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Contact with Masters

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Q. Masters, I have been following the progress of the International Space Station and was wondering if it is easier for the occupants to be in contact with you since they are so high up in space.

A. We are chuckling at your assumption that the astronauts and cosmonauts have a “front-row seat” in the Universe to talk to us. We are not just “up there” as you seem to imply. We are everywhere, in everything. It is as easy for a miner working deep in the bowels of the Earth to talk with us as it is for a spaceman.

It is only necessary to rid oneself of distractions and to go into the quiet of one’s soul or inner self to be in conversation with any of us. We have small, silent voices compared to the blaring television set or mp3 player, or the cacophony of traffic and industrial noises.

To hear us you must first be able to listen to your own thoughts, to go into the silence within, as the monks say. So wherever you can bring yourself into that quiet, you can be with us; time and space will not aid your quest. Please come and visit us often.