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Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Q. Masters, I seem to always have to be correct in everything that I do. I am a perfectionist and expect others around me to be the same, otherwise I blow up. Can you comment on my path?

A. You set a very high standard for yourself on this life’s path. You chose to learn all the aspects of judgment in this lifetime. We cannot set requirements for our behavior unless we have determined that there are certain things that we will consider either “good” or “bad.” This is a common occurrence on planet Earth since everything there exists in a duality of right and wrong.

Your bad temper toward others is a result of your wanting company within your disciplined life. You can be miserable at having to achieve such high standards, and you want others to have to comply and be miserable as well. Know, first, that not all people believe they must be the best at everything, and second, that you cannot project your values onto others unless they choose to adopt them.

Lighten up in your approach to your life. See the value in each lesson that is presented to you. The experience is the lesson, not in having to complete it perfectly. Instead of judging your behavior all the time, start to evaluate it. Is it an experience that you would like to have again, or is doing it once sufficient? Step away from needing to be right and enjoy the trip.