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Are contracts determinative and binding?

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, how do soul contracts work? For example if I am from one country and destined to meet someone in another country and I never move, do my soul contracts change or would things happen so that I would always meet that original soul contract? It must be more flexible, with a backup soul contract. Or do things always happen so that you end up with the original soul contract? ~Suyeon, Singapore

ANSWER: Soul contracts arise out of agreements determined by the individual’s freedom of choice. They are not permanent and binding; nor are they punishable by law because there is no judgment. Once two souls talk about something they would like to experience, they agree – what most call “making a contract” – that such and such is desirable. Nothing is absolute because intervening circumstances and choices may make the initial agreement unnecessary or contradictory to the current direction the soul is going.

Freedom of choice is the main factor for structuring the soul’s life. There is no inflexible, non-changing path as you enter Earth’s domain. While you started out with the idea you wanted to experience an abusive relationship and made an agreement for someone to oblige, you may have witnessed enough abuse between your parents to understand that is not something you have to experience personally. Therefore you do not need to have that contract fulfilled.

Once a contract is not needed, the soul chooses another direction and lesson to fill the place of the unnecessary one. To have it otherwise would be predestination, meaning everyone follows a preset plan – much like the lines and actions of a play. This would override your freedom of choice. Instead, you have unscripted improvisation.

Once a desired lesson is understood, and additional instances of that activity are not needed, you are free to move in any direction or to any lesson to which you feel attracted.

Explanation from the Masters

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I think this is incredibly mean, I lost my best friend and I miss her so much. I don’t understand why you would write about these things you don’t know about. It makes me hope, and then depresses me even more, when I realize that you are probably a scammer. This is a terrible way to prey upon people. ~Drew, US

ANSWER: We are sorry you do not understand what is being written here and the origin of the information. These answers are being channeled to a human who takes them down, but they come from the spirit world from archangels, masters, guides, and even newly returned souls who were your friends and relatives.

We had our human associates establish this website as a means to share our knowledge of the journey of the soul. We discuss, mostly in answer to specific questions, the reasons that souls choose to enter into the duality of your planet Earth.

We are relating to you what we can observe happening – from the planning before birth, throughout the lessons of life, and continuing through the death process with the return Home and its accompanying evaluation of what occurred. We do not guess or speculate; we simply report.

We live in a realm of unconditional love, your residence when not in a human body. There is no right or wrong thinking, feeling, or doing here because we do not have egos that require such actions. Nobody and nothing is judged. An event is observed, categorized for the reason it occurred (such as what type of life lesson was involved), and then evaluated as to whether another soul would choose to have the same experience or move on to something else.

We are not scamming anyone because the information is free and freely given. We know that not everyone is in the position to receive this information without a visceral reaction. Maybe that is what is needed for some to understand their place in the activity around them.

We have always said to you, our readers, not to accept everything we say without first seeing if it resonates with you. If it does not, put it aside to see if it may later. If it does feel good to you, accept it as part of your reality until something replaces it. Your physical world is constantly changing based on your experiences and learning. You have the basic responsibility, founded on the principles of freedom of choice, to create what you accept as yours.

Opening abilities

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I would like to know if I am a medium for channeling messages. I’ve been having this strong feeling, but there is some sort of fear that haunts me. These days I am feeling a lot happier, joyful and the urge for trying to communicate with my guides is very strong. Whenever I ask question to my guides about their presence, the candle flame rises high up and flickers. Are they really around me and hear me? I want to help people who have lost their loved ones through channeling and communicating with my guides and masters. Your kind words of wisdom would help. ~Daisy, India

ANSWER:  Channeling does not always mean “hearing” messages in your language of choice. It is much more common for the message to be delivered in feelings, visions, or some outside indication such as a flickering candle. Your guides are always around you – as they are with everyone else, even those who would deny their existence.

Your happiness is the result of being in the presence of the unconditional positive loving energy of the spirits. The fear and doubts are the remainder of your chosen life lessons, which you have not completed. You are having issues with self-confidence, self-worth, self-love, and belief in your own abilities.

Patience is another lesson you have difficulty with. You have many expectations of what you want to do. Some of them are realistic, while others would be classified as idealistic. The universe brings to all souls those experiences they need to fulfill their purpose. The purpose of all souls is to understand their magnificence and abilities and figure out how to use them in their present physical form.

Your desire to help others should be attempted only after you have helped yourself with your lessons and journey into self-love. Call your guides in when you clear your mind, such as for meditation. Ask them to assist you in finding your way. Since they already communicate through the candle, use it to get yes and no answers to your questions. You might also use a pendulum to start the dialogue. Take your time and have faith in yourself.