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Adjusting to your own belief system

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I had so much interest about Feng Shui, Astrology, Numerology, Angel/Tarot Card Readings, etc. since young age. At very early stage of my intensive spiritual awakening, I even got myself certified in Feng Shui. I thought I would resonate with its teaching but I find more & more of its ruling to run individuals lives in fear & weary. The more I get myself aligned to ‘my heart center’, the more I find Feng Shui to be a real fear based ‘Chinese scientology’ as claimed. Realizing it only started about 4000 years ago compared to many other Cosmo, Science & Ancient Teachings, why & how did FS start & so many are still believing & letting it run their lives in fear? Why am I moving away from so many other teachings & believes I used to think were eminent then including guidance, teachers & masters? ~PC, Singapore

ANSWER: There are hundreds of belief systems which people incorporate into their lives. These may include organized religious doctrines, healing techniques, life style procedures, or metaphysical beliefs. These various practices are put together by people living on the planet in the positive/negative duality. Frequently those from whom you learn a practice have their own agenda of control over the students and clients who seek them out.

What you believe and/or feel at any one time is your current belief system by which you run your own life. Your feelings or reality will change from time to time as your experience enlarges. If something feels right to you, then follow the procedure to the degree it fits in with your energy. You can accept the parts of a system that resonate with you while ignoring those that don’t do anything for you.

Don’t judge. Don’t try to inflict your decisions and realities on anyone else. Don’t even be concerned about others. This is your journey. Some people need to be told exactly what to do every minute of every day. They embrace a system to which they can give their power. Honor their freedom of choice to differ from your understanding, for that is their journey.

When you began school you had a learning-stage set of beliefs; then came more advanced schooling and your beliefs changed; by the time university or specialty training came along your daily beliefs changed again. This is the constant growth of the soul who is having a human experience. You will move away from that which is no longer useful to you. Stop over-thinking! Just go with the flow.

Being lied to

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I’m 40 years old, and I have a daughter from the first marriage. After 3 years of relationship with a lovely boyfriend, we decided to live together. I always told him that I want to have more kids, another son is from a lovely marriage. Than he tells me that he’s seropositive. We always had sex with condoms and I’m not sick, although it’s hard to stay with someone that has omitted the truth for something so serious during 3 years. As I love him, I decided to stay together, but he became alcoholic with depression, destroying himself, our relationship and our family. He doesn’t believe in God or spirituality. I really believe that love can heal everything, but he made me sad and frightened. I left him. I think that it was the right thing to do, but why am I so sad, and my life seems so empty of love and peace? Why it’s so hard to get on with my life? ~Adriana, Brazil

ANSWER: Do you devalue yourself so much that you think it is all right for this man to lie to you about an issue that is important to you? Plus, even with condoms, there is the possibility of his conveying his seropositive condition to you, potentially endangering your life. In addition to health issues, he is now alcoholic, depressed, and destructive. Why did you still remain with him? What is there to love? Leaving him was the only sensible thing to do.

He had power over you because you allowed him to. You are the type of person who believes a man is necessary for a woman to have a normal life. You have always been in dependent relationships where you relied on the decisions of the man. You need to bring a sharing partner to your life. To do that, you have to love and value yourself. You are as important, powerful, and worthy as any man who has ever existed.

Ask yourself: Do you love yourself? Do you love everything about yourself? If you are living the spiritual life you claim, you will know the difference between loving and liking. Loving comes from making the most of this lifetime to learn the chosen lessons, and knowing that most can only be learned through negativity; understanding the way not to do something allows you to learn how to do it.

Liking is judging yourself against the way others look, think, and act. Spirituality is letting go of judgment and the beliefs of others to live life as it feels best for you—how it resonates with you. It is possible to love everything about yourself yet not like all the things you are doing right now such as permitting others to take advantage of you. Just still love the fact you can make the decision to have it occur.

What keeps a soul Earthbound

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, my question concerns a bereaved mother whose son died as the result of suicide. She uses a few mediums to channel her son’s energy and shares the information publicly with the intent to help others dealing with death. His messages contain a lot of profanity. Do astute spirits use profanity? Is he possibly being kept earth bound as the result of this daily channeling? ~Denise, USA

ANSWER: Souls who have come all the way back Home are existing in unconditional love and shun negativity, such as profanity or judgment, of any kind. Since this soul is sending messages with profanity and negativity, it is easy to see that he has not crossed over but is remaining Earthbound. The choice to remain is his alone and no amount of contacting him will help him in this discarnate state.

Once a soul leaves a body, what you call death, it has the decision to make as to its next activity. Committing suicide was not something this soul had planned out in advance. The young man ended his life abruptly out of fear that nothing was going right, and he was overwhelmed.

Usually the soul will return Home and then plan the next life to finish those lessons it feels are necessary. In his case he got extremely angry with himself as he was doing the act and fears he will be in trouble if he goes Home. The contents of his communiques are directing his anger, uncertainty, and fear at others.

The types of messages that he is delivering to his mother will not help others understand how to make their own decisions when they contemplate suicide. He is not the only one who is spilling out this negativity in these channelings. There are more discarnates who are using your friend as a soap box. It is fun for them to be given so much attention, and the more volatile the message, the more people are drawn to the words.

Your friend is in denial that her son would not want to remain with her so she is accepting anything that comes through. She needs to encourage him to listen to his guides and go Home. All his negativity will be sated and he will come to understand why he did what he did. He can then come back from the other side through channels and give his mother a message worth delivering to others. He will be unavailable for a short period of time while he debriefs the events of his life.