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Get used to being noticed

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Q. Masters, I have been meditating on a regular basis and have a new appreciation for this life I am experiencing. My studies have given me insight into this process of the Soul upon Earth and I am working to learn what lessons I have not completed. I cannot get it out of my awareness that people are beginning to treat me in a different way. Why have I suddenly become so “visible” to others?

A. Have you ever been in a room and then a very spiritual person enters while you have your back to the door? Is it not possible to feel a change in the atmosphere in the room such as a new sense of peace, tranquility, and stability enveloping you? Or, conversely, when a very angry person enters behind you, won’t you feel a sense of fear, dread, or despair? These experiences all occur when energy variations disrupt the atmosphere.

All Souls (and therefore the bodies they inhabit) are sensitive to the vibrations of other energies around them. You have noticed that you feel differently since you have been doing all the energetic work on yourself. This change now radiates out from you wherever you go. To some of your acquaintances it is a change that they can feel but cannot quite put their finger on or give a name. To others it is just that they feel better when you are around, and they watch you to see what you may have done that might make them feel better.

When you see something beautiful don’t you watch it, as long as it is in sight, to capture some of that beauty to take with you? People want some of whatever you have because it makes them feel as peaceful as you have become. Get used to being noticed because you have become a beacon of tranquility in a sea of chaos.

Am I good enough?

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Q. Masters, I have just become engaged to the most wonderful man in the world. We have been dating for fourteen months and are extremely compatible, sharing the same belief systems and love of life. When I think of him I seem to float on airbut I fear that I am not good enough for him and that he will tire of me after we are married. He seems to be placing me upon a pedestal right now. What should I do so that I will not disappoint him?

A. Put your fears away. During the time that you have been together with your fiancé you have been very open with him about your beliefs and desires—as he has been with you. In your past experiences with men you would say or do anything that you thought was needed to get your date to like you. You were never true to yourself and your feelings. You are now in a relationship based upon truth: the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Your fiancé knows the true you. He was not blindfolded or handicapped when he got to know you and made a decision about his love for you. You are what he wants, so don’t sabotage that budding relationship by selling yourself short. The same self doubt that made you lie to previous men is rearing its ugly head trying to give you doubts about your worth.

He has placed you upon a pedestal because, in his mind, there is no one else for him but you. You are the trophy he desires. Continue to be truthful, to believe in yourself, and you will not disappoint him. Enjoy your married life.

Living in the Now

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Season’s greetings, fellow souls! You are entering the final days of your 2007 time period. While that is nothing more than numbers upon paper, it heralds the necessity of a change to writing “2008” from here on.Time is an invention of your world, used to help your memory differentiate the things you have done, and in what order.

Your measurement yardstick is the rotation of planet Earth around the Sun, so once you leave your planet it is no longer relevant. You use it to pressure yourself to complete this or that thing by such and such a date. The number of rotations since you came upon the planet—your age—determines what your society will or will not allow you to do: drink, drive, vote, or retire.

For the soul, however, the only important time is NOW! Allow your consciousness to focus on your immediate surroundings, drinking in all that is within view. When you focus on time in any way you miss the Now. When you recall the past you miss the Now. When you strategize for the future you miss the Now. You will be missing this wonderful life you chose to experience. So, as you are beginning this new time phase, the New Year, take advantage of each moment and let your soul enjoy the Now.

Enjoy the rest of 2007 and ring in 2008 with love, light, and laughter.

The Masters of the Spirit World