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Are UFOs real?

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Q. Masters, a lot of politicians and theatrical people are reporting contacts they have had over the years with alien spacecraft and aliens. American Presidents, including J.F.K., Eisenhower, Carter, and Truman, have talked about seeing UFOs. John Lennon and others have spoken of being abducted by alien beings. Are all these people delusional? Can the recent reports coming from the current candidates for the US presidency possibly be real?

A. Have you noticed that there are more and more frequent comments from your friends, acquaintances, and notable individuals about being able to communicate with spirit guides and with deceased relatives and friends? Inter-dimensional communication is becoming accepted and honored in print and on television in many arenas. Haven’t you become aware of catching sight of movement out of the corner of your eyes? Did you speculate on that movement you saw the other night in the evening sky?

Plain and simple—you are not alone in the universe.

Next question: who can and who cannot see? To be able to see and recognize anything, first you must believe and accept that it can or does exist. You drive down the same streets every day and think you see what you have always seen. Then one day a friend calls your attention to a new structure, and you are flabbergasted that someone has been able to sneak in and erect a whole building overnight! You did not “see” it while it was being erected because, to you, the space was an old abandoned warehouse and nothing more. If you are always used to seeing emptiness, all you will see is emptiness. But if you believe something else might be there, you open yourself to seeing what else is there. You saw nothing new until your friend awakened in you the realization that the warehouse had been replaced. Then you could see it as it is now, not how it used to be.

To join the group of “seers” you need to believe that within the vastness of your physical universe, there are any number of planets that have inhabitants. Accept that, just as people from different parts of the Earth have differing appearances, beings from a different planet will look different. The vehicles that are used for transport on different continents of planet Earth vary, and so will vehicles that are used to travel through space.

Our comment on the current “confessions” by the politicians: they believe in the unbelievable. They strive to achieve the seemingly unachievable. So they readily meet the description of “seers.”