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Multiple twin flames

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, can we have more than one twin flame encounter in a single incarnation? Many of the so-called you-tube channels on the internet are now expressing the possibility, and personally claiming to have knowledge of more than one aspect of the same soul, although very rare. This can be extremely disturbing and confusing for those listening. Can you explain as to whether “Multiple Twin Flame” experiences really do exist, and to please help clarify for those seeking the divine truth? ~Jilian, USA

ANSWER: Each soul has one and only one twin soul or twin flame. They were broken off from Source as a whole and then split in half to form two individual souls. They are identical in all things until they start having their own duality experiences. When both incarnate at the same time, all they want to do is share with each other and cut all other souls sharing the lifetime with them, including family and friends, out from that existence.

It is rare for twin flames to share a lifetime because their original reason for coming, to learn their chosen life lessons, is placed on hold and nothing gets done. Each soul has 144 other souls within their soul group who frequently share lifetimes together so that they may assist each other with their work. Many people construe a soul group member to be a twin flame because their connection may be very intense and even volatile.

It is even possible for a soul studying romantic love to have set it up to meet a series of soul group members in order to examine various types of love and relationships. When sharing with a soul group member, their energies are so similar, since they came into existence near each other, that they appear to almost be a twin flame.

Anyone on Earth can say anything they wish without needing a grain of truth or validity to their words. You are living in a duality where a tool is being able to judge what you want to believe. When you step away from that ego judgment, you use your feelings to evaluate if what you are hearing is something that resonates with you and that you desire to make a part of your belief system. You have freedom of choice; discern what you wish to be a part of your reality and then move forward.

Honor yourself. Make your own decisions, don’t let anyone else tell you what you feel or believe. Make your own choices.

Parenting responsibilities

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I have a question about parenting. I fear I have lost my energy about it, am doubting what I do and what and how I can or cannot control. The situation with my ex-husband makes it more difficult, we cannot cooperate well for their sake. I fear I am closing up myself to them despite all efforts I take, and despite I feel my life took a better turn and I open myself more and more to the bigger picture I learn about. How could I let go of wanting to be the best and not take on the immense responsibility for all? ~Lorena, Hungary

ANSWER: There is more than one way to look at “parenting.” There is society’s way, where the parents are responsible for everything that the child does and believes. There is the spiritual way, where it is known that each soul is responsible for its own life and learning. And there is the child’s perspective, either wanting the parent to do everything for them or to leave them completely alone to find their own way.

There is no right or wrong answer to this dilemma. Whom do you want to please: society, the child, or yourself? As with all souls, a child will not do anything that they do not choose to do. So, no matter how hard you work, if they don’t want your interaction it is wasted.

On the other hand, if you do everything for the child, you are preventing them from learning the lessons they came to experience, because one works their way to understanding by using their freedom to choose negative or positive actions. Every soul chooses their environment, so your children are always part of the selection process of the type of family they will enter. In this case it was inevitable that the family would be split, with different parenting skills being provided by each parent and the child having to decide through their freedom of choice.

A soul comes to Earth to experience a lot of different things. The primary purpose is to find out who they are as a soul and what elements of living they wished to encounter. Your opening is to the possibilities of a soul having a human experience, and all that implies.

One aspect of spiritual growth is removing yourself from societal ego judgment. Determining what is “best” is a judgment and simply a comparison of your actions versus the activity of another. Go into your heart and see what feels like the assistance you can provide without judging it against other people. You are never responsible for the decisions made by another – even your child.

Tempering father’s behavior

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, much gratitude for all you are doing. I have always gotten on well with my family whom I love, but in the past, I haven’t always made my feelings and opinions clear. This is particularly the case with my father, who can be very generous, but also very selfish and controlling when he is feeling sorry for himself. I’m sure this could be levelled at all of us. But I’m concerned I (and possibly also my mother) am “enabling” him by not challenging this behavior enough. We have recently had new additions to the family and I’m concerned how his more negative traits will impact on them. If you are able I’d be grateful for any insights you have on this situation and what suggestions you might have for the future. ~Steven, UK

ANSWER: Your position regarding your father has been to deal with him without allowing him to interfere with your lessons. He has permitted you to see the different types of people who inhabit the planet and how relationships take place. Any time you share an action with another, there are overt and covert activities that affect each in various ways depending on their position in their journey.

You recognize that your father has beliefs that cause him to act at times in an extreme manner. You have learned not to take this personally and it hasn’t bothered you recently. You are correct that both you and your mother have allowed the behavior to exceed what is acceptable in normal society.

You have no obligations to insinuate yourself into his actions unless you desire. He is unaware of the effect that his opinions have on others. You have three possible actions. You can do nothing since it is his trip and he will change only if he wishes. You can tell him your observations about his boorish behavior and see if he recognizes and accepts the need for change. Or you can inform the new family members of his “peculiar” reactions in some situations, with the caveat that “it’s just him; don’t take it personally.”

If the new members are of tender age, they were aware of the potential of dealing with a situation such as this before they came, and it could be one of their chosen lessons. In any case, surround his soul with as much unconditional love as you can throw at him with the intention that he will learn his lessons.

He rather likes tension and negativity because he absorbs all the negative energy that is created by the distress of those he impacts. Comment to him on how being negative prevents happiness and fulfillment from coming through. Remind him of the cheerful energy found around a happy, giving person.

In the end, any change is his choice alone.