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Mixing physical and non-physical concepts

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters how can Russia be one of the “backbone countries”, whose goal is peace, economic steadiness and environmental protection if they are unaware of spiritual directions? ~Virve, Finland

ANSWER: Most of society is in the form of countries and nations who, in order to function and think of themselves as superlative to other nations, rely upon ego judgment. Spirituality has no judgement whatsoever in its concepts. It is total unconditional love where everyone and everything is equal and never graded, ordered, or judged against any other. The idea of being a “backbone” is a judgment and not found in a spiritual setting.

In the physical world, such as on the planet Earth, souls can only learn the lessons they came there to experience through the use of judgment, such as by learning to rid themselves of negative directions and pursuing the positive loving space. The choice to pursue one’s spiritual path is an individual thing and cannot be forced or enforced on others.

Countries label themselves as they wish to be seen and have others accept them. They also work on the principle that if you say something often enough, at least you, if not the world, will believe that it is true. It’s somewhat like a person who doesn’t have the experience they need for a job saying that they do until they actually spend enough time to get the needed knowledge – the old “fake it until you make it.”

Even your question reaches outside a spiritual environment because you are asking for a determination via judgment from us. When viewing definitions and boasts, such as this one, become an observer and evaluate whether or not anything that is being done is helpful to the world or if you need to look elsewhere.

No soul has any control over the conduct of another unless they allow it. When a nation proclaims itself to be something, it is the belief of the speaker and does not necessarily represent what the majority of the population feels. Nations don’t have spiritual directions because they are not individual souls having a human experience in order to learn about their essence as pieces of Source. They are a gathering of physical beings trying to prove themselves, to themselves and others, in the physical world.

Scientific knowledge and spiritual growth

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I have been exposed to some of the teachings of Ageless Wisdom and esoteric philosophy as well as astrology. Can you give insight into these teachings and the understanding of astrology in today’s world? ~Karen, USA

ANSWER: You are a soul who has chosen to incarnate on the physical plane. Your physical body, being composed mostly of water, is affected by the movements of the planets throughout the solar system. Like a piece of wood in the ocean, you can let yourself be completely influenced by the movement or you can swim or paddle away from where it is pushing you.

The influence of the planets at the time of your birth is twofold. First you have what most people plot, which is the exact time and place of the body entering into the world from inside the mother. But a second, also important, time is when the sperm joins the egg and begins to divide. Again, the planetary impacts are suggestions that can be followed or totally disregarded, and choices can be made to go a different path.

Some of the characteristics that seem to dominate within an astrological sign may be part of the lessons chosen by the soul to see if they understand and learn from the situation. Tendencies toward passionate domination may be a lesson in control; ultra-sensitivity may be experimentation with intuitive abilities; dealing with material goods as a trait allows a stage for seeing if you can let go of ego and turn to love.

Nothing overrules the soul’s freedom of choice. You come to Earth to learn and you have plenty of material assisting you. The Ageless Wisdom and esoteric philosophy deal more with the human experience the soul is having than with the spiritual journey the soul is undertaking. All the reports are from the perspective of a living human and how the various phases such as birth, death, and reincarnation can be interpreted by a human.

The spiritual aspect of the soul is energetic, eternal, and unconditionally loving. The human experience is dealing with negativity and finding ways to turn a negative event into a positive, loving one. Both Ageless Wisdom and esoteric philosophy contributed to the formation of organized religions so that the person didn’t have to take responsibility for their actions but just follow the leader.

This type of activity prevents people from divorcing themselves from the doctrine of thinking and, using their freedom of choice, going into their unconscious connection to their soul and “feeling” their way to the answers. Everyone creates their own reality, so nothing is right or wrong. Use what resonates with you to find your truth, but don’t be afraid to change it if it no longer feels “right.”

Looking for 3d dimensional security

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I’m a 40 years old lady, been married twice, chose not to have kids, living alone now. I am a happy person, have friends, love my work and have my own little graphic design studio (that means I have no job either!). But till now I haven’t bought a house, have no savings, no husband or anything to make me feel safe and prepared for when I’m old. I’m always in fear of the future and I’ve been trying hard to change this. Every message I get says “trust the universe that nothing bad is going to come to you” but besides that I find it very hard to rest and trust. What should I do? ~Leila, Brazil

ANSWER: You should step back and analyze why it is so important to you that you establish the third-dimensional idea of security. Security is nothing more than an illusion. You could have a house and it could be destroyed by natural calamity. You could have investments and the markets could collapse. You could have a husband and he could either predecease you or divorce you. You could have money saved and your currency could devalue – nothing is anything but wishes.

If you continue to “see” problems in your future, the universe will think that is what you want to experience and it will ensure that you do. You are an extremely strong woman and have used your Source-given powers to produce a fantastic life for yourself until now. Why did you suddenly think that there were things that you needed just because society talks about “security”?

Lighten up on your expectations. So far, the only ones that cause you concern are negative ones. Continue to live in positive energy as has been your practice until now and you will be provided for by the universe. Remember, a soul brings to itself that which it desires or needs to experience. If you believe you don’t need to experience a life of want, it will not happen. But if you keep fixating on a lack, you will find it creeping into your existence.