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Loveless marriage and dreams

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I got married at very young age. I never felt deep love for my husband because I was in love with someone before marriage. My hubby knew it before marriage but said he will make me forget all my pains. After marriage I realized that he was a big bully, short tempered and used to hit me all the time. Many times I decided to leave him but couldn’t because of kids. I started living my fantasy life by day dreaming of having other men in my life. that kept me alive. I did fell in love with someone, but nothing worked out. I am still with my husband. He has changed a lot but from time to time his bully nature comes back and I feel that I am back to square one. Will this situation ever end, will he change for good? ~Nana, Canada

ANSWER: Your husband worked to make you forget your deep love by replacing it with a fear of himself and his actions. You were very naïve and vulnerable at that young age. You let him convince you of what you truly wanted. Your desire to have a family blinded you to the situation and you accepted that he knew what was good for you better than you did. You gave him all your power.

Your excuse of not leaving him because of the children is just a reason to not deal with something you didn’t think you could do. The living situation with his temper and actions has been more frightening for the children than getting a divorce and finding an alternative living arrangement. You are still allowing him to make all your decisions for you.

It is time to step up and take responsibility for your own future. Spending all your time in dreams is being disrespectful to yourself and those around you. Where are the children while you are in your fantasy world? Do you think they are in any better position than you in standing up to their father and facing reality?

Your brief contact with another potential partner was doomed to failure because you didn’t believe you deserved to have happiness since your power is still in the hands of your husband. Ask yourself: Who is important to you?

Your husband’s future is up to him. He has always been a bully because it is the only way he feels he can be in control. He is basically a very fearful individual but is beginning to realize he doesn’t have to be disrespectful to others.

What you must do is decide if you want to be completely responsible for yourself. If you do, you must learn to love yourself enough to do what resonates within you and not let others push you around. The choice is yours.

Finding peace

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I have tried my best to learn everyday good and be good. I have made mistakes. My parents have had their own journey and had a lot of negativity. Talking, discussing, is rare without anger. And asking for anything has not been something they are ok with at all. I had started standing up for myself but that only made things worse. Recently I did not and accepted whatever was said quietly. I attempted this because someone said they would ensure things did not get out of hand if I kept quiet and listened. They did not really take care or could not and I feel terrible and hurt. Not only upset with my parents but very let down by the person who I trusted but who just accepted horrible things being said to me. How do I change / what do I do, to find peace? ~Lr, India

ANSWER: To find peace you have to work on the life lessons that are causing all this: finding self-confidence and self-love, releasing guilt, and having faith in yourself and your decisions. Your parents are fearful that you will recognize that they are lost and not in control of their lives. They need to feel powerful, and they accomplish that by manipulating you and putting you down so they can feel superior.

Your would-be “savior” is also fearful of life and wanted to curry favor with your parents by offering you up as a sacrificial lamb, thinking everyone would learn from the experience. They truly believed in communication as the way to straighten out difficulties but had no idea how really horrible your situation had become.

Now the next step for you is to analyze why the things said to you had such an impact. Do you believe what was said was factual? You know in your heart that it was not, so why did it affect you so strongly? That had to do with your belief that you are causing some of the problems by your prior actions, that you have not been “good.”

This is ridiculous. You are believing that the demands of your parents are what make a good child. Rubbish. A lot of what they want has nothing to do with fulfilling your obligation as a good child. You frequently know exactly what makes sense in any situation, but when your parents say no, you acquiesce to their way of thinking. It’s time to start having confidence in your feelings.

Know what resonates with your soul. Develop more self-love for all the hard work you have put in during this life. Congratulate yourself for choosing such difficult lessons and moving through them. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should think or do. Have faith in the way you think things should be handled, and then carry them out.

Multiple twin flames

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, can we have more than one twin flame encounter in a single incarnation? Many of the so-called you-tube channels on the internet are now expressing the possibility, and personally claiming to have knowledge of more than one aspect of the same soul, although very rare. This can be extremely disturbing and confusing for those listening. Can you explain as to whether “Multiple Twin Flame” experiences really do exist, and to please help clarify for those seeking the divine truth? ~Jilian, USA

ANSWER: Each soul has one and only one twin soul or twin flame. They were broken off from Source as a whole and then split in half to form two individual souls. They are identical in all things until they start having their own duality experiences. When both incarnate at the same time, all they want to do is share with each other and cut all other souls sharing the lifetime with them, including family and friends, out from that existence.

It is rare for twin flames to share a lifetime because their original reason for coming, to learn their chosen life lessons, is placed on hold and nothing gets done. Each soul has 144 other souls within their soul group who frequently share lifetimes together so that they may assist each other with their work. Many people construe a soul group member to be a twin flame because their connection may be very intense and even volatile.

It is even possible for a soul studying romantic love to have set it up to meet a series of soul group members in order to examine various types of love and relationships. When sharing with a soul group member, their energies are so similar, since they came into existence near each other, that they appear to almost be a twin flame.

Anyone on Earth can say anything they wish without needing a grain of truth or validity to their words. You are living in a duality where a tool is being able to judge what you want to believe. When you step away from that ego judgment, you use your feelings to evaluate if what you are hearing is something that resonates with you and that you desire to make a part of your belief system. You have freedom of choice; discern what you wish to be a part of your reality and then move forward.

Honor yourself. Make your own decisions, don’t let anyone else tell you what you feel or believe. Make your own choices.