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Changing circumstances

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters Please can you give me some guidance. Me and my husband are pretty sure he has Asperger’s. We are waiting a diagnosis. It makes sense to us now why he acts and thinks the way he does. It has caused me a lot of heartache and upset, and I now realize why I have depression and fibromyalgia. It’s a continuous battle with someone who has a different view on the world. I am always in some kind of stress mode dealing with it. Was this a pre-planned lesson? Was it a mutual plan to help each other or was it of my own making for my own benefit of learning? Is my husband being 100% honest and upfront with me about trying his best to get help and change? Can I deal with this in a better way? Or, is it time for me to move on? ~Jo, United Kingdom

ANSWER: Your lessons do include self-confidence and self-love using stress and stressors to set up most of your learning experiences. You are very empathic and take in the energy given off by those around you. You are an innate caregiver and persist in taking care of others even to your detriment. You are still trying to maintain the same degree of love for your husband that you had when you first fell for him.

No soul ever remains the same during their lifetime. You have grown apart from your husband through the choices each of you have made. It is time to start taking care of yourself and doing what you want to do and not what you feel you have to do.

Your husband enjoys negativity and getting responses out of those around him. He does not really dislike his current thought processes and isn’t doing much to evaluate and change his behavior. He is definitely not being truthful to you about his feelings and any attempts he is making to change himself because he is not unhappy with his current state.

His cavalier attitude is a major stressor for you and triggers mental and physical reactions that are harming your health. You have the freedom of choice to decide to remove yourself from this situation and find an environment where you can heal.

You have done everything you can to get him to understand what his actions are doing to you, but he just doesn’t really care. It is time to start honoring yourself and deciding how you want to live. In the spiritual sense nothing is right or wrong. Staying or leaving will both allow you to learn, but choosing another setting will allow you to get control of your emotions.

What was I thinking?

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters why did I choose my parents and my brother and sister as my family? I find it extremely difficult to get along with them due to different values. They have created a very toxic environment for me. I am thinking of minimizing contact with my parents, but I feel that it is very unfilial of me to do so because my parents try their best to raise me despite being given bad advice. But if I don’t minimize contact, I am exposing my child to a toxic environment. ~Tired of Fighting, Singapore

ANSWER: You wanted to see if you could examine the possibilities available to you and decide for yourself how you wished to live your life. Before you became aware of enlightenment – going from ego judgment into unconditionally loving energy – you were more in line with your family. When you started accepting the feelings you were getting from the way people reacted to you and made demands of you, it was time to make choices.

Until you started realizing you had choices, possibilities you didn’t even previously know existed, you had no choice but to do what you were directed to do by others. Choices are now available that would either comply with or be diametrically opposed to your family’s beliefs.

You have freedom to choose either, neither, or a different direction entirely. One of your chosen lessons was to see if you could develop self-love and self-confidence in your own path. By following others for whatever reason, familial or societal, you are giving up your power and identity to them. A soul’s journey is a solo affair. You cannot live anyone else’s life or make worthwhile decisions for them. You do not grow unless you assume responsibility for your actions.

To progress, you must make each decision because it feels right to you, not because you believe someone else wishes it. Your parents did what they thought was the right thing to do since they followed the beliefs of the society around them. They feel strongly that everything must be rated, graded, and judged to establish its worth in the world.

From the spiritual perspective, you owe them nothing. You can still love the fact that they are being faithful to their beliefs, even though you feel they are not the right principles for you to follow. Be yourself. Do what you feel is the correct thing for your daughter’s future. You have no obligation to any other.

Not emotional about kids

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters two of my children seem to have chosen difficult life lessons. One seems to be bipolar and exceptionally demanding; the other is an addict. With regard to my daughter, is she really incapable of supporting herself (she wants to move back into the family home) or is she seeing how far she can go with us? I know she is an old soul and trying to experience difficult situations, but she doesn’t seem to want to help herself. She keeps threatening suicide.  The other child is apparently on a path of self-destruction.  But why do I seem so removed from the emotions that their actions should provoke? ~Jane, UK

ANSWER: Your daughter is trying to see how much you will empower her sense of irresponsibility. You have enabled her in the past, mainly due to her threats, to live the life she chooses. What you do in the future is up to you. The reason this is not having the impact on you that her actions have in the past is that you have become more aware of the spiritual energies afoot.

Everyone has freedom of choice to live their lives as they wish. In the case of people like your daughter, they try to see if they can influence others to do their bidding. This is all about lessons each is working on: one to try and be in control and the other to see if they can learn from being controlled or if they can remove themselves from the influence of the controller. You have learned to honor your choices and ignore her demands.

Your self-destructive child is very confused and is running away from life and responsibility. They deaden themselves so they don’t have to acknowledge the rest of the world. This, too, is a life lesson and their choice. Right now, they are not near to understanding what it is they wish to accomplish, but don’t give-up on them – just don’t facilitate their addiction.

Threats made by manipulators are to play on your sense of guilt and duties as a parent. Once a person starts intentionally making decisions for themselves, it is time to step away and let them see the other side of decision making – that of responsibility. Your daughter can take care of herself if she works at it, but she is lazy. It is time to let her find her way.

This isn’t bothering you so much because you sense the spiritual journeys each is undertaking. You know they will not do anything unless they choose to do it. You have moved out of judgment and are in the area of evaluation covered in unconditional love. You have held their hands long enough. Time to start letting them live the life of their choice.