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Reality Check

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I left my job impulsively two years back but since that day I am yearning for it again. These two years have been like a roller coaster ride for me. For the first time in my life, I came face to face with many harsh realities about my personal relationships (my husband has been unfaithful to me for the past nine years), my spiritual ascension, my own shortcomings, fears, and insecurities, and also a critical review of my current life of 38 years on this Earth. Please guide me. Was there a cosmic agenda in leaving my job behind, making me aware of all the above? I think I have learned enough lessons. Masters, I loved this particular job and wish to get it back again through cosmic intervention. I am still clueless what prompted me to leave this job and why I yearn for it from the day I left. Please guide me.   ~Hansa, India

ANSWER: Your higher self, that part of your soul just outside your consciousness, thought it was time for you to have a reality check—to really see what was going on with and around you. Because you loved that job so much it became a sanctuary for you. It protected you from seeing what your husband was doing, and from realizing what you were not facing on your own spiritual path. Being free from its protection forced you back into the present reality to deal with day-to-day matters.

Since you left that employment you have done a great job of living in the moment and seeing what you had ignored while your sanctuary shielded you. Shedding the fears and insecurities further sharpened your awareness. You are now ready to venture forth on your own.

Go to your former employer and explain that you left because of personal problems that you sensed would interfere with your performance of the work. This is not a story because on an unconscious level that is exactly what happened. Explain how you have always loved the work and know you are now capable of giving them 100% of your attention. This is not the only job out there that will give you that same sense of belonging. Feel for the right place for you and you will make the connection.

The purpose of reincarnation

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I would like to press you concerning a question that has been with me since my youth: ‘What is the ultimate purpose of life, both the life of everything and each individual human life?’ In recent messages you have spoken of ‘the trying of different types of experiences’, ‘the discovery of the various aspects of love’, the ‘mission of discovery as to our true nature’, ‘life lessons’, ‘the speeding up of our particular journey’ etc. How do all these aspects link together? Previously, I have understood that somehow there has been a ‘splitting’ of the original unity and life is a journey of reunification, even though, in truth, the original unity has never really been lost. Is this correct? I would be very grateful for some light on this subject.                                                       ~David, UK

ANSWER: Let us first answer the idea of the “splitting” as you have called it. In the beginning there was a single Source that was magnificent and unconditionally loving. It was composed of all the energy that existed. In retrospect it has frequently been called the One or Oneness. In an attempt to appreciate its magnitude, it had to understand and gain the wisdom of what it was not, what we call the negative aspect of each of its wonderful characteristics.

In order to retain its extraordinary quality, and still learn of negativity, it split minute pieces of itself into fact-finding bundles that were called souls. All of these souls have their own memories and consciousness to provide the Oneness with the information they glean from trips to Earth. They are continuously connected to Source but, when incarnate, do not have an awareness of that fact. Once an Earth mission is complete, they return to their energetic state and, once again, have total knowledge of the One, and enjoy the feeling of being the One (your “journey of reunification”).

Gathering knowledge to learn the wisdom within is the ultimate purpose of souls’ coming to Earth. For each soul the path is different. The catch phrases you have received from various messages show the diversity of the processes involved. One soul will undertake a seemingly simple lesson while another will engage in all the possible complexities of the same general lesson. It all has to do with the maturity of the soul (how many previous times it has incarnated).

We trust this will assist you with your pressing questions.

An analogy of life

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I had a dream last night that I feel has an underlying message, but I don’t know what it is. I live in a rural area and have some hens. My dream was about something trying to get my hens. I ran outside and found a small dead raccoon. I remember looking up and seeing an electrical line and on it sat (left to right) a white dove, a white snow owl, a white hawk with dark markings on its wings, and another white dove. They were looking down, watching me. I didn’t see any hens. I saw “something” had a hold of another animal and I thought it was one of my hens. I ran toward it and just as I got to it, it turned around. It was a red fox and it had caught another raccoon. I stopped in my tracks because it shocked me to see a red fox! I knew it meant me no harm and was “taking care” of the raccoons. At this point I woke up. Any interpretation you can give is greatly appreciated!   ~Melissa, USA

ANSWER: Dreams often try to assist you with your awareness and lessons in life. Here your higher self was using familiar objects to let you sense what is going on all around you. Hens represent your life-blood, both food and produce. Raccoons, with their masks, represent the world trying to steal from the sleepy and unwary. They come under the cover of night, or when you are not looking, to help themselves to your livelihood.

Above all, these are your guides who can help you to see and plan for preventing the thefts. White is the color of protection and the light of spiritual connection. The birds were used because most people think of angels/guides as having wings. Most are pure white and assist you in learning about your non-physical aspects or the essence of your soul. The Hawk, with its dark earthy markings, is there to give you help with the physical world and to explain the connection between the physical and the non-physical.

The fox represents the physical help that is available to you to see the root cause of your life-lessons, and how you may not have seen what it is you need to do. These are the healers and lightworkers of the world who are very much in contact with Source. All of this came to you to help you awaken to all the possibilities for understanding your life-lessons that are currently troubling you.