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The end of Planet Earth?

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Thank you to Masters, Toni and Peter for presenting us with wisdom and knowledge. QUESTION: Masters will the earth plane eventually be removed or cease to exist? Since the objective of its existence is for source to learn what it is NOT, will source eventually discover the answer and no longer need the negativity of earth? And if that time arrives, what will happen to all the negative energy the earth plane contains? If source is pure positive love, where will the negative energy go? Additionally, if everything is from source and source is all positive love, where did the negative energy of earth come from in the first place? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Each of the billions of souls who exist has the ability to explore all aspects of being human and every potential life lesson. Since each person is different, having had unique experiences along the way, no two are the same, and each expression presented to Source is slightly different. There is almost an infinite number of things for Source to learn from its soul pieces.

Earth was created to be the only place without unconditional love, and this was accomplished by creating its opposite energy – that of all things negative. The negativity does not exist above the plane of the Earth, so that if it ever ceases to exist, it will fold all the negativity into itself as it dissolves.

Source is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-creative. It had only to imagine something such as negativity and it came into physical existence on the physical planet, which was also created just for its presence. Negativity does not and cannot exist anywhere or in anything that is completely nonphysical. Coming into contact with unconditional love makes negativity explode and disappear.

Parallel universes

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters Please advise whether parallel worlds / universes exists? are there earth like planets and do they contain life? Is it true that we live in a multiverse (more than one universe)? ~Elmar, South Africa

ANSWER:  All matter, everything that can be seen or imagined, is composed of energy. The essence of the eternal soul is one of nonphysical, amorphous energy. Nothing exists but the potential to form something that can be understood by others, and this is only important when the soul is having a physical experience on Earth.

When a soul decides to come into a body on planet Earth, they create an illusion that will allow them to complete the lessons they chose to learn. The reality they manifest is perceived as solid (physical) because they need a common bond to share with the other souls, also having simultaneous human experiences, who are needed to finish the soul’s planned activities.

If more than one person believes in something, say in order to discuss it with others, the subject has to be accepted by all of the participants as “existing within their dimension.” Part of the activity in the physical duality is judging, rating, and grading what you believe exists. If you don’t accept and/or believe something exists, you will look right through what others can see because you have not added it to your reality.

The whole of the physical universe is illusion. If it fits into the dynamic of a soul’s human journey, such as a belief in parallel or multi-universes, then it becomes vital to their expedition. In the reality of some souls, these phenomena exist.

Your question assumes that there is only one type of covering or shell with which a soul may clothe itself: the homo sapiens persona you dwell within. If a soul wishes to have an experience in other than the duality of Earth, it may manifest any type of environment and any “body” type useful within that setting: animal, vegetable, or mineral.

For many centuries, if they thought about it at all, people accepted that the planet was a flat surface and that they could fall over the side of if they ventured too close to the edge. When the scientists of the day wanted to categorize the planet, they took measurements and made irrefutable observations that, to them, unequivocally proved the world was round. That took some time to be accepted, but now very few deny it.

A soul incarnates to learn about the essence of itself and to accomplish understanding and using freedom of choice. Nothing is right or wrong. Whether you believe in something or not is irrelevant. Gaining wisdom about your innate powers and abilities is why you came – but you don’t even have to do that unless you so desire.

The power of faith and intention

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I had the experience of witnessing a moving statue of Mary in Ireland. There were thousands praying the rosary in acknowledgement of what they were witnessing. I could feel the collective energy of all those focused in prayer. It felt very powerful, as if we could together move a mountain. Could you speak on this feeling of collective energy? And the purpose of the moving statue. It seemed more than just devotion. ~Anne, US

ANSWER: Every soul creates its own reality. Each person’s reality is unique unless they join in collectively thinking, intending, and therefore creating a unified illusion. This is all part of people’s ability to manifest what they need to complete their life lessons.

Souls have the same powers as Source once they accept that they do and then believe and come to know that they can use them. If you have an ability but never develop it, you will not know it is possible. When a group of people are together for anything – whether meditation, participating in a healing circle, or joining in a religious practice – their power is exponentially enhanced. If everyone’s intention is focused on the same result, it is possible to produce what some would consider a miracle.

Your belief, and that of all those in attendance, was that you would observe a “moving statue,” so that is what you created. Everything in this universe is composed of energy. It has no physical substance until you “believe” that it does. If you do not think something is thinkable, then you will not be able to see what others perceive even if it is right in front of you.

Humanity is so powerful that groups of souls have gathered together on occasion to protect areas from forest fires, tidal surges, and tornados. Most would say this is impossible, but faith in one’s ability and concentrated intention, with no doubts present, can move the proverbial mountain.