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Choices and judgment

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I’m a vegetarian by choice, because when I had conscious about all forms of life, specially animals, I couldn’t live anymore being part of a system that kills so cruelly with no mercy when now we have so many ways to avoid that. Yes, I must respect all choices, but my heart feels the fear, the despair of the anticipation of death, that I suppose they feel in the time of their killing. Now living in This World is so painful to me and I feel so helpless that sometimes I become sad and ashamed of the behavior of the human race. There is a judgment in that… Please help me, how can I deal with that? ~Paula, Portugal

ANSWER: Every soul chooses what they wish to experience when they come into the duality of planet Earth. Some wish to have only lessons where they try to figure out the choices that will take them from negative energy into positive. Some want to experience only negativity so they might have a deeper sensation of the opposite of Home’s unwavering unconditional love.

While some souls have an empathy for all living animals, some only sense humans, and some don’t feel anything but their own bodies. Animals, other than humans, rarely have a soul and are animated by a spark of life. They are not on the planet to learn life lessons but to play a part in the experiences of souls who have chosen a human existence.

One of your lessons is ego judgment, thinking that you should have an influence on the choices other souls undertake because you know better than they. Who is to say what another should learn and how they should behave? If you make the decisions for another, you are interfering with their freedom of choice and the reason they are incarnate.

For those animals who do not have a soul, you are giving them human thinking and feeling when they are more like plants than humans. They have no fear for their death since they are unaware of what transitioning from living and breathing into food actually entails. You have humanized them in your own image.

Your disdain for the world and its actions arises from the idea that all people should have reached a point of seeking only positive actions at this stage in life. That cannot be so since half the energy on the Earth, at all times, is negative.

Live your life for yourself, not for those around you. Continue to believe as you do, working through those remaining life lessons, but don’t project your beliefs upon others.


Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I would like to know about the euthanasia of sick animals. It’s something that worries me because my dog is very sick. Now I’m only treating him with aloe vera because the medications were making his condition worse. I did not want to have to “fall him asleep” but I do not want to see him suffer. ~Ana, Portugal

ANSWER: All types of physical bodies on planet Earth have an expiration date. They are affected by a normal progression of degeneration, chemical pollutants, and internal disorders. Those who have reasoning brains and communication skills can let their wishes be known to others. Those that are not so equipped must be tended by the ones responsible for their well-being.

With pet animals, a caring “parent” should be aware of their charge’s quality of life. Humans who ask for assistance can get their various distresses addressed through medication, stimuli machines, meditation, and surgical procedures. Animals cannot tell you what they are feeling, where they have pain, and the tolerability of same.

As you have done with the medications, you are aware of some of your pet’s concerns. But what of his quality of life? Put yourself in his position and imagine what you would want your human to do for you. Would you want to wither away with limited mobility, no enjoyment, and constant pain?

Euthanasia for humans is frowned upon by society, yet some nationalities find ways to end their suffering and move on so that they can get ready for the next incarnation. American Indians, and some Eastern Indians, stop eating, go out into the wilderness and assist their bodies in ceasing to function. Some humans in intense pain go to Source by their own hands, using over-medication, asphyxiation, or a bullet.

Animals in the wild, when reaching their expiration date, follow the path of the Indians. Human pets do not have that ability since they cannot live outside the home they were raised in. It is then up to their caregivers, much like hospice workers, to help end the suffering. In most countries, humans are kept in a drugged state until their bodies cease to function, and in some they consent to euthanasia where it is permitted. Evaluate what your pet would want: pain or bliss.

Environmental unrest

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters there is a growing unrest & anxiety in the world’s population around what humans are doing to the Earth, global warming, plastic, palm oil, etc. Is it too late to reverse the damage or are we on course for a very difficult period where there will be a lot of species becoming extinct and wars fought over basics like fresh water? ~Jon, UK

ANSWER: With the billions of inhabitants populating the Earth, there are thousands of ideas and prejudices about using the resources that allow the humans to live. Some groups who feel they are being influenced negatively by the behavior of others are almost to the point of open warfare to enforce their own concepts for usage.

One of the greatest influences is the sheer number of souls who are occupying the planet at this time. Other contributing factors arise from fossil fuel consumption, contamination as a result of manufacturing, improper disposal of wastes, and a lack of consideration for the needs of neighbors.

Society is an ego-based, judgmental setup where decisions are determined by greed and allowing too much power into the hands of a few who are not concerned with the overall condition of the planet. What you are observing is a cyclic progression of societies, which has frequently led to their downfalls in the past.

Measures may be employed to lessen the deleterious impacts occurring, but it will take a majority of the people alive to make the changes. The changes you are discussing are not even going to be accepted as existing until one or more disasters happen.

Then it is still questionable if everyone will band together, giving up some of their hoarded niceties, for the benefit of the planet. At this time, there are too many variables to be able to say which way the world is going to move.