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Transitioning through

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, 2009 has been a very difficult year for me. After having had good income for a number of years, for the last six I’ve found it very difficult to make the same income. This year was the worst! I have been on a very spiritual path for five years and had visions that this year things would change. The energy seemed very different, as if I was abandoned and had a brick wall that kept pushing me back. I had heard that this was a year of transition and that this energy shift was needed and that lightworkers across the world felt it. I also heard that money will not be as important in the future and that we will be OK with a lot less. I am now looking forward to 2010 and beyond. What should we expect?   ~Linda, USA

ANSWER: What you have read, heard, and felt is all true. Lightworkers, those who are seeking to find the essence of their souls, are undergoing transitions with the assistance of the energies now present on your planet. The transition is from third-dimensional judgmental energy into fourth-dimensional evaluative energy. Things won’t mean as much to you any more. You will learn to trust and have faith that the universe will provide for your needs.

The major aspect of this transition is clearing the residuals of life-lessons both from this lifetime and from others. These lessons are bookmarked by a confrontation which feels like a wall or solitary confinement cell to a human being. These sensations come with a big billboard that reads: “Find me, deal with me, be done with me!” Each incidence of discomfort was to let you know that a neglected lesson was present. Then your job was to locate it, understand it, and let it go, clearing the way to accessing your soul directly. When you reach that energy without impediment, you create the world of your needs.

What you can expect of 2010 is more of the same. It’s time to go inside and learn about your essence, so that you create a beautiful experience for the rest of your human life. Happy, fruitful Earth year 2010.

Inner struggle

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I feel like I should be helping people somehow but I’m not sure in what capacity. I have struggled so much over the years and I have a lot of life experience. Am I just supposed to share my own experiences? I would welcome becoming a channel. I know I’m not ready for that step yet, but will I be ready for that someday? I feel empty working regular jobs. I really want to help others first and foremost.   ~Lisa, USA

ANSWER: Your presence in the world helps others. As you have sensed, learning lessons by overcoming your struggles has given you many tools to assist others. You don’t need a formal stage upon which to reach out to those in need; they will be drawn to you. Be aware of those who approach you at work, on the street, in the market—they sense your strength and wisdom. Sharing your experiences will benefit them greatly.

Why do you think you are not ready to accept assistance from the other side? We, your guides and guardians, are always ready to give advice. Conferring with us through meditation or quiet conversation is channeling. When your belief is there, you are ready. It is a very human trait to think that you are not good enough or enlightened enough to reach out and accept the assistance that is hanging there ready to be snatched up. Take us up on our offer: we insist (subject, of course, to your freedom of choice J).

Be yourself. Honor yourself, and then in whatever place you find yourself at work, you will find happiness and fulfillment.

Life-lessons and tasks

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, could you please shed some light on the difference between life tasks and life lessons? I’m sure that some are interwoven, but I also feel there’s a difference. A lesson might be a physical handicap and learning to cope with that. A task might be healing people. And could you tell me what my personal life task is and what my main lessons are?  ~Jorgen, Netherlands

ANSWER: You would do very well as a group leader for discussions about the journey of life, reincarnation, and the soul’s many life experiences. You have phrased your question with a very good example that is spot on.

We can sum up this area by saying that, in almost all cases, a life-lesson is an individual thing that the soul wishes to experience and, through its freedom of choice, to understand. A life-task is generally an inter-personal situation in which the soul is sharing an activity with one or more other souls. You will generally see that the task is something that the soul has already understood and is using its knowledge to help others understand as well.

Life-tasks are all about teaching others is one way or another. If people are buried under their life-lessons, they will not be able to work with a life-task because it will divert them from their path.

Tasks may be formal or informal. A person who holds organized classes or heals others, using any of a number of recognized systems, does so, and it is labeled as a task. Some are drawn to help informally in one-on-one situations where they share of themselves and the way in which they were able to master the same types of lessons.

You have completed the majority of your life-lessons, which we will not elaborate. We will not speak of them because it is the wisdom you have gathered from these lessons that will be part of your task. They will be permanently imprinted upon you when you claim them and speak of them to others. A lot of your task has to do with bringing others up to speed on their souls’ journeys, going through the same lessons you have just finished.