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Shaped by the past

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, my spouse is very loving and a tender lover but our problem is that he cannot get physical satisfaction without imaging me making love with someone else. I feel very sad and hurt about it because I am quite romantic woman. He tells me that he has always had this problem. Why is he like that? Has he had some experiences in some previous life that has made him to be like he is. He says that he loves me but he also says that he would be very excited if he would find out that I had made love to some other man. I feel very hurt about thoughts like that. Is there a way to solve this problem? ~Maria, Finland

ANSWER: Your husband suffers from a lack of self-confidence and worth. He feels he does not deserve you but can vicariously get satisfaction by being a voyeur watching you with someone else. This is a continuing problem from past and current lives.

In a past life he was disfigured and no woman would let him touch her. He set up a watching position where he could observe women being pleasured in a whorehouse he owned, and that was the only satisfaction he received. In this life, his subconscious imagines he is repugnant to you and therefore he envisions a replacement that would better suit you as a lover.

He will not be able to change unless he confronts these beliefs he has so ingrained within him. A good start would be revisiting his past life through hypnosis and realizing that he is not the person he was in that life. Exploring his problems with confidence issues and self-worth will also allow him to see his beliefs in a different light.

Do not think that he has any idea how severely his actions are affecting you. He would never consciously do anything to cause you discomfort, but he is unable to be comfortable in a normal relationship. He can understand all the implications of his wayward beliefs if you talk to him and help him get a realistic idea of his actions.

When is the time for divorce?

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my marriage is practically over but I am still with him because we have a baby together and I fear that she will suffer if we separate. I am kind of waiting for when she is a bit older so I can explain to her the situation. Am I making this right by her to stick with an unhappy marriage? My husband won’t change for the better so I can’t see any reconciliation. ~Adriana, Brazil

ANSWER: Children are extremely sensitive to the energies around them. They know how their parents are feeling about each other and how each is reacting to the actions of the other. Even as a baby she understands you are not happy. If the situation gets rougher as she ages, she may think your problems are brought on by her presence – which would be somewhat accurate in this case since you are staying in the negative marriage because of her.

It is true that your husband does not see that his behavior is causing distress. He is very egotistical and thinks you should change your expectations to fit with his actions. It is not that he could not change; he just won’t unless he changes his current way of looking at life. He is happy being a father as long as it does not interfere with what he wants to do.

When fetuses discuss their future before coming to Earth, they know the potential for difficulties they could face. Your daughter knew that entering your family could lead to a split within a short time after her arrival. Of course, she now has amnesia concerning that but did wish to see how she would handle this situation were it to occur.

Every soul has freedom of choice in directing their human life. Even with your daughter in the mix, you need to decide what the best outcome is for you. It will not be good for you to become more and more anxious and unhappy by imagining what is affecting your child and ignoring what is causing you to be miserable.

Creating a comfort zone

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I have been dreaming the same dream for almost two years. I’m single and have no relationship but I have dreamed a lot about maternity, pregnancy, babies, twins. Last dream, in January, I saw myself pregnant, with a baby bump, and after that, I saw the moment I gave birth to twins and saw their cute faces. I also have dreamed about the same guy who is always the father of my kids. I have seen many symbols like repeated hours and numbers that are related to birth date of this man. So, what does it mean? Am I just having a romantic fantasy with this guy or do we have a connection from past lives, like soul mates? I very often have romantic dreams with him who I feel happy with. ~Priscila, Brazil

ANSWER: You are living a fantasy life that is very safe and can be entered when you want but is not intrusive into your everyday existence. You have fashioned the participants exactly as you would like them to be. Your imaginary partner has only the best of qualities that you can envision, and you are free to do what you desire without having to deal with the mundane things of life such as food, exercise, and marital disagreements.

You are writing a scene that is not challenging or threatening. You have an incredible need to feel loved, so in your mind you exist in a world of unconditional love. You have always thought that the ultimate love is that between mother and child and that is why children figure so prominently in your stories. But in your dreams there are no painful deliveries, sleepless nights, dirty diapers, or crying children – just love.

You have focused on this man because of his physical attributes without knowing anything about who he really is except for the personality you have created. You are compatible because you make it so. It is interesting that you say this man is the father of your children but never talk about a relationship between the two of you.

It is time to make some decisions. Do you want something physical or just something like you had as a child with dolls and dollhouses? You could bring a mate into your reality but not while you fear it will not be as you have dreamed. It is necessary that you work at a union where you make decisions together and share in the life choices.

If you wish the fulfillment of an actual family, you have to bring your dreams into the physical. Start your search by defining what it is you see as a satisfactory relationship. Decide what you want in a husband. Begin talking to others about what would be ideal conditions for a family. Then it is time to go out and start looking for that perfect mate.