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The story of sex

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

QUESTION: Master, can you clarify about the biggest taboo in society: sex? Sex should only be for procreation, as many religions say? It is wrong to have sex with someone you like, but not to marry in the future? And what about gay relationships? ~IC, Brasil

ANSWER: Some religions you speak of have a section of belief systems they impose on their membership which dictates that not only should sex be engaged in only for procreation but that it should be done repeatedly to increase the number of celebrants in the religion. This has all the subtlety of breeding cattle, and this while the enforcers themselves allegedly observe celibacy.

Other beliefs feel only the male has the say in matters of intercourse and must be obeyed whether or not the female is in agreement. Polygamy is endorsed where the male is dominant and the result is increased productivity of children. None of these religions speak to love, honoring, and sharing between spouses.

As we have spoken many times, souls accept belief systems from many sources as they are maturing. They use these beliefs to determine how they are going to pattern their life. They are never told by those who give them the laws: they have the freedom to accept or reject each in turn. The soul always has the freedom to choose what it wishes to experience – to create its own set of laws for life.

On a spiritual path there is nothing which is considered to be right or wrong because there no judgment exists. The soul merely evaluates what it witnesses or experiences and then decides whether it is something they need to repeat or if it is not needed, thanked, and sent on its way.

The sex act is a pleasurable, tension-releasing way to share with another. It does not bind one to another and does not ensure a religious “pathway to heaven”, although a form of Earthly bliss may be enjoyed. The bodies which souls occupy are full of nerve endings which allow experiences not duplicable in any other fashion. Sex is an experiment in the possible reactions, emotions, and sensations only possible on Earth, stimulating the sexual response centers of a body.

Is it wrong to take part in the enjoyment of a creation made to be able to respond in these manners? Absolutely not. Nothing is right or wrong in your spiritual journey unless you choose to accept the need to follow the teachings of another on the Earth plane, but then you are the one restricting your own activity.

Animals, Part 2

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

About the Questions: We received two linked responses after the Masters answered the following question which appeared on June 3rd:

Masters, many animals are reared in bad conditions and eaten without thought of the suffering involved. Are such animals without choice and merely sacrificial within the scheme of things? Or is a higher purpose involved? Why so little emphasis on love and compassion for all living beings?

The Masters understood this initial question to relate to the majority of animals which are used to feed the huge populace of the planet and answered for that massive amount of beasts.


Masters, I’m so grateful for your reply and the insight I have gained. But all my dogs have been unconditionally loving, sensitive and with a range of emotions which convinces me that animals are sentient, and mine (at least) 🙂 have souls. My love and respect goes to people on their journey, but the strongest love of all I send to the animals in their purity and vulnerability. ~Jerry, UK.  

Masters, you have mentioned most animals have only a spark with no emotions. I beg to differ. Also my domestic cat and other pets that I have studied do have emotions and they are very highly aware of orbs and spirits around. Also animals can be Guides in disguise. We can all learn from our beloved furry friends. ~S, NZ

ANSWER: Wow! Only one to two percent of all souls choose to have an animal life. In all the millennium of humanity, less than a dozen have selected “feed animals” as their experience of living in other than a human body. The most common choice is companion animals, followed by horses, then wild predator cats and birds, and dolphins.

Companion animals, mostly pet style cats and dogs, spend so much time with their ‘owners’ that they are able to mirror or mimic their activity. All mammals are aware of the other animals and humans around them, if for no other reason than to protect themselves from harm or to wheedle a treat out of an adoring human. Orbs and spirits give off vibrational energy to which animals respond.

Even plant species, also activated by a spark of life, react to stimuli. They will turn toward a warm source, as long as it is not too hot, and move their roots closer to a water supply. Some have even been seen to curl into themselves to prevent being eaten by insects. They respond to voices and music with growth spurts and increased floral displays. These are all reactions and not indications of sentient activity.

Being able to respond to a stimulus does not indicate a thinking process but a well-tuned survival instinct. You reward your pets for their loyalty, love, and responsiveness to your actions so they have been trained to react to you. And, yes, some even have had souls – but by no means all.

Creating your own reality

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, why I’m so afraid that my ex-friends will hurt me? How can I stop sending them any energy? How can i just move on, and if i see them, manage to feel ok and good, not a fear in my stomach that paralyzes me? I also feel that something is all the time bringing me to a negative space, the loss of my grandma, the cancer of my uncle, relationships, fears. I feel like even when I’m happy there is that one thing that is calling me to worry. I also feel unworthiness (?) in my stomach, i have been breathing to it and thinking about what it is, but it seem so hard to deal with it. I think that time will make me stronger in that area, but how i can come closer to the beauty of my soul? Was this between my boyfriend and i planned? Do we match? ~E., Spain

ANSWER: Every soul has total freedom of choice. You choose what you fear, how you feel and what you believe. No one is out to get you unless you ask them to. You are constantly projecting the desire to have negative things happen to you because that is all you can think about. You only see the world as against you, ready to take advantage. You accept that you are a victim ready to be preyed upon.

You are the one who cannot move on from the past. You cling to ex-friends living in the past with constant thoughts of interactions you had with them. Stop it right now! Be aware only of the present moment and those who you see around you. Now create an image that everyone thinks you are a strong willed person with whom they have no negative dealings.

Let your happiness shine. Why do you need to bring in a negative feeling from the past to interfere? Fixate on the happiest moment in your life and visit that space whenever you feel any negativity. If you rid your thinking of the negative and bring in the energy of positive unconditional love your life will be bright and cheerful. Your losses were tests to see if you can return to the positive after a negative experience.

The situation with your boyfriend was not pre-planned. The two of you met and interacted from there. The future is up to the choices you each make.