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Meaning of Halloween

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Welcome, fellow souls. Tonight is what you on Earth call All Hallows Eve or Halloween. To many it merely signals the change from summer into winter, a last chance before cold sets in for the children to have a romp outside. It is an opportunity to gather a horde of goodies for the winter just as the squirrels are preparing their winter stashes. Mirth and trick or treating is the assignment of the day. It is acceptable to dress up or disguise yourself so that you may play pranks on people without their knowing your true identity. You may be queen for a day, a pirate, or an alien— anything but what you are in real life. It is a chance to step out of yourself and seemingly not be responsible for your actions. For adults, it is a reverting back to their carefree childhoods where they can still dream of being a fireman or a ballet dancer.

But there is another reason to celebrate this day. The true origin of Halloween was to acknowledge and honor the spirit, a remembrance of all the physical lives and experiences your souls have led on Earth. It was also a time to aid any soul that might be stuck on the physical plane to go into the light (return Home). People went in search of the wayward souls and with compassion helped them understand they were no longer physical and were “free” to move on with no further Earth obligations.

Your media, which likes to sensationalize everything to sell itself, has taken this honorable task, switched the roles, and villainized the action. The poor, stuck souls have turned into horrible, mindless, stalking images that roam the surface looking for unsuspecting humans to prey upon—to turn them into ghouls after sucking out their blood for nourishment! Halloween has become a time for frightening little children and for teens to see how brave they are.

We ask you to reflect on these thoughts. Let this be a day to renew your life’s mission of learning lessons. Remember all those who have gone before you were trailblazing the pathways back home. The day following All Hallows Eve is called All Saints Day in many Christian religions. Take a moment to reflect particularly upon those who have returned home, both relatives and friends, who played a part in your own experience. Thank the teachers who had agreed to be here with you to keep you on your pre-determined track, but have now moved on. Celebrate the whole cycle of the soul, from Home to Earth to Home again, with a sense of gratitude.

Helping Mother Earth

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Q. Masters, the whole world seems to be dropping into chaos. There is an increase in natural disasters, physical pollution, and warring behavior. What can I do to help solve these problems?

A. Dear Concerned One, planet Earth is going through a lot of changes that you can readily see at this time. Part of what is happening is the regular cycle of renewal that takes place on Mother Earth. The planet is a live, breathing energy that is affected not only by her own cycles, but also by outside influences. The behavior of the little physical human beings running about on the surface of the planet has to do with their own egos and control issues.

As for war and peace, it is impossible for one person alone to have any impact upon entire nations. It takes large groups of people with a concerted effort to affect the established energy patterns. You may send out an energy of gratitude for peace, because that will help counteract the energy of war. But if you pray, asking for peace, you are in effect telling the universe that you do not have peace, so you give more energy to its polar opposite—in other words you help create the energy of war.

The weather patterns are the result of planetary convergences, the placement of all the other planets in the solar system in relationship to Earth, and physical changes caused by humans. You cannot do anything to shift the positions of the planets in space unless you harness a massive amount of other people’s energies together with yours. Without a concerted effort, the moon and the planets will continue to change the seasons and affect weather upon the planet.

Man has polluted a great deal of the air and the surface of the planet. If you were Mother Earth, would you stand quietly by and not acknowledge that you are being defiled? We don’t think so. When construction creates strictures that are too binding, she responds with earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods. The result of your excessive physical demands is the pollution of the air, land, and water. You can still play your part by recycling and not using too much polluting fossil fuel.

Share your concerns with others. That being said, all souls have freedom of choice, so all you can do is inform those who will listen, practice what you preach, and send healing energy to Mother Earth. Remember, you chose to incarnate on the planet at this time to have the experiences you are living with today.

Willing away illness

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Q. Masters, my friend told me that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and that when he went back to his doctor, further tests showed it was no longer present. He told me with a laugh that he had merely “willed it away.” What really happened—was he misdiagnosed?

A. Dear Doubting Thomas, your friend truly had a brain tumor. It was a blockage in his brain created by the restriction of the flow of blood. This condition was created by your friend’s habit of hording and clinging to things he did not need. The energy around him became very sluggish, thick, and slow moving. In this environment, his body responded by stopping its work of cleaning out debris which results from the normal cellular processing of nutrients within the physical body. (In medical terminology this blockage, an abnormal growth of material within a confined space, is a brain tumor.)

When presented with the shocking news of a brain tumor, your friend went in search of a cure. He consulted the western medical practitioners and was told surgery was the only solution. He did not want his head cut into so he continued looking. He discovered the mind-body connection, which is what many call the recognition of their spiritual aspect. He began reading voraciously and learned that what you think and what you intend is what you create.

On his path back to health, he began with meditation and getting in touch with his inner self. Then he learned to balance the flow of energy within his body by removing negative elements, such as his hording propensity, resulting in a free flow of cleansing actions throughout his body. This in turn started to restore a normality to the blood flow in his brain.

Next he used visualization to remove the residual debris of the tumor. Using his own powerful energy, he saw himself inside his head scouring away the very last of the tumor and polishing up the blood vessels so that nothing could cling to them in the future. Through this mindful process he “willed away” his tumor. This is an ability that all souls possess when they choose to acknowledge the fact.