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Tempering father’s behavior

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, much gratitude for all you are doing. I have always gotten on well with my family whom I love, but in the past, I haven’t always made my feelings and opinions clear. This is particularly the case with my father, who can be very generous, but also very selfish and controlling when he is feeling sorry for himself. I’m sure this could be levelled at all of us. But I’m concerned I (and possibly also my mother) am “enabling” him by not challenging this behavior enough. We have recently had new additions to the family and I’m concerned how his more negative traits will impact on them. If you are able I’d be grateful for any insights you have on this situation and what suggestions you might have for the future. ~Steven, UK

ANSWER: Your position regarding your father has been to deal with him without allowing him to interfere with your lessons. He has permitted you to see the different types of people who inhabit the planet and how relationships take place. Any time you share an action with another, there are overt and covert activities that affect each in various ways depending on their position in their journey.

You recognize that your father has beliefs that cause him to act at times in an extreme manner. You have learned not to take this personally and it hasn’t bothered you recently. You are correct that both you and your mother have allowed the behavior to exceed what is acceptable in normal society.

You have no obligations to insinuate yourself into his actions unless you desire. He is unaware of the effect that his opinions have on others. You have three possible actions. You can do nothing since it is his trip and he will change only if he wishes. You can tell him your observations about his boorish behavior and see if he recognizes and accepts the need for change. Or you can inform the new family members of his “peculiar” reactions in some situations, with the caveat that “it’s just him; don’t take it personally.”

If the new members are of tender age, they were aware of the potential of dealing with a situation such as this before they came, and it could be one of their chosen lessons. In any case, surround his soul with as much unconditional love as you can throw at him with the intention that he will learn his lessons.

He rather likes tension and negativity because he absorbs all the negative energy that is created by the distress of those he impacts. Comment to him on how being negative prevents happiness and fulfillment from coming through. Remind him of the cheerful energy found around a happy, giving person.

In the end, any change is his choice alone.

Where to find people like me

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I have changed my job recently and once again I see myself in a place where I can just find one person similar to me. The rest enjoy gossip, saying bad things about other work colleagues. I don’t like that, and I do not take part in those conversations. Is there a lesson I have to learn from that? The jobs are different but the people around me seem to behave the same. I don’t want to keep changing jobs and I guess I can ignore that, but I don’t know until when I will be able to do it without letting it affect me. ~Lisa, United Kingdom

ANSWER: You live in an arena of society where most people follow the same behavioral patterns. Everyone determines their worth by the ego judgment established by the mainstream showing how each compares to those around them. To elevate oneself above the crowd, one must show that they are better, richer, or more intelligent than those around them. This is the way of the non-spiritual human in daily existence.

In a workplace, this ranking is generally accomplished through gossip and showing displeasure for fellow workers’ characteristics. The purpose of this is to demonstrate that the speaker is superior to those being put down.

In the place you find yourself at this time, you have moved away from the basic ego negativity and chosen to maintain yourself in positive, loving energy. Who you are is a choice. Nothing that you do or want is going to influence those who are ingrained in the negative energy.

Your only options are to join in or separate yourself from those who enjoy ego-driven existences. No matter where you go, unless it has a spiritual journey base, you will always find the same balance of society. Since people work their life lessons in negativity, you will see that is the predominant energy in almost all places.

Don’t let the attitudes of those people impact you. You do not need their approval to know whom and what you seek in life. Become an observer by evaluating whether the actions of others offer anything from which you can benefit. If not, ignore them completely and spend your time learning about what you still have to complete in this life.

Creating a romantic fantasy

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters starting a new job I met Chris and I felt like my heart chakra is overfilling with minty coolness. I observed interest but no more. Our paths crossed occasionally, and I have noticed his gaze, but he was constantly avoiding staying in same room with me. When our eyes met it felt like there is a strong energy developing, I could hardly hook off it. I keep seeing this person in my dreams, they are becoming more romantic with time. I have been in a romantic relationship with someone else and I believe, I have let this go. I feel like he is one of my soulmates. I would like to know if this is past life connection or this is something else. Will I meet my life partner in this life after all romantic experiences I had and the way I am now? ~Maija UK

ANSWER: You have intimidated the poor man and he is frightened of your intent and what you might demand of him. His initial interest was just in learning who the new employee was – nothing more. He feels your intensity and he wants nothing to do with it; that is why he never stays in the same area with you.

In the meantime, you have built up a fantasy about your relationship. You are not soul mates and have never spent previous lives together. Sometimes someone just tickles your fancy so much you create a world that does not exist – this is what you have been doing.

He seems safe and wonderful to you because you have never spent any time together so you can’t see that he is not compatible with you. Your dreams are like the ones envisioned around a handsome famous person whom you feel you just have to make yours. Stop wasting time on a person who is not interested.

This is different from prior love experiences because it has been all one-sided. You are a slave to your imagined expectations of a partnership. It is time to take a good look at the way you have been behaving and understand that a relationship takes two actively participating individuals.