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Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, in my early 20’s I began using cocaine, by my mid 20’s between 25 and 34 I was suffering…. I was smoking cocaine and I was very confused and had no idea what to do because no matter what I did I continued and it was like I was on automatic pilot… it stopped in 1994. It was like someone shut off the faucet. 16 years later I started using again. I have lost everything, I have a wife and daughter and still I go off for days at a time. This lifetime has not been easy, what is it I am supposed to be learning? How do I get help from the guardian angels to fight and defeat this spirit that comes over me with this addiction? ~Shaun, US

ANSWER: During the time you were free of your “devil” you were thinking clearly and living in the moment, taking responsibility for your life and actions. That was the only time in this life you have been in that state. There is no spirit outside of you that is causing you to act as you do; it is inside. It is your denial that you can make the choice to live without your addiction.

It is so easy to be addicted. All your cares go away and you exist in a state of oblivion. You don’t have to take responsibility for anything. It is a totally selfish existence. You now have decided you can get out of your predicament by getting help from guardian angels to defeat this spirit you blame. But you are the only one who can make the choice to change your life—and you can do it.

You have never been able to love yourself, so it is easy to abuse yourself. You will not be able to do anything that requires discipline until you love yourself enough to go through the pain of withdrawal and of admitting that you have allowed all your problems. You are weak and have never thought you were good enough to go through life without being numb. You can’t stand the pain so you hide behind the drugs.

You are a soul who was broken off from Source with all the same abilities to create and manifest as Source. Create a world for yourself, you beautiful, magnificent being. Find the love within that will empower you to be and do whatever is needed to return to that one time in your life when you were really living. Start today, right now!

What am I accomplishing?

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I am trying to now focus on sending unconditional love to every creation of the creator along with forgiveness, gratitude and blessings. Dear messengers, are these reaching the ones they are meant to reach?  Am I effectively offloading luggage from all previous births so they do not obstruct my spiritual progress? Am I communicating effectively with my soul or is the ego self sometimes coming in the way and distorting answers coming from the self? ~Gopika, India

ANSWER: Do you think you can buy your way out of the life lessons you need to learn by sending love to others who may never have entered into any kind of a contract or dealing with you? No soul has any obligation to another, so there is no one in particular your energies have to reach. An incarnation is a singular journey that a soul undertakes to learn things about itself. Start with increasing your love of self and dealing with all the fears and doubts that arise daily in your life.

It is impossible to “offload” incomplete lessons by graciously conveying love to others. Prior “luggage” is something that has to be unpacked so that you confront the issues themselves and do not just throw out the package without dealing with the lessons. Spiritual progress is going inside and examining what makes you feel uncomfortable—those are remaining lessons from this life and past lives.

Ego is something that is always around while you are still in a human body living in the third-dimensional world. When you do as much thinking as you have lately while trying to figure out how to move ahead, your ego has been doing the directing. Ego is judgment and you are judging where you are and what you have to do.

It is time to go into your heart completely and start feeling your way to answers and progress. Don’t judge; start evaluating if there is any fear or doubt associated with your journey.

Being a victim

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have been a victim of exaggerations and nebulous accusations and inaccurate facts. Others instigated the events that precipitated this. I did not even know this could happen again. I failed to see the signs and am disappointed in myself that I fell for similar events. I then shot myself in the foot by supposedly instigating an event myself and giving them further ammunition to prosecute me. Their motto is 10 lies make a truth. What is your view on this, am I in the wrong? I feel I should stand up for the inaccuracies or should I leave well alone like I did before, as I get shot down each time, stating my counterarguments as ‘lack of insight’ and they have gone as far as to report to the relevant ‘authorities’. How far up should I go- local or regional if so? How about solicitors? ~Dog without the Bone, UK

ANSWER: You live in a negative environment where you gather negative thoughts and energies to you. You are bringing these conflicts to yourself because you fight the people who say anything you disagree with. Once a conflict is started, it easily accelerates until you have a full-blown war. This has been a continual pattern with you for a number of years.

Accusations and inaccuracies can have an effect upon you only if you allow them to. You like a good fight—you look on it as “standing up for yourself.” But we would ask you: what are you accomplishing except getting upset? The more you argue with someone, the more they desire to win and will do whatever they think they have to in order to come out on top.

Again, we say these things can bother you only if you allow them to get to you. If you consider the insignificance of most of what has happened, you will have to admit a mote of dust has grown into a mountain. Don’t worry about the motives of anyone else. Be concerned only with how you feel about the part you have played in this whole event. You will not be able to accomplish anything that will resolve how you feel about this incident until you let the anger go.

This has been a series of lessons about control, anger, self-love, self-respect, judgments, and one-upmanship. Go inside and deal with your personal doubts and fears. Forget about everyone else. This is your life, and continuing the conflict will only keep you in negativity. Choose to be positive about how you exist. Every time you sense any negativity, immediately search for something positive in the event—it may be simply seeing what you never want to experience again.