities. A spiritual person puts these things aside to reside in unconditionally loving energy – while honoring the journey that other people have chosen, not taking time to condemn it.

How do you know what the lessons of anyone else are about? How can you say that they will never attain inner contentment from their labors? What does that even mean to another? You cannot be inside of them and judge their satisfaction with their endeavors.

You have your own path and should be focused on that alone. What about those tiny fears and doubts that exist in everyday life? They are indications that a life lesson lies within and that you need to deal with it. Staying in judgment means that you are assigning way too much energy to your ego – that is where you need to focus. Strive to remove all the negativity and make your life totally positive in nature.

The phrase you state in the beginning is an indication that one has connected with their true essence and recognizes the powers and abilities they have as pieces of Source energy. Aspire to delve into those abilities and bring them to the forefront. Learn to use these powers to understand why you came into this incarnation and to finish your lessons.

Once you have stepped fully into the positive, nothing will matter to you but your own journey – which is why you are here anyway. Physical needs and desires will be a thing of the past and unconditional love will be your future.

Not being able to see

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I am unable to generate clear mental images. I suppose I have a condition called aphantasia. Is there a spiritual or past life related reason for this? Or is it of physical origin and does it have to do with the pineal gland? Is there anything I can do to overcome this condition and be able to see with my mind’s eye like most of the people do? ~Hanna, Finland

ANSWER: Your first assumption, that “most” people can visualize clear mental images, is incorrect. The term “aphantasia” is a newly recognized word to describe people who are unable to conjure images with their minds. It is much more common than you believe. It can be naturally occurring or the result of a traumatic injury or neurological malfunction.

Many persons who have this condition are unaware of it unless they are on a spiritual path where they meditate and become a part of a group that uses visualization as a teaching aid. This is a naturally occurring condition for you this lifetime. You wanted to be really involved in your spiritual practices and decided to create a handicap that would make you dig deep and work hard to “feel” rather than “see” your connections to spirits and other people.

Energy sensations are important to you, and you can sense the “signature” of various souls by how they feel. Once you give up trying to “see” everything and imagine them according to how you feel in their presence, you will not miss the “pictures.” Instead of a seeing, things will be represented as a “knowing.”

If you work on seeing a mental image of a dear friend, you will only see a haze or darkness. If you concentrate on how that person feels and makes you feel when you are near, you will know the signature of that person and will be able to recall that sensation at will.

Missing pictures to a visualizer is like an inability to see to a blind person or not hearing sounds to someone who is deaf. Just as these souls can lead a “normal” existence without one of their five senses, you can find ways to survive without your mental images.

Matching parents and child

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I’m 34 and have been married for 10 years about 5 years ago we began actively trying to conceive a child. It has been a difficult journey, but it has brought me to a beautiful place in my life. Although I still ache for this soul to be born I know that it will happen at the perfect time. My question is how do we call a soul to be born to us? Does the soul we conceive have to match our vibration? What is the soul that I will mother waiting for? ~Chelsea, USA

ANSWER: Whenever a soul decides that it desires to have a human experience on Earth, it first chooses the life lessons it wishes to learn. In order to have certain lessons, souls must enter into an environment that will assist in providing the staging for that education. For instance, to learn about addictions, they could go into a family of alcoholics; for physical or psychological abuse, into a family with an abuser; or for discovering self-confidence, into a family with a domineering manipulative parent. If all they require is a certain location on the planet, that may be the only consideration in the choosing process.

Sometimes the soul has pre-planned with one or both parents to complete a dual lesson between them. All parties maintain their freedom of choice, so at any time they may choose to stop or delay the entry of the soul into the fetus, or change their mind about even starting a combined exercise.

The particular vibration, or degree of enlightenment, that a soul possesses does not initially come into play with a matchup between parents and child. When coming into the duality of Earth, almost all souls, because of their amnesia, are affected identically by the influx of the negative/positive balance. And souls already on Earth may not have reached their potential of wisdom because of pending completion of life lessons.

In your case, it is well known that you seek to provide life to an eager soul. Many have “interviewed” you by accessing the possible learning situations provided. They have noted the conscious and unconscious aspects of parenthood expressed by you and your husband.

First things first, learn to relax a little more over the process. Enjoy sex for the wonderful physical emotional experience that it is. You can “feel” these unique sensations only through the physical body. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself.

When the time is right for all of you, in will pop the soul!