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Can we regrow limbs?

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

QUESTION:  Masters, I feel that humans have an innate ability to regenerate eg. a lost limb, but for unknown reasons this ability is switched off by default and no one knows how to switch it on, Am I right? If so, how do I best pursue this path? If I’m wrong, is this the way its intended? ~Pieter, Singapore

ANSWER: Souls having a physical experience can do anything that they can imagine provided they truly believe they can – and provided it does not interfere with any life lesson with which they are dealing, having previously chosen to do so. Souls are pieces broken off from the Source of all existence and therefore have the same potential abilities as Source, being all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-creative.

Belief systems, by which humans regulate their lives, tell people what to accept and what is “impossible.” Most individuals never believe that they have any choices other than the ones presented to them by society. If souls accept that the DNA that causes organs and bones to formulate during gestation are turned off after birth, they will not try to cause a regrowth.

The blueprint for all human life and systems is contained within a person’s DNA from the first junction of egg and sperm. It never leaves; as long as there is DNA, there are the instructions to begin all over again. Modern medicine is becoming involved with tissue, nerve, digit, and some organ – such as liver – regrowth. The next step is cloning, which is use of tissue containing all the instructions to create a whole new, but identical organism.

Vibrational healers in Russia, such as Grigori Grabovoi, have successfully regrown organs with consistent results. He uses primarily the vibration of numbers to affect the intended area of the body. Light Language, which is vibrational healing using a combination of colors and sacred geometry, when combined with Grabovoi numbers, has produced even more startling results.

You have to accept that you have the ability to stimulate the growth centers. The client must also believe that regeneration is possible. Intention is the key to beginning and completing any vibrational project. Start by “rebalancing” your body to like new conditions. Clean out toxins, blockages, scar tissue, etc. from your system.  “See” what you want to create and then do it.

Poor me

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been through hard times. My brother died, I had a violent childhood, my little brother is a drug addict, I got money problems, no luck with love – the list goes on and on. Almost every day I hear how beautiful and talented I am, but I don’t believe. I have a special gift to write and even a publisher for my book. A book I can’t finish. I don’t trust myself, and I can’t love myself enough. My dream is to become a writer but something locks my talent. What is it? I’m positive person and I think I see the purpose of my earlier lessons. One reason for my tough life is that I need to feel and experience a lot to be a good writer. I also feel lonely. I miss something. Is there anything I could do to help myself? ~Neena, Finland

ANSWER:  Are you aware how many people would do anything to be in your position of being able to write with a publisher who believes in them? What a cop out to say you don’t trust yourself, and to blame where you are right now on what has happened in the past. You are great with the excuses but claim to be a positive person. A positive being does not see herself as a failure.

Use that knowledge of positive thinking to bring success and self-confidence into your life. Start with the book. If you had enough to be accepted by a publisher, then you are the only thing keeping the book from being finished. You are afraid of success because you see yourself as the product of failure. Unconsciously you feel that if you succeed, you have been lying to yourself. So what?

You have bought into that ideology of druggie song writers that they have to suffer in order to be able to write soulful songs. They use that as an excuse for their ridiculous behavior. You do not have to have a tough life to be able to write. All the answers are in your heart, not your experiences.

You are correct that you don’t love yourself enough. People who love themselves would not allow their life to spin out of control as yours is doing. Stop and feel all the fear and doubt in your life. Go into each one of these problems and ask: Why it is there? Where did it come from? Realize that you don’t have to carry these problems around, because they interfere with your success.

As you rid yourself of unhelpful thoughts, fill the freed space with unconditional love brought in from the universe. Spend time each day “sunning” yourself in that love and accept that you are that love. Reject anything but love and you will come to love yourself.

Past life connections

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I had a repetitive dream during 20 years with a purple desert, me laying down looking to the sky and thunders falling around me with no chance of hurt me. I was not afraid at all. Until I discovered that this desert was real and was Atacama (in Northern Chile). This past year I went there and I saw in a sunset the same sky and I felt a stronger sensation of rebirth in a happiness way. After coming home I had a different dream of one of the Atacama mountains with a stronger light coming from the sky and a voice saying this is the portal, don’t be afraid. My life changed complete since 2012 for good and for everything around me and I would like to know how to direct better myself on this journey? I feel inside that Atacama was a calling, is it true? ~Jana, United States

ANSWER: This is a perfect example of a past-life remembrance. What is unusual about this is that it stimulated within you the abilities from those times, which include creative abilities you shunned previously. They are the reason for recent success.

A portal is a doorway between two dimensions or realities. There is a portal in the Atacama mountains. At one time you entered into the Earth plane through that portal from another planet. You chose to stay on Earth for some time and lived in that region of the planet throughout your lifetime. This time you decided to come to Earth for the entire life. The next move is up to you.

This is all academic as far as being a portion of the history of your soul, but not determinative of what comes after this. You have chosen to spend lives on a number of different planets and each gave you their own experiences. You have much more to do with this lifetime without going back and reliving a past.

Each soul has freedom of choice to go back, go forward, or stay in place. Remembering your teacher and fellow students from first grade and arranging to reunite does not reproduce what you had then. The same will be true of going back to the portal. But if you need to visit it to put all this aside, that is your choice.