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Dealing with deceit

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I really need some help. And I’m hoping you will please answer my question. My partner and I have separated twice from some very bad behavior on his part. He seems very sorry, is getting help and said he is changing. He said we are soul mates and will be together again. I feel like every time I have contact, I’m under some kind of spell and start to believe him. I think he is a good person but the things he has done are so very bad. Am I being manipulated? I don’t know what to do or how to get away from it. I would really appreciate some guidance. ~Mj, Australia

ANSWER: You are like all the other souls who are inhabiting human bodies – you crave love and acceptance. It is the epitome of the human experience. Once you have enjoyed a fraction of what you seek, it becomes addictive and you can’t stop returning to it even if nasty things occur when you do.

Your partner entered this life with a ton of conflicting life lessons. His biggest problem is truthfulness and an awareness of, and sense of responsibility for, the effects his actions have on others. He is selfish and self-absorbed. He is not in a position to reform at this time because he does not seriously think that he needs to.

He will tell you anything he thinks you want to hear in order to get you to bend to his will. Yes, he is manipulating you. You are allowing it because he can be charming, loving, and appealingly supportive – if it suits his plans for what he desires.

You are giving him control over you. In essence you are saying that he knows more about what you deserve than you. This is one way that a soul can learn about themselves, but it is not too pleasant. The decision is yours. You can continue believing what he is saying, or you can really look at his actions and decide based on that.

It is easy to return to a known situation, but there are a lot of other potential partners out there who can be truthful and sharing of their life experience without manipulation. It is never fun having to start all over again, but you can look upon it as an adventure. You can also remain in this union and repeat the same events over and over again. You have total freedom of choice to decide.

Understanding relationships

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I have been studying about romantic relationships, in particular feminine and masculine energy. I read that masculine energy is about action and feminine energy is about receiving and connecting to the emotions. Is it correct to say that the man should pursue the woman who should lean back and receive? Can I have more information about how this all works? What do we, as humans, still need to know and learn in order to have better and healthier relationships? ~Claudia, Portugal

ANSWER: The human body contains both masculine and feminine energy in different amounts. These energies are affected and enhanced by the awareness the soul has of its pre-determined lessons. If a soul has planned on exploring romantic love, it will have many ways to do so. One may be by varying the percentage of masculine versus feminine energy within the human body regardless of the apparent outward appearance of the sex of that body.

What you have read are the beliefs of the authors, who report an explanation of what their studies have revealed within a certain set of individuals. That will be impacted by the environment of the subjects, their religious and societal beliefs, and familial teachings. In other words, the findings cannot be universally applied in all groups of people.

Human bodies are not always subject to characteristics generally found in a particular sexual energy. You have seen feminine men and masculine women. Yet each may be engaged in what society regards as a normal male/female relationship. And by your beliefs, who had to pursue whom?

There is more involved in creating relationships than the amount of one sexual energy versus the other. What traits does each have? Is the woman forthright and the man shy and retiring? Is the man controlling and the woman seeking to be controlled? There is no absolute playbook to the perfect relationship.

All souls just need to be themselves. How do they feel about the other person? Would they like to be approached or do the approaching? Go inside and use your intuition and feelings to decide the best way for you to establish a connection. You will find that it even varies depending on the characteristics of the other person.

Responsibility to Earth family

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I don’t feel I love my mother and I don’t want to help her with her financial issues sacrificing myself since she has her own money and she has my brother and sister that she has done anything for them in any situation. She is always helping them and in many situations, I have to deal myself with my own problems because she never cared too much with them. Am I wrong or selfish to think like that? ~Luciana, Brazil

ANSWER: In the spiritual sense, nothing is considered wrong – or, for that matter, right. Everything that occurs happens for the lessons that can be gained. Your Earth family is just that, some souls that enabled you to be born into a human body. As souls, they are not related to you in any other sense. You may have contact with them during this single lifetime and none other.

You chose to be in this situation so that you could explore your feelings about societally imposed responsibilities, honoring yourself as a soul choosing a physical experience and dealing with various attributes such as guilt, selfishness, and issues of control.

Your mother is a manipulative, negativity-loving person. Up until this time you have tended to give in to her demands, and she is using you. Your brother and sister have not been so easy to control, which she respects and rewards by giving them what they ask for.

For almost the first time, you are questioning the entire relationship within your family and starting to see that what is demanded of you is not of any benefit to your learning process. Society tells humans that they should take care of their elders – but that is mostly so that the society does not have to be responsible. They say you are selfish and unloving if you don’t do as asked. That is a ridiculous conclusion that serves them but not you.

As you are aware, your mother does not really need your assistance. She wants it just to prove you are under her control. You have freedom of choice. You do not have to do as she requests, and there is no need to love the negative human she is portraying.

What is of greater significance in this situation is loving yourself and honoring the spiritual journey you are on. You are here to discover that you are a piece of Source energy, with all the powers and abilities that implies. Self-love comes from the acceptance and realization that the lessons you are dealing with will allow you to make the choices from which to grow in understanding and wisdom.

There is nothing wrong with ignoring her and even separating yourself from the rest of the family, as well.