Creating your own reality

QUESTION: Masters, why I’m so afraid that my ex-friends will hurt me? How can I stop sending them any energy? How can i just move on, and if i see them, manage to feel ok and good, not a fear in my stomach that paralyzes me? I also feel that something is all the time bringing me to a negative space, the loss of my grandma, the cancer of my uncle, relationships, fears. I feel like even when I’m happy there is that one thing that is calling me to worry. I also feel unworthiness (?) in my stomach, i have been breathing to it and thinking about what it is, but it seem so hard to deal with it. I think that time will make me stronger in that area, but how i can come closer to the beauty of my soul? Was this between my boyfriend and i planned? Do we match? ~E., Spain

ANSWER: Every soul has total freedom of choice. You choose what you fear, how you feel and what you believe. No one is out to get you unless you ask them to. You are constantly projecting the desire to have negative things happen to you because that is all you can think about. You only see the world as against you, ready to take advantage. You accept that you are a victim ready to be preyed upon.

You are the one who cannot move on from the past. You cling to ex-friends living in the past with constant thoughts of interactions you had with them. Stop it right now! Be aware only of the present moment and those who you see around you. Now create an image that everyone thinks you are a strong willed person with whom they have no negative dealings.

Let your happiness shine. Why do you need to bring in a negative feeling from the past to interfere? Fixate on the happiest moment in your life and visit that space whenever you feel any negativity. If you rid your thinking of the negative and bring in the energy of positive unconditional love your life will be bright and cheerful. Your losses were tests to see if you can return to the positive after a negative experience.

The situation with your boyfriend was not pre-planned. The two of you met and interacted from there. The future is up to the choices you each make.