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What is time?

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I really don’t get this whole issue of time. I can understand time here in third dimensional earth but how can it work in spirit. How can souls incarnate in the past without affecting the future, how can souls incarnate in the future which hasn’t happened yet. You need to put this in simple terms that a dunce such as me can understand. Many thanks for all your wonderful work! ~David, UK

ANSWER: Time, as you understand it, is a concept relevant only in the third dimension. There is nothing comparable in the spirit world. Everything in the spirit world exists at the same time – it just depends on where the soul places its focus.

Think of a compact disc on which you have recorded everything that has happened to you on Earth, with a track for each major event. You can participate in any of those occurrences by specifying a track and placing your focus upon that record. You can visit age 16, then hop back to year 2, then hit 45, 32, or the present day. Reliving these events does not change what happened but might give you a better or different understanding of what you learned during that time.

To see how this looks, you must believe that you create your own reality with an illusion in which to study a particular human characteristic. Since it is something that is unique to your creation, revisiting an earlier time does not change what occurred, but you can interact with it differently, thereby changing the illusion that is yours.

The future is also the product of your creation, so your intention brings it into existence, providing the illusion you need to study the lesson you desire. In the spirit world you are even able to be in more than one place at a time, engaging in multiple incidents.

The human mind has difficulty comprehending the reality of what we have just said (if it even can). Your only experience with time is the living of your daily life, so that is what you project outside into the nonphysical world.

The closest you can achieve to an understanding of this while still in your human body is to undergo hypnosis or extremely deep meditation, which frees you from this dimension and allows you to explore your soul’s past and future from your current lifetime.

The Earth’s distant past

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, thank you for your continued messages. You talk of the Earth and universe being much older than our scientific community recognize, how old is the Earth/ universe and why can our scientists not evidence this? If humans were once much more technologically advanced than we are now (Lemurians for example), wouldn’t some of that technology remain for us to find? ~Jon, United Kingdom

ANSWER: The people of the world say that age is in the eye of the beholder. It is difficult when your time is determined by the rotation of your planet around your sun. And it is further complicated by each person’s creating their own reality through the beliefs they accept. Age is a meaningless concept when it comes to Earth, which was created to be a duality for souls to learn lessons.

On Earth something is aged by the standards already accepted within the scientific community. There are “accepted” limits to the duration of a particular thing’s existence. Even if something seems to imply it is older than scientists’ scales allow for, they will usually not go beyond the accepted limit for fear of criticism and ridicule.

When a scientist explores and finds something previously unencountered, they do one of two things: They claim it as a new discovery of theirs, name it, and classify it according to their beliefs; or they ignore it as if it doesn’t exist, particularly if it doesn’t match their preconceived notions.

Rules and regulations control almost everything on the Earth. Few go outside the box to find something new. A unique principle might be right in front of you and you won’t “see” it because you don’t recognize it.

Lemurians, Atlanteans, and ancient Egyptians were very technologically advanced. One of their primary power sources was what you would call psi, or the psychic abilities of telepathy and telekinesis. It was how they moved large objects, how they communicated over long distances, and even how some of them traveled. None of these abilities required a physical framework and therefore left no physical footprint. Finding evidence of the ancient beings would require contacting them in the ether.

Souls and Earth’s future

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I can (kind of) wrap my brain around the idea that humans are Thought projected into a physical existence that we make up as we go. But the earth, as we know it, is dying and could collapse of life support in 40 years. What is the future of Mother Earth? At a higher level, can we change the drastic events that are predicted? If earth dies, where will souls go to learn? ~Martha, USA

ANSWER: You are allowing yourself to fear something that is in the future and only part of your reality at this time because you have claimed it as fact even though it has not yet occurred. The Earth was devised to be the stage for souls having a human experience to play out what they came to learn. It is a necessary piece of a soul’s journey and therefore will always be present.

You are a piece of Source energy and therefore have all the abilities and powers Source possesses. That means that you can do anything you desire – if it fits into your plan for the lifetime, and is for the your highest and greatest good.

All is energy and takes form to complete the physical things you need for your life’s journey. You create your environment by believing it contains certain elements. A table or a chair exists because you want it to be – that is the projection of which you speak.

The Earth may change its function and “health” when enough people put their mind to the matter. The Earth will not die because it, too, is an illusion that souls need for their work. They will help stabilize it or cause it to alter itself into a form that allows the process of learning to continue.

Some souls will come for the challenge of being on a “sick” planet, which requires acclimation other than what they have experienced previously. And the planet is large enough that there will be places on it that will be virtually unchanged from what they have always been. The soul merely has to pick the location it desires.