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Energy work

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

QUESTION: Masters. I have followed your teachings and read everything possible to help people in my holistic care. Some people make incredible changes, some not so much. Is there a way I can bring more energy from unconditional love? Am I doing this job properly? With my son I am not successful in helping him as much as helping other people. What is not clear to me? ~Eu, Brasil

ANSWER: A healing practitioner brings the unconditionally loving energy through from Source and delivers it to their client. That is not the end of the story. The client than has to decide what to do with the energy. They can accept it wholeheartedly, they can reject it, they can accept it with restrictions, or they can ignore it. No matter what you think, the client’s intention takes precedence.

As a healer, your intention of bringing the maximum amount of energy through is all that is needed. From that point on, all you can provide is the intention that the client will use it for their highest and greatest good – which may not be to heal themselves if a life lesson of unwellness is involved.

The lesson for you is not to become vested in an outcome that you would wish for yourself. This is the client’s story. You are an excellent conveyer of energy and need not find any other way to do your job.

When it comes to your son, or for that matter any family member or close friend, it is more difficult to help them because your intention for them is perfection. You are not just an outside practitioner bringing in the healing energy but a person who knows them well enough to be a part of their life. If they are not well it affects you, and you therefore have an interest in healing them. In these circumstances, your mind is not on healing but on changing their life status and direction – which is clearly not a part of your job as a purveyor of energy.

Physical health and vulnerability

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I have noticed that when I wake from a mildly bad dream, I can see a little being outlined in bright light taunting me. Am I correct that it is a low vibration entity trying to influence me to become scared and experience a nightmare? I then will do a clearing to reiterate that I am in a safe place and negative entities are not allowed and must leave. I’ve noticed that it’s happening more. I have been sick with a pain condition and then pneumonia. Is it possible that I’m in a lower vibration because of that which makes it easier for negative entities to try to influence me? Is there anything else I can try, especially when I’m struggling a bit physically? ~Aj, USA

ANSWER: The entity you observe is attempting to get you to embrace negativity in whatever form to which it can entice you. Doubts, fears, concerns – anything against your normal, loving self will do. You are complicit because you have already determined that the experience you were going through was “bad” or negative. Nothing has a color or feeling until you have assigned one to it. An action has a place within the duality once you decide how you feel about it.

In this scenario, if you take the role of observer only, you don’t choose negative or positive sensations for the event. In order to do this, you must be fully aware of your powers of choice, and that is difficult when the physical body’s input of pain and discomfort is distracting you.

You know that you are in control and how to select those energies which come into contact with you. Start with your protections before you go to sleep, and you will not have to chase off unwanted entities after you awake. Ask your guides to be of assistance and increase your energy output, which is diminished by your physical condition. Work on restoring your normal flow of energy by re-balancing your body to health.

Don’t label experiences as good or bad; just see them as opportunities for more information concerning the human experience of your soul.

Healing techniques

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I work with shiatsu, flower therapy and others. Before each service I always ask for the help of the beings of light who can help those who are looking for me. It is very complex to deal with the energies of a Being since each of us brings the energies of many times that they resonate in health. Can they be helped, coming out lighter from the dense energies? I have made many Bach flowers following my intuition. Am I right in the way of doing them? Do they act in the pranic body working in the energies in resonance with the benefit of the flower on the emotional imbalance of Being? ~Rosa, Brazil

ANSWER: There is a plethora of healing spirits who assist those practitioners on Earth who are working with human bodies. Some specialize in a particular practice such as flower essences, and others concentrate on helping to direct healing energies to the needed spots within the human client.

The perception of density within a client is your sense of the negativity they are holding in their physical body and surroundings. Negativity may always by replaced by positive energy, which feels very light and airy since it is filled with the intention of balance and love.

Healing takes two people to be accomplished. It requires the intention of the healing practitioner, alone and/or with the assistance of guides, to channel through the universal life-force energy. But possibly more important is the intention of the one seeking healing. If your client does not believe in what you are doing, or if they have a victim mentality where they enjoy being of ill health, they will almost immediately return to their initial status.

As you have deduced, you have intuitive healing capabilities. These are assisted by the healing guides when you request assistance. Clear your mind of your preconceived notions and let the information of the needed ingredients flow through you.

Spiritual healing works on all aspects of the soul having a human experience. Their energetic body, physical body, esoteric body, and emotional body are all impacted. Whatever has a need is what is affected. Energy always goes where it is needed and can do no harm. Essences, used in moderation, are the same. The only potential for a reaction comes from a body overly sensitive to natural substances.