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Dealing with health and mental issues

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, in 2009 I contracted an STD that spread into my whole system. No antibiotic could cure it. The torment physically and mentally was unbearable. 4 years later it cooled down and I became “myself” again. Then in 2015 it reactivated through an online flirt (!). 18 months later when I had decided to commit suicide I experienced a miracle and was healed instantaneously. I felt great again. 6 months later I met a girl but turns out she had narcissistic personality disorder. It took me 3 months to step away. Shortly after the old insanity started all over again. Could be I got re-infected. I feel terrible again and on top of it now I feel very ashamed and stupid as if I have slapped god in the face by destroying the gift of the miracle healing. Please HELP. Suicide is a symptom of this disease (from homeopathy). ~Pascal, Netherlands

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: You are an extremely strong soul, with many lifetimes completed, and are testing your manifestation powers during this incarnation. Your secondary major lesson is controlling your belief systems and their impact on the physical body. What you believe is what you experience, regardless of whether or not it is based upon normal physical or mental traits for a human body.

Your fear has been directing the afflictions you bring to yourself. If you think you should be punished for some action, you manifest the punishment – in this case the occurrence or reoccurrence of an STD because it seems so repugnant to you; hence the need for self-flagellation. But in addition, your powers are so strong that you are able to remove all taint in an instant, as you have demonstrated.

All you need to do is examine what you are thinking and believing as true. You are a perfect soul going through a physical Earth experience with the tests set up by the beliefs to which you adhere.

In 2009 you abhorred your behavior, so you created an STD. You got tired of having it around so you “cooled it down.” You associate anything romantic or sexual with needing to be punished, so you recreated the original ailment just because you talked to someone online. When your physical self considered suicide, your soul decided you had more to learn and should stay.

Stop punishing yourself and see that all this is about how you think about yourself. Accept that you are a magnificent piece of Source and that you have the power to create this roller coaster of a life. The choices are yours. The manifestation is you.

Origin of illness

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, does all illness result from a spiritual, energetic root cause or blockage? If so, do we carry these from prior lives? For years I experience fatigue episodically. It affects me personally, professionally and artistically. Over the years also experience ailments from the neck up, dental issues and bone loss recently, sinus issues, headaches and vision loss. I have achieved some healing in the past and believe that healing is possible. What are the root causes of my fatigue and other issues from this life or past? How do I remove blockages or trauma from this life or previous ones, access source energy within to heal and reach my full potential? ~S., USA

ANSWER: [In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. They offer only energetic or spiritual advice. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

Illnesses and physical ailments come from myriad causes. Some are the result of desired lessons, some from blockages created either in this lifetime or a past one, and some in conjunction with another soul as a learning experience for you both. Yours originate from a mixture of the above.

Fatigue alone has many causes, both physical and psychological. You have a habit of overreacting to certain situations where you feel you have no control and worsening the already lessened energy, which results in insufficient energy or fatigue.

A soul creates the reality they find themselves experiencing. If you project a sense of failure, that is what you produce. If you over-analyze an ailment, it is sure to pop up and worsen as you spend more time worrying about it. Seeing yourself as being in perfect health has the effect of stopping the downward fall and allowing you to reinstall a balance of health.

A major life lesson for you is a lack of self-confidence and a belief that you are not worthy of having a life like other people’s. The ability to have confidence in your decisions affects everything in your life, including the effect of energetic healing on your physical condition.

Whenever you sense overwhelm, stop and ask yourself why it is there. What is causing it? Let your unconscious assist you in finding the origin of these thoughts. Go to that point of activation and see why you are holding on to such a negative trigger. If you don’t see any reason for it to be there, thank it for its service and bid it goodbye. This is the way blockages are dissolved.

Healing energy is all around you – it is the universal life force energy or the unconditional love of Source. It is easily accessed through your intention for it to be used to rebalance your body, mind, and spirit. Just see it entering your body, removing blockages, and making you whole again.


Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, many spiritual teachers tell us that we, humans, can self-heal and correct any physical malady. Is this true? Others and I have tried to do many suggested practices, which essentially are techniques to access one’s subconscious mind and direct it to heal physical issues. Despite effort I still have physical maladies and aging issues. How do others and I “cure” ourselves physically if it can be done? And if it can be: how many humans are currently physically perfect and why has every human I have ever met gotten sick, injured and age? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Souls came into existence by being broken off from Source, who is all-powerful, all-magnificent, all-creative, and all-knowing. Since you have this energy as your essence, you have these powers and abilities as well. That said, you have the ability to create, manipulate, repair, or replace your physical self.

This all comes with two caveats: You may not interfere with a life lesson in progress, and you must have absolute confidence in and acceptance of your abilities entering into the “re-structuring” – with no doubts, not even a smidgeon.

This is a near impossibility for a soul having a human experience because it conflicts with the belief systems of society. These beliefs are given to you while you are young and mostly never changed by you. Society says what you are seeking to do isn’t possible. Unless you have reviewed your beliefs, and re-written them with reformation as a possibility, this will prevent accomplishing something you have just read about.

The soul comes to Earth to learn various things without any intention of staying much past the completion of these tasks. For this reason, the human body has remained subject to its environment. If one learns their lessons in 50 years, there is no reason to remain for 150. Dealing with the natural progression of aging is built into many lesson plans. A condition that is needed for one particular learning process could be considered a disability within another.

The world around you is an illusion constructed by you to provide the experiences you previously chose. Energy is everything and everything is energy. Therefore, through your power of manipulation, it is possible to create whatever you desire.

The controlling factor is intention directed through unconditional love. Ego judgment, e.g., that you want to correct a “wrong,” will defeat your actions. It must be done to manifest the highest and greatest good of the person being modified. If it goes against any of their intentions, plans, or desires, it cannot succeed.

Perfection is a judgment coming from the ego. It is also a reflection of Source, the understanding of which gave inspiration to Source to send pieces of itself into a duality to find out what it was not.